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According to Scripture Bible Questions and Answer Show

I will hosting According to the Scriptures Radio every Tuesday from 5-7 PM Pacific Standard Time on Liberty Broadcasting Network. Exact date to be announced soon. The show will be on AM 1710 out of Minneapolis and also will be broadcast over internet and soon via satellite radio.  I will be taking calls from listeners on Bible related topics from creation to the end times with answers according to the Scriptures!

Listeners can call in at 1-800-787-5044 or click here to visit the website


  • What: According to the Scriptures – Bible Answers Show
  • When: 5-7 PM PST
  • Where: Liberty Broadcasting Network or AM 1710 Minneapolis
  • Beginning soon



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  1. Doug, youre on our show tomorrow, Monday, so we can talk about your new show. Welcome to the LBN family! I am so glad that you are on this network. The hosts really are a family; we hang tight because we know the end is near. Please email me at moniquebaugus@hotmail.com…my wife handles the emails for me since I still work full-time. Pray that God delivers me from that job and into full-time ministry! Welcome aboard, my brother!

  2. That’s wonderful, Doug.  I’ll be listening and praying for you and your listeners.  Thank you for all your years of biblical study.

    • I’m with Jan……I’d love to be able to download MP3 format of these programs (also, L.A’s new show) as I work second shift.  I can’t find any way to do this on Liberty Broadcasting’s website.

      • You can download L.A. Marzulli’s shows as MP3s, if somebody posts them as Links in comments in the blogposts on his wordpress-site (lamarzulli.wordpress.com). Just search through the last month’s or so comments for “http” ON each of those posts (you’ll have to open them all up) and you’ll eventually get to those downloads. Personally I find it absolutely unbearable that some christian radio folks make such a mess of providing easy access to downloading their audio files; but hey, wouldn’t everyone like more compelling make-up of web-services from christian websites…

  3. Will we be able download programmes in MP3 format from here?

  4. Congrats on the new show Doug. You deserve a platform of your own to expound on your end times gleanings. I own three of your books and find them fascinating. I will be a regular listener.


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