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09/27/12 According to the Scriptures with Doug Hamp and David Lehman

Tonight we talked about Satan‘s involvement in the Nephilim The Tree of Life Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 58:36 — 40.2MB) | Embed Read More »

Los Nefilim (Como Era en los Dias de Noé)

En los días de Noé y de y después los ángeles caídos progenitaron criaturas hibridas llamadas Nefilim. La mezcla genética de demonios y humanos no pudo ser tolerado en los días de Noé ni cuando los Israelitas vinieron a Canaán. Dios hablo de gigantes cuya altura era como los cedros, Moisés hablo del Rey Og quien midió quince pies en ... Read More »

In the Days of Noah (Audio)

When it comes to the flood, our children most often are presented with a story that is hard to believe. They are told that the world was a place where people were being mean to each other, people were stealing, and people with crafty eyes were looking for trouble. Because of this, God decided to destroy the entire planet. It ... Read More »

Killer Implantable Chip: Could This Be a Precursor to a Chip that Changes Our DNA?

  A Saudi inventor applied for a patent in Germany of his chip that can be tracked by GPS and release a poison to kill the host. For a DVD on biochips get “666 Mark of the Beast” (5 FRNs) http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/dvd-666.htm This is the kind of technology that I foresee being used in the transformation of our DNA related to the ... Read More »

How the Mark of the Beast Will Rewrite the Human Genome (part three) Corrupting the Image

The Genetics of the Deception Recombinant DNA The technology known as recombinant DNA in fact now makes it possible for a grown man or woman to be altered at the genetic level. If a non-human gene were introduced into the human genome then the person would no longer be fully human but would by definition become a hybrid. The ancient name ... Read More »


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