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10/04/12 According to the Scriptures with Doug Hamp

Friends, I apologize for the delay in posting this weeks message I was out of town for the last several days, thanks Rick (Doug’s Radio Producer)

Today’s Show:

In this broadcast of According to the Scriptures Doug and Dave discuss the
hidden hand behind the events transpiring in the Middle East and Beyond.

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  1. Some comments on the second half:

    You mentioned Mitt Romney: he doesn’t really qualify as a conservative, as far as I can see, but leaving his statism and progressivism aside, he’s a Temple Mormon. That has implications. Ed Decker has written on this.

    Keynes (pronounced ‘canes’) was a countryman of mine — which is why his name is pronounced stupidly. And yes, as you intimated, he was indeed a rogue, yet is hailed as a hero.

    Neo-Marxists like Obama are perfectly happy with the Federal Reserve, since inflating the money supply is another means of redistribution. Even Lenin himself was a fan of monetary inflation.

    Glad you mentioned the Eugenics movement — another skeleton in the closet of the progressive Socialists (who pose as compassion itself). The Fabians were extremely enthused with Eugenics, and were amongst its most prominent proponents.

    …And the Alinsky quote says it all. Great show: I look forward to the next one!

  2. This episodes wasn’t as good as the others I have listened to. More Bible, more Doug, less from the other guy.

    • The other guy?! The other guy?!

      …That’s Dave you’re talking about! Dave is ace.

      And the stuff he was saying about the Fabians and the Frankfurt School can’t be repeated often enough, as they have had a serious impact on the church in the West (if only the church would wake up and see it). The former effectively infiltrated and gutted the churches in my homeland, which is amazing when you look at the roots of the Fabians (they have another emblem besides the turtle — a very revealing one, which illustrates plainly what they did to the conventional denominations). The Frankfurt School Marxists conversely attacked from the outside — conventional Marxist theory predicted that during the First World War, the proletariat in the countries of Europe would finally recognise their class interest and revolt. When this did not happen, there was a crisis in Marxism. The intellectual that Dave mentioned, Antonio Gramsci, recognised the “problem” was that the people held too strongly to traditional Christian values, which do not support a violent revolution — indeed which prevent a violent revolution. Hence Christian values were declared Enemy Number One. And so things went from there: I could write reams on this — when one studies what took place, it explains clearly why Western society is the way it is.

      Anyway, I think the show’s a cracker (and I’ve only heard the first half): sorry the post’s a bit late — been rather busy with things…

      Keep up the good work, Doug & Dave, and God bless!

  3. Excellent, fair and reasoned discussion, that shone light on both sides of the left-wing/right-wing spirit of Antichrist agenda. I hope everyone listening will come to realise that the “us and them” mentality, that is being promoted in many of of our churches, is ungodly, no matter which side you take.


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