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Triunity of God

Is Man a Two-Part or Three-Part Being or Both?

Is man a two-part (dichotomous) or three-part (trichotomous) being? Could he in fact be both? Is it possible that God made Adam to be a three-part being but at the fall he became a two part being? Genesis chapter one gives us the overview of creation, all the way from the creation of space until the pinnacle of God’s creation: ... Read More »

Ezekiel Study

The Prophet Ezekiel   Ever wondered what the book of the prophet Ezekiel holds for us today? Ezekiel received some incredible visions from God that tell us a great deal about who God is, who Satan is, the advent of World War III and conditions in the millennium and beyond What: Weekly Bible study led by pastor Douglas Hamp When: ... Read More »

Ancient Israelite Hypostasis Introduction

The nature and role of Wisdom in Proverbs 8 is the central text of this study.  The passage has been debated for centuries.  There are at least two words in it which render the interpretation extremely difficult (qanah and amon).  How one decides to understand these terms affects how one views God’s nature.  In the passage, Wisdom speaks to humanity ... Read More »

Zohar Three In One – Evidence of the Trinity from a Jewish Writing

ZOHAR THREE IN ONE HASHEM’S KEDUSHAH HAMESHULLESHET IN THE ZOHAR The Ancient Holy One is revealed (found) with three Heads, which are united in One,and that Head is threefold exalted. The Ancient Holy One is described as being Three; it is because the other Lights (i.e.,two Lights) emanating from Him are included in the Three. Yet the Ancient One is ... Read More »

The Triune Nature of God

Bible truth

How can it be that so many, including the leaders of Israel, saw God? There are undeniable passages in the New Testament, spoken by Jesus Himself, that no one has seen God. “No one has seen God at any time,” (John 1:18). “And the Father Himself, […] You have neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His form,” ... Read More »


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