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“Someday you’re going to read in the paper, ‘Chuck Smith died.’ Don’t you believe them, ‘Chuck Smith moved on’.” (Guest writer)

(Written by guest writer, Norm Robinson, visit: didaskologos) “Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013 The first time I saw Pastor Chuck was in 1972. I was only 13, but my brother’s girlfriend Doris drove me to the Book Store on Sunflower Street in Santa Ana. I was told that this was going to be the home of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I was ... Read More »

Philemon – A study in grace (Guest Author)

I asked my good friend and fellow worker in Jesus Christ Norm Robinson to write a series of articles for the readers of www.douglashamp.com He considered my request and we are honored with his contribution on the book of Philemon.     I decided to write a completely new commentary for these humble posts. I will employ the cultural, historical ... Read More »


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