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Outline of God’s Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage to His Only Wife: Israel


This is just a basic outline of God‘s Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage to His Only Wife: Israel. This outline may not cover everything but it serves to illustrate quickly the basic events.   Ca 1446: God marries united Israel (all twelve tribes including the mixed multitudes which were assimilated) at Sinai. They are betrothed (legally married but not cohabiting). They have ... Read More »

Ministry Update – We Moved to CO!

Hi Friends! Thank you all for your prayers and financial support…we are truly honored that continue to bless us. We wanted to let you know that we moved to Colorado! We are now located in Denver, CO. We decided to move in order to start a fellowship and for better affordability, and a love for the Rocky mountains. I took ... Read More »

Antichrist, a Pig, and the Feast of Hanukkah?

The Feast of Hanukkah, (the feast of dedication – John 10:22), celebrated by Jesus and all of the first century disciples, is almost here. It is celebrated by the lighting of candles in remembrance of the rededication of the Temple after the Maccabean wars against Antiochus IV, who is the foreshadow of the Antichrist according to Jesus (Mat 24:15) who demanded ... Read More »

Donate to Young Mother w/ Metastatic Cancer

My wife’s dear friend, Tünde, a loving wife and mother of three young children, who successfully battled cancer before, is now plagued with stage four metastatic cancer in her liver. She has been in the hospital for weeks and her doctors offer little hope. Please partner with me to: 1) pray for her recovery, and strength for her family, 2) donate to ... Read More »

The 9th New Moon Day

Creation Day:  The Pattern of New Moons to Come Every month, on the first day of the month, that is, the Scriptural month, not the papal month we use today, it would be a nice thing to look at 3 things.  The first thing, there is the original pattern of days in Genesis. Read More »


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