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  • Laura

    Great show and very timely! Thank you!!

    One thing I’d like to point out (although a small aspect) is that this teaching that “the Bride of Christ being the Church” is not solely a Dispensational view or teaching. In fact, being raised and educated in a Covenental church and Bible College, I can affirm that this is a Universal teaching throughout the Church – whether one is Dispensational or Covenental. Ask R.C. Sproul or any of the ministers/pastors/teachers at any Reformed Seminary or church. It has only come up as a question “because of” my Dispensational friends teaching the book of Revelation as plain prose as opposed to allegorizing everything in it (which is what the Covenentals do) which even caused me to begin to seek further clarification in regard to the Bride of Christ.

    Anyway, God bless and thank you for tackling this heavy issue.
    Laura :)

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