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Millennium and Beyond Basic Outline

Here is a basic outline of the big events of the second coming, the millennium, and the final rebellion of Satan. If you would like to see these details fleshed out, then check out my book, The Millennium Chronicles. (The verses included are not exhaustive). When Jesus comes back the heavens (veil between heaven and earth [Ezek 1:1; Acts 7:56]) ... Read More »

The Debate over the End: Paul Viggiano and Douglas Hamp Over How the World Ends

The Debate over the End: Paul Viggiano and Douglas Hamp over how the world ends from Branch Of Hope Church on Vimeo. The Debate over the End: Pastor Paul Viggiano and Pastor Douglas Hamp over how the World Ends, with Brian Godawa. (branchofhope.org) The End of the World has been a fascinating area of biblical study for Millennia. Recorded live ... Read More »

Premillennialism vs Postmillennialism Debate Summary

The Premillennialism vs Post-millennialism debate went very well! I enjoyed sparring with Pastor Paul Vaggiano. He was very kind and our debate was extremely civil and full of brotherly love. I could tell that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the event. Who won? Well, that is always a matter of perspective. I will let those who were there decide on that ... Read More »

Seeing the Suffering the Servant – (Excerpt from The Millennium Chronicles)

The men were all staring at the floor coming to grips with the implications of the evidence. Many minutes passed. “There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance,” one of the men finally said breaking the silence. “There was nothing to attract us to him. He was even despised and rejected just as we are.” “A man of sorrows,” ... Read More »

The Last Years of Time: How Should We Interpret the 1000 Years of Revelation 20?

In Revelation 20:2-7, six times we are told that Satan will be bound and that Christ will reign for a thousand years. The question regarding the last years of earth’s history is, in a sense, very similar to that regarding earth’s first days: what do numbers and units of time in the Bible actually mean?  Are they merely figurative or ... Read More »


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