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“You Are Beaten, Yeshua” (Excerpt from the Millennium Chronicles)

“Today is the day we wipe the Hebrews off the map once and for all!”[i] Therion said confidently with the armies of the entire planet standing behind him ready to attack Jerusalem.[ii] There were millions and millions that stood with him that could also fight against Yeshua’s returning army if need be. Additionally, Therion commanded the two hundred million horsemen that came out of the Abyss.[iii]

The solar flare which had scorched part of the earth[iv] some time ago had made most of the conventional, high-tech weapons of the day inoperable, therefore they had converted every conceivable instrument into some kind of weapon; plowshares had been beaten into swords, ​​​​​​and pruning hooks into spears and horses now served as their transportation![v]

With all the might of the world and the kingdom of Lucifer gathered with him at his disposal, Therion was eager to desecrate and destroy what he believed was the last remnant of the Hebrews so that he and his forces could set their eye upon Jerusalem.[vi] Lucifer was incensed against the Hebrews because their existence was a direct threat to his kingdom.[vii] Once it was no more, Adonai would never be able to establish his kingdom on the earth.

“You are beaten, Yeshua!” Therion boasted, gazing beyond the veil toward the upper City of Jerusalem, raising his hands and then flicking them back as if daring Adonai to respond.[viii] “Our struggle, our ‘holy war’ with you ends here and ends today! Our siege against your beloved lower City of Jerusalem has prevailed and it has fallen into our hands. Our soldiers, who took my mark containing my father’s image,[ix] have ravished the women of this city! We have taken half of the residents of this city hostage and are leading them into exile where they shall take my mark or lose their heads.[x] Your people, your elect, your heritage is now mine! You have failed to protect them. You failed to keep your word![xi] Can’t you hear the nations mocking you, saying ‘where is their King?’”[xii] he said again, shaking his hands toward Adonai. “Look, all of the nations of the earth are assembled against your chosen City and we have defiled her! This City shall become a trash heap and the bodies of your elect shall be its refuse![xiii]

“You have accomplished nothing by pouring out your life-force to save these people. My father was right to revolt against your foolish idea of the mighty serving the weak. You surrendered yourself for the world[xiv] and now the whole world is following me! They realize that my father is worthy of reverence because he is strong and now they revere me! Can you not hear them saying, ‘who is like Therion’ and ‘who is able to make war with him?’[xv] You should have accepted my father’s offer of all the kingdoms of the world when you had the chance.[xvi] Look, he has given me his power, his throne, and great authority. I have all authority over every tribe, tongue, and nation and all who dwell on the earth worship me.[xvii] Even your beloved elect, the Hebrews, are in my hand and I am overcoming them completely and shattering their power.[xviii] I am doing as I please and there is none who can withstand me or make war against me.[xix] I have destroyed the weak and the mighty alike[xx] and soon even your people, the Hebrews, shall be no more!

“I defy you, O Ancient One! Your authority is broken and you are a liar! Now the world shall know the truth about you and all who are with you. You are weak and cowardly. Your sacrifice has amounted to nothing and is completely undone.[xxi] The name of Adonai is a rubble heap and any who would run to it will be destroyed![xxii] Yeshua does not keep his promises; your word is a sham, bogus, phony!” Therion raged. “All who trust in you are put to shame.[xxiii]

“You have allowed your people to be hemmed in on every side. They are now trapped like birds in a cage with my forces ready to decimate them. We shall do what the ancient king of Egypt was not able to do!” He turned to Oracle, “This is our moment of great victory. Send in the hybrids to tear them limb from limb and let their blood splatter on every side.”

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