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a Chronology of the Holocaust Years and Germany 1905 to 1945

 Written by Robert Rico published here with his express consent.   Rev & Released 3-21-96/Chrono 3 g A Personal Note:   It is my hope is that you struggle with the issues of hatred, prejudice, the colossal murders of the holocaust, the courage of those that dared to stand against totalitarianism, the motivations behind these horrors and the shame of silence ... Read More »

Discovering the Language of Jesus

Introduction A Brief History of Hebrew Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachtani Mammon Appendix: Sign on the Cross of Jesus Request a Presentation Descubriendo El Lenguaje de Jesús ¿Hebreo o Arameo? (Spanish) Discovering the Language of Jesus Complete Package (Book, DVD, MP3, e-book) 20% off $24.77 For the last 150 years, both popular and academic views have asserted that Jesus spoke Aramaic ... Read More »


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