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Christmas: The Turning Point of History (Audio)

The birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy – older even than the prophets Isaiah and Micah – his coming was first given in the Garden of Eden. God declared that the seed of the woman would destroy Satan.  (MP3 is below)

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  1. Shalom Doug,
    Yom Yeshua Sameach and Le Simcha Shana Tova..
    Yesh Li Sh’eyla … Was Yeshua born in an innkeeper’s honorable Succah in ‘a manger’ in September visited only by shepherds, and then only later at about 2 or 3 years old as a toddler-lad (na’ar) visited by the chachamim (wise men 3 or more in a house? …. or was Jesus born in an animal stable, (scorned by an unfeeling innkeeper who wouldn’t have even known who Jesus was and who was obligated to his paid-up inn guests) surrounded by shepherds and 3 wise men.?
    Shalom aleichem biYeshua HaMaschiach

  2. How can someone with your level of understanding on so many Biblical issues, still be observing Christmas, much less promoting it? You cannot take something pagan and then “clean it up” and make it acceptable to the Eternal. He gives very clear instructions on how to worship Him, and tells us over and over not to adopt the ways of the heathen. I’m really surprised. Do you also observe Sunday rather than the Sabbath? Who authorized THAT change? If the Eternal is the same yesterday, today, and forever, who is ANY man to change anything that He put in place?

    A sincere, studied, Scripturally-supported response would be appreciated.

    • Hello T & N, I understand very well where you are coming from and I share many of the same concerns. One of my challenges is that I do believe that celebrating the coming of Jesus into the world is a wonderful thing. What are your views on Hannukah? Should we celebrate that?


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