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Bible Study With Douglas Revelation 2 (video) The Church of Ephesus

Douglas begins Revelation chapter 2 by examining who is in the Church of Ephesus. The conclusion may shock many because the Jewish people are the “we” in the book of Ephesus and the “you” are the gentiles. This demonstrates the Jewishness of the book of Revelation and how the book needs to be viewed through Jewish glasses first and foremost. Read the article: Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists to get a better understanding of who are the “elect” in Scripture.


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  1. Alfred H. Callahan

    I gave listened to your study on Revelation and Greatly enjoyed it. I have a question at one time I live in Los Angeles and went to the Church of the Open Door, J. Vernon McGee. While there we had a full filled Jewish teacher who taught a series on things we may not understand, for example what was the meaning in the verses of the event called the rapture. I just wanted to get your opinion, he taught that the verse Jesus will descend with a shout and the voice of an arc angle and the trump of God. My understanding is that as it was taught to me is that this was the ceremonies of the wedding of the Jews at that time. That the wedding was about the bridegroom and not the bride so that a groom would go to the bride ask for her hand he would then go home to his fathers house prepare a place for them then when he went to get his bride he would send out the best man before him and shout “the bride groom comes prepare the way for the bride” this was what the arc angle would shout and then he would blow the show fer and at that point the church is snatched away are you saying we are not snatched away at the rapture?

  2. Where is chapter 3 video on Revelation?

  3. The veil was torn symbolically also. Makes sense to me.

  4. Doug: Thank you for uploading this – It was an awesome study. You explain the Scriptures like no other. Therefore, I would like to hear your preaching re: ALL 7 of the churches. I seem to be missing some of your videos re this. (i.e.- Ch.1, vs 8-19 and the continuation of this video)


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