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Architects & Engineers Want New Investigation of World Trade Center Tower 7

We all saw planes hit the twin towers on 9/11 but what hit tower 7 that day? What could have brought down a 47 story building eight hours after the other towers fell? They say it was a fire but never in the history of high rise buildings has a ever fallen because of fire. I have previously posted on March 2001 released Fox “Lone Gunman” which predicted that the government would destroy the towers. I also posted on the INWO (Illuminati New World Order) playing cards which were created in 1995. Those cards graphically predict the fall of the towers and the Pentagon. Now in this video the architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation into what really happened. This should tell us that the events on 9/11 were not just the planning of some Muslim terrorists. The plot to attack the US that day was far more sinister than most of us would like to consider.

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  1. Douglas, I have spent many hours considering what is the truth concerning 911. In the beginning I was on board with the offical story but as the years ticked by I began to look at all of the evidence presented, especially the physical evidence and have to say the offical story has become hard to believe. I have come to gripps with the fact that the offical story is a lie. I have read and watched much on the towers, flight 93, the pentagon and just today watched a video on the History channel about the pentagon events on 911 shot from personal video cameras and not seen before video. It was portraying the offical story but if you looked at the video presented once again the physical evidence was not there. Something hit the pentagon on 911 but it was not a plane. Where was the wreckage, the tail, the large pieces of plane that you see at every other plane wreckage site. To me if you can draw into question events at one of the 911 locations then all locations are in question. It has been a hard pill to swallow but after you do there is no going back. I have been reviewing the Architects & Engineers material and that has been very eye opening as well. Thanks for your good work.

  2. No, Paul ~ not everyone believes in shape shifting reptilian aliens. That whole theory was popularized by David Icke. Now its being used to discredit rational and sane people who clearly see 9/11 for what it really was(false flag event). Now the same people who dont adhere to the official story are being lumped with people who believe in reptilians, which is psychological manipulation at its finest.

    • A few points…

      I do actually believe that there is a genuine phenomenon with these shape-shifting reptilian “aliens” — I don’t believe they are highly evolved beings from another planet, however, and I certainly don’t believe that The Queen and George Bush are amongst their number. Yet I have heard so many people who talk about “911 Truth” weave it into Icke’s theories (I mentioned my views on Icke on another earlier thread — the one about the 2012 Zionist Olympics video). I have no doubt that not all Truthers believe Dubya’s a reptoid. It’s just that those I’ve heard talking about it (at least in the U.K.) seem to be kindly disposed towards Icke’s ideas.

      As I say, I don’t know quite what to make about 911. There’s a lot of things which don’t ring true, and yet the conspiracy-stuff is such a mixed bag.

      Lastly, I’m not lumping you in with anyone, James, and I’m certainly not trying to manipulate you (or anyone else) psychologically. I simply have reservations about both the official version and the alternative versions — and so I sit on the fence.

  3. I admire your courage for speaking the truth Doug. Not every watchmen would simply for fear of being labeled a “kook” or “conspiracy theorist”. Its evident to me that Muslims werent behind 9/11. People are being deceived big time.

  4. Yeah, sure is weird. 

    …But the fires they show are viewed from the ‘wrong’ side.  I Googled around and found this: the guy who made the video gets slammed in the comments section for daring to post it.  This “911 Truth” movement is like a religion for some people out there… 

    As for me, I still don’t know what to make of it.  WTC 7 looks suspicious, for sure.  But it seems that so many of the people who follow the “Truth” movement have a tendency to believe also that the world’s heads of state are shape-shifting reptilian aliens…  🙁

    Lord, help me to know Your Truth! 


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