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If America Were Under God’s Judgment, What Would that Look Like?

If our country were under God‘s judgment because of decades of butchering of innocent babies, the approval of hetero, homo, bi, and trans – sexual promiscuity, and the distortion of the Image of God through extreme tattooing, acceptance of transgenderism what would that look like? Perhaps we would see plagues of disease such as AIDS, herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis, infertility, depression, suicide? If ... Read More »

Who is Left Behind? Understanding the Order of the Final Gathering (Rapture)

Who is Left Behind? Understanding the Order of the Final Gathering (rapture) The 1970’s Christian movie “A Thief in the Night” portrayed a woman waking up to a news report of millions missing. She then discovered that her husband was one of those taken. This concept is taken from the words of Jesus: “I tell you, in that night there ... Read More »

Yom Kippur – Reflections on our Relationship with Yesua

As we prepare for Yom Kippur – reflect on how Yeshua’s sacrifice, offered at Passover, was/is efficacious for all time. His one sacrifice satisfied the requirements for all sacrifices. His blood is mighty and it was able to fulfill all of the sacrificial needs. When Jesus died, the Old-Sinaiatic covenant died with him. That old covenant was a marriage contract ... Read More »

Debate: Is the New Covenant Jesus Instituted the Same as Jer 31:31? The Awakening Report

In this episode of the Awakening Report, Doug Hamp contends that the New Covenant Jesus instituted is the same New Covenent foretold in Jeremiah 31:31 while Morgan Sorensen argues that they are not the same. Listen and let the evidence be the judge. “Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the ... Read More »

Thank You Gofundme Supporters – I Received My PhD in Biblical Studies!

I am proud to announce that I was able to attend graduation and receive my Ph.D in biblical studies from LBU  – I kept thinking about how my being there and finishing my doctorate was made possible by your kindness and generosity and believing in me – for which, I am truly grateful. It was a much appreciated endorsement that ... Read More »


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