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01/31/13 According to the Scriptures with Doug Hamp, Guest Rob Skiba

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  1. Why there were Giants on the earth after the flood, the missing link?

    In Genesis 1 God made everything after its kind and everything was good. God never mixed the DNA.

    We see in Genesis 6 that the fallen angels took the women as wives and mated with them and we know from extra bible books and the bible that they also mixed the animal DNA. The mixture of the animals in Noah’s day was the unclean animals on the ark.

    We see in Genesis 7 that God told Noah to take 7 clean animals, male and female and 2 of unclean animals male and female. Nowhere before that do we see that God made unclean animals, God only made animals that were good, so the unclean animals were made by the fallen angels mixing the DNA.

    All souls do not go to heaven or hell until judgment, so God told Noah to take 2 of every unclean animal on the earth for the souls of the dead Nephilim; as host bodies, because it was not judgment day.

    We see in Genesis 8:20 that Noah sacrificed only clean animals to God, not the unclean mixed DNA animals. God does not want fallen angel mixed DNA as a sacrifice, only what He made as clean and after its kind.

    We see in Leviticus 11 that we are to only eat clean animals, not unclean mixed DNA animal.

    How do we know the Nephilim souls were in the unclean animal that already had mixed DNA?

    Souls are not judged until judgment day, we see that in Matthew 8:28 when Jesus cast the demons out of the man and their name was Legion, they ask Jesus have you come to judge us before judgment day? So we know that there is a judgment day.

    Jesus then put them into swine and they went down a steep hill and back into the waters, which killed their fleshly bodies the first time.

    So we see that souls can live in animals and can jump from one host to another. (Ever seen the movie Fallen 1998)?

    And we see in Leviticus 11 that which is unclean – divided hoof among other things and Jesus put the Nephilim souls in the unclean animal.

    How did Nimrod become a Nephilim – mighty one and how were there giants on the earth after the flood?

    Again in Genesis 6 we see that there were giants after the flood and in Exodus.

    Now, we see in Genesis 10:8 that Nimrod became a mighty one and was a mighty hunter. So, Nimrod hunted the unclean animals and extracted their DNA and started mixing it and became a Nephilim – mighty one.

    Nimrod built a city, probably had a science lab in it and a star-gate and was building an army of hybrids and God said not this again and dumbed us all down and now we are doing the same thing today.

    We can read the Epic of Gilgamesh and see what kind of beast that Nimrod was hunting to get their DNA.

    May God help us, amen.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to both of you and have much to ponder. It was good to listen to Rob explain how he thought the Mary and Jesus could have escaped bad DNA. Thank you both for being kind even when you disagree. By the was great question Angela.

  3. very interesting. Doug I have 2 questions. First which bible do you use, which version is the best english translation? Secondly about The wives of Noah’s sons being impure, do you think God would have allowed this to happen? What would have been the purpose of the flood?

  4. Awesome show! Please definitely do it again soon! 🙂


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