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  • robert pool

    Doug, again, those 200 million can’t not be the fallen angels on the days of Noah, the bible tells us in Jude that those angels are in prison till the day of their judgement, they are not going to be let out before that, the stars that falls on chapter 8 i a real meteorite, it said that it fell on the seas and the rivers, all of that is completely in agreement with a meteorite that breaks up while entering the atmosphere..that’s why it is spread out, that’s not Satan at all. in chapter 9 that’s an angel of God, again the angel Abandon is an angel of God, he is participating with God, on the judgement of the earth (great tribulations) I have no idea what porpoise would serve Satan to let lose demons on the human population, even less when the end of the chapter says that people didn’t repent, which means it is from God not Satan

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