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Jewish Messianic Texts

Should Christians Stand with Israel Conference

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613 Laws of Love Vs the Law of Christ?

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Rabbinic Quotations on Messiah

Rabbinic Quotations on Messiah (click on link to visit source)Submitted by Jean Gibson on Mon, 05/22/2006 The following quotations are an amazing collection of statements from the Rabbis over the years confirming that the many passages which speak of the Messiah point to Yeshua (Jesus). See Jewish Messianic Texts and The Zohar, Three in One and Exodus Rabbah RASH MISHLE ... Read More »

Messianic Expectation in light of the Pseudepigrapha

I wrote this paper in the fall of 1997 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I got my M.A. – the paper has some typos and the Hebrew didn’t come through but I figured I would just post it anyway. I hope you enjoy. Douglas M Hamp Hebrew University of Jerusalem Fall 1997 For Professor Gafni   ABBREVIATIONS ANET  ... Read More »

Messianic Jewish texts

The following is a compilation of  Jewish/Rabbinic sayings on the person of the Messiah. When we look at the many passages together we begin to see that they believed in the coming of a person who would be very much like Yeshua (Jesus). [I put the quotes in a list and highlighted the phrases that speak of a Yeshua-like Messiah. ... Read More »


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