Friday , 19 September 2014
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Guest Post by David Nekrutman: Poking God in the Eye

I thought I would post this article written by my friend David Nekrutman, an Orthodox Jew who lives in Israel. David and I are going to start a show called Law and Grace where we will be addressing key issues that affect both Judaism and Christianity. Please your comments below. Poking God’s Eye BY DAVID NEKRUTMAN (The article originally appeared ... Read More »

I Am Ending According to the Scriptures Radio

Rob Skiba, Douglas Hamp, John McTernan, End Times Bible Prophecy

Hi Friends, I have decided to stop According to the Scriptures broadcasts. The reason? I have so many projects on my plate I decided that I needed to focus less on some and more on others. Nevertheless, I, Rob Skiba, and a team are developing the Quest 4 Truth show and the Quest4Truth network. So, I am not leaving you ... Read More »


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