Wednesday , 4 March 2015
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Missions Trip to Ethiopia!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask for your prayers as I travel to Ethiopia to teach at the Hosanna Bible College.  I will be there a sixteen days plus travel! I have the privilege of teaching Old Testament Survery (better named Hebrew Bible Survey), Eschatology, and some New Testament Theology. I will also give a few devotional messages to the entire ... Read More »

Millennium and Beyond Basic Outline


Here is a basic outline of the big events of the second coming, the millennium, and the final rebellion of Satan. If you would like to see these details fleshed out, then check out my book, The Millennium Chronicles. (The verses included are not exhaustive). When Jesus comes back the heavens (veil between heaven and earth [Ezek 1:1; Acts 7:56]) ... Read More »


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