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03/14 /13According to the Scriptures with L.A. Marzulli and Gonz Shimura, Hosted by Doug Hamp

This week on According to the Scriptures L.A. Marzulli and Gonz Shimura join Doug for the first hour to discuss the prophecy conference and why the topic of aliens or Angels is so biblically relevant for our day. The second hour, Doug discusses the meaning of the Genesis 4:26, the Sons of Seth and the meaning of the phrase, “Then was profaned calling on the name of the Lord”. The last 30 minutes of the show is dedicated to understanding the meaning of Armageddon, Arema, Gei, Don (Valley of Judgment of the Sheaves)

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  1. About the time of Augustine when Sons of Seth doctrine seems to begin, we see the writing of the Books of Adam and Eve. In that book, there is a clear apocryphal propaganda piece, especially in the 3rd book of the books of Adam and Eve. It actually bothers to argue against the idea that the sons of God are the fallen angels. This seems to have been a revised effort to combat the abuse the orthodox view received from Celsus and Julian the Apostate. It seems logical that under Augustine, there seems to have been an editing of the verse in Genesis 4 where Enos’s time is changed to the beginning of calling upon the name of The Lord. The Books of Adam and Eve are available on Google books. See book 3 for where the sons of Seth idea is really sold to believers. In my view, it was a story woven from the beginning as a propaganda piece to change the orthodox view of Gen. 6 (and secondarily chapter 4) to something more palatable to the new syncretic catholic church. Blessings.

  2. doug,any connection between the curse God put on creation in genesis and the crown of thorns jesus wore before going to the cross? thanks

  3. Excellent Teaching Brother May the LORD Bless your ministry. Also I was very blessed to attend the conference in Bellflower this past weekend. I parise the LORD for raising up couragous teachers such as yourself. Love in Jesus Christ, sister felishafvb


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