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Image of God

How the Mark of the Beast Will Rewrite the Human Genome (part one) Corrupting the Image

The mark of the Beast will not merely be the implantation of a computer chip but will be the the rewriting of the human genome! The Genesis 3:15 prophecy speaks of two seeds: the seed of the woman (her seed) and the seed of Satan (your seed). Jewish and Christian interpreters were convinced that the reference to her seed found its culmination in Jesus ... Read More »

The Image of God

Understanding the Image of God helps us to understand who God is, who we are, and our eternal destiny. The image of God also clarifies the existence of Hell. And above the firmament over their heads was the likeness of a throne, in appearance like a sapphire stone; on the likeness of the throne was a likeness [k’mareh כְּמַרְאֵ֥ה] with ... Read More »

Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed Interview part one

Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed 1 click to listen If God made man in His perfect image, then why did the Messiah need to come from the seed of the woman rather than the man? Was the DNA in the seed of the man corrupted during the fall of Adam? Why is the “Y” chromosome potentially problematic in the DNA ... Read More »

Corrupting the Image Interview Update Show

Corrupting the Image Interview Update Show KWVE Douglas Hamp (Sept 2011) Douglas Hamp presents the findings of Corrupting the Image on the Update Show on KWVE Sept 2011 with interviewer Michael David. Special emphasis during the show was given to discussing the biblical doctrine of the Image of God   Read More »

Part Two: The Master Image Satan Will Try to Counterfeit

Click here to read the research of part one in narrative format: In order to spot the deception we first need to understand the original. God is infinite and of course there are things that we will never understand about Him. However, all that the Bible does reveal we ought to firmly apply to our general concept of who He is and ... Read More »


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