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Did God Get Divorced?

God got divorced.

To understand God’s relationship with Israel and the pain that He felt, imagine that you fall in love with a young woman who later gets sold into slavery. You rescue her against all odds. You scale mighty mountains; you pass through dangerous dales, and even defeat dreadful dragons. You have rescued your love at great cost to yourself but it ... Read More »

Are You in Tune with with God? To Be One with God is to Align Yourself with His Instructions


Imagine if every member of a symphony tuned their instrument according to what they believed to be the A (440 Hz) versus everyone tuning to an agreed upon standard (such as the oboe)? Every musician would be playing his part well but would be out of tune with the others in the symphony. And instead of the “symphony” which means “together ... Read More »

Jesus Fulfilled the Law, So Can You!

Four minute mile

In 1954 the Englishman, Roger Bannister was the first to cross the barrier of running the mile in four minutes. Up until that point, experts thought it was impossible to do…but once Bannister achieved the feat, many others have done so as well. In other words, Bannister was the first to fulfill it which paved the way for others to ... Read More »

The Broken Hearted God? How Our Lawless Behaviour Breaks Our Father’s Heart

Broken Hearted God

Now that homosexual marriage is the law of the land, many claim that God is red-faced with wrath. His ire is boiling over they say and we should expect His fire and brimstone to wipe us out in a flash of merciless judgment any second now. Many portray God as watching from heaven and is just waiting for the moment ... Read More »

Seek First the Kingdom…and All These Things Will Be Added (Part 3)

All These Things Added by James Allen (Devotional) Continued (Part 1, 2) I believe that James Allen has a unique understanding of our quest for righteousness that is worthy of bringing to your attention. Be blessed by his insights about how to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…and all these things will be added. – Doug Every ... Read More »


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