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Freemason Antichrist

Truthiracy – The As Above So Below Principle

Here is a question I received concerning the movie series Truthiracy on Youtube from a woman named Carol: Doug, To focus on just ONE of the many questions that the Truthiracy films brings to my mind, I guess I’ll start with “El” and sacrifices. Why are there horns on the altar of sacrifice if the Jews weren’t supposed to take ... Read More »

Hypnotic States Of Americans

Roy Masters Sean Hannity “Hypnotic States Of Americans” Sean Hannity interviews hypnotist and psycho-spiritual adviser Roy Masters about his book “Hypnotic States of Americans”. The book describes the principles of mass hypnosis and political movements. A demonstration of the discussed principles of hypnosis can be seen here: Hypnotic States Of Americans – Hypnosis Demonstration Read More »


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