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New Heavens and New Earth

New Heavens and New Earth: Before the Millennium or After?

The placement of the new heavens and new earth traditionally comes after the Great white throne judgment. The trouble is there are too many verses that argue against that. In this short expose, we will consider some verses, that if taken literally, prohibit the above interpretation. Click here for a larger (though not exhaustive) list of verses on the timing. For ... Read More »

The Messianic Age: Millennium and Beyond

Calvary Chapel Bible College of Costa Mesa Messianic Age 2 Credits Fall 2011 Instructor: Douglas Hamp M.A. Hebrew University Listen here to the course lectures: Required Text: The Bible! Book 1: Hamp, The First Six Days Book 2: Hamp, Corrupting the Image (select chapters) READER Hamp, Verse compilation of Messianic Age Article 1: Hamp, The Last Years of Time Article ... Read More »

New Heavens and New Earth Audio Lectures

Lectures from my class The Messsianic Age: Millennium and Beyond 082211 Messianic Age 1 Intro Literal Interpretation & Centrality of Jews_Douglas Hamp 082911 Messianic Age 2 The Fall Feasts Prophectically Fulfilled_Douglas Hamp 091211 Messianic Age 3 Image of God and Literal Creation_Douglas Hamp 091911 Messianic Age 4 2nd Coming & The Shaking of the Heavens and Earth_Douglas Hamp 092611 Messianic ... Read More »

The New Heavens and New Earth Verse List

The following compilation of verses I have put together for a book that I will begin the near future and for the class ‘The Messianic Age: Millennium and Beyond’ I taught at Calvary Chapel Bible College. I explain the relationships in the audio lectures. In the book I will bring together the full relationship of these verses. For now these ... Read More »


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