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Millennium Chronicles Series

These three videos are the theological underpinnings of my new book, The Millennium Chronicles (Twilight of Eternity)

Part One: The parting of the veil between heaven and earth at Jesus’ coming is commonly overlooked by pastors and teachers. It is in fact the “un-veiling” for which the book of Revelation is so named. Moments after the heavens pass away (the veil departs) Jesus will come down to the Mount of Olives where his feet will break the mountain in two. Then the battle of Armageddon will begin — in Jerusalem — not the valley of Megiddo. When people discover the linguistic, geographic, and biblical reasons for this they become very excited about the coming sequence of events finally positioned in their right geographic location.

Part Two: Once the heavens have passed away and the earth is ruined at the coming of Jesus, the Lord will recreate the earth at the beginning of the Millennium. The earth will literally go from a bald naked surface to a lush green planet and the trees and plants will glow similar to the glowing plants in the movie Avatar. Shortly following the restoration, the mountain of God, the New Jerusalem will descend and will rest on the earth during the thousand year reign of Jesus. The city is in fact shaped like a pyramid and not a cube.

Part Three: The mortals born during the millennium will have the opportunity to be transformed by taking of the water of the river of life and then taking the leaves of the tree of life. Once they do so, they can enter into the New Jerusalem. Outside, however, remain all who love and practice a lie. When Satan is released after the thousand years, he will convince the mortals to rebel against Jesus and will stage a coup against the New Jerusalem. The fire will ultimately fall down on him and all of the rebels because the efficacy of the millennial sacrifices expires one year after Satan is released. Shortly after his debacle, the abundant life will continue forever and ever.

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