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Who are the 144,000 in Revelation 7?

  • Laura

    Okay, I believe the woman who asks the question at marker 1:37:47 is referring to the common teaching amongst pre-tribbers that “the Church” is already in heaven. She asks, “We’re already in heaven as believers?” Then you answer with regard to our position in Christ. I understand our position in Christ (I’ve read Watchmen Nee’s books); but I, too, am interested in knowing whether or not “the Church” is already raptured off the earth at the point when Satan has been cast to the earth. So, I don’t understand your answer to her that the last time you looked you were still here;…..you didn’t answer her question (or mine).

  • Laura

    By the way, I’m trying to follow your Bible study sequentially from chapter 1, but I can’t find the next Bible study until chapter 4. Did you skip from ch.1:1-7 to chapter 4?

  • Laura

    Douglas, you are a v-e-r-y patient person (some of the people in the group are so annoying). Anyway, please keep up the teaching regardless.

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