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Bible Study With Douglas Revelation 6 Dec 7 2012

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  1. Hi Doug,

    I am really enjoying these studies…

    Listening to Rev 6 now.

    I heard your comment at the beginning about the 7 letters to the 7 churches and church history. I am convinced by the broad parallels of church history with the 7 letters to the 7 churches in the order in which they were written. I am hoping you get chance to post those studies. I am curious about more detail on your view on that… maybe you can talk me out of it :).

    I do think a strong argument can be made from the text that the Lord intended for them to speak to us right up until the time of His coming… a complete picture of the church throughout the ages right up until His coming for the church.

    I love how Jesus refers to Himself as the beginning/origin of the creation of God in the last letter…. probably just a coincidence, but I am still fascinated by how the church has begun to embrace evolution during this last phase of church history.

    I have also been amazed by the parallels of the story of Jezebel and Naboth’s Vinyard with the inquisition. Again, maybe seeing too many parallels that were never intended by the Spirit…



  2. Interesting, as usual!

    With regard to the four horsemen, I always thought of them as:

    white = false messiah (bringing false peace)
    red = wars (which commonly follow false peace)
    black = famines (which commonly follow wars)
    green = plagues (which commonly follow famines)

    That is, they follow a standard sequence observed throughout history (only on a larger, global scale).


    Your idea about the red horse is also interesting. And (in response to your question at 47:30) red need not necessarily signify only Communism — the Red Flag signifies Socialism in general, Fabian, International, and National (it’s why the Swastika was largely red — it was intended to appeal to all Socialists). It’s also worth noting that (with regard to the fact that the red horse is followed by the black horse) famines are endemic in despotic Socialist regimes, even in modern times (from the famines in 1921, 1932 & 1947 in Russia, the Holodomor in the Ukraine, to Mao’s Great Famine, to more recent disasters such as that in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, the Ethiopian Famine under the Derg or North Korea today — leaving aside near-misses like that in Nyerere’s Tanzania, averted only by a massive Western aid operation). Having written all that, I hear your friend saying almost the same thing! Ah, well!

    It’s also of note that whilst the people in these regimes starved, the nomenklatura, the party élite, did not — indeed, they fared sumptuously (no shortage of oil or wine for them, despite the conditions for the masses).

    I don’t think that the black horse is simply free-market capitalism, which, though often godless, is not inherently incompatible with God’s laws. No, there’s something necessarily evil about this horseman, just like there is with the others. The pair of scales/balances brings to mind the admonition against false weights in (amongst other places) Proverbs 11:1. …Which makes me think BANKERS! They financed the Bolsheviks in Russia. They financed the Nazis in Germany. Who or what are they financing now…? They even dress largely in black! (And again, the refrain about the oil and wine applies — when the economy squeezes the ordinary folk, the bankers still rake in a profit and live luxuriously.)

    If this is the case, and the white horse is the false church of Rome, and the green horse is Islam, then once again, when the histories of both are taken into consideration, one can apply the grain/oil/wine theme — throughout the Middle Ages and even today, both systems have been political and power-oriented (just like Socialism and the banking system), presiding over a great mass of people (>1 billion apiece) who often live in grinding poverty, whilst their overlords live in opulence. The weird thing is that there are connections between all four of these — the Vatican, Islam, Socialism and Big Banking (perhaps in alliance with Big Business) — and between them, they are the forces which wield the majority of power on the planet. …So you might well be onto something, there!

    For what it’s worth, your idea that “all the trees” are the nations surrounding Israel is one I myself came to independently some time ago (after hearing the Bible teacher David Pawson saying that the “fig tree” couldn’t be Israel, since it left dangling the question of who were “all the trees” — it didn’t take me long to answer his question): I don’t know whether that’s inspiration from God, or great minds thinking alike, or simply a case of fools seldom differing… 😉

    God bless,


    • Hi Paul, I like your idea of the scales referring to the banksters – though you are starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist! The solution is often to follow the money and the Illuminati and such are definitely behind many of the world’s problems. I demonstrate in my newest presentation “The Antichrist, Freemasons, and the Third Temple” how it comes together. Blessings

      • “I like your idea of the scales referring to the banksters – though you are starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist!”

        Haha! …Well, ever since I followed your suggestion to wear more tinfoil, I’ve had a new outlook on things! 😉

        Seriously, I’m not sure that we differ as much as you appear to think: I’m not against believing in conspiracies per se (one would have to be incredibly naïve, and ignorant of both human nature and history to dismiss the idea of conspiracy on principle) — I’m simply cautious about giving too much credence to conspiracies which aren’t straightforward to document, and aren’t attested to clearly and unambiguously by the words and actions of the conspirators. So, for instance, let’s take the example of the interpretation of the Four Horsemen above…

        The Vatican, the Socialists, the Banks and Islam all have a very long and clear, provable record of conspiracy against YHWH and His righteous Way, and of persecuting those who seek to follow His Way — indeed, they have long declared their agenda both in word and deed. It doesn’t take endless digging and theorising by the likes of Alex Jones and the Truth Movement to establish this. It’s detectable simply by holding their words and actions up to the light of God’s Word. …And these players frequently form the most unlikely alliances with one another to pursue their ends.

        This is why I tend to steer clear of most of the popular conspiracy theories (e.g. Bush arranged 911, Sphinx on Mars, Zionist run everything, etc.): it isn’t that I believe that no conspiracies exist. Rather, it’s that unless I’ve got something which I can take and test against Scripture, then I as a believer cannot (and I believe should not) make a judgement call. I can have my suspicions, of course, but until I’ve got something more, I feel I should just hold my peace and keep watching. Perhaps this is all a bit abstract. Let me put some flesh on this, using the examples above.

        The Church of Rome is in essence the Roman state religion masquerading in the fleece of the sheep it slaughtered. How do I know this? Well, whole websites have been devoted to exposing the same, but to take just one prophetic passage, we have the description in Revelation of a great harlot (a great false church) sitting on seven hills (Rome), dressed in purple (bishops) and scarlet (cardinals) with a golden cup (chalice) full of abominations (ungodly doctrines and practices), living luxuriously and fornicating with the kings of the earth (anti-Christian fusions of church and state for political power and material gain), and drunk on the blood of the saints (the Church of Rome has killed countless believers, for such crimes as owning a copy of the Bible or even praying in their own language). Since this is such well-covered ground in Biblical circles, I shall write no more on this. …But note carefully exactly what qualifies this as the sort of conspiracy on which a Bible believer can properly comment: on one hand we have clear, well-attested and copious evidence, a great deal of it declared openly by the conspirators themselves, all of which is easily verifiable; on the other hand, we have Scriptures which comment plainly on these things. The presence of these two halves means that I can confidently take a stand on this one. And so onto the next example…

        Socialism, for its part, masquerades as an angel of light, promising to help the poor — but in fact all it does is realise man’s age-old desire to find a way of legitimising his covetousness and theft. It does this by making the false and unbiblical assertion that inequality is always due to injustice, and that therefore justice is served when those things of my neighbour’s that I myself lack are taken away from him and shared out with me. This wilfully ignores the fact that my neighbour’s abundance may be the fruits of his labour and thrift, whereas my lack may be the consequences of my idleness and profligacy. The Bible says clearly and consistently that inequality may or may not be the result of injustice: if someone owns what is rightfully someone else’s property, then God’s justice certainly demands restitution. Moreover, if one is rich, then the Bible teaches that one does have a duty before God to use one’s wealth to help those who are truly needy, rather than simply to “build bigger barns”. But God calls us to give voluntarily — not, say, to chip in a bit for some cause and then force our neighbours to do the same, under penalty of imprisonment or confiscation of their goods. The fact that a majority might vote for such practices does not somehow make them morally acceptable. …And God never equates inequality with injustice, since this would immediately legitimise covetousness and contradict the Tenth Commandment. Socialism, however, does: it’s a subtle deception, but it effectively inverts the last three Commandments. …And once you’ve thrown three out, the rest will soon follow: it should thus be no surprise that the Left has been the driving force behind so many modern evils; from the Sexual Revolution, easy divorce and ‘Gay Rights’ to the promotion of abortion (and the abolition of execution for murder); from the radicalisation and mobilisation of youth against their parents’ generation to the removal of Christianity from the public forum (whilst protecting Islam) — to attacking Israel and defaming God’s people. So, we have the writings, statements and actions of Socialists on the one hand, and Scriptures which address them on the other: again, nice and clear — I can take a stand.

        Then there’s the banks. Really, all one needs to know is Biblical teaching on fraud — on using a fair balance, or sound weights and measures. When one understands that the fractional reserve system is state-licensed counterfeiting, on a massive scale, it again should come as no surprise to find that the banks operate without scruple in their lust for money and have financed bloody conflicts (sometimes working with both sides) and profited from them for years. (I’m thinking of Professor Antony Sutton’s work on how Bolshevism and Nazism were funded — work which I believe is still undisputed but of which so few people are aware.) Once more, we have a clear description of the banking/monetary system on one hand, and Scriptures which explicitly condemn this as fraud on the other: couldn’t be clearer — again, I can take a stand on this one.

        And lastly, Islam. Here we have the bold denial of Christ’s death, burial and Resurrection, which ipso facto is all that is needed to establish that Islam is a false, Antichrist religion. Accordingly, as with Socialism, it really should not surprise believers to see Islamists persecuting Christians and Jews, and then lying about their activities. …Nor to see Leftists and Islamists forming alliances with one another — alliances which to the unbelieving world seem so hard to explain. So again, we have clear statements of Islamic doctrine on one hand; we have the Scriptures which address them on the other — I can take a stand on this one, too. Praise the Lord!

        Where I cannot take a stand is where one or both halves of the picture are missing: where either the evidence is too ambiguous and shadowy, or too strongly subject to interpretation; or where the Scriptures don’t speak plainly of the issue at hand — or both! This is why I find myself steering clear of most of the popular conspiracies. It also doesn’t surprise me that so many who reject the Truth of the Gospel are immersed in these things, devoting their waking hours to elaborating their current conspiracies and unearthing new ones, whilst turning away from The One who can save their lives from being wasted in this futile labyrinth and deliver their souls from Hell.

        Anyway, my apologies for yet another long post, but I hope that this explains why I think the way I do…

        God bless, Doug. I look forward to your next study!



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