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Radio Interviews

Corrupting the Image & Counterfeit Rapture w Douglas Hamp Interview

[Doug’s Interview starts at 60 minutes] Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room as we welcome Douglas Hamp, the author of Corrupting the Image. Douglas will be sharing with us a number of fascinating concepts associated with the corruption of the DNA and genome of mankind by Lucifer’s minons over thousands of years of time. He will also ... Read More »

Old Earth Creationists Concede God Created in Six Literal Days in Debate (Audio)

The question of whether God created in literal twenty-four hours days or over eons of time has big ramifications. I appeared on Apologetics.com’s nightly show spring 2011 to defend the young earth position and the literal interpretation of the Scripture. Toward the end of the debate even our old-earth brothers conceded that looking at just the biblical evidence one has ... Read More »

The Messianic Age or Millennium with Doug Hamp Interview on Active Christian Radio

Listen to Doug Hamp discussing his upcoming book about the Millennium and also teach us about the Image of God, God‘s holy mountain, the end times and more. Doug is an author, researcher and his most current book is Corrupting the Image.  Join us for a great discussion! Listen to internet radio with acmedia on Blog Talk Radio http://www.activechristianmedia.com/ Read More »

Genetic Manipulation Coast to Coast Am Interview Feb 20, 2012

Listen to Coast to Coast interview here: (Youtube description below) Hebrew scholar and expert in biblical prophecy, Douglas Hamp, warned that we’re entering into an era of genetic manipulation that will set the stage for celestial intervention into the affairs of mankind. He predicted that within the next ten years a major disclosure event will take place which will convince ... Read More »

Rise of Antichrist Trunews Radio Interview

In this Trunews intervew Rick Wiles and Douglas Hamp discuss the genetics involved in the rise of Antichrist who will be posing as an alien. He will communicate to the human race that he and the “aliens” are the ones who started life on planet earth and therefore they and we are space brothers. Additionally, the world needs to unite ... Read More »


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