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Jesus Fulfilled the Law, So Can You!

In 1954 the Englishman, Roger Bannister was the first to cross the barrier of running the mile in four minutes. Up until that point, experts thought it was impossible to do…but once Bannister achieved the feat, many others have done so as well. In other words, Bannister was the first to fulfill it which paved the way for others to ... Read More »

God’s Divorce and Remarriage And The Restoration of Israel Through the New Covenant

  God’s Divorce and Remarriage  And The Restoration of Israel  Through the New Covenant A Study of God’s Marriage to Israel under the First Covenant, at Sinai,  Their Divorce Due to Israel’s Adultery,    And their Restoration Under the New Covenant Established by Yeshua/Jesus   By Douglas Hamp Aug 2015   As Christians, we live and breathe the New Testament. ... Read More »

Rapture: Pre, Mid, Post? How Do You Know?

Jesus spoke about his return in Matthew 24:29-31. He mentioned four key elements: He will come in the air, 2) on the clouds, 3) will command his angels (with a trumpet like voice) 4) to gather his people. Paul gives the same elements in his summary in 1Thess 4:16-17). Pretrib believers assert that the two accounts are two different events ... Read More »

Can We Shave and Keep Torah?

Can We Shave and Keep Torah?

A common objection people raise to following the Torah centers on the commandment to not shave your beard. I don’t have a beard and I believe that God’s good instructions (Torah) is still good for us today – so am I a being a hypocrite?   The first part of the problem is simply one of ignorance. Most of us ... Read More »

Could America’s Embrace of Homosexual Marriage Be a Sign of the Days of Noah and the Return of the Nephilim?

Return to the Days of Noah?

Homosexual marriage is now the law of the land, here in the United States of America. We are seeing the “Gay Pride” flag waving everywhere and even the White, the symbol of our leader, is boasting the colors proudly. Over 26 million people on Facebook have put a filter over their profile picture of the Gay Pride Rainbow showing that ... Read More »


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