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The Millennium Chronicles

Survey for A New Teaching Package on Heaven, the Millennium, and the Age to Come

Help: I am putting together a new teaching package on Heaven, the Millennium, and the Age to Come. I need your input as to what are the top three topics that you would like clarified. Perhaps something like: where do born again believers live through eternity? Or what exactly will we be doing in the millennium? Another might be, what ... Read More »

The Debate over the End: Paul Viggiano and Douglas Hamp Over How the World Ends

The Debate over the End: Paul Viggiano and Douglas Hamp over how the world ends from Branch Of Hope Church on Vimeo. The Debate over the End: Pastor Paul Viggiano and Pastor Douglas Hamp over how the World Ends, with Brian Godawa. (branchofhope.org) The End of the World has been a fascinating area of biblical study for Millennia. Recorded live ... Read More »

Premillennialism vs Postmillennialism Debate Summary

The Premillennialism vs Post-millennialism debate went very well! I enjoyed sparring with Pastor Paul Vaggiano. He was very kind and our debate was extremely civil and full of brotherly love. I could tell that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the event. Who won? Well, that is always a matter of perspective. I will let those who were there decide on that ... Read More »

“You Are Beaten, Yeshua” (Excerpt from the Millennium Chronicles)

“Today is the day we wipe the Hebrews off the map once and for all!”[i] Therion said confidently with the armies of the entire planet standing behind him ready to attack Jerusalem.[ii] There were millions and millions that stood with him that could also fight against Yeshua’s returning army if need be. Additionally, Therion commanded the two hundred million horsemen ... Read More »

The Certain Coming of Yeshua (Excerpt from The Millennium Chronicles)

“He is right,” one of the Knesset members agreed. “His coming is certain. He will make the weak among us like David and the mighty among us will be like the Angel of Adonai.[i] This is now the time when we will see Yeshua as a man of war who will destroy our enemies. We have not believed our King ... Read More »


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