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05/02/13 According to the Scriptures

In this episode of According to the Scriptures, Doug and Dave interview special guest Stan Deyo who shares his knowledge of UFOs, alien grays and inside the illuminati – you don’t want to miss this show!

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  1. I have never heard Stan
    “grandstand”. I so appreciate his insight. He is one who has certainly done his homework.
    You might want to get started….

  2. Doesn’t scripture tell us that Yeshua had a body after resurrection that you could see the nail prints and the piercing in his side? Not sure if I can agree with some of what Stan Deyo says sometimes. I also take Mr. Deyo’s claims, and visions with a grain of salt.

  3. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but Mr. Deyo comes off as a bit of a grand stander, in that he seems to suggest that he has played a role in much of the lead up to the great tribulation. I suppose it is possible but wouldn’t he have been silenced if a supposed insider was revealing so much about his personal role in developing anti-gravity, participating in underground UFO/alien technology, and even mark of the beast think tanks?
    I was a bit turned off by his ability to dismiss Doug’s interpretations so easily despite making much more sense than his own old-school thinking.
    Anyway, I did actually enjoy the interview but I take Mr. Deyo’s claims with a grain of salt.


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