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Bible Study With Douglas Rev 6:12-17 Dec 13, 2012 (Comparison of the Sixth Seal with Trumpets and Vials)

The seals in Revelation 6 are the grand overview of the end times and go up through the return of Jesus. Download the chart of Revelation here.

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  1. Hey Doug, great study. I guess too many thoughts to discuss all of them here, but on forums I go by username Warrior Shepard. Anyways I wanted to touch on the topic you brought up about Cern. I believe you are absolutely on target about this. There was a recent article posted (all links have been broken now) that they would be running an expiriment from Dec 17-21 (weird, huh) and THEN it would be offline for the coming year for upgrades. I hope to be doing an interview with Rob Skiba on one of his podcasts soon and will post a link here if/when that happens. I believe (just my opinion) it is not just the pit that is opened at this time, but that this is again the adversaries last grasp at making his assault on heaven itself. The heavenly war coinciding with the one we are currently facing now. I (for lack of a better term at the moment) contend that he as you have said is using men to make his attempt at entering in to the heavens (open a portal) and in the process of this is mortally wounded. This is a big part of the genetic manipulation that LA’s and others have been speaking about. Not only the attempt to bring back the Nephilim, but also preparing his “new location/body”. Now, here’s where it could get more weird. What if they have back engineered DNA so that his new habitation includes that of Abraham (Provable by DNA) and gives him the blood right to “stand in the Holy Place”? As for as the Sun, moon and stars only being darkened so that that they are not seen by 1/3 – When that takes place, your speculation is as good if not better than mind, but I would also contend (hate that word, I’m not being contentious) that this could be a result of what we see happening now with our north pole taking a little walk further south. If we picture a top that is spun as it starts to fall to the side, gravitational forces actually cause the top to spin FASTER for a moment. So wouldn’t it be logical to then believe that this great “wobble” INCREASES our rotation so that are day is shortened by 1/3 due to increased speed and therefore the days being shortened and a 1/3 less of the day? Just some thoughts!

    • I left out a sentence…This attempt to open the gate and the war in heaven following could be what “mortally wounds” him as he is cast out.

      • lol, one more thing. If that supposition is true…then there is a major case that could be made that “standing in the temple of God showing himself to be “God” at the holy place could be understood to mean just as Jesus stated about His body as the temple of the True God. It would make sense that this would also be a great deception and counterfeit and for those not understanding the scriptures which tell us exactly How Christ would return could be lead astray. There the adversary stands (his spirit) in a new body (having Abrahamic DNA) proclaiming himself as Lord of Israel by blood. …Something to think about anyways

        • Hi Chad, many things are possible. I would argue that the temple will not be “spiritual” since Jesus said that it would be like the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel. The guy will clearly be an impostor – if he takes on Abrahamic DNA (or is born with it) would make sense.

          • oh, I agree. Not spiritualizing. I believe strongly and take the Bible literally. Am I right in seeing that last sentence as agreement with the thought or against it?


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