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Power Bible Study Tools (for Free!)

I have been involved with the development of theWord Bible Software for many years now. I highly recommend it for the quality of the software, the power it brings to a Bible study and most definitely the price. The creator of the software is Costas Stergiou who is a Greek citizen who has invested over 13,000 hours in the production ... Read More »

Discover theWord Bible Software (Powerful & Free Bible Software)

I have been involved with theWord Bible software for many years helping to find and format more Bibles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and books. I have also given several training workshops in order for people to comfortably use this amazing (and free) piece of software. If you don’t have a copy, I invite you to ¬†download it today! Highlights Fast and ... Read More »

theWord Bible Software Training Seminar

theWord Bible Software is a powerful yet free software suite for studying the Bible. This workshop is taught by Douglas Hamp at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA. There were over 400 in attendance. Part One Part Two Part Three Click here to watch more!   Read More »


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