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Rise of the Nephilim
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  • robert pool

    Noooooooooooooooooooo those 4 angels are God’s not fallen angels goodness how you get that? those 4 angels have power over the winds., God has granted them that, and the contrast of the 5th angel is just that he has another assignment but notice what the 5th angel tells them: don’t do anything until WE meaning the other 4 angel included are going to help seal the 144k. look Doug there is no evidence whatsoever that those 4 angels are demons. another thing is…you completely forgetting that this is the great tribulation, this is God’s judgement on the earth, no where in the bible says that Satan and his angel will part take on judging the earth along side God, NOWHERE!!!

  • robert pool

    I believe the great mountain is an asteroid, because it says it comes from the heavens or sky, that is consistent with an asteroid…a top of an island is not. it says a mountain that too is consistent, it says that the mountain would be burning that too is consistent with an asteroid that enters the atmosphere, I think is definitely a meteorite that falls on the seas and causes catastrophe

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