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  1. Hi, Doug, I am discovering that in the Bible some meaning is being lost when translated from original language. For example, the famous “philieo” vs “agape” in John 21:15-17 or “stephanos” vs “diadema” in Rev 6:2. Could you please recommend a small book which would address SPECIFICALLY such places in the Bible. If such book does not exist what would you recommend. I am would like to get a deeper insight into original language short of doing serious study of the bible with concordances and lexicons. Thank you.

  2. Debbie Backhaus

    Is it possible to get the episodes fromfrom Quest 4 Truth on CD’s?

  3. When you and rob skiba were speaking on the the seals in revelation 6:2-8 , you were speaking abt the Vatican and how they have a behind the scenes Jesuit order and their leader or general the” black pope” who ran things behind the scenes. I believe now the pope in office is of the Jesuit order and doesn’t have to hide anymore because with the illuminati and the nwo etc they have so much power they are coming out from hiding…am i wrong?

  4. I have a question regarding Satan’s seed. Do you think he has already mixed his seed with humanity? Could this be why every US President is related? And why they are all pushing for a one world government.

    • Satan planted his seed in eve while adam slept, and she gave birth to cain and then able which was the seed from adam which was the good seed of God, hence” there will be enmity between his seed and her seed , and then cain slew able.

  5. Who are the Gentiles? They came from Jappeth, but not all non-Jews are Gentiles, please explain

    • Hi Halston,
      The word “gentile” comes from the Hebrew “goyim” and the Greek “ethnos” both of these words just means “nations, ethnicities.” All non Jews are gentiles. No Jews are gentiles. If you are a Jew then every non-Jew is a gentile. It is no different than any other country. For example, you have Chinese and non-Chinese. It is purely a ethnic question.

      • Help me out Pastor Doug.
        If I was an Arab, I would not be a Jew nor would I be a Gentile. Noah had 3 son;s correct?
        Japheth, Ham and Shem, Out of shem we have Abraham. Out of Japeth we have the Gentiles and out of Ham we have Cush, Canaan and Nimrod. My point is when God is talking about the Jews, he is talking about the Southern kingdom correct? Those tribes associated with Judah. The Northern Kingdom Israel was out of the cities of Samaria. Look at the first time jews are mentioned in the Bible. 2 kings 16 :6 Syria and Israel (northern Kingdom teamed up to fight the Jews !
        After the Assyrians conquered the northern Kingdom they brought in heathen people from all over and scattered them.
        That is why Jesus refers to the southern Kingdom of Judah from here out. Does any of this make sense to you? Besides the Jews and the Gentiles we have others Ham offspring from Africa….Are they Gentiles? Respectfully Halston

  6. I saw a claim of around 200 women who said they had delivered a virgin birth. I am not into believing these things, but since listening to you and the idea that satan wants to counterfeit Jesus, it caused me to think about this. Do you have any thoughts regarding this?

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