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According to the Scriptures Radio Show

Douglas discusses bible related topics as well as taking questions from listeners.

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  1. Hi Doug,
    I really enjoyed your May 15th radio show.  The link above seems to be the same file as the May 15th program (at least according to the file name).

    • I will be doing the show on a new network which will make podcasting and such much easier. I think you will like it. I will still be broadcasting my teachings on LBN.

      • The above audio gets cut off right before you begin to talk about the gap theory.  I really wanted to here that discussion.  Is there another place that this file can be listened to online?

  2. Hi Siani,

    It says that in the city there will be no more sin and death. We have to reconcile Rev 21:1 with Isaiah 65:17, 20 where there clearly is death after the new heavens and earth. Thus, my conclusion is that John is not so much seeing the eternal state as he is seeing the heavenly Jerusalem that is descending to earth (at the beginning of the Millennium) and in the city there will never be death and such.

    God bless


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