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AGE OF DECEIT Fallen Angels and the New World Order

 This film will take a look at the New World Order and it’s many strands including secret societies, ancient mystery religion, theosophy, the new age movement, trans-humanism, UFO phenomenon, the alien gospel, and other facets of this ancient plan unfolding before our eyes. It will take a look at these things through the lens of biblical scripture and show that biblical prophecy best explains who is behind the New World Order and why.The film features Chris White of nowheretorunradio.com and youtube.com/knowwheretorun1984, and Douglas Hamp who is the author of “Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist.”

The soundtrack, narration and music are produced entirely by facelikethesun at http://www.youtube.com/user/FaceLikeTheSun”

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  1. Hi Doug, I have seen you on Prophecy in the News several times and I ordered your video on the Fall Feasts and The Budding of the Fig Tree from PIN months ago. Glad I checked out your website and found this excellent movie on the New World Order. Not so new after all, is it? A throw back to Nimrod. He didn’t fare so well and neither will the antichrist. By the way Doug, what do you think of Antonio’s comment about the continent’s? How does it fit into the Atlantis story?

  2. I loved how you explained the DNA of Jesus, being the second Adam. That was the best and most realistic way I’ve ever heard it explained.

  3. Hi,
    the narrator mentioned Atlantis. But please note that the world BEFORE the flood did consist of ONLY ONE continent, the Supercontinent PANGAEA! There were no other continents or huge islands like Atlantis before the flood. Even the bible tells us this fact. During and after the flood the Supercontinent Pangaea was divided in several pieces and the pieces drifted apart until the continents as we know it today had established.

  4. I think when people quote something such as ” the angel in the whirlwind” then they should be honset about it. That line is from the” The Campaign” by Joseph Addison and has been taken wrong by some who quote it. It was a time of political and war, and was written as such it has nothing to do with any secret anything or group. When people mis quote that line they are the ones who are dishonset and use it to spread fear and saying it means something that it does not. What is wrong with people is that they do no research and just like a bunch of parrots quote something they have no clue what it even means.

  5. Hey  Doug, saw you at Maranatha 6, pretty interesting stuff.  I noticed you posted this video which quotes from the book of Enoch- however Don Stewart who is close to Chuck Smith and was at the conference as well states that the quote in Jude is not an exact quote of Enoch 1. He states that the book of Enoch was written by someone using his name but was not actually Enoch.  Shouldn’t you place a disclaimer on a video like this that quotes from it?

    • Hi Steven,

      The book of Enoch has some great stuff in it. I do not in any way consider it Scripture but I would consider it at the very least amazing ancient Jewish commentary. However, I don’t think that it can be so easily dismissed as many would like to do. The passage is taken from Enoch, contrary to what Don is saying. Here is the quote:

      1 Enoch Chapter 2:1 “Behold, he comes with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon them, and destroy the wicked, and reprove all the carnal for everything which the sinful and ungodly have done, and committed against him.”

      So, I don’t so see any problem in using Enoch as a historical source. Thanks for writing.

      Take care,

    • I heard that the book of Enoch was in those caves along with scrolls of the books of the Bible. So how would Don Stewart think it is written by someone else?

  6. Hey Doug- Great work! Every since I finished your lectures on Corrupting the Image and now almost done watching the above videos, I have a clearer understanding of the spiritual battle we really fight in these last days. One thing that stands out is how Satan is building an army and the plan for the world to accept the AC.  I’d be interested in what you think of the movie, TRON.

    Grace and peace,

  7. Saw the video on YouTube – began watching it this morning and finished after work tonight. What a great witnessing tool. Dr. Hamp, I truly enjoy your website, thank you for all you do for the kingdom. May our Lord return soon.

  8. I just now learned about your website from this video. Am now subscribed to your rss feed. The video so far, only 15min. in, is pretty interesting. Will be a good introductory video for unaware Christians to come to the realization that we need not look towards tomorrow for biblical truth’s to be known–but that in our time things are happening that we can take spiritual action against. I believe we are being made aware of these things to help spread the good news of our Saviour, that we might be used to show righteousness prevails and not to go along with the spiritual wickedness that attempts to seep into us by whatever means.

    God Bless!


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