Friday , 27 February 2015

A Word About Ads on

Hello Friends,

I would like to take a moment and explain the advertisements that you see on my site (my products excepted) are from Google. I have placed them there in order to generate some revenue to help pay for my costs and support my family. Every time some one clicks, I earn a little and I earn nothing if no one clicks. All of this helps to pay the rent! :)

Ads by Google Vary Based on Where You Surf

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely filter out unwanted ads such as Psychics and the like. I have tried to bar them from appearing on the site, though some times they sneak through. How it works is Google looks at the cookies on your computer and sees where you have been before. For example, after booking a flight, I often see ads for airlines and hotels when viewing my own site. What you see partly depends on where you have been surfing and what things you have clicked on before.

Ads Are Not Necessarily Endorsed by Me

I apologize if there are ads that are ungodly. One suggestion is to click on an ad that is neutral and the next time you visit a similar ad will most likely appear. However, please be advised that the Google ads are not necessarily endorsed by me. I encourage discretion when viewing them.

If you would like to help in other ways to support the work on my site, you can begin your Amazon purchase via the box on the bottom right as I earn a small percentage of purchases that you would make anyway.

Thanks for your support and feedback.



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  • milesmiller

    While we are on the topic of your website I want to let you know that your site isn’t very mobile phone friendly. Love the content that you provide. I bought Corrupting the Image (backordered on Amazon) and listen to the podcasts.


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