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  1. The seed of Mary ( gamete= 23 chromosomes ) and the seed of GOD provided 1 chromosome…
    When we look at John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    Look this up and increase your knowledge…


    So my Question is WHY are you corrupting the image of Yeshua ( 24 chromosomes)???
    The SON of GOD!!!

    • Randolph R. Harris

      I have had the idea, as have many other people have had, that as in the resurrection, that men will be men and women will be women in heaven, but that is not the case, and I am surprised at this information.

      Heaven has no Feminine Side

      By Pastor Robert L Davis

      There are some amazing things that saints do not realize about the heavenly kingdom that awaits us. One of the amazing things is that there are no females in heaven. This is a fact that has been overlooked by many, partly because we simply assumed that men would go to heaven as men, and women would go to heaven as women. This is not the case. Based on the scriptures there is no feminine being in the kingdom of God. Moreover, I have found that, based upon the knowledge of God’s intentions for man, that there do not exist any female beings within the spiritual realms, very possibly, females exist only in this particular creation. This may seem a startling statement, but the scriptures and the understanding of God’s plan, bears this out. One thing must be pointed out, lest the fairer sex take offense, and that is the fact that women are a unique creation of God and men on this earth are probably the only beings blessed with their presence.

      Before I present the scriptural support for this fact, I first ask you to consider all of the occasions in the bible that involve angels or heavenly beings. In every instance, the beings are male and not female. All of the angels mentioned, Gabriel, Michael, Satan, Apollyon, and Beelzebub are all male. The angels around the throne have the heads of various beasts and the head of a man. All encounters with spiritual creatures have revealed them to be male, without exception. There is one passage that can be confusing if not understood properly, and that passage is in Zechariah five. Here it mentions two women that have the wings of storks. In this instance, they refer to the angel as male and the others as two women. The two women in this instance are not heavenly creatures but they represent Judah (Jerusalem) and Israel (Sammaria). The word for women in this event can be translated “adulteresses”. The passage shows the two as women because they represent the bride of Christ. In other places they are referred to as two sisters, Aholibah and Aholah (Ezekiel 23). These are not angels, but they represent the spirit of the two parts of Israel.

      One indication that there are no females in the kingdom of heaven is found in the fact that the angels came down to earth to take women as wives (Genesis 6:1-5). They had to come to earth because there were no women in heaven. The scriptures tell us that when we are resurrected we will be neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, male or female. (Galatians 3:28). Another scripture (Matthew 22:30) tells us that we will neither marry nor be given in marriage, but that we will be as the angels in heaven. These scriptures clearly indicate that there will not be two genders in heaven, but the question as to why still must be answered. Why do angels not marry? Why are there no females in heaven? This does not mean that women will not go to heaven; it simply means that when we are saved we become a new creature (II Corinthians 5:17), and the new creatures are male and not female. But still the question is why.

      The reason that there are no females in the spiritual realm is simply because there is no need for such a creature. To understand why females are not needed in the spiritual kingdom requires an understanding of why they are needed in the natural. It is based on God’s will to create man in His own image (Genesis 1:26). A part of creating man in His image was to give man the powers that God has, only on a lower, natural level. God gave man a miniature version of His authority, power, dominion, wisdom and free will. One thing that man did not have was the ability to create life. To give man this sense of God’s ability, God created a woman, through whom man could procreate, thereby mimicking the creative power of God. The need to have children is essential if man was to have the sense of eternal life. Man lives on in his progeny as a reflection of God’s eternal life. Since man is the only creature created in the image of God, at least in this creation, then man is the only being that needed a female creature for the purpose of procreation. Of course all things under man’s authority are given that power of procreation, therefore all animals have male and females of the species. The reason that angels do not have a female gender is that they are created as eternal being from the beginning. There is no need for them to attempt to live on through their children because they are going to live on as a matter of eternal creation. Everything in the spiritual realm is eternal; therefore nothing there needs a female counterpart to produce life.

      The fact that Adam could produce children through Eve plays a very important role in our salvation. If we all had not inherited our sin from Adam, we would have to all have an individual savior. Jesus can redeem us because we inherited our sin at conception rather than committing sin as Adam did. Adam’s corrupt blood is automatically transferred to us at birth (Romans 5:18); therefore, we do not have a choice of selecting to be a sinner or not. God created man that man would have a free will, but Adam’s fall denied us the freedom of choosing. Therefore, when Jesus redeemed Adam, He purchased for every man the right to make a choice. Choose Christ and be saved or else be damned. The fact that the children of Adam were denied the free will to choose is what caused God to set in place the plan of redemption. If Adam were not given the woman as a means of procreating, men would be as the angels, without a Savior.

      God’s reason for creating the woman can speak to many social questions of today, particularly that of homosexuality. When we understand that God’s intent was that man should bring forth children, we can easily see that God does not condone a practice that make void that purpose. Homosexuality is such a practice and it is an abomination to God. The question of abortion can also be answered with this knowledge because it clearly explains the one overriding reason why women were created, which was to bring forth children. Any practice that aborts or frustrates this purpose is sin and contrary to God’s will for man. This understanding should also correct the error in many relationships in which the roles of men and women are reversed. God created the two different for a reason and it is contrary to God’s will for either to switch roles with the other. God recognizes the man as the head of the family and His view is not going to change. If we alter His plan for us, regardless of whether it is acceptable to society, God will not recognize it as a family.

      The fact is that there are no females in heaven because God did not ordain that they should be there. There is no need for a partner in procreation in a place where there will be no procreation. It is also a fact that women are so special that many angels gave up their first estate (Jude 1:6) (left heaven) to live with them. The fact is that in heaven we as saints will all be like Jesus, in body, soul and spirit. All new creatures will have the type of body that Jesus has (Phi 3:21) and we will all be eternal’ not needing to have children. Women will go to heaven just as men will, but in heaven we will all have the same type of body. In heaven there will not be mates or wives or female because there will not be procreation. This is why there are no feminine creatures in the spiritual kingdom. May God Bless You.

  2. Dear Douglas Hamp,
    For your own knowledge, (others if you post this)

    1.Fire Chariots are actual Fire Chariots used in 2Kings. God sends Angels to battle watch Chronicles of Narnia/Read the book too; in the film, in last scenes, as Aslan jumps on the witch, Peter gets up and you see “they are there, but not physically seen in battle.” (Explain 6 day war: bombs making “U Turns” going back to country of origin) again: “physically there, but not seen…”

    2. The “UFOs” as let’s bring to light… Metal/metallic/shinny objects (to the elite) they are seen by people some claim to see actual people inside waving to them.
    What are they? Real. What is it? In knowing this you must first Understand “THE FALSE STORY” to SEE the TRUTH in the concept to distort people from what is REALLY going on. WHAT? I’ll Explain.

    In the show “UFO HUNTERS” (an) element(s) was mentioned and what they are is “Nuclear” “115-117”;
    Initials: Uup, Uuh, Uus… get it? U-UP… WIKI-PEDIA it “Nuclear” is the only thing mentioned about it… YOU CAN’T HAVE NUCLEAR MATERIAL…JAIL…PROSECUTION…DEATH…why? IF one wanted to investigate and “add water” to it too see if it floats… Magnesium BRIGHTS UP when HEATED… STEEL WOOL…can I go on?

    In the same show Nuclear traces are around AREA 51… away from the base…WHAT? I thought you would be MUTATED…Unless you “ACTIVATE” the metal…it’s harmless…oops… READ, LISTEN, THE LIES contains TRUTH for you to use…

    “Best Kept secrets, are right in front of your face.”
    “Think, It’s not illegal yet!”
    “Don’t thread on me!”

    Sincerely Yours,


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    because YouTube doesn’t welcome direct linking of internet sites,
    therefore people have to by hand type the web site

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  5. Doug,
    I have been running across You Tube, and web info. for some time regarding the planet
    Nibiru and its projected path in effecting our planet, (EMP’s) in April-May
    2016. (Passover..Hmmm)
    I heard Steve Quayle discuss this once with Bob Fletcher but nothing that I know
    of from you, LA Marzulli, Tom Horn, Gary Spearman, Chuck Missler…etc. (Is
    there anything to this as relates to us as believers ?

    I think of Revelation and the mountains crumbling etc. Just wondering ?

    Brent…..a different Brent from a previous post. (must be Brent Day )

    West Texas

    I pray
    for you and your much needed ministry often

  6. Hi, Doug this is Robert Pool, I have been watching some of your teaching on you tube and i have been blessed with the study of Mathews and now genesis, I found one about revelations and I’m studying now, I have left you comments on the studies but not sure if you read them, so i wanted to send it to you here, hope you have the time to read them. I’m passionate about the word of God, and I love the lord, and the way you have helped me I also want to if in anyways help you, for no one has a monopoly on the understanding of the word, here are some of the points:

    about the 4 angels: revelations 7:

    Those 4 angels are God’s not fallen angels goodness how you get that? those 4 angels have power over the winds., God has granted them that, and the contrast of the 5th angel is just that he has another assignment but notice what the 5th angel tells them: don’t do anything until WE meaning the other 4 angel included are going to help seal the 144k. look Doug there is no evidence whatsoever that those 4 angels are demons. another thing is…you completely forgetting that this is the great tribulation, this is God’s judgement on the earth, no where in the bible says that Satan and his angel will part take on judging the earth along side God, NOWHERE!!!,

    I agree with you that these are the same 4 angels that we also see later in revelations and they are there waiting the year month day and hour (which means, they are there right now) when where they first put there? well, remember they are close to the river Euphrates well in Genesis 3 we have those cherubines placed there by God himself with a flaming sword going around. Genesis 2:13 tells us the location of the great river Euphrates which is the same location we see the 4 Cherabines on genesis chapter 3:24!!! and by “coincidence” is the same place we see in revelation 9:13 that the 4 angels are!!! these are the same ones, and they are God’s angels, he put them there to guard the tree of life, which is the same tree which will be in the new Jerusalem the city of God, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?? in revelation chapter 9 :20-21 notice that the judgement of these 4 angels are upon people who didn’t repent, part taking on the judgement of God.
    if you read what happens on the great tribulation as judgement of God, and not of satan…it will all make sense, the same way if you read about the elect as been the Jews it all makes sense.

    about the 4 horsemen:

    Doug, the man on the white horse as you put it is the Antichrist, he will be on a white horse to deceive, Daniel tells us that through the deceit he will come to power, the red horse is nothing but the white horse who now reveal his true intentions and is no longer in need to cover up anymore, because now he declares war against anyone who would not submit, it actually represents war “little horn plucks out three horns” does war against the saints etc, is given power over every nation and tongue etc (through war)the black horse is the result of the wars that the Antichrist has waged so much so that now he has a balance on his hands and everything is incredibly expensive, he actually uses this shortage to solidify his rule, and no one can buy or sell unless they have his mark, and the last horse is the death, pandemic, and deceases that fallows such a horrible war…these 4 horses are linked, you can actually say they are one in the same, in different stages. Doug the horses is one after the other, not simultaneously, remember, 1st seal open, than second, than third, that means is chronological, one after the other, we must take it as it says.

    About Apolion or abadon

    I think you read pilgrims progress and was influence by it. But Apolion and Abadon is not Satan, his name means adversary Apolion means destroyer, nothing to do with Satan, even is if you think that is a good title for Satan. you mean to tell me all of the sudden out of nowhere the bible throw us a new name for Satan without previously doing so? i don’t think so. notice that in revelations chapter 9 it says a Key was given to him ( please remember the time is the judgement of God on earth, and not just on the people on Satan and his angels too) so who had that key that was given to him? Jesus!! it says so on revelations chapter 1:18 he says the has the keys of hades or hell, which is the same as the bottomless pit on chapter nine is the same place…Jesus gave him those keys. hell is not the domain of Satan is a place prepare by God for satan and his angels, so why would God give him those keys?? but wait there is more scripture that tells us this is an angel of God, revelation 20 tells us that the angel of Chapter 9 Apolion who had those same keys grabbed satan and put him on the bottomless pit, hell, hades, for 1000 year!! how can satan put himself in hell?? is the same angel Doug, and he is god’s angel, don’t let his name throw you off.

    Good bless you brother and keep the good work, i’ll pray for you, and you do the same for me.

  7. Rev. 3:10-12 represents the rapture of the Church in Revelations and the evidence that proves this is the fact the the word “church” itself is not used again until Rev. 22:16, Rev. 3:20 are those Christians that are left behind, Rev. chapter 4 is a scene in heaven and God’s numerology supports this as well: The Churches of Philadelphia/Laodicea are the 7th and last of the churches and 7 is God’s divine number of completion. The Church of Philadelphia is the Raptured Church while the Church of Laodicea represent the churches of today that are all about wealth and disguised as serving Christ.There are other indicators of this as well and if I’m wrong please explain to me why I am.

    • How can it say church since the Greek didn’t use that word. Ekklesia is congregation. Church is not even the original word used in Rev. 3:10-12. While God is a God of numbers, as they are evident in Creation, he tells us not to delve into the spiritual dark things. Where does numerology originate? Babylon and Egypt. It is part of astrology not gematria.
      One thing I learned while preparing to teach Isaiah end times prophecies in 2010 is that what I was taught was not necessarily truth! Throw all doctrines of men in the trash and read the Word with clear eyes. Not easy to do at first. Rightly divide it and don’t forget the ands and buts. Don’t leave out half the verse as preachers seem prone to doing. These will keep one on the path of good study.

  8. Hello Doug…God Bless….I have been appreciating your studies and videos for two years now and look forward every week for the Bible Study…..Nineteen years ago I started studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses for about ten years but did not commit as I had a drinking problem and rebelled. Since then I have been on the path to seek truth and feel I have found it with your teachings…thank you…but I find that The Jehovah’s Witnesses seemed to know this teachings….they are very adamant about the blood subject and not celebrating holidays or birthdays…as well not participating in the symbols or worldly ways…..I don’t understand why are you not teaching with them? Or getting together on these teachings….I don’t understand can you please help me understand what the difference is? I have your book Corrupting the Image and look forward to the read…with sincerely Wendy

  9. Hello Doug,

    I really enjoy your teachings on the fall feasts and the timing of events from the Tribulation to the Millennium. I grew up with a family that had fellowship with Messianic Jews in our home but with time people passed and it came to an end. I learned a lot about our relationship with Israel and the Jewish people and cherish that enlightenment. I am happy to say you have helped fill a void in my teaching as a grown man. Thank you Doug for your teachings and making them available.

  10. Q.Ps 68: 17 Gods as
    thousands up on thousands of chariots and in 2Kg 2:11 he use them to get Elijah
    off the earth and take them to heaven, with that said can or will God use his chariot
    again in the rapture to take his people to heaven?

  11. In 2Thess2:11 the Strong delusion is sent about
    by God himself. The word “STRONG” mean G1753 used only of superhuman power, whether of God or of the
    Devil. The word delusion means G4106 one led astray from the
    right way. This
    is my Q on after the rapture could the Alien disclose themselves in some kind
    of form as to be a part of the strong delusion, with all kinds of lying wonders?

  12. Q. This
    is my Q on Rev 6. The 4th horseman, what speed will they come, back
    to back or play out over 3 1/2 yrs.

  13. Q. Rev 6:8 the wild beast of the field, can they be transhumanism

  14. WOW!!! I just finished watching corrupting the image. You have hit the bullseye. I have recentely left a group of people who are making the claims of being spiritually led and requesting to make connections with alien life forces in order to bring enlightenment to humanity. Most of what you spoke of how Satan will utilize the Alien facade is not only being utilized through the tv media, and movies as a numbing of who God is.

  15. Hey doug I been doing a lot of reading on our lords final coming and the Mardi of Islam. It seems that the Mardi is one of the antichrist spirits. If not the AntiChrist. What’s your thoughts on this ? Given the situation with percicution of the word by Muslims world wide

  16. Hi Doug,
    There are a couple of verses in Micah that I would like your interpretation on.
    Micah 3:2-3, “you who hate good and love evil; who tear the skin from my
    people and the flesh from their bones; who eat my people’s flesh, strip
    off their skin and break their bones to pieces; who chop them up like meat
    for the pan, like flesh for the pot?” These verses sound like to me they could be referring to the Nephilim because I know that they were known to eat humans but I am not sure. So if Micah is not referring to the Nephilim, who would this be referring to?


  17. Radovan/Serbia .. I am not an Orthodox Christian .. I am of no denomination .. My favorites are C. Missler and Douglas. Name of god YHWH is a code Jah existence( Ih Jah – I am); AB(AV) – Father, AV is when it is in composite word or noun. So YAH – AV – Jahav is the name of GOD. that is a name Jacob . We is Serbia say Jakov. Time of Jacobs trouble, GOD of Jacob.. Jacob is always the symbol of the people and fate and religion of the MOST HIGH. . Stud. y the life of Jacob and Joseph his son, who is a model of Yashua(Jesus). For evolutionists: only by deliberate attempt entropy can be overcame. And we live in the plane of existence where entropy is very strong but something makes mater and energy to circulate. If you live the universe to a game chance entropy would destroy it very quickly and how about 14 000 000 000 years.. hehe.. We are near the existences trash cane because entropy is so strong. I think that in heaven things tend to stay in order and here we can see they tend to go in to a chaos and destruction. GOD Bless ..

  18. Idolatry and witch craft are not the same, but idolatry could be used to aid or along with the practice of witchcraft. What would cause you to pronounce any idolatrous practice to be witch craft. I’d be more concerned with measurable or discernable change manifested through frequency manipulation. Tuning forks do change frequency.You shouldn’t stretch things like that because it requires manipulation of the scripturs, then confusion, and finally false teachings and interpretation.

  19. Hi Doug, I thought you may be interested in my article exposing a national pedophile ring: http://www.independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/trapped-inside-australias-vast-child-abuse-network-part-1,6460. Cheers, Fiona.

  20. Because it was removed from you tube amongst other problems, I almost didn’t get a chance to watch AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image FULL (Facelikethesun.com) 720p – Gonzo Shimura. I told my friend vincent and he directed me to archives.org to watch it and wow-it was so amazing. So, I think more people need to see this and I wanted to know if you know- am I allowed to post the link to view it on my google plus page weekly or can I get in trouble for that? I know there were some legal issues involve which is why I am asking this question.

    This is the link I have- https://archive.org/details/AOD2AlchemyAndTheRiseOfTheBeastImageFacelikethesun.com720p
    Can you just delete the last two questions I posted. I tried, but can’t get them deleted. I figured the questions were to involved or something.

  21. I’m not understanding hell so well .A lot of translations will translate Tartarus as Hell, the prison that holds the rebellious angels, they translate Hades (Sheol), the resting place of the dead as Hell and then in The Book of Revelation, they translate the lake of fire (last death)as hell also Can they all be hell. The rebellious angels will be taken out of their prison for judgement according to 2 Pet.and other spirit immortal beings like Satan, the beast, and the false prophet from Rev. 20:10. It seems they must endure the Lake of Fire forever since they can not die, unlike humans who experience their 2nd and final death. The Book of Revelation says that Hades (resting place of those who have died the first death before any resurrection has yet to occur) will be thrown into the lake of fire. Okay so if we continue to translate all these words as hell, then the book of Revelation would read, then hell was cast into hell. That doesn’t make sense to me and so I conclude someone is manipulating the translation. Pastor Doug, please, if anyone knows it’s you. Can you help me understand. I can’t make it make sense.

  22. The elect and the grafting of the wild branch onto the original are my favorite subjects. I do my best to figure out what I can, but I need you to take a peek.. I have a question, but with you being a scholar, I don’t know how to properly address you. I have an understanding of the elect that needs a person with your background and understanding to help with its mistakes. I do repeatedly listen to your talks on the elect Calvinism and I’ve listened to all your main lectures. Any scriptures you have that will help me correct my errors will be helpful and appreciated. Your work is the best. Next, you will find a statement I put together that needs help whenever you have a bit of time to consider it. It is about the diaspora of the northern 10 tribes carried out by the Assyrians when they were scattered into the nations of the gentiles. I believe that they one day, as the wild branches, will be gathered together as the lost sheep and be grafted back onto the original olive tree so that all Israel will be one. Those of the 10 tribes will have mainly lost their identity because that was the purpose of the diaspora? After losing their identity as being from one of the tribes of Israel, they now only know themselves as gentiles. This is just my understanding. Any advice? Is this plausible?

    • Hi Dawn, did you read my paper and watch the video “Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists”? I think the main verses are in there. I do, however, plan on doing another study on the issue and focusing on the question of the “we” and “you” in Ephesians. Blessings!

      • I’ve watched the elect video 8 or more times to assist me with gaing a stronger understanding of your perspective, however, I also watch it often because it is one my favorite videos by you. Furthermore, from the very beginning, the elect has been a favorite topic of mine. The paper would be best for me, that is if I’m allowed to print it so I can have the verses at my fingertips. I’m not familiar with where to find your papers. I’ve been having some difficulty with navigating. I’ve been watching you on you tube for quite a while I’m new to participating in social media. Facebook – about a year and Google Plus- about 4 months.

  23. I would also like to pose a question that maybe you or someone in your group has pondered and have some kind of understanding.
    A few years ago, the Lord put on my heart to look into the book of Job. Coincidentally, there were many circumstances (random verbal and visual promptings) to seek out the history behind Orion and Pleaides. I have always been hesitant because of astrology and the new age garbage and such, but sought out a Biblical perspective. I found that the 7 assemblies of Revelation located in modern day Turkey are in the same form as the Pleaides star cluster, and of course the Orion constellation in the pyramids of Egypt and hidden in the artwork of the pieces found at the Vatican. Obviously, we can only come to limited understanding of what this may mean. But I was wondering if it has been a topic or discussion among your piers and if you would share an opinion or conclusion as to what that discussion may have brought about. I have come to a dead end in my own research.
    Many thanks!

  24. Your show just showed up on my Fringe Radio Network channel on Stitcher! I’ve heard you on FQ and other RRN shows and was delighted to find your podcast. Your interview with Lambert Dolphin was fascinating, and now I have to go back and listen to them all! Great job.

  25. Hey Doug – I am keen to purchase the book you had for sale at the Prophecy Conference which talked about our 1000 Year Reign with Jesus. What book is that and where can I buy it?! Thanks 🙂

  26. Hans-Georg Lundahl

    Below three links – a series on how Ieshua correctly transliterates as Jesus.

  27. Our true Father God will not put any child created in his image into a hell fire as a second death no matter what their sins, no matter if they repent in this life or not. It never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer7:31, Jer 19:5. His true Gospel turns the hearts of the Fathers to the children of God on this website http://thegoodtale.blogspot.com. Satan has deceived the whole world until now. How to truly love God is now restored.

    • I agree. Hades goes into the lake of fire. Isn’t that the second and final death-for the angles in Tartarus from the days of Noah and for those who whose names are not found written in the book of life. I know a lot of people have trouble letting go of the hellfire teaching. I do know the bible uses forever to describe things that aren’t forever. I need to get those verses. I was reading about the words that were translated as forever and then I knew that Yahweh was loving.

  28. Doug,
    I recently started on a journey to read the Qumran cave 4
    texts of Enoch. And I was fascinated by
    the answers to Gen. 6 that I always believed to be true despite my theology
    teachers instructions to the contrary. I
    then went to search the internet for a preacher and Christ follower that also
    came to my same conclusions (that the Sons of God referred to the fallan angels
    not sons of Seth) and you are the only preacher I was able to find that
    outwardly sought the meaning of the Bible instead of relying on teaching of men
    over the last hundreds of years. I thank
    you for your dedication to seek the true Christ/Biblical following and
    understanding that the disciples had 2000 years ago and bringing it into the
    I have a question for you that the Spirit has been
    pressing on me after studying Revelation. I cannot escape my own interpretation(or the
    Spirit’s insistence) that Rev 12 is literal and a prelude to the remainder of
    the book of revelation. A prelude in
    that is set a stage of the spiritual realm of Satan and the fallen angels. My gleaming is that an angelic war took place
    at the time of Jesus’ birth and it was at that time Satan was finally thrown to
    the earth after the heavenly hosts defeated him and his angels. As well as it explains that Jesus was taken
    to the Father for 1260 days in hiding from harm. Jesus refers of this in Luke 10:18-24. The Bible does not account for Jesus as a
    child until age around 12 and the infancy book of James (although not part of
    the canon) begins and account of Jesus childhood around the age if 4/5 to the
    age of 12. In addition the Gospel of
    Thomas (also not part of the canon) talks similarly of God making of place in
    the wilderness to hide John the Baptists mother just as Rev. 12 talks about God
    hiding Mary for 1260 days. (If you read
    it literally)
    I live in GA and have not heard your full revelation
    preachings and wondered if you have come to this same conclusion. I would like to hear your thoughts about Rev
    Thank you


  29. I am not able to purchase the e-book (“Corrupting the Image”) because every time I select my State and tap done, the selection box remains the same. I will check back to see if you have a solution soon. Thanks.

  30. Dear Doug,
    Do you have advice on books, documentaries, and other resource materials providing Biblical
    perspectives on Greek Mythology? I share your materials as often as I see an opening. I need to study further in this area, for witnessing to High School and college-aged students in particular, and would appreciate your recommendations.
    Blessings, Jon

    • I don’t really have a lot to say on those kind of sources. I typically look online to find answers when questions come up. However, I do find that Tom Horn has done some great work in his books, Gods Among Us and Nephilim Stargates.

      • Do you support Steve Quale’s work as well. Tom’s work only seems published to wakeup an uninformed public if you haven’t been taking note of him and his work and his salesman techniques. This is a profitable subject and it doesn’t take to long to figure out what is driving a person the most. Pastor Doug, I know you said you remember noticing that the bible was referencing a veil. If you can think of any other sources that express the existence of a veil or veils, even if the concept is vague or unclear, I really need something like this because I enjoy comparing beliefs of other ancient text to our Bible as it can be useful as long as a person is careful to keep in mind which book is inspired by truth. The other accounts will necessarily be forced to make character swaps and shape events to support worship of that diety. There are almost none who do this for love of Yahweh, love of neighbor, love of truth, and also who do it because it is their duty to expose wolves and deception. I have huge doubts about Doc Marquis, enough reservations to be concerned with Lynn Marzulli. I did trust Dizdale, but became unsure when he offered information presented as a current event which was actually a reoccurring rumor or hoax that’s been given to the public through the internet, possibly as frequently as yearly. When googled you’ll find that same story put up on the net over the last few or more years. Dizdale seemed honest enough and maybe he was dupped as well. However, he is often found with Tom Horn and Steve Quayle which, alone, is reason for concern. If I ever loose Chris White as a trust worthy source, I’ll be heartbroken. Also, it sickens me to see Quayle having David Flynn’s books for sale on his sites. Jim Wilhelmsen is genuine. He believes the things he shares and he still offers his services to help people even though he is retired. Mike Heiser is Great too. If he says something, you can be sure that it is what he understands to be true at the given time, even though he knows it might change. He’s very upfront about this things. I nearly forgot Skiba, whether he is right about certain things or not, the truth matters to him and you can tell that knowing the truth consumes him.

        • Hi Dawn,

          I respect each of the authors you mentioned. Each has his strengths and weaknesses, as do I. I know that Russ is a great brother. Blessings!

          • I was specifically referring to intentions. Since I saw your reply I’ve been deeply concerned and I haven’t been able to let it go. I think it is bothering me so much because I felt safe in trusting anything your words and whatever you promoted.This is due to your respect of Quayle and Horn despite all that they do to sell a book. I also didn’t know you were connected to a circle of people I had come to distrust. Your my favorite and I’ve never seen you say a harsh word towards anyone, so I’m depending on that being the reason for your choice of words in your response to me.

  31. Simon N Jackie Manning

    Just a comment about the upcoming Tetrad moons, Did you see that during each of the tetrad blood moons coming up the America’s will have Total lunar eclipses. I know the Lord uses these times to deal with Israel, but could it be a sign of the fall of the old order and the start of the new order through the events of dealing with Israel. Just found it interesting given that total lunar eclipses are rare in the US given the timing of the rotations, alignments and revolutions.

  32. Feast Days and God Creation-Millennium 3986 BC
    BC-7000 AD. Part two 2010-3014
    Why are Feast Days important to God?
    Genesis 4th Day 1:14-19. The Sun, Moon, Stars are for signs and seasons.
    A Disclaimer: ..Under no circumstances should anything in this article be interpreted as advocating that the practice of astrology was ever or is now sanctioned by God or used by God-fearing people. It has always been condemned by God in his Word, the Bible.
    Here’s the list of God’s doings and they all connect to Sabbaths (Lev 23, 25) God’s Biblical Calendar as you know is what God follows. So His Sabbaths are important to Him
    Gen 2:1-3 And He rested on the 7th day –Sabat We Messianics say Shabat Shalom. (Have a restful sabbath).
    For the Son of Man is even the Lord of the Sabbath (Matt 12:8; Mark 2:28; Lk 6:5).
    God’s Biblical Calendar
    Lev 23:1 And the LORD (YHVH) spake unto Moses, saying,
    Lev 23:2 Speak unto the children of Israel(12 tribes, Christians, Messianics), and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts.
    Month 1 Abib/Nisan/March
    Month 3 Sivan/May
    Month 4 Tammuz/June
    Month 7 Tishrei/September
    Month 9 Kislev?/December
    Month 10 Tevet/Dec-Jan
    Month 12 Adar/Feb-Mar
    The Mozzaroth
    This is a picture of the constellations that the sun travels through in a year. To get a good glimpse in a picture view, see: http://www.sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschatology_files/Mazzaroth.pdf
    A Summary of the Gospel in the Mazzaroth at Pillar of Enoch.com.
    The Menorrah
    The Menorrah is a seven lamp candlelabra.
    Each candle represents a day of the week and each day of Creation. The fourth candle is called the servant candle or Christ candle.
    Since we have two weeks in Leviticus 23 that have seven days, then the first and last candles are annual sabbaths. For Feast of Tabernacles, this is on the 15 and 21 of Tishrei (7th Month). Note: The last annual Sabbath of Tabernacles is on the eighth day.
    Also each candle represents 1000 years.
    Month 7, Day 6 (Sukkot 21, Sept 30) Hoshanah Rabbah, Day of Salvation 5 Planets lined up. Uranus (Mediator), Jupiter (Almighty God), Earth, Sun, Saturn (7 of Covenants: Noahide, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, Renewed Covenant (NT), Marriage Covenant, Covenant of Peace (Shalom)(Millennium) in a line.
    If you could zoom high above the plane of the solar system right now and look down over the planetary scene, you’d see that Saturn, the Sun, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus are in an approximately straight line. Mars, Mercury, Venus and Neptune are either not quite in alignment or well off to one side, so I’ve excluded them from the illustration.
    Hoshanah Rabbah/Day of Salvation/Judgment is Delivered. One of G-d’s names is Eh-e-yeh (Aleph, Hey, Yud, Hey) which is the numerical value (Gematria) 21. This name of G-d signifies Teshuva – repentence, as if to say that “I will be” someone else. I will now work harder to fulfill the will of Hashem; I will now remove my self-centered, egotistical interest to nullify my will to do the will of Hashem.
    Scripture References: Ps 118:25-26; Jh 7:37-39; Isa 12:3; Jn 14:13-14; Matt 5:6; Ps 114:8
    This day was the day before Shemini Atzeret (Sukkot 22, Sat. Oct 1). “Shemini” means eighth, while “Atzeret” means gathering or assembly. It comes from the Hebrew root “atzar” meaning “to hold back” or to “tarry”.
    On this day began the 7 year tribulation. In Hebrew we call it Covenant. Daniel 9:27 began.
    God uses covenants between God and man. Daniel 9:27 is a covenant agreement. In April? (2014), the antichrist is going to break it.
     Seal 1: Conquering political and or religious force begins to take over the world. (Rev 6:1,2) 2011 beginning to multiply. NWO full force 2014
    Seal 2: World War III begins. (Rev 6: 3,4) 2014
    Seal 3: World wide economic collapse, famine. (Rev 6:5,6) 2014
    Seal 4: Plagues, death, ¼ of world’s population dies. (Rev 6:7,8) 2014
    Antichrist performs abomination of desolation. (2 Thes 2:1-4) 2014
    Ministry of 2 witnesses begins. (Rev 11:1-15) 2014 or 2015
    Antichrist takes over the world. (Rev 13:5-9) 2014 or 2015
    Seal 5: Worldwide persecution of Jews and Christians. (Rev 6: 9-11) 2014-2016
    Seal 6: Signs of the sun, moon, and stars, worldwide earthquake, appearance of Christ in the sky, Christians raptured?, wrath of God begins. (Rev 6:12-17) Passover (April) of 2015 or September of 2015.
    America (end times Babylon) destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. (Rev 17:16-18:24) 2014-2016
    Sealing of the 144,000 (Rev 7)
    The Coming Epiphany Synopsis (Only a part of it).
    2014/2015 Lunar and Solar Eclipses
    In 2014 and 2015 there will be 4 blood moon total lunar eclipses all falling on feast days.1. Month 1 , Day 2, (Unleavened Bread, Red Blood Moon) April 15, 2014 Abomination of Desolation approximately. Worldwide Mark of the Beast to be enforced either in April to July 2014
    Check out articles in the Mark of the Beast and 2014. Immigration Billbeforeitsnews.com/…/2014/…/new-obama-bill-april-2014-to-launch- worldwi
    investmentwatchblog.com/obama-bill-april-2014-to-launch-worldwide-mark- of-…
    vineoflifenews.com/new-obama-bill-april-2014-to-launch-worldwide-mark- of-t…
    Solar Eclipse: Annular, Month 1, Day 3 April 292. Month 7, Day 5 Eve of Sukkot, Tabernacles October 8, 2014
    Solar Eclipse: October 23, PartialSolar Eclipse: March 20th, Total, Day 6 Day before Rosh Codesh.3. Month 1, Day 7 Pesach, April 4, 2015 Possible Day of the Lord, Rev 6:12,17 (Wrath of the Lamb)
    Solar Eclipse: September 13,Partial, Day 2, Month 6 Elul 29 1 day before Rosh Codesh.
    4. Month 7, Day 3 Eve of Sukkot, September 28, 2015 Possible Day of the Lord, Rev 6:12,17 (Wrath of the Lamb)Appearance of Nibiru 2015-2016.
    You have the religious year beginning with the total solar eclipse, two weeks later a total lunar eclipse on Pesach, and then the civil year beginning with the solar eclipse followed two weeks later by another total blood red moon on the Feast of Sukkot all in 2015.
    The Coming Epiphany.com The Coming Epiphany Chapter 12
    As pointed out in an note on sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschtological studies, the Solar and Lunar eclipses of Passover 2015 is the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12. On this day could very well be the rapture of the Christians and the Day of the Lord begins.
    A NWO class has also placed the 6th seal at Passover in 2015.
    Also the Day of the Lord could be in Sept. of 2015.
    Also pointed out on one of Luis Vega studies is the possible/ probable rature to be Sept. 2015 or Pentecost 2015.
    Others place it at Sept. of 2014, 2015, 2016.
    Day before first sliver of the new moon in September is Shemitah (Lev. 25:1-8) for Israel where all debts are cancelled. In America, economic collapse.
    Stellarium information
    In April at Easter/Passover there are two planets each in 3 constellations.
    In September on the first sliver of the new moon which is also Rosh Codesh/Yom Teruah, there is 5 planets (3,2) in two constellations. We also see this on Day of Atonement in 2017 in September.
    On the first annual Sabbath of Feast of Tabernacles, there are 7 planets (3, 2, 2) in 3 constellations. We also see this in 2017 at Tabernacles.
    The Day of the Lord refers to God’s special interventions into the course of world events to judge His enemies, accomplish His purpose for history, and thereby demonstrate who He is—the sovereign God of the universe.[1]
    This time of God’s special intervention known primarily as The Day of the Lord has been referred to by other terms in scripture, such as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer. 30:7); His Strange Work/Act (Isa. 28:21); the Day of Israel’s Calamity (Deut. 32:35); the Indignation (Isa. 26:20; Dan. 11:36); the Overflowing Scourge (Isa. 28:15, 18); the Day of Vengeance (Isa. 34:8; 35:4; 61:2); the Day of Wrath/Distress/Wasteness/Desolation (Zeph. 1:15); the Day of Darkness/Thick Darkness/Gloominess (Zeph. 1:15, Joel 2:2); the Day of Trumpet and Alarm (Zeph. 1:16); the hour of trial (Rev. 3:10); the Wrath to Come (1 Thess. 1:10); the Wrath (1 Thess. 5:9), and the Hour of His Judgment (Rev. 14:7). In some instances, the Day of the Lord, due to its unique nature and importance, has been referred to as simply “that day” (Isa. 2:11, 17; 2:20; 4:2; Joel 3:18; Mark 13:32; Luke 21:34; 2 Tim. 1:12, 18; 4:8), and Day of the Lord in the major prophets.
    The Coming Epiphany.com The Coming Epiphany Chapter 1.
    Second Advent – Resurrection Body
    8. Aries – the ram – Christ as the Conqueror Commander-in-Chief with the resurrected Church in Heaven during the Tribulation.
    9. Taurus – the bull – The Redeemer will return at the Second Advent to conquer and to rule the earth.
    10. Gemini – the twins – the story of Esau’s attack of Jacob expanded into the Tribulation when Israel’s enemies seek to destroy it.
    11. Cancer – the crab – eternal security, “in Adam all die, even so by agency of Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Cor 15:22)
    12. Leo – the lion – The Lord Jesus Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who returns to rule in the Millennium and cast the devil into the Lake of Fire.
    Biblical Astronomy1
    2017 and Day of Atonement Begins
    Jubilee 120 (6003); Day 6 Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpet) Sept 21-22; Day 1 Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Sept 30; Sukkot Day 6 15 (Oct 5); Day 5 21 (Oct 11)
    Torah Calendar.com
    Battle of Jerusalem 1917 + 100 (2 Jubilees)=2017 Year of Jubilee
    wikipedia. Battle of Jerusalem 1917.
    6th Day War in Israel Month 4, Day 2 6/11/1967+Jubilee (Lev. 25:9)=2017 Year of Jubilee
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six-Day_War –
    chabad.org/multimedia/timeline_cdo/aid/…/Introduction.htm Miracles of the six day war
    Israel became a nation 1948+70=2018 Pentecost
    Judah ben Samuel Prophecy
    Jubilees 1-8 (1517 to 1917): Turks will rule.
    Jubilee 9 (1917 to 1967): Jerusalem a “no man’s land.”
    Jubilee 10 (1967 to 2017): Jerusalem under Jewish control, Messianic end times will begin.
    Jubilee 11: Begins at Yom Kippur 9/30/17. Messianic King arrives.
    Woman Clothed with the Sun Rev 12:1-2 Virgo and Leo
    The Coming Epiphany Chapter 12
    Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Judgment of the Nations, Ezekiel 38-39 War?, Armageddon (Rev 16:16ff, Rev 19:11ff)
    1. Month 1 , Day 2, (Unleavened Bread, Red Blood Moon) April 15, 2014 Abomination of Desolation approximately. Worldwide Mark of the Beast to be enforced either in April to July 2014
    Check out articles in the Mark of the Beast and 2014. Immigration Billbeforeitsnews.com/…/2014/…/new-obama-bill-april-2014-to-launch- worldwi
    investmentwatchblog.com/obama-bill-april-2014-to-launch-worldwide-mark- of-…
    vineoflifenews.com/new-obama-bill-april-2014-to-launch-worldwide-mark- of-t…
    Solar Eclipse: Annular, Month 1, Day 3 April 292. Month 7, Day 5 Eve of Sukkot, Tabernacles October 8, 2014
    Solar Eclipse: October 23, PartialSolar Eclipse: March 20th, Total, Day 6 Day before Rosh Codesh.3. Month 1, Day 7 Pesach, April 4, 2015 Possible Day of the Lord, Rev 6:12,17 (Wrath of the Lamb)
    Solar Eclipse: September 13,Partial, Day 2, Month 6 Elul 29 1 day before Rosh Codesh.
    4. Month 7, Day 3 Eve of Sukkot, September 28, 2015 Possible Day of the Lord, Rev 6:12,17 (Wrath of the Lamb)Appearance of Nibiru 2015-2016.
    You have the religious year beginning with the total solar eclipse, two weeks later a total lunar eclipse on Pesach, and then the civil year beginning with the solar eclipse followed two weeks later by another total blood red moon on the Feast of Sukkot all in 2015.
    The Coming Epiphany.com The Coming Epiphany Chapter 12
    As pointed out in an note on sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschtological studies, the Solar and Lunar eclipses of Passover 2015 is the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12. On this day could very well be the rapture of the Christians and the Day of the Lord begins.
    A NWO class has also placed the 6th seal at Passover in 2015.
    Also the Day of the Lord could be in Sept. of 2015.
    Also pointed out on one of Luis Vega studies is the possible/ probable rature to be Sept. 2015 or Pentecost 2015.
    Others place it at Sept. of 2014, 2015, 2016.
    Day before first sliver of the new moon in September is Shemitah (Lev. 25:1-8) for Israel where all debts are cancelled. In America, economic collapse.
    Stellarium information
    In April at Easter/Passover there are two planets each in 3 constellations.
    In September on the first sliver of the new moon which is also Rosh Codesh/Yom Teruah, there is 5 planets (3,2) in two constellations. We also see this on Day of Atonement in 2017 in September.
    On the first annual Sabbath of Feast of Tabernacles, there are 7 planets (3, 2, 2) in 3 constellations. We also see this in 2017 at Tabernacles.
    The Day of the Lord refers to God’s special interventions into the course of world events to judge His enemies, accomplish His purpose for history, and thereby demonstrate who He is—the sovereign God of the universe.[1]
    This time of God’s special intervention known primarily as The Day of the Lord has been referred to by other terms in scripture, such as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer. 30:7); His Strange Work/Act (Isa. 28:21); the Day of Israel’s Calamity (Deut. 32:35); the Indignation (Isa. 26:20; Dan. 11:36); the Overflowing Scourge (Isa. 28:15, 18); the Day of Vengeance (Isa. 34:8; 35:4; 61:2); the Day of Wrath/Distress/Wasteness/Desolation (Zeph. 1:15); the Day of Darkness/Thick Darkness/Gloominess (Zeph. 1:15, Joel 2:2); the Day of Trumpet and Alarm (Zeph. 1:16); the hour of trial (Rev. 3:10); the Wrath to Come (1 Thess. 1:10); the Wrath (1 Thess. 5:9), and the Hour of His Judgment (Rev. 14:7). In some instances, the Day of the Lord, due to its unique nature and importance, has been referred to as simply “that day” (Isa. 2:11, 17; 2:20; 4:2; Joel 3:18; Mark 13:32; Luke 21:34; 2 Tim. 1:12, 18; 4:8), and Day of the Lord in the major prophets.
    The Coming Epiphany.com The Coming Epiphany Chapter 1.
    Second Advent – Resurrection Body
    8. Aries – the ram – Christ as the Conqueror Commander-in-Chief with the resurrected Church in Heaven during the Tribulation.
    9. Taurus – the bull – The Redeemer will return at the Second Advent to conquer and to rule the earth.
    10. Gemini – the twins – the story of Esau’s attack of Jacob expanded into the Tribulation when Israel’s enemies seek to destroy it.
    11. Cancer – the crab – eternal security, “in Adam all die, even so by agency of Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Cor 15:22)
    12. Leo – the lion – The Lord Jesus Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who returns to rule in the Millennium and cast the devil into the Lake of Fire.
    Biblical Astronomy1
    2017 and Day of Atonement Begins
    Jubilee 120 (6003); Day 6 Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpet) Sept 21-22; Day 1 Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Sept 30; Sukkot Day 6 15 (Oct 5); Day 5 21 (Oct 11)
    Torah Calendar.com
    Battle of Jerusalem 1917 + 100 (2 Jubilees)=2017 Year of Jubilee
    wikipedia. Battle of Jerusalem 1917.
    6th Day War in Israel Month 4, Day 2 6/11/1967+Jubilee (Lev. 25:9)=2017 Year of Jubilee
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six-Day_War –
    chabad.org/multimedia/timeline_cdo/aid/…/Introduction.htm Miracles of the six day war
    Israel became a nation 1948+70=2018 Pentecost
    Judah ben Samuel Prophecy
    Jubilees 1-8 (1517 to 1917): Turks will rule.
    Jubilee 9 (1917 to 1967): Jerusalem a “no man’s land.”
    Jubilee 10 (1967 to 2017): Jerusalem under Jewish control, Messianic end times will begin.
    Jubilee 11: Begins at Yom Kippur 9/30/17. Messianic King arrives.
    Woman Clothed with the Sun Rev 12:1-2 Virgo and Leo
    The Coming Epiphany Chapter 12
    Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Judgment of the Nations, Ezekiel 38-39 War?, Armageddon (Rev 16:16ff, Rev 19:11ff)

  33. Hello Doug,

    I very much enjoyed your video and agree with most of it as being the explanation of what the mark of the beast will be. If you haven’t seen L.A. Marzulli’s Watchers series, please watch it.

    I am a well studied Christian that wants to ask you why you insist on calling angels by the name “demons”? I know that the majority of unschooled and even schooled Christians do not know the difference between angels and demons, but I was surprised to see that you have not studied the difference as you have the rest of the doctrines of demonology.

    You will not find one verse in scripture that calls an angel a demon nor refers to any demons as angels. If you study this as I have, you will find that the bible only shows demons as being spirits that need to occupy a body to live in this dimension. Clearly angels have their own body and do not inhabit a human body as do demons. The doctrine of demons in the Bible is clear that these are wandering spirits that posses or inhabit physical host body. Yes, we call the study of evil spirits as well as angels demonology, but we should not be deceived into thinking that an angel must posses another physical body to exist in this world.

    Mark 5:5-13
    5 “And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.6 But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him,
    7 And cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.8 For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.9 And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.10 And he besought him much that he would not send them away out of the country.11 Now there was there nigh unto the mountains a great herd of swine feeding.12 And all the devils besought him, saying, Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them.13 And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand;) and were choked in the sea.”

    To gain more clarity one can go to the book of Enoch where Enoch gives an explanation of who these demons are. The Nephilim were destroyed in the flood ad they had no soul and were unredeemable. They had a spirit that was cursed to wander the earth until the great day of judgment.

    I cringe every time I hear a pastor or teacher use the name demons for an angel. It is simply unbiblical and actually in extreme contradiction to what the scriptures say about demons. Angels have a body and demons do not. A demon is a spirit only. A wandering spirit of the dead giants whom were the walking dead when alive in their hybrid body, but without soul. Their spirits have been wandering and inhabiting humans and animals for over 4,400 years.

    Enoch 15:8 “And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon
    9 the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin;
    10 they shall be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits shall they be called. [As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.]
    11 And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless
    12 hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them.”

    • Hi Charles,

      I tend to cringe whenever I hear people say that they are different since there is no biblical support for that. You are drawing it out of the book of Enoch. The reality is that the word “daemonia” means “mighty ones” which is similar to the word “elohim” in Hebrew. Philo of Alexandria says point blank that what the Greeks call demons Moses calls angels. I am more convinced of what he has to say than others given that he was a contemporary of the Lord Jesus and he knew both Hebrew and Greek natively. Blessings.

      • In Mark 5:12 the word in the Greek is daimōn and in the Lexicon G1142 that is referred to in the NT(New Testament) as “an evil spirit”. When you compare that to elohim, you are saying that God is an evil spirit or that the evil spirit is equal to God. “elohim” is one of the words for God. Philo did not write God inspired work. There is no where in the scriptures that call evil spirits “angels”. In the New Testament every instance that there is an evil spirit” it is in need to indwell a body of another as a parasite. No where in the Bible does an angel have the Need to indwell a body as this.

        I can find verses in the scriptures that clearly distinguish that there is a difference between them. Notice the separation “a spirit or an angel”;

        Acts 23:9

        “And there arose a great cry: and the scribes that were of the Pharisees’ part arose, and strove, saying, We find no evil in this man: but if a spirit or an angel hath spoken to him, let us not fight against God.”

        In Matthew 12:

        43 “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

        44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.

        45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.”

        Show me a place in the Bible where an angel had a need to in dwell a host body. You wont find it. An angel has there own body. thy do not have a need to indwell another body as a parasite. Many places in scripture you will find angel with there own bodies and decribed in great detail. They re the “Bene elohiym” which is Hebrew for “sons of God”. A direct creation by God. The evil spirits or “daemon” where not direct creations by God. These were fallen spirits of the nephilim or “fallen ones”.
        This needs to be looked at in detail to understand that there is a difference to these terms angels and demons. Even the Satanists know the difference, you never see literature by them nor movies by them showing demons to being angels. I guess because they communicate with them, they know them.
        I am a student in theology going after my degree, I am well studied and schooled on this. God has showed me His truth. I will not allow words of men to sway me from this. The truth that I see makes total sense and has confirmations in scripture.
        May God Bless you,

      • Pastor Doug, I knew you held this view but I didn’t know why till now. I know you read Mike Heiser’s Material and refer to it. He Is the first one, that I’ve seen translate nephilim as something other than the fallen ones. I was wondering what you think about his take on how the word should be translated. I’m very interested in your opinion. Also, In Jude, what kinds of beings are in the prison tartarus. I don’t think I’ve heard you teach. Philo certainly throws a wrench into what I’m saying, but it is another lead. I’ll take as many as I can get.

      • Even when we that learn from you don’t see eye to eye, you are still our favorite.

      • Even when we, those who love to learn from you, don’t see eye to eye, you are still our favorite. Please don’t cringe.

      • Even when we, those who love to learn from you, don’t see eye to eye, you are still our favorite.

  34. Hey Doug..have u done any research on unsealing Daniel by reading it out of order like the theories of Jodysephus/William Tapley do on u tube?

  35. Hi Doug, looks like the genetic modifying of humans is progressing.

  36. Muchas gracias por estos estudios tan interesantes…(nefelines y sobre hebreo y arameo). Seía posible que pudieras colgar mas material en español? Son muchísimas las personas que se podrían beneficiar de estas enseñanzas,
    Muchas bendiciones y que el Señor continue ungiendote para que recibamos la revelación que el te da.

  37. Hi, Doug. Just wondering in your opinion is it necessary for a Christian to receive the Holy Ghost after being baptized in order be able to get save and enter the Kingdom of God? What happen if not? Will he/she not being able to enter the Kingdom of God and just wait after 1000 years for the Great Judgement?

  38. Sorry to bother you I couldn’t find your email so I thought I would text you my research on biblical geocentricity and hope that you would search out these matters when you find time, I know Gods got you busy glorifying him but maybe it will inspire a man good with words like yourself to battle this deception that permeates our society like you have with subjects such as the nephliem and Nimrod etc. and write a book on it or a YouTube seminar on it or include it in your series
    God bless and take care thank your for your valuable time






  39. Hey Doug, I loved your recent Quest for Truth # 17 about the timing of the rapture and agreed with everything I heard. I have in recent months crossed over from Hardcore pre-trib to what Rob described as post/pre-wrath but still have my differences with the hard lines of both. The most exciting passage that I came across was Joshua chapter 6, about Jericho, which I believe is the most accurate mid-rash of the structure of the seals, trumpets and bowls of Revelation. It is jam-packed with motifs that give us clues about timing and “who gets into the kingdom” or the next age in conjunction w/ Matt 25 and the kingdom parables. It perfectly pictures your 3 angles view and sharpens it. All three 7’s end with “the end”. My other conviction was about applying the fall feasts as the backbone of our timeline. In short, I am entertaining the idea that The day of the Lord/rapture drops on The feast of trumpets (but we won’t know the day or hour b/c of the new moon) and ends on Yom Kippur, therefore lasting 10 days, in which the 7 bowls are released. The 40 days of trial of Jesus begins the 1st of the month before Tishri then includes the first 10 days of Tishri. We meet the Lord in the air at the start and remain with Him in the clouds for 10 days as he dishes out judgment. Every eye WILL see Him, but none of those scriptures demands that every eye sees Him at the exact same moment. We do know that towards Yom Kippur, He will be in Jerusalem. I just can’t get around the feasts being “appointed times” yet not literally matching up, and so I am starting with their match-up as my model. I also think the scriptures demand that the example of the fall harvest requires that all events happen in the same season, as they did in the first coming. I collected a list of all the prophetic motifs of the fall feasts and started assembling events by their feast (Mark Biltz’ lectures on the feasts were instrumental). I believe that “The Last Day” that Jesus refers to is Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashana, the new year. Zech 12 or 14 shows that there is something unusual about the length of the last day and equates it with the darkness (fifth bowl Rev 16:10). Another neat thing that I found in doing this was that the 3 parables in Matt 25 line up w/ the 3 feasts. The virgins all fell asleep. They are the dead who resurrect at the rapture/shout. the foolish ones don’t see the Lord till later (great white throne). The talents refers to “closing the books” which refers directly to Yom Kippur. Sheep & Goats is unquestionably Sukkot. I am also understanding that the Israel/Armageddon event would imply that those who look on Him and mourn accept Christ AT THAT MOMENT, or else they would be raptured previously (10 days before). This solves the pre-trib challenge of “who then enters the millenium in bodies if the rapture is at the end”. I am excited about what the Lord is showing me and would love your feedback.

  40. Do you have any studies regarding the name Lucifer? Many people state that Lucifer is not satan but it is Adam or it is just referring to the King of Tyre. Your insight on this would be very much appreciated.

  41. Doug,
    2 days ago on Utube I started watching episode Quest for Truth episode 17.
    Now it says private.
    What is going on??
    I really enjoy the shows thankyou

  42. Hi Douglas! I read your article on election and thought it was great! However I was wondering if you have dealt with the issue of Jesus’ clear words that says “no one can come to Me unless the Father draws him’ and other says of Jesus that are similar? Also have you written any articles or know of any good sources on how to deal with the Hebrews 6 passage of falling away? I understand this was written to Jews. How do you understand the meaning of the passage with the word ‘renew’ or ‘restore’ in present tense and the participles ‘crucify’ and ‘open shame’ also in present tense. Do you have any thoughts on this or know any good resources that explain the Greek with a Hebrew mindset behind it? -Thanks and Blessings in Yeshua the Messiah!

  43. I just finished watching your debate with Douglas Woodberry and I must say his arguments and understanding of scripture was at best week. They were like putting sand water and the words “I believe” into a cement mixer and turn it for an hour, pour it into a form and call it a foundation. That would never hold any structure up. You can’t supplement the most important part of the mixture (Concrete) with just your beliefs. The word of God is the Cement that binds the all together. The true meaning of the text dose mater or the bible would be meaningless. I would love to see do this same debate formate with some one like Steve Quail on Pre Tribulation , Post Tribulation and After Tribulation one day. I love your teaching thanks so much and God bless you and yours.

  44. Mark Andrew Olsen

    Douglas, I thought you’d be interested in this Facebook post that just came up from a friend of mine. Obviously, consider the source and the lack of documentation, but some of the details towards the end of this bear an uncanny resemblance to some of your ideas. —

    “Had an interesting conversation with someone today. He is a Vet, special forces. He was in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He looks like he could be in his 60s. He told me he saw alot of crap. He said that area 51 is real and that they do have aliens there way below the ground and that alien dna is being experimented on. … He also said that the.military found a alien in Egypt that had eyes and head like from the alien from the Movie Aliens. He didnt say that but the way he described it thats what they looked like. He said that they experimented with it and it was found to have human female dna and unexplainable non earthly dna…

  45. Hi there Pastor Doug!!
    God bless you!! I love all your messages and have been doing a lot of research based on them- its a small hobby of mine!! 🙂 I remember listening to one of your messages recently I believe on ‘Corrupting the Image’ and I believe you said there was no evidence of female angels in the Bible but then I came across Zecheriah 5:9. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways, simply amazing how you have tied things that are going on now and from the past and things yet to come in the future from the Bible. Great interpretation by Gods grace! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! By the way, I love how you joked so casually about how God emphasized the ‘six days’ just incase we were too slow cause we’re made of dust- which is So True! Haha! Good humor!! I was cracking up at home! 🙂 It’s almost your way of discreetly checking if your congregation was listening 🙂 My pastor does the same 🙂 I hope you will let us know the debate time and day once it’s fixed for the creationism and evolution theories. The post debate commentaries of the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate on YouTube were insightful also.
    God bless you. Thanks again for your time.

  46. Hi Doug – I just heard you discuss the Y chromosome and the possibility of it acting as a type of error-correcting code. I am sure you have also seen this discovery in string theory? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYGZQnNkHh0
    Also, I am curious what you think about references to Moses being not eloquent, slow of speech and tongue, or having a speech impediment. Have you considered whether there was something in his genetic makeup (an extra chromosome perhaps?) which allowed him to be near “God’s glory”?
    (Sorry if you have already covered these topics elsewhere. If I don’t ask now, I may never ask)

  47. Doug,

    Do you have any suggestions about what regular people like me could and should be doing right now to help God’s kingdom now? I give to my home church, you and some others that I think are working hard for God. But I dont have enough money to make much impact.

    If it is true that the devil is keeping us pre occupied with the busyness of life, I am living proof that his strategy is effective. I dont feel like I am doing my part faithfully for God even though he has showered me with protection through life.

    I am focused on my house and my children have recently given their lives to Christ! I know that I am saved so its not that… I just want to serve God and I dont know how. I try to grt involved in my community but my career is so consuming.

    I would appreciare any suggestions you could make or if you know of any organizations that are in need and would be effective with contributions.

    thank you

    • Hi Mycall,

      I understand the challenges of career and busyness! You are right, Satan’s strategy is incredibly effective. I would suggest that you pray fervently for God to strengthen us. The battle truly is fierce and without prayer warriors, we would all be lost. However, many of us are often looking for volunteers to help with advertising upcoming conferences, website maintenance, and a whole host of activities.



      • Thank you for the reply. I will continue to pray and I am search for ways to get involved. If there is anything I can do to help you in North Texas please let me know, mycalling2014@gmail.com. or if anyone reading this needs anything I will make time.

        I am looking into getting you invited to speak at my church and am going to offer to pay your travel. I wont mention the name of the church in case I cant make it happen. I love my church but they are so reluctant to speak on matters that you are so knowledgable on. And I really feel like we need it.

        I know you are busy so I wont expect another reply but I did want to mention that I was fascinated by a youtube show I heard you on (Menorah radio – talking about your book on the millenium). I have always been strangely disappointed with the thought of the millenium in contrast with spending that time in heaven. Boy, was it awesome to hear a real well studied explanation of that part of prophecy. I no longer have that disappointment. In fact the weekend I listened to that show I was at our ranch in South Texas and it was at that time that I witnessed my two young children give their lives to Christ. Im not saying those two things were neccessarily related but it was just such an an awesome Holy Spirit weekend. Along the lines of my wedding or maybe my own baptism.

        I think you are making a difference.

  48. hello Doug !! i would love to learn more about everything but what i have wondered for along time is do you think that some of the old sites around the world could possably be from before the flood ?? or do you think that it is possable that the flood wiped out everything and left nothing standing ?? if you think about it the flood wasnt that long ago , alot of things happened in this short a time !! i loved your book corrupting the image and i there was 1 other one i read both very helpful !! thanks Kyle

  49. Hi Doug, just a quick note to say “love your work”. I have read your books and watched most of what you have posted on YouTube. I have learned so much from you, and encouraged friends to also get to know your work. I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing and teaching. I do have a question: For the last year or so I have been wanting to buy a print of God and of New Jerusalem, like you show in your videos. Where can I buy these from? I have looked everywhere but cannot find them.

  50. Hi Doug. A friend of mine just sent me a video of Katy Perry called ‘Dark Horse”, and I have to say it was one of the most disturbing main stream videos I have ever seen! Not only is it riddled with evil symbolism, but at the end it seems to be “giving GOD the finger” (mocking Him). Normally I would just ignore it because this type of stuff has always been in music, but a lot of people really like her, (mostly children) and it seems the music industry is getting a lot bolder when it comes to satanic symbolism. I have watched this video several times, and every time I watch it I catch something different. For example, at the end she (the anti-Christ?) transforms and seems to be ascending GODS mountain with a proud look on her face while growing and spreading wings. Or at least that’s how I understood it.
    Anyways… was wondering if you could watch it and give me your thoughts? like I said it is riddled with symbolism, so Im sure Im not catching everything. Thanks for your time!

  51. Do you have an audio book for your new book The Millennium Chronicles?

  52. Hi Doug 🙂 I’ve been studying for some time and am finally putting the pieces of this giant puzzle together. Here’s my question: How does accepting Christ fix the physical ‘Y’ chromosome problem that we have as a human race? In your opinion is this part of what we talk about when we talk about ‘Jesus standing in the gap’ for us? I’m trying to fit the scientific pieces with the theological pieces. And unlike many people, I think that Science and Christianity are inseparable… sort of a flip side of the same God thing. Sooo since God created Science, how does that fit? Thanks in advance for your reply! God Bless!

  53. I would like to start off by saying that I have always been a Christian. That being said, for a few years I got caught up in the new age movement/Ancient aliens theory, believing that the existence of Aliens does not disprove God/Jesus Christ. Then I watched the “Face Like The Sun, fallen angels” video, which opened my eyes,and changed everything I thought about the alien theory. After watching that I deleted Everything I had that was related to aliens and the new age theory. To my point, I really respect and agree with the majority of what Douglas Hamp has to say and believes. Again he really opened my eyes to a lot of things. That being said, True Christians work for, serve and spread the word of GOD, but when you tell people that the only way you can hear the word Im spreading is by paying for it, Idk I have trouble believing you and what/who it is that you serve, work for. Is it money? Jesus didn’t charge. Do you give offerings at church just because you expect something in return? So for myself and the others who cant afford your (books) words from GOD, Oh well too bad. I am not trying to get anything for free! I just have problems trusting people who call them selves True Christians and people who claim to dedicate their lives to spread the word of GOD but charge for it!

  54. Hello doug. I have some thing that may help in your study . Take a look at the garden of eden by Kent Hovind. You can see this on youtube & Dr.dino.com. Thank you .

  55. I was in the “Mary was a surrogate mother for Jesus” camp until Corrupting the Image. I have not finished the book, yet, but your well researched, Biblical basis for the seed of woman has to be the only truth. SO, I need your help. My opinion before was based in Matt. 11:11 where Jesus said among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist. What was He really saying since Jesus himself was the greatest? (I am sorry if you have answered this in the past. This is my first time on your contact page.) Thanks!!

  56. HI Doug!
    Just saw the debate between you and Pastor V on the Branch of Hope website. I have to commend you on your sweet spirit! You were genuinely Christian in your attitude, not cocky and not all antagonistic. Your presentation was clearly more Biblical, supported by Scripture, point by point. (Jesus coming in a dirt cloud from Roman chariot wheels….wow!…not the Jesus we know!) Too bad you didn’t have time to discuss your view on the possibility of why there would be animal sacrifices in the earthly Milleniall Temple. Also, maybe you addressed this point and I missed it, but Pastor V was talking about the Eschatological words in Scripture, “must soon take place,” & “time is near…” Can you reply to this in this post? Awesome in your rebuttal: you said that God will re-marry Israel, whom Pastor V said that God did divorce.

  57. Hi again!

    Thank you so much for uploading these videos. Wow. Our Lord is frankly amazing.
    The Bible is astonishing. Almost unbelievably so. I have to learn me some

    I know it completely doesn’t matter what I think but… I think the ‘Star’ was a
    celestial event, not an angel. If it was an angel, you would have thought Herod
    wouldn’t have needed to ask the magi to point it out to him; especially
    considering the relative distances between Herod’s palace, the Magi’s school(?)
    and Bethlehem. My father is an astronomer. (Not saved yet though!) The magi
    were astronomers too, I think? Matthew’s scripture, to me, certainly reads more
    like a celestial event as viewed by historical astronomers, who would have had
    to plot celestial events against static backdrops e.g. constellations and at different locations.

    I teach Computer Science. Your student’s ‘rubbish in == rubbish out’ comment
    piqued my interest (the slogan’s on my wall!). I have tried Larson’s Bethlehem
    Star using Stellarium. It works. I’m not sure what was the rubbish in == rubbish out was referring
    too. I have compared Stellarium’s data with NASA’s and they are identical.

    Douglas, is it possible your student might have been mistaken? Please will you
    check out Stellarium for yourself; it’s mindblowing. If you do, REMEMBER Stellarium
    has a Year 0, we don’t. So Stellarium’s -2 == calendar 3BC. 🙂

    Sorry! I don’t know why this has bothered me so much. Was it something else
    your student was refering too? I guess I am worried because I demo’ed this
    recently to some student’s at my school’s Christian Union. I don’t want to be
    feeding them wrong stuffs! :/


    Awesome upload(s), so grateful, God is awesome!

    Thought celestial events described in Bethlehem
    Star, observed using software more accurately fit scriptural description than
    Angel. (Happy to be proved wrong.)

    • edit
      Please forgive me if I sound patronising. If you are not sure how to use Stellarium, I could take screenshots of key events for your perusal…

  58. Hi Doug
    My wife and I are about to embark on your journey through Matthew. I just want to say thanks in advance.
    Andy and Helen (Norwich UK)

  59. Hi Doug. I just finished reading your book Corrupting the Image, it was a great read and helped me a lot on my journey, I am a newcomer to this line of thinking on the end times, the only giant I ever knew of in the bible was Goliath from Sunday school….and to say I now believe in ufos would land me in a lot of trouble with my church upbringing, but I did actually see 4 ufos hovering over our land back in 1992 along with my 2 girls, the ufos were about 15 feet off the ground so that was my introduction to them, although it took me utill 2013 to truly understand what I saw that night so many years ago, and then only by accident while I was strolling youtube and saw all these downloads about the fallen angels, neplilim etc… it opened up a whole new world, and bible to me….I was just wonder what your thinking is on the sounds people are now hearing in the sky from all over the world…..anyway once again loved your book!

  60. Hi Doug. I just finished watching your talk, the AntiChrist, Freemasons, and the Third Temple. I believe that the Third Temple will be built, and will sit next to the Dome of the Rock. But I am beginning to see a trend in teaching lately that the final AntiChrist will come from Turkey [or the Peace Treaty to Divide the Land will be handled by a Turk, which makes sense and fits with your talk. In fact, we are seeing this develop now. I found this teaching very good and offers a perspective that meshes quite well with yours. http://youtu.be/uY20IFaWlsQ

  61. How do we know that the Great Tribulation starts at the beginning of the 7- year period?

  62. Mark Andrew Olsen

    Hi Douglas. I read recently of the scientific confirmation that the DNA of an unborn child actually permeates into the body of its mother and intermingles with her DNA from the womb, and subsequently is passed on to her later children. I found that a fascinating notion and far-reaching in its implications. For instance, this blog describes how a woman was actually healed of disease by male fetal cells from a child she had aborted 20 years before. Another question this raises is–what does that say about Mary and her later children? Could they carry a genetic record of Christ himself after the Incarnation? Could some remnant of Jesus’ DNA (both the Holy Spirit’s half and her contribution) actually survive in some branches of the Jewish race? Here’s a link to the blog where I first encountered this. http://lauragraceweldon.com/2012/06/12/mother-child-are-linked-at-the-cellular-level/

    • Actually, I may have overstated that. Rather than DNA, the report I saw claims that “fetal cells” travel into and grow in the body of the mother and her later offspring. I guess on the level of what I was suggesting, that difference is major. Still intriguing, though.

  63. I think you will agree, the rapture is close at hand. Have you made arrangements with non believers to continue your web presence after you are gone? The people left here are going to need your message a lot more than we fellow Christians that frequent your site. Those left behind will have many questions after the rapture. Where will they get sound guidance after we are gone? Please put something in place for them.

  64. Hi Doug,,
    I watched several of your videos yesterday and today, and really enjoyed the video on the meaning of the elect in Matthew 24. I have been a Mid-trib person most of my adult life, but recently have moved more towards a Pre-trib view. However, I attend a church that is Post-trib, and I have run into serious resistance by Post-trib people, and so I was reconsidering everything. Then, I ran into the Pre-wrath viewpoint, and thought it was a worthwhile view, believing that maybe Christians will see the events of Matthew 24 happen, but knowing we are not appointed unto God’s wrath, or what the Pre-wrath people are calling “The Day of the Lord.” Then I watched your video, and all I can say is “Wow.” I have felt strongly that we are to look UP, from where our redemption draweth night, not look EAST (from Canada where I live) to Jerusalem where there is going to be a great deception that could fool even the elect (ok, so that doesn’t fit anymore), and where the anti-Christ will appear. And I have felt led to start a kind of Bible study/prayer time that is specifically focused on a “watch” where we spend time waiting and looking for the return of Jesus (the rapture, catching away). But I know that I will get severe flack for this. Why is there this strong push that wants to see Christians endure Jacob’s trouble along with the Jews? It is really strong in the area where I live. If we aren’t watching, but focus on Israel and Jerusalem, is there any possibility that we could be left behind?

  65. I attended the debate over pre vs post-millennialism this past Saturday evening at Branch of Hope in Torrance. I must admit that until then, I wasn’t really aware of a debate on this topic because I always thought the scriptures were clear about when Christ would return. I
    wasn’t able to stay for the complete debate, so for the record, I’d like to say I support your view of pre-millennialism and even if I’d never heard that debate, this is how I’ve always understood the scriptures. Frankly, I didn’t understand the post-millennial argument so
    I can’t even comment on it, and the debate did not make that position clear to me…So… I’m still a pre-millennialist.

    I would also like to make the point that if there is such a big debate on when Christ will return, I don’t think many people are ready to hear discussions on what the scriptures say is going to happen BEFORE HIS RETURN. I don’t think many believers are ready to
    deal with topics such as giants, nephilim, hybrids, UFOs and the source of the
    many strange “goings-on” in the heavens and on the earth in this day. I do, however, believe it is time for those appointed as ministers of the Gospel, to start dealing with the subject and studying “the days of Noah” so they can begin to teach what is really happening. Those who actually know what’s happening need to be “bold” and step forward to teach it, regardless of their acceptance. The “watchmen” need to call out a warning from the wall.

    Once people began to realize that what has happened in the past is happening again in these last days, I think most will be HAPPY to believe that Christ is going to return before the beginning of the millennial years!

    Thanks for dealing with truth….

  66. Hello,
    what is this ministries position on christmas?

  67. Hi Mr. Hamp,
    I have a question for you and I saw that it said above to use the Doug page. I looked and I don’t see the Doug page. Maybe I could ask you here and you will see this? I have read Corrupting The Image and I was wondering what you believed concerning the rapture? I use to believe the pre-trib position but there are so many people saying that it’s not true. I’ve tried to research the different positions (pre, mid, post) but I feel like it is one big circle. I really want clarity in God’s Word and to know what to expect coming up here very soon. If you could tell me what you believe, I’d really appreciate it. Do you think we will be here for the Great Tribulation? Thank you. Becky S.

  68. Stuart! (I'm here to serve)

    Morning Douglas, I will continue to pray for you and your family. Recently downloaded the Word software = Mind blown!!! Thank you…

    Hope you are well and curious about the shroud of Turin… What’s your view on it? I’m v. skeptical. regardless, I saw a doccie that said it was disrespectful/uncultured for men to have beards in the time of Jesus yet the bible mentions they tore off His beard during the crucifixion. I know God has a beard so it’s logical to think that Jesus had a beard but I am still a little skeptical as I believe that Jesus had more middle eastern features rather than the face that appears on the shroud…Could you please give your opinion?

    It’s not important, I know, but I’m so curious… and I just want to know… I’ve also met some lovely Jews at my new job… for 5 years I’ve considered converting (I think we have some blood in the family.)… Just because I convert doesn’t mean I have to deny Jesus right? If you or anybody would be willing to discuss these things with me, please feel free.
    I wish I had a church to attend but I don’t and cannot find one. So I’m sorry for inconveniencing you guys, but I never get a reply and was hoping to get some guidance.
    I’m young and dumb and although I was very intellectual at one stage, I ran into problems and have many vices such as alcohol and smoking and friends on drugs. It’s terribly silly I know… but Jesus was a friend to all and all I am looking for is for some support/help/family as it feels like I am drowning sometimes…Spiritually… Physically…

    Bless all of you thought.. God Bless you Douglas. Thank you for all of your help thus far. I have so much love for you. My sincerest wishes brother… You have helped me grow… Jesus is King!

    • Every Jewish man was to have a beard – it is written in the Torah – so I don’t know where the documentary got that idea.
      I am so glad that theWord blessed you!

      • Thank you Douglas. I really appreciate it. Sorry for making an ass of myself. Let me know if I can help you guys with anything.

        • Stuart/Stu/S/onG+- Same person

          p.s. Recently listened to your podcast (in secret) with David Duval… He’s right you know!!! I’m seeing miracles happen!!! it’s amazing… I almost said the f word now, but you won’t believe it… even as the bible says- praying for your enemies!!??? it’s working…. Faith is a big thing but yeah…i’m lost for words and still muddled inside… I could cry like a baby forever and ever… The happiest day of our life is the day we die… Breaking free… WOW though, I have never felt as liberated… I’m not idolising you Doug, nor any of your peers but I wish to thank you sincerely for everything… I’m sorry for spamming but I don’t care anymore, i’m broken inside and HE is the only one who has fixed me… Still, there are powers that be, that I can see, I my dreams, thoughts and visual blindness… Jesus help us all. Our redeemer… (I’m not charismatic… hah, He knows my heart…let’s get together and pray silently…that’s real intimacy)

          Thank you Doug… I appreciate it.

  69. Just finished “The Millennium Chronicles”!! It was just captivating!! It had me from the very first chapter. I felt like I was right there with Ben, Kristina & the AEFOD !! Marvelous work! My 8yr old granddaughter loves animals & she was just in awe as I read to her the part about all the animals playing with each other & that the children could play with them without getting hurt! The book drew such an accurate picture from the Bible & made the Millennium come alive with possibilities that I had never even considered! I didn’t want the book to end! It is my prayer that every child of Adonai could read this book!

    May God’s blessing be upon you & your family. Bee Stegall

  70. Hi Doug, I just watched your video on you tube – Rise of the Nephelim.. and at the end someone asked a question concerning why did God give man 120 years to live – according to Jewish lore, 120 years are equivalent to 50 jubilees which equals 6000 years which God has allowed Satan to rule this world before the coming of the Messiah – thanks for all your videos – awesome research..

  71. Hello Mr.Hamp, I am now in the research of the Spiritual Gifts we all have,I cant remember all of them but the gift healing,teaching,discernment etc.But I am confused while being ‘educated in God’s word and a researcher between the 10 to 12 Spiritual gifts there are,and how some some would say,”These are the same gifts in sorcery”,and im familar with Dr.Ken Johnson’s work and Bill Shnoebelen’s,but was hoping you could help with this important question to me.Thanks Doug,

  72. Doug
    What do you know about Triple Helix DNA? I have heard it spoke about by so called super soldiers and also by a pastor Mike Hoggart.

  73. l watched the video : Age of Deceit and impressed, if you have an transcript of this video, can you mail me? pertev7902@gmail.com thankyou.

  74. Doug, I just came across some info on the triple helix dna and I was wondering if you have looked into this? I have heard several preachers speak of this as well as interviews with so called super soldiers.


    • I know about it and I think that it could very significant. Mike Hoggard brings out some very interesting points. Blessings,

  75. Re: Ariel Sharon’s death yesterday. An orthodox rabbi who stated that
    he had visions of the Messiah stated Jesus would not return until after
    Ariel Sharon had died.

    Also, Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel a
    thousand years ago indicated 2017 as the year of the Messiah’s arrival
    or return? He had been accurate on other predictions. Any thoughts of
    these timelines or even the lastest scrolls found in the 1950’s They
    seem to change the way we think about the second coming. Thanks

  76. Doug, Where is your video on Chapter 3 of Revelation? Regards, Halston

  77. Your insight is profound. Thank you Sir for the words you share. I have had my life changed by you insight Sir. However, GET THE HELL OUT OF CALIFORNIA……what are you thinking? If you believe the things you say then you should be FLEEING the $HIThole you live in! As a native Californian I can relate as the climate is quite nice. BUT, all things considered, get THE HELL OUT OF THERE! NW Montana is where you should be.

  78. Mr. Hamp, I run a small blog (tyrannyawareness.blogspot.com) partially inspired by your exposure of the Katy Perry song E.T. The blog features daily posts (among other things) exposing end times/New Age propaganda hidden in American entertainment culture. I have been linking these posts to your twitter account from mine (@tyranyawareness). Please feel free to use them in your work in any way, no credit to me or the blog is necessary. Blessings

  79. what do you feel Zech 13:7-9 refers to? cheers

  80. Hey Doug, I thought this to be quite interesting. I’ve watch Scottie Clark on eternalrhythmflow and he has a teaching on the Rev 12 sign in heaven. I’ve downloaded the free stellarium software and researched it myself along with others such as Stan Deyo. It seems to be right on; virgo with the moon at her feet, clothed in the son with a crown of twelve stars. That date comes to around 9/23/2017 for this midtrib sign. I don’t know how long a sign is given before coming to pass but it does fit into the 2018 to 2028 time frame as you spoke about on Prophecy in the news. Interesting. Ron

  81. I had a comment for your praise!! And a question,but it has been deleted or dissapered for some very odd reason??Could I find out why???

  82. Hi Doug. I first heard you at the Branson, Missouri Prophecy Conference in 2012. I’ve learned a lot from you since then. I really enjoy your videos and audio interviews. I especially love your talks with Basil & Gonz. I just wanted you to know I pray for you, your family and your ministry. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I know it blesses many.

  83. Hi Doug. I first heard you at the Branson, Missouri Prophecy Conference in 2012. I’ve learned a lot from you since then. I really enjoy your videos and audio interviews. I especially love your talks with Basil & Gonz. I just wanted you to know I pray for you, your family and your ministry. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I know it blesses many.

  84. Hey Brother Doug,Ive read some of the last comments and I truly want to say some of these comments are slanderous and Boneheaded.I am very extremely picky were I get my information which I recieve guided through prayer.And I take ”Great Pride”of the revelations that Yashua has given to me through intense research and prayer of number one Holy Scripture,you,Tom Horn,Ken Johnson,Steve Quayle,L.A Marzulli,Russ Dizdar,A.S.Judkins,Rob Skiba,G.H Pember,Chuck Missler,Bill Schenobelen,C.SLewis and more reading and takeing notes of studying than most even could’nt comprehend.And you are terrific teacher,so dont let misguided and knuckleheaded comments throw you off.Godbless Doug.P.S I have a question down below…A.R

  85. Whats up Doug”I noticed that you said you lived in Cali.So does Marzulli.How often do you guys go out and have a beer together?lol.Alright real question.I asked you a great question a while back that you answered which im very thankful for,but I forgot your anwser.In page 176-178 What do you think the 10 Demonic kings are who have been alive for over 2000 years??Either Nephilim/the hybrid children,fallen angels/the parents,a hierarchy of Fallen Thrones,Powers,Elders or Dominions,or fully human but have completely Satanic bloodline and are completely controlled??”Thanks Doug”fellow researcher and Christian Warrior..A.R

  86. Doug, you are a very smart man and your reading of ancient languages to bring forth God’s word is wonderful. I must bring one thing to your attention however, when you talk about Noah’s flood it seems man is blameless, all the fault lies with the fallen angels. There is no doubt of there wrong doing but what about the choices man made in those days? Man was responsible for man’s choices. We must never forget our fault in this event, neither should we forget the lesson it teaches us, we are responsible for the choices we make or fail to make. We must never feel we can kneel before our Lord on judgment day and try to tell him, the fallen angels did it, it was not my fault Lord. This will never wash.

    The Lord of Hosts punished those fallen angels who left there first estate, he also punished man for his part in partaking in the bounty of information they traded to us. We as human beings must take responsibility for our actions and choices and never try to pass on blame to anyone else.

    God will judge us based on our faith and actions with in that faith.

    Where it is true that we can never earn our way to God’s favour, no matter our actions in this life we can never earn our way to heaven by our acts. The only way to the father is through me, saith Jesus. We need to think on this however, we need our faith in Jesus to bring us to God, his sacrifice and resurrection as the son of God. When you look into what Jesus taught and how he behaved we know he was teaching us how to behave and what to do.
    So yes, our acts do define a place in our judgment, however they will never buy us a ticket to heaven. Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will get us to heaven, however once understanding this we learn from Jesus how we must behave and what our actions should be. On judgement day God will be judging us on our acts or lack there of, as a follower of Jesus, with our heart in the right place. They are in addition to our faith, the fruit of our beliefs.
    Knowing the Lord will insight our soul to do these righteous acts, they do not purchase our everlasting life with the Lord, they are a part of it in correct perspective.

    • Mike:
      I don’t know if Mr. Hamp responded to you already, but I have some thoughts about this also.
      1. I think it is really smart for you to note man’s sinfulness and participation in the acts that led to the flood. Everything that you said above about our accountability for our lives is unquestionably true and right on point. I haven’t taken Mr. Hamp’s teachings on this subject as necessarily absolving us of responsibility in any way. Possibly the reason that I missed that some might interpret it that way is that I feel as though this is no difference in the flood situation and what we face today. The fallen angels were the culprits in the events of the flood in the same way that satan and his demons are culprits today. They tempt man and (at the very least) increase our likelihood of sinning today. But we are ultimately responsible for following those temptations when we do.
      2. I have heard Chuck Missler describe it this way: paraphrasing. “If sin alone caused the flood, better get your life jackets ready.” I find this so interesting. Up until about 4 or 5 years ago, even as a lifelong Christian I didn’t even know what the term Nephillum meant or make any connection when thinking about the Giants of the Old Testament or what Jesus might really be referring to when – paraphrasing “.. as in the days of Noah – so will it be when I return”
      3. To me it seems obvious that these doctrines and the subject matter of the flood and it’s connection to the return of Jesus are coming alive today because this is the time that God has wanted us to focus on Christ’s return. But I see danger too because this is becoming so popularized, so quickly, that satan has fertile ground to really confuse people right now. That is why I think it is important for people like you to give the successful teachers like Mr. Hamp all the feedback you can so that they will know how their teachings are being interpreted.
      Seems like we all need to work together right now to get the most people that we can awoken to the hopeful soon return of Jesus Christ. I want to be ready and I know that there a lot of people out there who are not.

  87. Pardon my grammatical errors, it’s extremely early in the morning and I suppose i’m a little excited. I meant to say*

    Is it the Holy Spirit thanking me, or am I selfish? *

  88. Hi Doug & all of you who read this. Bless you and your families…
    I’ve got 3 juvenile questions.

    What is the fear of the Lord? I’ve asked so many people and I still haven’t got a clear cut answer… I’ve found a variety of answers… Is it merely respect for the Lord or is it that we are to be scared of him? Is it that we are obedient and therefore fearful? Shall we rather fear/be scared of God above all else?

    How do we break free from hedonism? If the good will of Christian is meant to be help and aid another, are we not only doing it because we want to feel better? How do I know that i’m not glorifying myself by doing good deeds? I always think of Jesus if I ever do help others and have to always remind myself to glorify Jesus and not my good will… Is it because we are reflecting God’s image? Or is Christianity a disguised form of hedonism if misinterpreted? This scares me but my faith extinguishes the idea and I know we are to glorify Him and not ourselves… Why then, should it make us feel better too? Is that the Holy Spirit thanking me or my selfishness? I never talk about the things I do, nor boast… but I sometimes feel special for helping others and my favourite story is about the good Samaritan.

    What about blood transfusions? Is that why my family is so messed up? Is it possible to become a human-human hybrid via a blood transfusion? Can it cause problems? I spoke to my Christian brother and he laughed at me… I consider myself an intellectual person who has studied a variety of subjects, but when it comes to these things I feel so small and naive in the presence of the word of the Lord.

    Regardless… Thank you for all your help thus far… I had such a great discussion with a person who happened to find Tom Horn’s books (by chance!) and we started talking, i’m now going to give him all your According to the Scriptures podcasts and show him Corrupting the image. It’s going to be awesome and it makes me so happy to know that we are growing roots throughout the world in people old and young alike… I may not have a license to evangelise but at-least I know enough to explain the basics… sometimes it’s not even me talking if you know what I mean… haha!

    Have a great day people, go well and look after yourselves. Stay strong, trust your Lord and no longer be scared… I am no longer standing for the attacks, I am empowered by Christ and so are you. The sparrow is sold for a few pennies and even the Lord Almighty cares about them!!!

  89. Hi Douglas,

    Should you be in need of a female narrator/voice-over, I would be honored f you were to consider my services. My native tongue is North American English and my style is warm and trustworthy. Over the years I have voiced business presentations, e-book, documentaries and technical scripts as well as worked as a Dj for several stations, currently at the Voice of Peace broadcasting out of Tel Aviv. I am fluent in Hebrew as well,I look forward to speaking with you.
    Shelley Sherman 248 372 1393 shelleysherman@ymail.com

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  91. Hey, I saw a video on your book Genetics of the Incarnation where you were talking about geneticists that had discovered an event in Adam’s DNA. Could i get a reference for where to research that?

  92. Hey Doug I was wondering if you could help me understand a part of scripture in 2nd peter 2:21..is he referencing the Sabbath when he says for it would have better for them not to know the way of righteousness, then after they have known it,to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them..he mentioned the HOLY commandment and I wasn’t sure if that was referring to the sabbath day..thanks Doug…

  93. Looking for the study guide to MC….it is not at the address listed on the back of the book, any help? thanks Jim

  94. Hi Doug , Listened to your discussion about the Veil between heaven and earth – I believe its close and was amazed how real it was ! Is it in one of your books or videos/ CD s ? Would like a copy Blessings , Anne

  95. Doug text me 330-639-5570 I don’t do email have important info for you on MOTB also I run Truth Broadcast Network would like to bring you on air I am http://www.facebook.com.D2NWO

  96. I am struggling with reconciling Proverbs 6:6-8 about the ant gathering her food at the right time, and Matthew 6 which says don’t worry about food and clothes etc.

    I know there are dark times coming and a probable economic collapse in the near future, so how do you reconcile these verses? As a husband and father, I feel compelled to provide for my family and prepare emergency supplies and food. I feel like not thinking of these things is putting my head in the sand, but then I feel like I’m not trusting and obeying Jesus if I do plan for the worst. Your thoughts? you can email your answer if you prefer. Thank you.

    • jcloyd33: Hi, I just read your reply on douglashamp.com. I understand the confusion in, “Should I prepare, should I not prepare and trust the LORD.” Think on this…What about Noah? GOD wanted Noah to prepare. He told him what to do, he did not leave him to wonder about it. What if Noah didn’t listen to GOD? They would all have gone in the flood with all the animals.
      Think on this as well…What about the 10 virgins. 5 had their oil ready and 5 did not. The LORD was pleased with the ones that were prepared, and ready. He took them in and closed the door, the other 5 were left outside.
      Think about the prudent and the simpleton. It’s prudent to prepare, it’s “smart”. The simpleton just buries his head in the sand and does nothing.
      When things get bad and as you mentioned, there are dark times coming and a probably economic collapse in the near future. You were “smart” enough to realize that, now you need to listen to GOD and be “smart” again and prepare for you and the family. You will be so sorry if you don’t. Hopefully you have or can make room to store what you need for the times ahead, food, water, and any necessary basic supplies that you will need. You won’t be sorry. You can always use what you stored for the days ahead.
      Just food for thought, and do it before you can’t do it. Nothing is getting any cheaper. Next month you will pay more for everything than you would have paid today. Time is winding down. Prepare and help others in need if you can, for the LORD loves a cheerful giver. Blessings to you and the family. WK

  97. Hi Doug.
    I’m interested in getting a copy of the book of Enoch, however I have heard that there are many variations to this book. I’ve started reading one which seems very archaic and disorderly in the way it reads (I know it’s a difficult book to get through) but to be honest with you, i’m unsure as to what I am reading is good for spirit. I’ve heard that there were additional writings that were added to the book which were not necessarily Christ based/driven and that there is a lot of fake Enoch books out there or text that has been added thereafter.

    May I please get some clarity on this matter and do you perhaps have a link to a correct or most accurate copy?

    Kind Regards.

  98. Hi Doug my name is Daniel I was wondering if you could recommend a good Hebrew to English bible, Aramaic to English and Greek to English Bible. I will be getting your book shortly I have heard your interviews with Canary Cry Radio and I am trying to make it possible for my wife and I to attend the The prophecy forum Conference this February. Looking forward to your response and thanks for the help. God Bless

    • Hi Daniel, I don’t understand your request exactly. Every English Bible is (hopefully) a translation from the original into English. Did you mean a parallel Bible?

      • Yes I would agree I hope that all translations come from the original text lol. I am sorry I wasnt clear I am looking for a bible that is a parallel but also gives alot of information on the use of the words in the original text. I am not sure if anything like that exists but if you know of anything I would greatly appreciate the help thank you again.

  99. Hi Doug,

    I am a TheWord user and was checking out your tutorial. You might want to change the THEFIRSTSIXDAYS.COM links in the tutorial. They seem to link to a Japanese soft porn site.

    I think the url may have been sniped. as the new registrant has these dates for creation and updates:

    Update Date: 2013-07-01 06:08:44
    Creation Date: 2013-06-30 13:05:16


  100. Just finished Doug’s great article, “The Fig Tree Has Budded”. If you haven’t read it, you should. If you have, you’re aware of the possible 2018 – 2028 window Doug presents. In light of that and Jesus’ prophecy about the Gospel itself (Matthew 24:14), I thought it was interesting the Wycliffe Bible Translators USA have determined that the Bible will be made available to everyone in every language by 2025. (I’m assuming most of the projects will be New Testament translations first.)

    We shall see…

    source: http://www.charismanews.com/world/41786-bible-translators-anticipates-reaching-every-tongue-every-nation-by-2025

  101. Any plans of making the DVDs available for purchase via downloads? (I’m want to buy them, but shipping to the Far East is more than the cost of DVDs. I’d rather use cost of the shipping fee to buy your other materials.) If not, I’ll just have to bite the bullet. 😛

    • Hi Joshua – I can send about 4 DVDs over to the far east for around $20 – just to let you know. I do have plans of making them downloads – though I don’t have a deadline for that yet. God bless!

  102. My brother introduced me to your work (he was a camera operator at the PITN conference in Pike Peak). Now I’m a fan of your work. I appreciate the quality of your scholarship and the obvious calm and carefulness that you operate under in your presentations and interviews. Just a little note of encouragement here. Keep teaching!

    • Hi Joshua! I am blessed to hear from you! Which presentation did you see as I did three at the conference? Thanks for the encouraging word! It is always a blessing to you know that my efforts are making a difference. Blessings!

      • You did three?! I think I was only able to see one with my subscription. (There were so many speakers, I can’t remember.) But I’ve seen some of your presentations on Youtube and listened to your show and interviews with you several times. So far, the “Image of God” and “The Language of Jesus” presentations are by far my favorites, if that means anything. LOL

        Definitely looking forward to hearing and reading more of your fine work. Your attention to detail shows.

        By the way, you can see some of my handiwork here, if you’re interested:


        Grace and peace to you.

  103. Hi Doug, sorry for being a dumbass. I contacted you earlier but wasn’t sure about what you meant in your reply concerning the email address. Regardless, i’d like to ask you something about the Star of David…

    Is it true that it’s a curse unto the Jewish people? I have two stars of David and I have stopped wearing them since I heard the rumour of a curse-like connotation…
    Hitler put the star of David onto the Jews as a mark, this is apparently occultic in some circles as it is the symbol of sorcery or calling card to summon up… you know – those things whom i’d not mention… As if to denote that the symbol itself is misleading and not the true shape of David’s shield….is this true? Am I walking about/possessing some kind of counterfeit symbol without realising?

    (I’m against the crucifix with Jesus on it… he is risen and therefore should not be on the cross— overall, we shouldn’t invest in symbolism as these are the trappings of man… Still… symbolism can be a powerful, yet poignant admiration of our belief… a sort of expression if you would…)

    My second one has a symbol called Gai, or Kai or Ghai, I am not sure but I was told that it means “life” or “God” I have avoided that one as I am not too familiar on the symbol… It looks almost like the Pi symbol, only more serif like.

    Could you please shed some light on this subject?
    p.s. I’m still keen to serve your ministry if needed.

  104. woops, that’s my wife’s picture.

  105. Doug, I recently heard one of the shows where you spoke about Satan wanting to “eat you”. I have also reached similar conclusions. Studying the topic always leads me back to Gen 3.14. Would you say that another way to speak the verse would be ..”By your belly you shall live and dust (flesh) you shall eat all the days of your life”? I get the feeling this is the commissioning of Satan as a third party debt collector. What are your thoughts on this verse?
    Thank you for getting the truth out there in an exciting way. God bless.

  106. Your video “When did satan fall” is excellent. You have helped in a discussion I have found myself involved in. Thank you for this video.

    Reading that you are a Hebrew scholar and desiring myself to learn paleo hebrew and how to think in hebrew, also being an amateur astronomer, I have the following inquiry.

    Where are resourcces on the paleo hebrew constellations and star names?

    • Hi John – greetings. I am delighted that you liked the study. I really like that one. It is truly fascinating. I don’t quite understand the question – perhaps I just don’t know the answer. Blessings.

  107. Hello,
    My name is Cheyenne, my husband and I have been watching a ton of your videos & really enjoy them. We are leaning so much from you & wanted to thank you for the work you’re doing. We just got your book “Corrupting the Image” today, and are really looking forward to reading it.
    Also, I was writing to ask for help with our fund raising. We created a webpage http://www.gofundme.com/journeyisrael hoping to get help rasing the money to travel to Israel. We have 2 young children and as you’re aware, it’s not cheap to travel there. We feel deeply compelled to experience the Holy Land first hand.
    If you could please take a moment to look at the webpage and pass it on to others, since you know and communicate to so many. If you can, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, we understand. It is worth a shot asking for help though. 🙂
    Thank you for your time, and once again thank you for all the work you do. You’re helping to open out eyes to so much. 🙂 It’s truly incredible the research you do and the bible studies you put online are amazing!!!
    God Bless!!!!

    • Hi Cheyenne.

      I suppose it’s not my place to say this, but i’d like to tell you what’s on my heart. What you are describing here is also something that i’ve yearned for, to travel somewhere else, to get out of my country and to move to a better place. Israel, the promised land is a wonderful place or so I have heard and I am pleased to see how passionate you are about this trip…

      Personally, I would love to visit the US and find residence if possible… Regardless, I just felt it to be important to say something… please do not be offended by my words but rather believe me when I say that the Lord will provide… I would also stress that Jesus Christ does not look down on the poor or those who cannot afford to be elsewhere in the world and wish to remind you that even if you are not able to visit Israel, it would not necessarily deteriorate your relationship with Him.
      Jesus is a wonderful person and I just want you and your wonderful family to know that he will look after you and that whether or not you make it to Israel or not, is not important… He will not see you differently regardless of the outcome, nor should you be worried to be “spiritually” grown on terms of a geographical location. Our God is mighty and surpasses all knowledge, including places…

      True, Israel is his chosen nation and we should understand the importance, but i beg of you not to lose all your financial worth because of it unless you are called to do so in an undoubtful manner. I only say this because I have been in the same situation as you where I tried to raise funds for something to a similair degree…. If I had the money to help you guys out, I would but unfortunately I have just lost my job on a salary I could not afford to sustain myself in the first place.

      Jesus is wonderful and he will lead you to green pastures… look beyond all else and trust in him no matter where you are. I will pray for your family… look after your husband and be a good mother to those children. Remember, it’s not where you are in the world, it’s where your faith is.

      I wish you the very best.

  108. I am currently reading “Corrupting the Image” and am about at the half way point. I feel blessed that I found this book. The amount of clarity and evidence you provide creates a fruitful learning experience. You are a gifted teacher, my friend in Christ. Thank you for this special and much needed effort. God bless. . .

  109. Dear Doug.

    I apologise for my stupidity regarding this question but I am watching your video on “corrupting the image” and just saw something that caught my mind. I do not have anybody whom I can ask this so here goes: Please forgive my naivety on this… I have so many questions and I totally get how busy you must be, but even if you can’t answer this perhaps another person here could help me out. It’s not an imperative question to me, it’s just a major curiosity…

    When they talk about the little horn in Revelations… Well, the ten horns in total. The first 3 were plucked out… Do you think that the correlation between the theories of demonic possessed leaders of this world could be the horns.. That is if we look at the 10 horns in a chronological order rather than all at once… I (think/guess/still need more bible study) that the 10 will reign, etc etc but do you think that SOME or one or two of these horns may be on earth and leading today? Perhaps they are and we just don’t know it and yet they’re in plain sight masquerading as everyday people? Perhaps these horns will appear one by one?
    Also, please understand that due to my circumstances right now that I do not have a full picture yet and I may be getting my ideas mixed up, – I could be totally misinformed because I’m yet to read the part in scripture about the falling stars.

    Regardless. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I have downloaded a lot of “according to the scriptures” and when I see my grandmother once a week, we always listen to your show. It’s sad because I came to know the Lord through her and I have taken on a lot of responsibility and weight when it comes to her life. It’s just so sad to see such a wonderful woman lose that happiness inside… I cannot put into words. I also have a lot of concerns and worries and serious things going on in my “inside” which i am too ashamed to address publicly. She loves your work by the way and sometimes gets rather alarmed… but still, loves the Hebrew!!! (so do I)

    A prayer for Douglas:
    Dear Jesus,
    We plead the blood of Christ over Douglas Hamp and his family. Lead him with your glory and power, honour and majesty.
    Protect him with armour and place your hand on him. Perhaps we could all meet in the afterlife and have a chat.
    In Jesus Christ‘s name so be it.

    Also please God Bless all those who follow the word of Jesus as seen in this forum.

    ___ To the other guys or if anybody is still reading.

    If we call ourselves Christians, we should be very careful not to force our religion down people’s throats. We are hated more and more everday. I listen to his work in secret at work… It’s so difficult to talk openly about Jesus these days and all I ask is that we heed the warning signs and act more respectful and mature about differences. We do not agree or tolerate other views, yet we have to be respectful to others and show compassion and love and understanding. If we don’t tread with sensitivity and understanding then we may push non believers further away… Remember, plant the seed. Conversion isn’t always instant… plant the seed and let the love of Christ shine through you… be His work.

    I didn’t mean to sound like the hypocrite above, just an opinion. If you guys have the answers to these, please help me out…

    1. I’m getting cremated… is this bad?
    2. I am impure… May I establish a Covenant with God, May I ask God to Marry me with somebody else and pray for that marriage to be agreed to in the name of Jesus even if their has been no ceremony in front of others of in a church? I have been praying to him and have been asking for his blessing… It’s like I feel I get a nod that i’m going in the right direction but I do not wish to ask for a sign…(don’t accuse me please)
    3. Is it wrong to ask for a sign from God? The bible says, do not test God. Is it a slap in the face? A failure of faith to ask for these things? I rarely ask God for things because I feel that i’m being rude or greedy or hungry for favours… I’ve only recently started asking for certain things that I believe would bring me closer to Him, but more importantly, my loved ones.
    I want my loved ones to be closer to Jesus so badly…
    4. Numerology is bad… I disagree with it, but there have been strange things concerning this… I am seeing patterns all over… 7 and 10 seem Godly, apart from the horns which are counterfeit. The Bible is full of patterns and numbers… Is it wrong to look too deeply into these? I tend to become a little OCD and I tell myself, “If I don’t make this 50%” or if i don’t put the radio on this level of volume”… I feel so enslaved by numbers, they follow me wherever I go and I avoid certain numbers. I also see the beast’s number everywhere… I mean EVERYWHERE… random things like codes. I’m terrible at maths but it’s as if i’m a genius because I can add it to this specific number in a matter of seconds, it’s as if there’s something beyond the physical pointing these things out and showing how these things equate to selective numbers.
    5. I’m too dumb to know how to email Doug via this email link… Does he still have his Gmail address?
    6. Why does Jesus test all his children?
    7. The truth shall set you free…

  110. Doug, I just finished watching your youtube video on Calvinism. I understand that the Bible is talking about the Jews being the elect, instead of election unto salvation. What I’m having a hard time with is that I feel “Free Will” doesn’t give God enough credit. I lived a very Godless lifestyle before Jesus/The Cross and when I felt something drawing me to Truth and the scriptures I ran from it for a while, until I gave in. I was living in self-destruct mode when I felt like the Holy Spirit started drawing me to Himself. Then, I struggled with accepting or receiving salvation because of my guilt and shame surrounding my own abortion. Although, that’s the very thing (the pain, shame of my abortion) that God used to draw me to Himself. I do feel like His grace was irresistible. At first I struggled. I didn’t want God to give me forgiveness or salvation. It was like He kept saying “But Brandi I want you to have it/receive it. I died in your place so you could.” How does my experience with the Lord line up with Free Will? Thanks in advance. I appreciate your ministry to the Kingdom and I am learning so much!

  111. Hello Doug:

    I have been doing a research study as to when Jesus was really born. It appears to be September 11th, 3 b.c.

    Do you have any legitimate information about who was really born on December 25th?

    I was reading Rob Skiba’s ‘Babylon Rising’ website. He seems to think that Nimrod a.k.a. the Antichrist, was born on December 25th. I tend to believe Rob. My children do too.

    My wife is freaking out.

    Ken Fenton

  112. Hi Douglas.

    Thank you so much !! for your video on election on Youtube. Amazing, and I guess it have the same implications for us Lutherans. That he didn’t elect us, except the Lutheran Jews I know of cause 🙂

    I have a question relating the doctrine of the universal priesthood, the idea that all the believers in the new covenant has the spirit of God, and therefore direct access before the throne of God in the name of the Highpriest Y’shua. That we also are the ambassadors of God to the ends of the world. Have we been grafted into this holy priesthood. (?)

    I know that Israel was chosen to be a kingdom of priests in Ex 19:5, 6.

    In 1. Peter 2,5 we then see how Peter is addressing this again to his Jewish audience, mixing it with the idea of a house of living stones. We know from Ephesians 2,20-22 that we as gentile believers are a part of this house of living stones. Are we then a part of this priesthood?


  113. Hello Doug,

    With you 100% on Calvinism but want to ask, what’s your view on the word used for “ordained” in Acts 13:48? Thanks…

  114. I have decided to support your ministry. I have just found out about you around a month ago, but love what I have learned so far. I feel like Jesus is coming soon and I want to help in every way i can. In appreciation for my salvation. I will give what I can and tell others about you too. Please make the most of the gifts God has given you.

    I will see you and thank you when we meet in heaven.

  115. Hi Doug, I thought you might like to take a look at this article that exudes with glee and enthusiasm over the prospect of human genetic manipulation (for the good of human kind of course):


    The pace is picking up rapidly, once again the smug attitude: ” now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them! ” but Praise our Loving Maker for “Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. ”

  116. Hi Doug! thanks for your teachings, it’s helping me a lot. I’d like to know your opinion about this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg1gBlF12mo&feature=c4-overview&list=UUuKr7wWawG4wkitW1UBNb2A How would you use the scriptures against it?

  117. For free articles on Bible prophecy – http://www.logostelos.info

  118. Doug,

    I really enjoy watching the YouTube Bible Studies from your home – I am listening to Daniel now, and hope to go back and listen to all of Revelation. As the Lord leads, I hope you continue to post these meetings – the conversation and teaching is great!

    Sincerely, Leanne Linden from Houston, Texas

  119. I just discovered your présentation`s on internet. About the fall of angels and the giants that came from them having children with the daugthers of man. And i heard you say that there is no female angels, and that angels don’t need to reproduce because they don’t die. How then did they reproduce with humans, does that mean they have a reproductif organe like male humans, and if so, why do they need it if they dont reproduce in heaven? And also on the rapture, if we are going to be like angels, what happens with our young children and the women? will they become male, i’m a little confused! I believe in Jesus and that he Is God in the flesh and the Savior, but i wonder about the rapture, will we leave our mortal bodies behind or will we be transformed and disappear? Or is it just our soul`s that will meet Him in the air? And how did Adam and Eve multuply, did a brother sleep with a sister ??? thank you for your time and God bless you.

    • Hi Bill,
      There is something about information, DNA, that transcends the physical realm. When we understand that information is immaterial, then the questions of how could a spiritual being pass on seed / information, then it becomes much easier to grasp. I don’t know exactly how the angels passed on their info/seed. It could be that they morphed into bodies that were able to do that. However, with what man is now able to do via high tech, I don’t think it is a problem. The bodies that men and women will occupy will be analogous to what we have now but obviously much, much better. I think that women will remain women – in character. I don’t know what that means for their reproductive parts.


  120. is there a way to download According to scripture radio shows? I can’t find the link to download the show

  121. Hi Doug, Those who are on the other side of the equation often leave breadcrumbs as well. I noticed that the time capsule in the Denver airport says to be opened by the people of Colorado in 2094. So, 2021 my be too soon. Just a thought?
    Also please don’t post this. I do not want to send this out in case it is missleading.

  122. Harry McNevin Jr.

    My Father and I were discussing the statement in scriptures that the people of Sodom and Gommorah were “going after strange flesh.” He thinks this is referring to bestiality. Could you clarify what the original language suggests. Thanks Harry McNevin Jr.

    • Hi Harry,

      I wrote about that in Corrupting the Image – it refers to them going after angels. I did an extensive explanation of that. The chapter is on my site. Blessings.

  123. Dear Doug, I have been wahtching a lot of your presentations on youtube and I want to thank you for making things so clear to me and my household, you have this God given talent to make it understandable in, laymans language, if you like.
    How ever one question – and I’m sure you’ve covered it somewhere – (just point me in the general direction and I’ll follow it up) – How did the Nephilm survived the flood ?

    • You are welcome! The Nephilim did not survive the flood. The Bible is clear that everything died which had breath in its lungs. However, that did not prevent the fallen angels from coming down and doing it again.

  124. I have watched “Angelic Domain and the Fall Of Satan several times. I think it’s great! In Gen. 3:1 when we are introduced to the serpent or as you are suggesting the “Shiny One” it says that he was more cunning than any “beast of the field” which the Lord God had made. How does the description, “beast of the field” fit Satan?

    • Hi DAK – It seems to me that the description is comparing Satan to all of the other creatures which surrounded Adam and Eve, that is, the animals.

  125. Hi Doug. I posted this a couple of months ago but it got missed I guess, thought I would try again. If it isn’t something you want to comment on I get it. Bless you anyway.
    Thank you so much for your teaching on the Millennium. It has caused me to do some radical rethinking! Can I ask you a question concerning vegetarianism. Not as a doctrine but simply as a personal choice. Am I right in assuming Adam and Eve were at first Vegetarians? If, as you say, the re-genesis of the Earth takes place at the beginning of the Millennium and conditions return to those prophesied by Isaiah, etc, will the Earth be in its original Edenic state, (vegetarian)? If the animals no longer attack and kill each other, what about humans who are still in a fallen state? And how does “the lamb laying down with the wolf” “they will not hurt on all my holy mountain” work with the “covering” sacrifices of these un-regenerated humans who will certainly continue to hunt and kill and eat flesh? I am trying to see how an imperfect being can live in a perfect world and struggling. Or is this a description of life inside the Holy City and not in the remade Earth?

    God bless you and your work.


    • There is a reference in Isaiah 25:6 which says that people will eat the marrow – that appears to speak of eating meat. At least for the 1000 years the possibility of eating meat will be present. After that I believe that all meat-eating will be completely done away with since there will be no more death whatsoever. Nevertheless, I don’t perceive that people will be eating meat in the quantities that we are doing so today. The rest of the food of the earth will be so wonderful that I suppose meat will not be that great. Of course, since the sacrifices will still be in operation, then perhaps that will be the only source of meat.


  126. AAHH. Confirmation of fifteen years of Shabbat with YAHASHUA–amen and halleluYAH! He has shown me these things regarding the DNA, antediluvian world, etc., Himself. Good to have full confirmation. A thought–the spirits of the nephilim–are they not half human–half angel? Where would they be held? They neither fit hell nor sheol,nor the abyss. Are these the “unclean spirits” spoken of in the New Testament? There are demons, fallen angels, devils, and unclean spirits spoken of in the New Testament. Would it not be that the unclean spirits would crave human bodies and are what posesses, versus angels/demons? Why the distinction of title if they are all the same thing?

  127. Would Ruth be one of the 7 nations of Can-nan

  128. Hey doug. I am very intrigued by some of your end time theology. It sounds very close to a teacher that I really respect named Mike Bickle. He is one of the few people I have ever heard talk about the 1000 year reign where there is still life going on, how Christ comes back and literally fights and how the New Jerusalem comes during the 1000 year reign. I would love to see you check out his studies at mikebickle.org end times sections. I think you guys comparing notes could come to an even more clear picture. As with any student of the bible godly men will differ on certain nuances and details but I really feel you might get some more revelation on end times. I mean that sincerely you really have some deep right on stuff that is really rare and yet so clear in the word, that’s what I meant. You really are only one other person besides him that is teaching this type of end times for reall ( that I have heard at least) and I also think you could contact him and teach in Kansas City at the ihop missions base. Really cool place was there for 4 years and saw amazing miracles and a heavy wonderful presence of God with anointed worship. I am all about seeing the streams of of God coming together in Christ to take what God has given to each of them and uniting for His Kingdom purposes. Again I hope you check out his website and check the notes and teachings on the 1000 year reign, battle of Jerusalem, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the New Jerusalem converging with the millennial temple etc. I do think you are in the office of a teacher where the word describes the need until we come to the fullness of the stature of Christ. And a friend like you with your anointing would really be helpful to another part of the body at ihop, International House of Prayer Kansas City. Mike let’s good teachers like you come and speak if you contact him and share your heart. Guys like David Pawson who are amazing men who understand the greek and Hebrew. David Pawson spoke about how the church has not replaced israel, how God predestined us in Christ not at random. Even though Pawson differed on some other teaching Mike let him teach it. David made a great case for it with 40 years of study on this one subject. Mike then made his small case they did not debate and still left it with the congregation to take it to the word. Mike is always saying never believe what I say but first go to the Word and see if it is true. I love it when people are able to let that happen so a community can get a more full understanding of the word of God and don’t box in the sheep of God to their own interpretation but lay it out make a case of the studies they have labored in but still leaves it to the individual to seek the word themselves as a berean. Anyway I keep going on and on because I feel like you guys could really be friends and Ihop are SERIOUS prayer covering. When they befriend leaders and ministries they pray for them on their worldwide internet feed that goes to nations around the world who agree all at one time. It is a 24 7 praying furnace that covers every aspect of the Kingdom breaking in and the gospel going forth in power. With what is on the horizon guys like you , Mike, Rob skiba and other leaders and ministries need friends to give prayer covering. Like when peter wound up in prison and the church unceasingly prayed until the angel showed up and broke his chains and set him free. You also reminded me of every teacher I sat under there at ihop’s university. They always prayed before every teaching which to me shows a person who love the Holy Spirit and is humble asking God to help them in a subject that they are confident in. God bless you and may you find all of the mighty friends in the Lord and overcome till the end and do all that the returning King had for you to do! May you receive the full reward of Christs heart and give Him the full inheritance of people that He saved through your works! May He find you and keep you blameless on that awesome and glorious Day of His return. The Spirit and the bride say come Lord Jesus, we miss you come home! Thank you for going deep in the Word and not giving up. The body of Christ needs you and all of His children to rise up for the time is at hand : )

  129. Doug:

    I have been studying the sign of the woman clothed with the sun, moon at her feet, and 12 stars around her head. I have seen several references to that being 9/23/2017 as indicated by the Stelarium program. I have looked at Stelarium and see what they are talking about.

    I have done several readings of Enoch and believe, based on that, that God’s calendar is a lunar-solar calendar on which the first month is determine by the first New Moon after the vernal equinox and then every subsequent month begins on a New Moon.

    I was really praying that this past October 7th (the New Moon marking the seventh month) was the date of the rapture. It was, by my reading of Enoch, the Feast of Trumpets. It didn’t happen but I will keep my faith and keep watching. God has plans for me.

    So, let’s look at the future dates.

    Looking back 3.5 from 9/23/2017 years gives us 4/12/2014 or the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week.

    From that, 9/27/2014 would be Trumpets. While this date is within Daniel’s 70th week, it is still Pre-Trib. Scripture says that the man of sin cannot be revealed until the Rapture but it does not say that the Rapture cannot be in Daniel’s 70th.

    The next Trumpets is 10/15/2015, 10/4/2016, and, interestingly, 9/23/2017.

    If 9/23/2017 is the sign of the Tribulation and we know that signs always precede the event then maybe the Rapture happens on 9/23/2017, the man of sin is revealed by setting up his idol (Abomination of Desolation) in the Holy of Holys, shortly after the Rapture, the Jews recognize Jesus as Messiah on Atonement (10/2/2017), and finally are taken to safety on Tabernacles (10/7/2017).

    We are told in scripture that the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week is marked by peace (well, something like peace) in which a treaty will be enforced. We are not told that the one behind the treaty being enforced has to be known but it could be suspected. We only know that the man of sin will be revealed after the Rapture.

    9/23/2017 being the Rapture would elate me to no end since then I would have more of an opportunity to lead others to Jesus.

  130. Blessing Pastor Hamp, are you planning on coming to New York City any time soon? that would be great!

    • I don’t have any plans…but I am always open. If there is a church that will sponsor my trip, then I would be delighted to come! – Doug

  131. HI Doug. My wife and I are avid listeners of your podcasts as well as your videos. We appreciate your ministry and thank you for your work. We also had the opportunity to meet you at Pike’s Peak. I did have a question that has concerned both myself and my family.

    My family and I have accepted Jesus as our Savior but we have not been water baptized. The reason is that we have not found a church yet where we are comfortable or where they are not asking us for our offering in the form of ‘seed money.’ In your opinion, is it absolutely necessary to be water baptized to be saved?

    We appreciate your feedback and thank you again for your ministry.


    • Hi Joe,

      I have heard of such things as churches demanding money for this and that but still I am shocked that church leaders would have the audacity to ask for “seed money” to baptize you! Shame on them. They should be fearful on the judgment day – I don’t believe the Lord will look favorably on that. Calvary Chapel’s are by and large good churches. You can go to calvarychapel.com and look for a church in your area. I am sure that they could do it.

      Baptism is important because Jesus told us to do it. It is a public demonstration of your commitment to him. I think that you are still saved if you don’t…however, as a matter of obedience to Jesus, I recommend that you get baptized sooner than later. Blessings,


      • HI Doug,

        Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate it. I should clarify something that I said in my post. The church I was attending is an Assembly of God church but they were not asking for ‘seed money’ for baptisms. Before the offerings were collected during service, we were asked to hold them up and the pastor was calling it our ‘seed money.’

        Again, I thank you for your valued input. I will check out the link your provided.


  132. Hey Doug, I would appreciate it if you and Rob could, when you get time, I posted a few questions/notes on your Quest4Truth facebook page 🙂

  133. Assuming you do from time to time post new modules, is there a way to find them aside from scrolling through the multitude of modules?

  134. hi Doug this is Nathan Liebsack from elko. I’m glad to have you here in elko. I Love all your teachings. I also enjoyed listening to you at cowboys rest could you give me more info on your new book and the upcoming trip,to isrial
    My email is:

  135. Doug-
    Why is there an advertisment for “Male Callers Only” on your website?

    • Google ads are based on the cookies in your computer. I have never seen that ad. I get ads for web hosting and such.

  136. Hello Doug, I have been listening to your teachings for a few years now and have been super blessed by them. I have been meaning to send this link to you for some time. It’s an article I came across in 2006 that explained epigenetics, and I thought the Biblical implications were fascinating (it could explain many different things).
    Understanding that diet can alter the genetic expression of a parent’s offspring, I wondered if part of the reason God instated special dietary rules was to preserve the human lineage that led to Jesus. Without trying to sound sacrilegious, it would almost seem that Mary was the result of careful genetic programming to preserve the image of God that was in her DNA so that what would be passed on to Jesus would be undefiled.
    You may have already heard of this research but I thought I’d pass it on anyways because it was so very interesting.
    Thank you for your dedication to teaching God’s Word literally, and take care!

  137. Hi Doug,

    It’s me again, after posting my last question, I realized I have another concerning the cross. As I understand it, it was not a cross but a stake on which Christ was crucified. From the research I have conducted, the cross is more of an idol/symbol that we Christians worship. I also noticed that the Egyptian symbol/Ankh is used by the Catholics. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  138. Doug,
    I am confused about the rapture. While I have been taught that there is a rapture, I do not “see” it in the scriptures. Can you help me find this and understand it more completely?

    • Yeshoph Watchman.

      The rapture is the great lie of religions. It is intended to and it in deed does distract humans especially Christians from focusing on the inevitable and the assured i.e. the Resurrection.
      The rapture doctrine is designed to give credence to the Zionist ideal which super imposes and represents the creation of a secular state of Israel in 1948 as the gathering of the Israelite’s, however as soon as one realizes that the gathering shall follow the return of the Lord, and that the return of the Lord shall precede the resurrection and that only the resurrected shall be gathered, then the ruse becomes clear.
      The key to understanding all prophecy of scripture is to appreciate the certainty of the resurrection and to know that there shall be a resurrection and that after the resurrection there shall be the judgement of separation, and at the judgement, holy angels shall gather the elect and so separate them from the damned, hence the salvation is attained when the elect who resurrect are gathered to the gathering of eagles.

  139. Doug,
    I have enjoyed much of your work and have found it helpful and refreshing. I am enquiring about the up and coming cruise you are participating in. I have no problem with cruises. I have never been on one myself but that is beside the point. My main concern is that it appears to be some type of cruise where ministry will take place. Furthermore; it appears you will be sharing time/stage with Randy Demain and Joann Mcfatter. Randy also appears to be apart of the future Pike’s Peak prophecy conference. I took a bit of time to research these two people and find their writings, advertisements and schedule of events very disturbing. They appear to me to be very much apart of the false mystical teachings that are very quickly invading the church. McFatter speaks of holistic healing methods, biblical healing oils and quantum physics. Randy DeMain uses a shakra tuning fork in church services passing it over and around peoples heads in an attempt at healing I suppose. He also advertises his book, “Dominion Surge,” among others I would stay away from on his website. His paragraph describing the book includes this phrase right out of the “Word of Faith” playbook, and I quote, “…speak what you believe in order that you may see it happen…” I would humbly request you take a closer look at these people and reconsider your participation with them. You have a budding and blooming powerful ministry founded on a foundation of strong
    expository work based in excellent hermeneutics. Moreover; you are not a Calvinist – how can it be in this day?!!! If I have wrongly associated you with these people, the cruise etc… then please correct my understanding. I do not write as an antagonist either in the spirit of anger or malice. I am concerned for you, the strength of your ministry and the reputation of what you teach.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your exhortation. Just to let you know…we are not doing the cruise.

      As for Randy, I have spoken with him twice and it is my understanding that the videos out there are seriously distorting what he was attempting to do (nothing to do with witchcraft). I am not endorsing his theology, necessarily. However, in our “sound byte” world, little snippets are lifted out of their context and then slander quickly ensues. I have been personally slandered on a number of issues – suggesting that I am into witchcraft – plainly false – but it is a free country and people can say what they want. My intention for the cruise was to teach the cool things that God has revealed to me. Thanks again – prayers are appreciated.


  140. God’s Blessing and Protection over you and those that serve Jesus Christ. I was watching your video “Corrupting the Imaging”. So very powerful. As I was watching, I kept noticing a demon in the background, coming and going. It was sent there by satan to influence those that don’t believe what you are revealing. Oh, but our Jesus and His Blood is more powerful than any imp from hell. Praise to our wonderful Savior. He is speaking to those that yearn to hear the Truth. He is opening the eyes of the spiritually blind and deaf, Praise Be To Jesus Name Forever……

  141. Hi Doug. I felt compelled to share a link with you as Crystal’s story reminded me of an audio/video blog you had recently shared on your website…regarding the river that proceeds from the Throne in Heaven. In that blog you talk about those who are in Heaven who are washing their robes clean in the river. I don’t remember all the particulars about it but I do remember being blessed when reading/hearing it because it’s scriptural insight and such a great message! 🙂 By the way, it could be located in Messianic Age 8 (The River and Tree of Life)

    If you click the link below and go to the 27:22 minute mark you can hear about Crystal’s near death experience.


    One particular part of her story about seeing herself as a young girl and dipping a wicker basket into a light river, proceeding to tip the basket and dump the light out is poignant for two reasons. One, I love hearing about those people who have NDEs and then return to a CHANGED life in Christ and two, I love hearing stories about visions that are unique in nature because you can then somewhat extrapolate what John the Revelator or Paul may have saw while raptured into Heaven. Nevertheless, Heaven is going to be incredible! 🙂

    Anyway, I hope you get the opportunity to take a look at the link. Thanks again for all you’re doing in the Lord and may He continue to bless your ministry. Such wisdom and insight in the Word! I pray for you often my brother in Christ 🙂


  143. when and where can i purchase your new book “twilight of eternity?

  144. Greetings and Blessings, Doug –
    Responding to your podcast of 9/13, I would very much like to read and write a review of your new book on the Millennium. Rick has samples of my writing (hopefully future blogs for FRN), and I’ll be happy to supply more info on my background if you like. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful media output!

  145. Doug, love the teaching. I started researching the whole issue by listening to Steve Quayle and others. If you research it more you will see that demons and Nephilim are not the same thing. What I understand is that demons are disembodied spirits and have to have a host to work through. Probably the spirits of the Nephilim who have died and have nowhere to go? Angels are in a different category. They can materialize and appear out of thin air and other things. There is more to it. You have scratched the surface but there is more to learn.Now the Old Testament makes so much sense! Also the whole context of the New Testament and what Jesus did for us by shedding His blood for us.

    • I like Steve Quayle but I disagree with him on the issue of demons being different than angels. I don’t see any biblical support for that and based on the language, they seem like one and the same entities. I have an article about that on my site. “Are Fallen Angel and Demons the Same” – I think that is what I called it. Just do a search.

  146. Hey Pastor Hamp, Im an undergrad student of theology. I’ve searched ebsco and any where else I could think of for Gallagher’s paper On the Identity of Helel ben Sahar of Is. 14:12-15. I’m close to graduation now and intend on getting a masters in comparative mythology so the paper sounds really exciting to me. Is there any possiblity you can point us either to a pdf or a way to purchase the journal. Keep in mind im a poor college student who loves the Lord!!! lol

  147. I recently thought that I need to study the history of
    the Koran of Islam. Because the Koran seems to be written, in some respects, as
    a complete anti-thesis to the Bible, especially relating to the End of Days. I
    mean it is painfully obvious that somebody had to sit down and just copy
    information from the Bible and twist it, or someone is actually inspired
    demonically or otherwise to write such anti-thetical info. So I begun to search
    the history of Islam and Muhammed. To my suspicion, there it was, plain as day,
    TAMIM Ad-Dari. Tamim Ad-Dari is a Christian of some notoriety from Palestine
    that became closest of friends with Muhammed and the History reflects that TAMIM
    Ad-Dari is the one who delivered to Muhammed the End Time Stories. I began to
    study what events does the Koran and Islam say must precede the return of
    Jesus, and TAMIM Ad-Dari has instructed the Muslims in many things that the
    Christians are currently believing, 1. a star or comet shall appear with a
    luminous tail (ISON), 2. a double eclipse shall occur, 3. the sun shall rise
    out of the west, 4. a thick smoke shall appear in the atmosphere making it hard
    for some to breathe…. What is so funny about the sun rising from the west is
    that a couple of years ago I had a dream about the earth being struck by a
    meteor or something and it was at night just after the moon went down. The
    meteor strike made the earth turn so that the moon popped back up to about 25
    degrees in the sky, it appeared to rise. Now if the sliver of a moon pops back
    up on our continent then one could deduce that on the other side of the world
    the sun would appear to rise again from the west. According to TAMIM Ad-Dari
    this sign would stir up the faith of every Muslims heart to fight in unison…
    The source data for this study is found at, http://www.followislam.net/books/revival2/13.htm


    Notice the name of Ad-Dari is preceded by a Hebrew Title
    “TAMIM”. I have written about the word “TAMIM” and actually
    made a video about it, because I consider myself to be Tamim. This title
    describes the Christian who is no longer “Tam” but moving on has received
    an additional “YOD and MEM” , that is to be sealed with the Spirit
    and the Dew, which bear witness on earth. See my youtube video at, http://youtu.be/YK0qyCE6Nik

  148. Hello Doug,

    Your defense of the NIV, during your interview with Doc Marquis was very disturbing.

    The NIV being obviously liberal, and power-less(As Doc mentioned :”hippie” version), it pales in comparison to the KJV. If it’s origins were not purposely nefarious (as I agree with Doc), I cant imagine what they would have done different.
    I’m afraid to ask now, but are you a proponent of the “9 out of 10 ain’t bad” belief
    concerning The 4th Commandment ?
    It seams that many of Doc’s “hard truth’s”, sorta ruffled your feathers.
    Those “traditions of men” are a tough nut to crack,.

    Shalom, Mark

  149. Hello Doug,

    Your defense of the NIV, during your interview with Doc Marquis was very disturbing.
    The NIV being obviously liberal, and power-less(As Doc mentioned :”hippie” version), it pales in comparison to the KJV. If it’s origins were not purposely nefarious (as I agree with Doc), I cant imagine what would have done different.

    I’m afraid to ask now, but are you a proponent of “9 out of 10 ain’t bad” belief concerning
    The 4th Commandment ?

    It seamed to me that many of Doc’s “hard truth’s”, sorta ruffled your feathers.

    Those “traditions of men” are a tough nut to crack.

    Shalom, Mark

    • Hi Mark,

      I have read the NIV and I was blessed by what it had to say. The trouble with saying the NIV is of the devil (etc.) is that it doesn’t account for the different methods of translation and the complexities of the job. Now, I am not the biggest fan of the NIV but to say that it is done by the Illuminati just doesn’t fit the evidence. I know and understand that the NIV has a more dynamic approach to translation – and for that it is not my preferred version. However, I also have compared many times the Hebrew and Greek against the English versions and sometimes the KJV is lacking and the NIV is better and sometimes just the opposite. Overall, I point people to the NKJV but they all have their issues. It is just sophmoric to say that such and such a translation is of the devil or Illuminati – especially without any linguistic analysis.

      As for the holidays…I generally share Doc’s concerns about Christmas and such. I was trying to voice the concerns of my listeners because I know that it is a sensitive topic. I personally love celebrating the birth of Jesus – I also love celebrating the feasts of the Lord.

  150. I had a question after watching Corrupting the Image. Is the buying and selling Mark of the Beast implemented through the DNA change too?

    • Hi Bryan,

      I think that buying and selling will be a consequence of not going through with the transformation.

  151. Hey Doug. I thought you had a newsletter. Can’t find it.

  152. Doug – Thank you so very much for your work on “Corrupting the Image”. I began reading this book with a fair degree of skepticism. Your systematic, bible-centered, and historically studious approach (looking to selected extra-biblical sources with explanation) has taught me a great deal and has cleared up several subjects that I found confusing, and simply passed over in the scripture, in times past. Thank you!

    Granted, I read much of this book in small chunks as I am the father of two young and very busy boys, but I did not recall seeing any reference to one of Jesus’ parables that has always been a mystery to me – Matthew 13:24-36 – the parable of the weeds.

    On the surface (in English), given the context provided by Corrupting the Image, it looks as if this could be referring to several topics at once (as Jesus was so adept at doing), including the enemy sowing his seed in the Nephalim and ultimately with the antichrist.

    QUESTION – In your opinion, does the greek text bear this out (make this link to corrupting the image of God such as with Nephalim), or is this relating to sowing corruption (pride, arrogance, evil desire, violence, unbelief) into the community of believers or the world at large?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • I think Matt 13 could refer to Nephilim but it is hard to be dogmatic on that…however, I also have thought about that and wondered. Blessings!!

  153. Hello Doug. I have just ordered three of your videos are am thrilled to begin putting the puzzle of the Millennial Kingdom together for myself, with your help. I thought I remembered you mentioning in an interview that you had compiled the scriptural references in some format. Just curious. It would be massively helpful. So many! I am in hopes of teaching this wonder to my 4-6 grade Sunday school class soon. They will love.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I am finishing the book as we speak. I will have a free-downloadable PDF to accompany the book. I am going to be looking for reviewers of the book. Would you like to be one?

  154. First I want to thank you for your response. I have a hard time believing you would associate with men who practice such things. Im still concerned about Randy using a tuning fork when it IS used in witchcraft and I have NOT seen it in in the Hebrew Scriptures nor in the New Testament.

    If he is using such a method it was your duty to heed Ephesians 5:11 – “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.” rather than share a platform with them.

    I say this because there are so many false teachers in the world and we need righteous men to stand against them openly so young men like me dont fall victim to them.

    I am not accusing you just felt compelled to ask as I learn from you often.

    • Hi DYI,

      Well, I spoke with Randy as well, and the conclusion I came to was that it was different but did not smack of witchcraft. I could be wrong. I am only a man. However, I didn’t sense anything about him, when speaking with him personally, that raised a major red flag. The tuning fork thing is different for sure. Talking on phones isn’t seen in the N.T. or Hebrew scriptures either. I think the real test would be whether we saw tuning forks prohibited in the Bible. For example, I know that abortion is clearly wrong because we are told that they sacrificed their children to demons and such – and therefore, killing innocent children is also wrong. It is odd that tattoos are clearly forbidden but no one is upset about those, at least not here.

      Randy is convinced that the Illuminati types have altered frequencies over the past century in a harmful way. I don’t know that to be true. Could it be? Maybe.

      I suppose the use of magnets in alternative medicine would also be considered witch-craft. We need to be careful not to classify things that we don’t understand as witchcraft and yes, I am soberly aware that we need to be careful not to fall into deceptions. I think rather than make a slanderous video about me (and Randy, and PITN, and L.A. Mazulli, and many others), perhaps starting a prayer chain and praying for us. We don’t and won’t always get it right.

      • Again thanks for the response Doug,

        Your right some things are very black and white, as they were warned about specifically in scripture. I would think that cellphones and tuning forks would be apples to oranges. Something like pornography isnt warned specifically about but lust and seeking fleshly desires are. With witchcraft, it seems we are to discern its facets and rebuke them. I want to agree here and say just because I dont understand something doesnt make it witchcraft. With that in mind witchcraft uses tuning forks. So to use such a tool we would need powerful reasons to overcome the warning of practicing witchcraft, as given by God. Frequencies? I dont know what that means but it seems it would belong with chakra, meditation, one consciousness, and other New Age or eastern mysticism practices. Hey I could be wrong but wouldnt we need strong scriptural evidence to play with the same fire as that type of spirituality?

        With those types of things I air the caution side. I would not want to invoke the wrath of God while being naive. Like yourself I want to be aware if the enemys devices so I am not defenseless. Thats why I watch the Quest for Truth Show. Practicing the same things were learning about is WAY different. That is my honest opinion.

        Your right there is better ways to handle the situation contrary to making that video. The reason I wrote you.

        • I always wondered about the significance of sound, hey if you can break glass with it – what more can you do ?
          Music affects us all – the difference between meditation music and a rock concert – all music but the effects/affects are quite different.
          They disperse unruly crowds with high pitch sound?

          Sound have soundwaves – haarp etc??
          What did pre deluvian man know about sound that we dont?
          Did he use it for something other than just to dance at ?

      • Doug Hamp,

        You stated –

        “I think rather than make a slanderous video about me (and Randy, and PITN, and L.A. Mazulli, and many others), perhaps starting a prayer chain and praying for us.”

        Nick VanderLaan attempted to reach you (a very public person representing the Word of God, our Lord and Savior) privately on several occasions. You know that.

        He presented you with the documented evidence, their is an email record of that. You rejected the documented evidence and flippantly labeled it as a “guilt by association” thing. As if “have no fellowship” doesn’t mean “guilt by association”.

        The video was to warn others about you (a very public person representing the Word of God, our Lord and Savior).

        We saints are all to watch out for all the saints (Eph 6:18), we saints are not to have fellowship (guilt by association) with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them (Eph 5:11).

        It is true we can witness to people in witchcraft, but not participate with people participating in witchcraft (i.e. give them credibility).

        Randy DeMain has chosen to assign some sort of spiritual power to tuning forks under the guise of science & Christianity and then tries to conjure up some sort of “Illuminati altered frequency” story to satisfy the gullible.

        Gullibility does not glorify the Lord.

        Randy DeMain is spiritually deceived and is spiritually deceiving others through his witchcraft tuning fork routine.

        The Lord handed you the documented evidence privately and you rejected it in your pride (which we all have).

        You need to humble yourself and seek the Lord. Prayer chains & praying are great but if you don’t respond to the prayers when the Lord hands you the documented evidence, the prayer chains are worthless.

        How much clearer does it have to be?

        William Saunders
        Ephesians 5:11 Blog

      • Ever heard of positive vs negative energy (science wise?)

        Google “orgonite’ and ‘por’ energy.

        You can supposedly place ‘orgonite’ devices at the bottom of cell phone towers to change the energy to ‘POR’.

  155. Sure – I was asked to teach on a cruise. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share my research and take my wife on a cruise, something she has always wanted to do. The makers of the video have claimed that Randy Demain is into witchcraft. I disagree with their conclusion. Thus, because I agreed to teach and “share the platform” with him, then I have been labeled and slandered. I have not made an issue of it. I have trusted that God will take care of me. Incidentally, they believe that everyone at the Pikes Peak Conference, put on by PITN, is also into witchcraft. Again, it is slander plain and simple.

    • Doug Hamp,

      You said –

      “Incidentally, they believe that everyone at the Pikes Peak Conference, put on by PITN, is also into witchcraft.”

      Where did we at Ephesians 5:11 Blog say we believe everyone at the Pikes Peak Conference was in to witchcraft?

      In fact, name just one person from the whole Pikes Peak Conference where we stated we believe they were in to witchcraft, maybe we missed something.

      William Saunders
      Ephesians 5:11 Blog

      • Doug, you are wise enough to know that’s man’s small opinion means nothing in comparison to God’s. Thank you for your faithfulness to teaching and inspiring the Bible. God’s word continues to move, and people like you help. To the legalistic heretics at “5:11 blog”, try placing your efforts on loving and learning, and stay out of the workers way 🙂 You are probably the same guys that would tell Jesus to stop messing up the temple, and warn Him to stay away from the woman at the well? Then, if He didn’t respond on your time table, make a video full of slander. Love, Joy, Peace. Amen.

  156. Duglas, I have an issue with the acceptance that the elects are truly the Hebrews, and do not get me wrong, I do believe that they are the elected people, and I also understand that elect and saved is not the same… But I can’t see the so called rapture of the believers as an event that will happen before the beginning of the last 7 years (week 70th of Daniel)… Just by reading 2nd Thessalonians 2, is so clear what Paul said:”Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” I do believe that the translation of the King James for the word “APOSTASIA” is correct = The Falling Away… Because by no means this word means to exit or to be raptured.
    Could you give your believe on this subject of the “Rapture”?

  157. Doug!

    How come your latest radio shows are not on the fringe radio network? You need your own RSS feed!!!

    -Concerned student

  158. Hey Pastor Hamp,
    A couple of questions:
    1. When the Bible refers to “celestial Beings”, is it simply referring to angels? fallen angels? or something else?
    2. Jesus makes reference that the angels are neither male nor female. So since the Nephilim were fallen angles who took women, how did they procreate?
    S. Brown

  159. Hello Doug. Just a couple quick questions, If Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem (which is of course referred to as The place where God’s Name dwells), why does Revelation 11:8 say ‘and their (the 2 witnesses) bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified’ (KJV). I just wondered why the place where ‘Our Lord was crucified’ could also be said to be called spiritual Sodom and Egypt, 2 places synonymous with such grievous sin and idolatry. What do you think John is trying to tell us here? Also Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:13 ‘no man hath ascended into Heaven, but He that came down from Heaven, even the Son of man which is in Heaven’. But 2 Kings 2:11 was taken up to Heaven in a whirlwind. It probably is the case That even though Elijah was taken up into ‘Heaven’, Jesus is in fact referring to the highest Heaven, but I’m not 100% sure. Can I get your view please? Thanks Doug, the Lord keep you.

  160. Hi Doug. Enjoy your website. Looking forward to your book on the Millennium. Question: I’ve been reading a book by Sam Storms entitled Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative. Are you familiar with Sam’s book and the case he makes for amillenialism? Would be interested in any comments or imput you might have. Thanks again for all you do.

  161. Walter Pierluissi

    I heard a Messianic Pastor from Guatemala mention that Judas (who betray Yahshuah) was not Jew… Is that true? I was under the believe that all the original apostles were Jews… and even Paul was Jewish (Shaul)…

  162. Hello Douglas, I think the four horsemen of chapter six, are exactly the four winds of Zach. 6:5, and they are restrained by the four angels of chapter seven of Revelation. Zach 6:1-4 exactly referres to the four horses and same colours. What do you say. I think those four winds ar the same in both Zach. 6:5 and Rev. 6:2-8, and Rev. 7:1. I think it fits. What do you say? Regards from Mexico

  163. Jeremy Scott Pilgrim

    Hello Doug, I just watched your teaching on the corruption of gods image regarding Nephilim and what not. Great teaching but there are many holes in your views and information that has not been addressed in your teaching, a few points: 1) Demons are disembodied spirits, they cannot have physical contact thats why demons posses people. Unlike Angels who still have their bodies (killing the Assyrians) 2) People who have been abducted have scars by their reproductive organs. 3 types of aliens have been reported, nordics, grays, and reptile-like by people. Noridcs are obviously the type like Og, Goliath, etc, Reptiles have been reported to shape-shift, and grays are the typical “big headed” ones. If people who have been abducted, who have scars, have reported this … where’s the biblical explanation? Not all Nephilim were big giants, thats why they had many different biblical names. The most important thing is, your view of the end times. While its accurate to say anti-christ will be a Nephilim or Hybrid of some sort, every nation that christ is fighting in the end times is a muslim nation, Islam is -the- anti-christ religion and edom, moab, all these nations are modern day syria, iraq, etc, all coming against israel. To get a true view you must watch 2 other video series and I want you to study on your own as well. Keep in mind in Mecca the muslims worship the black stone which is a space rock from “Saturn” so its very easily to link Nephilims and Muslims as part of “the beast”.

    This video “Stem Cells & The Nephilim” will describe HOW Nephilim were made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCTuiugo7mU&list=FL81lwoJCKdB9lbTIRdla3Yg&index=33

    and this series “End Times Today with Walid Shoebat” will explain how the bible directly points Islamic nations as the direct enemies of god and the koran as a corrupt version of the bible (i.e. our 7 years of tribulation vs their 7 years of peace)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbKgxh2JivI I want to encourage you to study these revelations of scripture and genetics and broaden your view on whats really about to happen.

  164. In the Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon teaching (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFejq-ViZTM), you made reference to the “thief in the night” in Revelation 3:3 when talking about the day of the Lord, I did not understand that.

    Were you showing the usage of “the thief in the night” or where you stating that if the church in Sardis do not remember how they have received and heard; and not hold fast and repent (Rev 3:3), they will miss the rapture and be here on Earth on the day of the Lord when Jesus returns?

  165. Remember, to God be the glory!

    Glorify God that makes from us the body of Christ forming it by principle then joining it together with each one brotherly delivering up his gifts to all where as through tireless endeavors of the Spirit it is on time fleshed perfectly and made complete. Be our pearls determined as part of the hand, or the foot yet unrecognized, or even those parts that are girted from consciences until they pain, be them formed from understandings past, or things yet revealed, determined by the mantel placed upon them into muscles, sinews or the such that is needed by the Spirit until all is accomplished. Humbly sharing those blessings that have been freely received from God. Let all stay meek and ever giving glory to God, and thanking Him who gives these gifts to men! Furthermore, it is behooving of us brothers, whether in wakeful grogginess or vigilant excitement, not to forget the more edifying perfect way, who of us being apart of the body less youthfully glorious formed in times past, to pray for those who now in a flurry of activity surrounding and producing more attributable parts, that no one be led into temptation unto purification, but yet into purely completing their tasks unto joyfulness receiving from us a more pure nourishment refined by loving support not ceasing. For as the body grows it’s light shines forth and draws near those bulls, who in hatred of the eventual prevailing truth, push to infect . Pray therefore I say, not that God’s hand could be thwarted, but that those brothers midst the ever intensifying light, and feeling the stress of growth, might not suffer needlessly by not receiving your perfect loving support as how a healthy body does behave. As we each long for the nourishing word to be revealed let us patiently wait upon the Lord. For we know that the body will be without blemish cleansed in the blood, so how should you even now want to behave? Therefore, be mindful of others by sharing the labor of love, and remember, to Him is the kingdom, the power, and the glory. Forever!

  166. I always wanted to be able to hold my own in a discussion about Jesus with Jews……..can you help me answer a few of these questions? http://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/jewsandjesus/#1

  167. hi i just posted a question but i don’t see it here… we are studying titus 1:1 can you please explain from the original greek what the elect is referring to? The Lord or faith? it is very confusing when you look at this site… http://scripture4all.org/OnlineInterlinear/Greek_Index.htm

    thank you.

  168. Hi we are looking at Titus 1:1 Is the elect (1588)Jesus or the church in this particular passage? Is the original word elect describing faith or God? We are looking at the original Greek and it’s still kinda of confusing …. this is what we are looking at…

    n_ Nom Sg m
    n_ Nom Sg m
    n_ Gen Sg m
    n_ Nom Sg m
    n_ Gen Sg m
    n_ Gen Sg m
    n_ Acc Sg f

    a_ Gen Pl m
    n_ Gen Sg m
    n_ Acc Sg f
    n_ Gen Sg f
    t_ Gen Sg f
    n_ Acc Sg fdevoutness

  169. HI my Q for you is if the mark of the beast is tampering with our DNA
    therefore making us becoming immoral ..how does the mark on the forehead or hand
    relate to this in reference to us not being able to buy or sell unless we receive the
    mark ? DOES it mean the beast want let us buy or sell unless we become immoral..?

    • I think the buying and selling part is the penalty not taking the mark – it is not the incentive to do so. The mark on the forehead or hand may be the place where the chip or virus containing the DNA transformation is inserted. It could also be a manifestation of taking the DNA. Perhaps it is just a “proof of purchase” so to speak.

  170. Walter Pierluissi

    Hi Mr Hamp… I have email you before, my concern is that in my studies on prophecies I can’t understand why still today there are so many evangelicals expecting the rapture of the church to be before anything starts; the pre-trib idea or like I called it “the Myth”. Now, what I can tell is that in a short time the USA, as a Nation will be no more… I see a complete collapse of our economy in the next 2 years, by 2015 or so… The Money Bubble created by this over-printing of money will culminate in the worst chaos USA have ever seen since the times of the revolution. I do not think that the last 70th week of Daniel have started or will started in this decade… I do believe that first we (USA) will suffer Judgement, then the rise of the Global Government and currency will come; then we will see the beginnings of the 70th week and we the Believers will be persecuted just like our brother of the first couple of centuries had.
    The times that are unfolding right in front of our eyes are crucial, because is our last chance to straight things with Yashúa. Don’t you think so?

    • I am definitely reconsidering my views on the rapture – all I want is to know the truth. The trouble is, it takes a long time for people to readjust their world view. I do see the economy collapsing in the near future as well. Blessings!

  171. Douglas, HI! I liked your article about the Sign on Jesus Cross. I wondered if they had it all together in coming up with YHWH. To me it is more simple than that………..Yeshua I understand means Lord of Salvation. the Sign in Hebrew says, This is Jesus, King of the people of Yehuda. Pilate was speaking properly of the people who crucified Our Lord for it point the finger right back to them for what they had done. I believe that Yahweh Elohim had His hand on Pilate and made sure things turned out the was it was intended and that He be Glorified. Pilate found no fault with Yeshua. He was not threatened by him. He had no ax to grind against our Lord. If he had changed it to I am King of the Yehudians. The Pharisees and Sadducess woul have felt justified in what they had done. This sign put it to them right between the eyes. It is like Yahweh Elohim was all over this matter. As for the notion that Yeshua’s name had to say Yahweh Saves, it could not because he had to die, go through hell, and be raised from the dead, and transcend into heaven. This to me is where Immanuel comes in which means Elohim with us. Immanuel is His new name and through the Holy Spirit those who are anointed will become as him.

  172. Hi Douglas,

    I remember watching one of your videos on youtube in which an audience member asked you about the seed of the woman.

    Douglas Hamp: Corrupting the Image Lecture (Full)
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=485oBQ1TvnA

    The question, from 1:51:42 to 1:52:45, was how Jesus could be born without sin if Mary had inherited sin (corruption). I don’t think you answered the question.

    An answer for how the seed of the woman could be without sin was given by Arthur C. Custance in his book “Seed of the Woman”. Truly incredible! It’s a long read but I highly recommend you check it out. The explanation is in chapter 18.

    You can find more info at http://www.custance.org. A link to the text of the book is http://www.custance.org/Library/SOTW/Index.html

    Happy reading.

  173. Hi Douglas. What is the theme song you play, who sings it? Thanks.

  174. Hey Doug…….where the heck did this guy get this stuff from? It seems to go against many of your seminars that I’ve watched. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK5VxUnoFAw

  175. Hi Douglas, really enjoying your videos on you tube and your teachings on menorah radio.
    We need a prophecy heavyweight like yourself to tackle the Rev 12:1-2 sign that is showing up on starry night and stellarium astronomy programs.
    It shows up on 23 September 2017 and seems amazingly to match all the details in the scripture. Please sir can you do teaching on this in bearing in mind that the first blood moon shows up suspiciously about 3.5 yrs before this sign in 2014 which seems to point to some kind of war and perhaps the start of the tribulation period.
    Difficult for you I appreciate as we don’t want to date set as such….

    • Hi Wayne, I have long wondered about the Starry Night and Stellarium programs and the apparent fulfillment – have you read my article “The Fig Tree Has Budded”? I recommend that you check that out. I don’t really have anything to add to the thoughts on those programs – if you have them and can verify the data and send me screen shots then perhaps I could check it out. Blessings.

  176. In your counterfeit rapture article, you make no reference to scriptural passages that clearly show a pre-tribulation rapture. I personally believe the Christian world is being conditioned for a pre-tribulation rapture that does not occur.

    • Hi Steve, the timing of the rapture is indeed in dispute. It is certainly possible that the world is being conditioned. The counterfeit rapture was primarily to show how the enemy has an explanation for the rapture. Blessings

  177. Doug, Is it true under the Law of Moses that the Jews were not to marry gentiles? I know some of the patriarchs did marry gentiles. If they were not to marry gentiles was that in order to preserve the Jewish seed for the Messiah?

  178. Brother Doug,

    I have not read your book _Corrupting the Image_ yet, so forgive me if I am stating the obvious. I have not heard you mention this in your lectures on YouTube, though.

    Have you considered that a triple helix strand of DNA would look essentially like the Triple Julia Set crop circles, or in other words, it would look like 666 with a common center circle and three arms? I was just curious if you had noticed that in your studies.

    I appreciate the work you do. God bless you.




  180. Hi, my name is Bobby. I’ve been watching some of your videos and want to say that I enjoy your teaching immensely! Currently I’m watching “Corrupting the Image” on YouTube and find it very informative. So I decided to write and share an experience I had as a kid at about 14 years old. I’m 56 now. My friends and I were standing outside in our neighborhood one summer night when we saw what we thought, at first, to be a shooting star. We all stood there watching, in awe, as this light shot in a straight line across the sky above us. Then it just stopped for a split second and changed direction, turning at a sharp right angle. Then it changed direction two more times, both times at right angles. Let me tell you, this thing was moving! It crossed the night sky as far as we could see in an instant! Then it appeared to shoot straight out, into outer space. Every one of us (5 in all) ran into our homes to tell our families what we’d just witnessed. As far as I know we all got the shrug. I know I did. We never really talked about it after that night. But from that time on I wondered what it was that we’d seen. And kind of thought it might have actually been a space craft of another planet. Anyway, years later, having all but forgotten the incident. I was listening to Chuck Smith on the radio talking about the fallen angels deceiving human kind into believing in space travelers. That’s when it hit me…I remembered what I’d seen as a kid and finally realized I’d seen a demon masquerading as an alien craft! It makes perfect sense!

  181. Douglas, Hi I’m new to your site and this take on prophecy dealing with the great deception being a visitation of so called aliens, and they hybrid seed of satan being the anti-christ. But I know they Holy Spirit has led me to these revelations and I’m called to also be a watchman and to warn unbelievers and fellow brothers in Christ of this scenario of end time events. Okay I just finished your youtube video of corrupting the image conference. During your Q and A someone brought up that sin nature would pass to Jesus through Mary. Well I’ve also recently read something on paradoxbrown which I dont know if you have heard. I hate to just regurgitate someone else’s research but I think it holds merit and mentioning. Maybe you can confirm the thought.. Its quite lengthy so I hope you dont mind it here.

    At this point we are going to present to you some new research. This
    new research shows that the origin of demons can be derived solely from
    what the Bible teaches about the spiritual side of reproduction, which
    the bible calls “multiplication”. The first example we see of
    multiplication is when Adam was multiplied, which produced Eve.

    [Paternal Spiritual Multiplication]

    First God made Adam,

    “And the LORD God formed man [of] the
    dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
    and man became a living soul.” (Gen 2:7)

    Once Adam’s body had received the “breath of life”, then he became a
    living soul. From this we can understand that a body, that then has the
    “breath of life” added to it, results in a new “living soul”. The word
    here for “soul” is clarified in the New Testament,

    1 Cor 15:45 “And so it is written, The
    first man Adam was made a living soul(psyche); the last Adam was made a
    quickening spirit(pneuma).”

    The word here for “soul” is “psyche” and it means “life” and “soul”.
    It is also used in Matt 10:28 “And fear not them which kill the body,
    but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to
    destroy both soul and body in hell.” But there is a different word that
    is used in 1 Cor 15 for “spirit”, and that is “pneuma”. The soul and the
    spirit of a human are different.

    Heb 4:12, For the word of God [is] quick,
    and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to
    the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow,
    and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

    “spirit” is the “breathe of life” mentioned in Gen 2:7 which is the
    “spirit” which gives life. Job also records that it is the spirit, or
    breath of God, which gives us life.

    “The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”Job 33:4

    “All the while my breath [is] in me, and the spirit (ruach) of God [is] in my nostrils” Job 27:3

    So for each of us, we cannot become a living soul until the breath of
    life, the spirit of God, is added to our body. Originally, God breathed
    a spirit into Adam’s body, and he became a living soul. Did God do the
    same with Eve, and breathe a spirit into her? No, such is not recorded.

    “And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to
    fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up
    the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken
    from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” Gen 2:21-22

    is it recorded that God gives a spirit to each child at conception –
    yet we know each child, every person, is a living soul, so a spirit must
    have been added to the body at some point. A large emphasis of this new
    research if the assertion that a piece of the spirit that God breathed
    into Adam was multiplied, becoming Eve’s spirit, at the same time that
    God multiplied a piece of Adam’s body, his rib, and this became Eve’s

    Comparing the verses in Job with Lev 17, and Gen 6:3, it becomes
    clear that the spirit is what gives life, and that the life of the body
    is in the blood, so this mean that the spirit we have that gives life,
    is connected to the blood, in the blood, somehow. And this is the breath
    of God.

    “The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” Job 33:4

    “All the while my breath [is] in me, and the spirit (ruach) of God [is] in my nostrils” Job 27:3

    “For the life of the flesh [is] in the
    blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement
    for your souls: for it [is] the blood [that] maketh an atonement for the
    soul.” Lev 17:11

    “And the LORD said, My spirit (ruach)
    shall not always strive with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his
    days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” Gen 6:3

    so when God made Eve out of Adam’s rib, the rib contained blood (ribs
    contain blood). Which according to the Bible, this means that some of
    Adam’s spirit, the breath of life breathed into him by God, was in the
    rib that God used to multiply Eve from Adam. Not just the body, but the
    spirit given to Adam by God, was multiplied, and 1 became 2. One body
    became two, one spirit became 2, and because of this, one living soul
    became two living souls.

    When it comes to children, the Bible indicates that the same
    multiplication process happens, but with children, two become one
    (usually). We know from genetics that both the body of the mother and
    father are combined to become the body of the child. However, when it
    comes to the breath of life, the spirit, that makes a body become a
    living soul, the Bible clearly indicates that the spirit of the child,
    giving life, is multiplied solely from the spirit of the father of the
    child. This is actually sort of balanced, as it is the mother’s body
    that does all the multiplication of the body of the child throughout

    1 Cor 11:8,12 “For the man is not out of
    the woman, but the woman is out of the man; For just as the woman is out
    of the man, in this manner also the man is through the woman; but all
    together from God.”

    “And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to
    fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up
    the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken
    from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” Gen 2:21-22

    Here the bible confirms that multiplication for all humanity was like
    that of Eve being multiplied from Adam. It also teaches that children
    come from their father, but through their mother. A child is a living
    soul, whose life itself, the spirit giving life, comes from the father,
    but the child is multiplied through the mother, to have a body. But the
    life itself, the spirit, is multiplied solely from the father of the
    child. Without the spirit, the child would not be a living soul. This is
    likely why the Bible seems to always refer to fathers begetting their
    children, as the life comes from the father.

    Another confirmation that the spirit of the father of the child is
    multiplied into the spirit of the child may be seen in Malachi. Adam is
    referred to as having the “residue of the spirit”, not Eve.

    “And did not he make one? Yet had he the
    residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly
    seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal
    treacherously against the wife of his youth.” Mal 2:15 KJV

    looking at Adam and Eve, how did multiplication work when they had
    children? The bible makes clear that the sinful spiritual nature
    resulting in death passed to all their children from Adam. This makes a
    clear case that all inherited spiritual death and sinfulness came from
    Adam, which makes sense if his spirit alone was multiplied and passed on
    to all their children.

    1 Cor 15:21-22, 45 “For since by man came
    death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam
    all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. And so it is
    written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was
    made a quickening spirit.”

    Romans 5 “Therefore, just as through one
    man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death
    spread to all men, because all sinned– for until the Law sin was in the
    world, but sin is not imputed when there is no law. Nevertheless death
    reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned in the
    likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come.
    But the free gift is not like the transgression. For if by the
    transgression of the one the many died, much more did the grace of God
    and the gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ, abound to the
    many. The gift is not like that which came through the one who sinned;
    for on the one hand the judgment arose from one transgression resulting
    in condemnation, but on the other hand the free gift arose from many
    transgressions resulting in justification. For if by the transgression
    of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive
    the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in
    life through the One, Jesus Christ. So then as through one transgression
    there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of
    righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men. For as
    through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so
    through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous. The
    Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin
    increased, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in
    death, even so grace would reign through righteousness to eternal life
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    the sinful nature passed through the spirit of Adam as it was
    multiplied to all his children, makes clear that it is not only the
    spirit, but its attributes, such as sinfulness or mortality, which pass
    onto the child. The same may be seen in Ex, with the sins of the fathers
    alone being said to pass to the children, but as the Lord is said to do
    this visiting, it is uncertain. There is contrast to the sins of the
    mother, which the Bible implies are normally blotted out.

    Ex 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself
    to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God,
    visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third
    and fourth [generation] of them that hate me

    Psa 109:14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the LORD; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out.

    And again, Job seems to confirm that the breath of God gave him life,
    and it seems to make the most sense that Job was referring to himself
    also having the breath of life that God had once breathed into Adam, the
    same spirit, but that had been multiplied down through the generations
    to be Job’s also. Thus, we all have the same spirit, breath of life,
    that God once breathed into Adam, and the sinful nature of spiritual
    death that Adam later acquired.

    “The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” Job 33:4

    “All the while my breath [is] in me, and the spirit (ruach) of God [is] in my nostrils” Job 27:3

    normal human multiplication, there is another example which confirms
    this. Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, and this is the same
    word “begat” that is used of human men begetting children. Jesus Christ
    was conceived by the Holy Spirit, who is also God, which parallels that
    the breath of life comes from the spirit. And Jesus Christ spiritually
    is God and sinless, sharing in the spiritual attributes of God the
    Father. But, Jesus Christ is also eternal, and God, and himself being
    the fullness of the Godhead bodily. The Bible teaches he was both fully
    man and fully God. But Jesus Christ was also the son of Mary, a human
    woman, and Jesus Christ was also a human man.

    1 Jn 5:1 “Whosoever believeth that Jesus
    is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth Him that begat,
    loveth him also that is begotten of Him.”

    Luk 1:35 And the angel answered and said
    unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the
    Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which
    shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

    Matt 1:2 “Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren.”

    Col 2:9 “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”

    When it comes to the body of Jesus Christ…God the Father is spirit,
    and the Holy Spirit is spirit. As God the Father is a spirit, He does
    not have a body made of flesh and bones, by which Jesus could be
    half-God physically in His body. In fact Jesus Christ is the “image of
    the invisible God” (Col 1:15). And so it can be argued Jesus Christ is
    the only person of God with a physical body. Being eternal, Jesus is who
    He is in his body and always has been. Jesus Christ is God, and came
    from above, existing eternally, creating all things (Jn 8:23, 8:58, Jn
    1). And the Bible teaches that in Him dwells all the fullness of the
    Godhead, but bodily. But it is made clear that Jesus partook as much as
    any man in flesh and blood. This means that Jesus had a body that was
    fully human, flesh and blood as much as any normal human man. And the
    Bible says that Jesus Christ came in the flesh (2 Jn 1:7) and was a man
    (1 Tim 2:5).

    “God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship [him] in spirit and in truth.” Jn 4:24

    “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I
    myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as
    ye see me have.” Luke 24:39

    “Forasmuch then as the children are
    partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the
    same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of
    death, that is, the devil” Heb 2:14

    The doctrine that Jesus Christ was both fully God and fully man, is
    also called “Hypostatic Union”, and nothing here contradicts it. This
    theory agrees that Jesus was fully man and fully God. Just want to make
    that clear.

    Adam – Fully Man

    Jesus – Fully man and fully God

    Body’s life from spirit, “breath of God” breathed into Adam

    Body’s life from spirit, “breath of God”, same thing as breathed into Adam, but given anew, second Adam.

    Human body, flesh and blood, made of dust by God

    Human body, flesh and blood – genes from Mary, and eternal existence
    as He is, has, always will be, from the Father – image of God, fullness
    of Godhead bodily

    Living human soul (mind, will, emotions) – like God, in the image of God

    Living human soul (mind, will emotions)

    human body, soul, spirit

    human body, soul, spirit

    (+ now man can become born again Christian – Holy Spirit, spirit of
    God – God’s adopted child – but we are not eternal and not God)

    Born + Spirit of God – God’s Son – eternal coming from above – He is also God

    ** This theory describes Jesus as the second Adam, and our spirit
    giving life in our blood was multiplied from the breath of life God
    breathed into Adam, the spirit of life from God, which is all biblical.
    This theory probably could be considered a modified and more detailed
    form of “Traducianism”. That’s it. This theory is NOT promoting heresies
    like Apollinarism, Eutychianism, Nestorianism, Monophysitism, etc. and
    makes no alteration to the person of Jesus Christ.**

    Putting together what the Bible teaches about human “multiplication”:

    1. The spirit of the father is solely multiplied to give life to the child’s body and make that child become a living soul.

    2. The child’s body is multiplied from both the mother and father, and they become a living soul (mind, will, emotions).

    3. The spiritual attributes or nature of
    the father’s spirit are carried in the multiplication of the spirit,
    passing to the child. Such as Adam’s sinfulness and spiritual death to
    mankind, or God’s sinlessness and eternal state to Jesus Christ (who
    was/is/will be eternal).

    Now if we simply understand what the Bible teaches about
    multiplication and paternal spiritual lineage, and just look at Gen
    6:1-4, much becomes apparent as obvious.

    it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth,
    and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the
    daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all
    which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive
    with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred
    and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also
    after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and
    they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were]
    of old, men of renown.” Gen 6:1-4

    Sinful angels were the fathers of these children. These sinful angels
    were immortal spirits, and so their children would all be immortal
    spirits. They were sinful, so their children would also be sinful and
    evil. The souls of these children would be of the same spirit, giving
    life, as their immortal sinful angel fathers. It so happens that the
    bible says the “sons of God” type of angel is the same as the messenger
    type of angel, who when physically manifested, look like human men. It
    seems the bodily multiplication, combining human women with angels who
    looked like human men, produced children who the Bible calls men. Their
    spirits were like those of fallen angels, but their bodies were that of
    mortal human men. However, the Bible records their human bodies had
    noticeable abnormalities.

    After these “nephilim”, who had bodies of men, died, what would
    become of their spirits? It makes sense just from what we know about
    multiplication, that their spirits would remain active, immortal and
    evil, even lacking a physical body, just like their fallen angel fathers
    were active, immortal and evil, despite being spirits not having a
    physical body. Just looking at the passage, knowing what the Bible says
    about multiplication, it becomes obvious that these giant men would have
    immortal evil spirits, that would stay active apart from having a
    physical body. When we see demons later in the Bible, we can know this
    is their origin and when and how they came to be.

    So the Bible does in fact give all the information needed to derive
    the origin of demons solely from the holy scriptures. Understanding
    multiplication and paternal spiritual lineage, it becomes obvious just
    looking at Gen 6:1-4 that this is where the demons came from. No
    extra-biblical source is needed to explain where demons came from, the
    Bible is sufficient to explain this.

    please let me know if you’ve heard this and what your take is on it.

  182. Hi Doug. Thank you so much for your teaching on the Millennium. It has caused me to do some radical rethinking! Can I ask you a question concerning vegetarianism. Not as a doctrine but simply as a personal choice. Am I right in assuming Adam and Eve were at first Vegetarians? If, as you say, the re-genesis of the Earth takes place at the beginning of the Millennium and conditions return to those prophesied by Isaiah, etc, will the Earth be in its original Edenic state, (vegetarian)? If the animals no longer attack and kill each other, what about humans who are still in a fallen state? And how does “the lamb laying down with the wolf” “they will not hurt on all my holy mountain” work with the “covering” sacrifices of these un-regenerated humans who will certainly continue to hunt and kill and eat flesh? I am trying to see how an imperfect being can live in a perfect world and struggling. Or is this a description of life inside the Holy City and not in the remade Earth?

    God bless you and your work.


  183. Doug, Just listened to a YouTube video on Jews who are the elect. Question. In Romans nine where it says “does not the potter have right over the clay to make some vessels to honor and some to dishonor…” Is that to say that elect Jews are vessels to honor and gentiles are to dishonor.
    And then in Exodus where Moses wants to know God to please Him that God reveals His name to Moses. “…keeping mercy for thousands, but by no means forgiving the guilty, visiting sins of the parents unto the third and forth generation…” Isn’t the very name of God “exclusive?”
    Not sure.

  184. hello douglas where can i buy the dvd currupting the image with a credit card that isnt thru paypal as i dont like paypal?

    • Hi Dion, Paypal accepts credit cards – so you don’t need to have a Paypal account. – Blessings

  185. Hi my name is Jeff and I am 32 years old and was wondering what bible to buy that is easy to read and understand?

  186. Hi Douge ,

    Im a little inebriated atm, but I was just watching some youtube and another news story about daulphins killing them selves and it was like more than double of what happened in the past 2 years, so the scientist like usual have no idea whats going on, Is it possible that the earth is still tied to man kind as our morality declines so then the earth is effected ( like the newly discovered giant sink hole in Kansas) and then the animals to. Just a thought, God bless my brotha. In Christ~
    Kristopher Plummer

  187. Hello Doug, greetings from Denmark 🙂 I have an important question regarding the Mazzaroth. God created it before Adam and Eve, so wouldnt that mean that Adams fall isnt the Whole story? Why would the salvation plan be written in the stars for even Satan to see and know about even before the creation of Adam?? I dont know, but it´s driving me nuts, because if the salvation plan were known to heaven, there is more to the story than is perhaps revealed to us and maybe one of the reasons we dont see certain Things yet? Maybe there is more to the Words; the end can be known from the beginning, than we realize?
    The other thing is that I greatly appreciate you, Rob Skiba and Dan duval.. But im torn about the praying in the Spirit part Dan preaches, what are you views on that? I think it sounds right but there´s are a lot of opinions in favour of it and a lot of opinions against it..The way he teaches about the Kingdom of God i mindblowing and feels so empowering and sounds so true, but would just like to hear your opinion on praying in the spirit and speaking in tongues and the claim that we have the power to do what Jesus and the apostles did..When i look at the pentecostal church and see how weird they are behaving and how they all speak in this strange language i dont feel quite right about it..How do you make a distinction between what is right and wrong in that area??And how do you know how to even begin to do what Dan is saying? I know you are not Dan, but just want to hear your opinion either way 🙂

    • Hi Jova, It is an interesting question. I am afraid that I don’t know the answer. However, given that God does know all things, he simply could have put the story there before it became necessary. Dan Duval is a very sincere brother. I don’t know him well enough to judge his teaching on praying in the Spirit. I will say this, I think that I and quite likely, most of us, do not pray as we ought to…or even as we would really like to. God has given us a lot of authority that we never “tap” into. I want the fullness of what God has for me and I know that I have a lot to learn when it comes to praying. – Take care.

  188. Hi Douglas, i have just came across your work and i am a Muslim. you would be surprized how much your research goes with what we know from our books. you might want to look into that as well … it will give your argument more support and also you can reach out to Muslims and Christians both as we all are in this together. just some short points what I found similar in our books.
    1- We believe in Bilble as book of God and Jesus (peace be upon Him) as a Prophet and that He will come back before end of times and God raised him alive.
    2- There will be Anti Christ who will pretend like Christ and behave like a God..
    3- that anti Christ will rule the world and will plan for his whole power plan invisibly way before he will get a face.
    4- he will ask everyone to submit to him and follow only him… people who will reject him will suffer until real Jesus will appear and save the world.
    and much more regarding aliens, Lucifer, religion of God being most hated.. its all we already know from our books as well..
    Wish you luck and blessings with your good work. i really enjoyed it:) .

    • Hi Dua – thanks for writing. I appreciate your thoughts but I can’t help but think that we are still looking at things very differently. From all that I have studied, the Jesus that you think is coming back I would identify as the false prophet and the one you think will be the Mahdi, I would call the Antichrist. Perhaps we could discuss this in more detail some time. Take care.

      • That would be interesting.. i would love to know your reasons for that if you have some talks on that kindly give some links to me because as per our believe Muslims and Christians will fight together against anti Christ…. So, i would really like to know your reasons behind this conclusion.. Peace and Blessings for you.

        • Hi Dua,
          You seem like a nice guy – it is just that our entire foundation is different. You think that Jesus is just one of many prophets. The Bible declares that he is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one comes to God the Father except through him. Mohammed is a false prophet and espoused conversion by the sword. Jesus calls everyone to himself freely. A day is coming when he will remove the veil between heaven and earth and will fight on behalf of his people Israel. He will destroy all who have come against them to destroy them. Last time I checked, most of the Muslim world wanted to kill the Israelis and push them into the sea.

          The Bible also tells us that Jesus will establish a kingdom where the Jews/Hebrew/Israelis are the head and no longer the tail. Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem. The Muslim countries that fight against Israel will be destroyed. There are many other things as well. I hope all that helps. I also invite you to acknowledge the exclusive rule and reign of Jesus. Make him your king and when he comes back he will come to save you and not destroy you – that is at least what I have done. Blessings.

          • thanks Douglas, That clears many things. We also believe that Jesus(Peace be upon Him) will rule world from Jerusalem after defeating antichrist there… but the difference is we don’t believe in victory of Jews/Christians or even Muslims… we believe people who will recognize Jesus (Peace be upon Him) and true one God rather than antichrist will lead that Kingdom…We also believe that Jesus (peace be upon Him) he is the way, the truth, and the life and Muhammad (peace be upon Him) called everyone to God freely there is no concept of conversion by sward in Islam and i can prove that with reference from Quran and History if you are interested to know and Muslims are not against any religion but oppression… the fight between Muslim countries and Israel is not because they are Jews … those are political reasons and oppression done by those ruling people in those lands ..Even Jesus (Peace be upon Him) said in Bible that only Father knows about the final hour..so.God knows the rest,.i seek guidance from true God to show me the right path….Thanks for calling towards Jesus (Peace be upon Him) but i have my reservations and many questions about Christianity… Peace and blessing for you…

  189. Hey Doug, I have met you twice now, first at the family retreat up in the mountains last year and then at the Prophecy Forum in March. I watched your study titled
    “The Jews Are the Elect, Election is Not Salvation (Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists)” but I must admit I viewed the movie “After the Tribulation” on YouTube

    (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvv2HPYdhMA) and they make many good points about the elect as well in which they say it is not the Jews. The thrust of the movie is to prove the pre-trib rapture theory is not correct. Your presentation uses the actual Greek translations in which there’s does not but I’m confused. I will keep praying about this. Can you watch that video and shoot me some feedback possibly?

    • Hi Daniel, for now, I am very content to let the question of the rapture remain on the sidelines. I think that we have made it the central issue when it is not. I long to be taken out of this world…but only Jesus can decide when I am to go. I have watched most of the video and they are missing the point as to who are the elect. The elect plain and simple are the Jews. They must show that the elect are not Jews in order to prove their point. Again, regardless of when the rapture happens, I show many verses which demonstrate who the elect are – the Jews. They do not address those verses, which is not surprising since their work is not really about the elect. Think about this for a moment – we know that the A.C. will, if possible, deceive the elect. What are the Scriptures which talk about that? Well, Dan 9 talks about how the A.C. will make a covenant with many (and the Jews – keep in the mind the whole topic is about Daniel’s people). Isa 28 – the covenant with death and sheol sure sounds like a deception to me. Gentile Christians will undoubtedly be deceived, but they are the collateral damage and not the main target. Satan wants to kill the Jews in order to get a tie with God.

      • Thanks Pastor, I will watch your presentation again and pay closer attention. It’s kinda weird that you put it that way because I was thinking that anyway that the rapture is not the central issue. I need to focus on obedience to God and keeping my eyes upon the Lord. I respect your opinion very much and consider you a true brother in Christ and teacher of the bible so thanks again for the reply.

  190. Good Day Doug
    Thank you for your hard work with us I totally appreciate it and I find it totally resignates with me…I do have a couple questions: When you mentioned that Satan would sort of have a check mate if he was to kill all the Jews…How can that be so if God can resurrect these people back to life? Also when it is mentioned that Eve ate of the fruit….was there sexual intercourse involved with this matter? Just curious
    Phoenix PS Totally wish I could make the trip with you in February. Feel your excitement

    • Satan needs to kill all the Jews because in Isaiah 65 it says that the Jewish people will build houses and their lives will be like the length of trees – hence they are mortal.

  191. Pastor Hamp, Hi

    I was recently looking for information on the Nefilims and I have found a message you gave in Spanish about this in YouTube. First let me congratulate you for your Spanish; for me is always good to see how Americans actually have learn the Spanish language, but also is good to see that what I have learn from reading and studying the Bible is also the same information reached by others. I am a descendant of Italians but also there is a German-Jewish heritage from my father’s mother side, so I have started to modify my views as a christian and actually rediscovered my Hebrew roots; so I prefer to be called a Messianic Believer then christian. The word Christ is directly from the Greek and in mythology basically there is many Christ’s figures because is just an anointed one… But in Hebrew there is only ONE Meshiach, and only one can hold this title… That’s why I prefer to use the word Messiah than christ, and Yashua or Yeshua instead of Jesus; Jesus also comes from Greek – Ιησούς = Iisous; and his name was not that, actually we do not change the name because the language; HIS name have a meaning in Hebrew and should not be change: YASHUA or YESHUA : ישוע.

    Well, good for now… I do like your work and agree almost with all your views on the Bible…

  192. Doug,

    Please watch this video. It is what I call “God’s Bowling Ball”. It IS the cosmological tool the Heavenly Father uses to chastise the earth.



  193. Jennifer Rector

    Would you consider making a short video that analyzes Katy Perry’s “ET” music video (featuring Kanye West)? Since you are a Christian who understands both the Illuminati symbols AND the “aliens“(demon-hybrids/nephilim) that our secular culture is obsessed with, I think you could present a really thorough unraveling of the lyrics AND images in the music video.

    • I don’t know if I will find the time to do that. The idea is great though.

      • In your circle of acquaintances through your ministry, do you know of another less-busy person with video editing/making skills and layperson knowledge of these subjects? If so, please recommend they do a video analysis! 🙂

  194. not sure if you got my message on Matthew 27:46 “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” I posted it but it does not appear. This phrase is not a prayer of Christ hurled at the Father but Christ is actually quote scripture Psalm 22:1 Esther, quotes the same scripture as she entered the idol Temple,indicating that the glory of God did not follow her into that vile place.

  195. Dear Doug, For a deeper and clearer understanding of all these things that ye so diligently are studying—Logon to http://www.branham.org
    Shalom [III JOHN 1-2] brother al lenzi

  196. Hello Douglas. I appreciated your research and study. Thankyou. Will research what you found to establish it for myself.
    I think there’s a typo in your Summary of Doctrinal Position statement.
    “I believe that He is coming back bodily at the second coming and the rapture of true believers will proceed the second coming is what is called the rapture.”
    The sentence, is confusing to read, and it seems the word ‘proceed’ was meant to be “preceed”. I could be mistaken??
    Warm regards, Noel

  197. The Name Of Jesus Has Become A Dirty Word In Politically Correct America


    Although this article is more of a temperature gauge and not ‘news’, it demonstrates how evil and corrupt things are getting in America. Considering the fact that the U.S. military’s official chaplain, Michael A. Aquino, (Founder of the Temple of Set), is an ordained satanist priest, none of this information is surprising.

  198. Doug,

    GREAT INFO !!! Do you provide your powerpoint files for others to use? I think there are three very important presentations that need to be generated (hopefully by you…) to get the end-times information out to the masses.

    1. Bottoms-up biblical presentation that descibes in very simple why we are in the end-times? This needs to negate the preterist view. It needs to compare how the Jews of the time of the birth of Jesus missed it… and compare this mentality to the lazy Christians of today. I go to a bible believing church with well intentioned pastors who NEVER preach on END TIMES prophecy. It is NEVER discussed from the pulpit. Most good Christians are clueless to these prophetic concepts. No more than 30 minutes… or 20 slides.

    2. Simple, yet thorough presentation of of the timeline for the 70 week of Daniel, including the pre-tribulation rapture timing. Once again, no mor than 30 minutes or 20 slides.

    3. Simple and ‘objective’ sounding presentation on the whole alien (demon) grey phenomenon and how Satan plans to use the Rapture as the incident to garner world power. Explain the idea of how the people left behind will be totally freaking out and will be ripe for letting a world dictator assume power.

    Thank !!!!

  199. I meant ‘Corrupting the image’.

  200. Hi,

    I’ve just heard few of your speeches on YT. Is your book going to be translated to polish language? I’d like to present it to my family members which don’t read in english. Are you planning translation to another languages?

    Anyway, your book and ideas are very interesting and I’m thankful to you for this.


    R. Kwiatkowski

  201. Hi Douglas, my husband and I were browsing online and found your website only to realize we met you at a School of Ministry BBQ a few years ago, before we left to serve as missionaries in Greece (at the time we had just finished the Missions Training Program at CCBCE). Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what an awesome resource your website is!! Thanks and God bless!
    Kristin and Travis Spencer

    • Hi Guys! Thanks for writing. I am so glad to hear from you. I help all is going well in Greece. Please write to me at douglas@douglashamp.com and let me know how things are going. I would also like to get your feedback on my newest video series which you can watch on YouTube. Blessings, Doug

  202. Dear Doug,

    Can you please help me with two disturbing questions.

    I see Christians praying on bones of saints. I feel this is not right, but how can we explain the following lines
    from the Bible.

    “And Elisha died, and
    they buried him. And the bands of the Moabites invaded the land at the coming
    in of the year. And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold,
    they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha:
    and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and
    stood up on his feet.”
    (2 Kings 13:20)

    And one more thing about Mary-the mother of our God Jesus Christ.

    We find this in the Holy Bible about not praying to her:

    “While he yet talked to
    the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to
    speak with him. Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren
    stand without, desiring to speak with thee. But he answered and said unto him
    that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? And he stretched
    forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my

    “And it came to pass,
    as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice,
    and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou
    hast sucked. But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of
    God, and keep it.”(Luka

    “And when they wanted
    wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine. Jesus saith unto
    her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.”(John 2:3)

    But we find in the Holy Bible also this about Mary, which confused me:

    “And it came to pass,
    that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb;
    and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: And she spake out with a loud
    voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy
    womb. And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?
    For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe
    leaped in my womb for joy. And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be
    a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. And Mary said,
    My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
    For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from
    henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.”(Luke 1:41)

    Can you give your opinion about this two issues.

    God Bless you Doug.


  203. If the New Heaven and New Earth takes place at the start of the Millennium, why does it say that nothing will come in to defile it when people are still clearly dying of old age and satan is released near the end?

    Also, it says that “The former things will not be remembered”. Is that things as in the world, or things as in the stuff in the world? I can’t see how an invention like stairs and doors not roll over to the next world. Also stuff like looms and guitars. Or painting and sculpture. Those concepts are eternal and fundamental to being creative and happy.

    And if the new heaven and earth is physical, and there is no pain … how do we know when to not run into walls or burn ourselves? Have you ever played a videogame in “god mode”? It gets boring very fast.

    Honestly, I’d love a world with God in it. No death. Perfect health. But everything else pretty much how we have it today. I’m afraid of not playing the last register of a grand piano and feeling the rumble of the note underneath the third finger of my left hand. A threateningly dark sound. Well, among other things. No children. No intimate relationships. No sex. No children. No meat.

    Have you ever seen the beginning of the film Prometheus where the aliens are dull and boring. Is that the New Heaven and New Earth? Sounds almost as terrifying as death itself.

    • It says that nothing defiled will enter into the CITY – not the new heavens – there is a big difference – I didn’t see the difference for a long time either. The things that don’t come to mind are all of the wicked things that Israel used to do – look at Isaiah 65:15-16 for the answer. Blessings

  204. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your ministry. My husband and I really enjoy your podcast and have been learning a lot. I was listening last night to you discuss the mark of the beast and how there is no redemption for those who accept it, and I was wondering if it is possible that it is connected with blasphemy of the holy spirit written of in Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10, and Matthew 12:31-32. Will people that take the mark of the beast be knowingly committing blasphemy of the holy spirit? It seems like it has to be, but I have never heard them mentioned together.


    • I think that people will not quite realize what it is – that it is the mark of the beast, but they will take it because they believe that it will be the ultimate upgrade giving them immortality. Etc. Blessings.

  205. Thank you so much for your ministry and truth! Do you have a home church? I really would love to hear you speak and see what other sermons you have, You are a great blessing and a man of God. Keep teaching the truth! Maranatha =]

    • Hi Brent, I teach out of my home every Thursday. I have those studies on Youtube. If you are local in So Cal, then you are most welcome. Blessings,

      • I don’t hear you discuss that during your home studies. can you offer an answer in any other way or more directions to help us find the answer ourselves.

  206. Dear Doug, I bought your book, Corrupting the Image, and now visiting your website. I have noticed that when I tried to download a Bible, it was downloaded with .exe suffix, which means it will NOT work on my Macintosh computer! Could you, or any staff member create a Mac friendly version. I would suggest a PDF file would do the job. Because .exe is an application and it works ONLY on Windows Operating System.

    About your book, I will begin reading it soon and send you my comments and suggestions (if any) and also my appreciation.

    In His Majesty’s Service,
    Rev. Nerses Boyadjian

  207. Pastor Douglas,

    I have a couple questions:

    The Book of Enoch seems as an essential book to the Bible, and I was wondering why did the council of Nicaea omit this book from the Bible? As I have started to read it, I feel as though it provides an astonishing look into God’s personality and justice.

    Also, in reference to the Book of Enoch, what are the 7 stars that Enoch tells of in The First Book Chapter 18:12: “And beyond this chasm, I saw a place, and it had neither the sky above it, nor the foundation of earth below it; there was no water on it, and no birds, but it was a desert place. And a terrible thing I saw there, seven stars, like great burning mountains.”

    Thanks so much!

  208. Hi Doug,

    I just wanted to pick your brain on a topic. I have heard you and
    others (Tom Horn, Chris Putnam, Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli, Russ Dizdar,
    etc) talk about how you feel like the rapture is very close at hand. I
    agree with you!! However, the Book of Enoch states that there will be
    58 prime ministers of Israel between 1948 to the beginning of the
    Tribulation. What are your thoughts on this, since that would obviously
    be past our generation? I know that, while not counting the Book of
    Enoch as part of Biblical canon, you and others do place a lot of
    validity in it. Would you say that you agree with certain parts of it
    and disagree with others, such as there having to be 48 more prime
    ministers of Israel before the Rapture?

    Just curious for your thoughts…or maybe I am interpreting wrong?


    • I find the prophecy interesting, but I haven’t committed enough time to it to really address it properly.

  209. I believe I know who the anti-Christ will be, it’s one of two brothers that match all the Bible prophecy’s. They both befriend the Jewish and Islam people. They are in complete contact with the UN and EU. They are 33 and 31 years old. It was an accident I discovered them, and don’t believe the average search would revel them..

  210. Hi Doug. I just finished reading “Corrupting The Image”. It was a great read. Thanks for writing it. I do have one question though. Were there any female nephilim? I’ve never heard one mentioned before so I’m wondering what your opinion of this is?

  211. Dear Doiug: Now that you are starting a study in Daniel, I have to ask again that you take a look at the Hebrew view of Daniel 9:27 with the “he” in the first sentence being God, not the antichrist – here is the video which explains it better than I can, & it is very convincing. Please check it out. Thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a6iVxVotPU&list=WLB1DC5CB6D9F87D0D

  212. Hi again Doug, I was checking out Quest 4 truth 4 w/ Rob Skiva and I was speculating… What if the verse in Mathew 24:28 were referring to places in yhe desert or inner rooms where one would go to receive their DNA upgrade/ mark. Someplace where a “CHRIST” would administer the Nephelim splice. It seems like such a strange phrase, where the carcass is there the eagles will gather. Perhaps the Osiris image is one of the fallen angels with wings ie. eagles. And the carcass may refer to those who do not accept the splice. Basically another holocost.

    • Well, I think you have heard my position on that – the carcasses and the birds (eagles) are all of the birds invited to the slaughter after Jesus tramples the nations. Blessings,

  213. Hi Doug, Are you familiar with the book Pagan Christianity by Jim Barna & Frank Viola? I would be curious to hear your view. They certainly look at the New Testament in a different way than the traditional institutional church.

  214. Hi Doug. Are you still having your Bible study on Thursdays? My wife and I attended several weeks ago and wanted to come again. Please email me the answer with the address as well. Thanks so much.



    • Yes!! We are starting Daniel. I hope that you can come again! Doug

      • Thanks Doug. Can you send me your address again? And is it at 6:45? Also I have a 56″ big screen tv. It’s a Mitsubishi and about 6 or 7 years old and not a flat screen but works perfect, had great sound and perfect HD quality. Takes up a lot of space but would be great for presentations and has HDMI.
        You can have it if you want. Let us know.


  215. Hi Doug, is there a p.o. box or another address where we may send an offering? Maybe in the future we will utilize your website in making contributions. My family and I do not belong to a church at this time and we would very much like to thank you for your teachings that you have generously made available to everyone free of charge. We are very grateful for your work.
    Thank you!

    • Hi JA – Thank you for the encouraging word! You may send your gift to 3146 Cork Ln Costa Mesa, CA 92626 – Thanks!

  216. Chris White did a podcast rebuttal to the pre-tribulation rapture. Can you do a quick analysis of it on your YouTube channel? Here’s a direct link to the podcast: http://www.alankurschner.com/podcast/130704.mp3

  217. Hi Doug

    I’m relatively new to the bible so sometimes I struggle to distinguish between whether the bible is talking about Gentiles, or whether it is talking about Jews living amongst Gentiles. An example of this is in John’s gospel. Jesus talks about how he has ‘other sheep not of this fold’ (John 10:16). Then later the high priest named Caiaphas prophesies about how Jesus would die ‘not for that nation only, but also that he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad’ (John 11:52). Is it accurate to say 10:16 refers to Gentiles, and 11:52 refers to Jews living amongst Gentiles, or do both passages refer only to Gentiles? Hope you can help me with this one. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    • Jesus came for the Jews first. We gentiles (the nations) are grafted in. The Jews are the elect/chosen. However, their election does not necessarily mean that they will be saved. They still must come in through the gate/Jesus. The other flock appears to be the grafting in of the gentiles into the commonwealth of Israel. I invite you to review my article, Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists. Blessings

  218. Do you deliberately ignore questions? If so, im sure the people asking would appreciate a response stating you dont plan on it. Some are coming to you as a teacher with important questions.

    • Hi Dylan, I keep a busy schedule and I answer questions as often as possible.

      • Okay I saw some questions skipped so it seemed that way. I asked a question regarding what you thought was a good online education to become a pastor. If you dont feel comfortable answering I understand. I came to you first but can move on to another. If you could respond one way or the other I would greatly appreciate it.

        God Bless you do fantastic work!

  219. Hi pastor Hamp. As so many do that are not Masons. You fail to mention that probably 95 percent of masons are common joes who are there for the fellowship of godly men and don’t have a clue that people like Albert Pike a Satanist hides in the organization of masony like a great many more do within the church. When exposed to the public, they drag the masons through the muck. They are unable to stand alone and spew their satanic garbage without holding onto a honorable organization for creditablility. JUst look at the Catholic Church and it’s popes. Centuries of deceit and debauchery by the leaders of the church. The only good some people can come close to is to hang onto the coattails of good and just men. The illuminati and their new world government hides in the top 2 percent of masonery so they can justify their secrecry.. The world is in a real mess.

    • Hi Chuck, I actually am aware of what you say – most Masons are “good guys” – however, can you tell me about the secret oath that you had to take to join? I have reviewed the literature and I don’t believe that it is very wholesome or godly. I can see how the illuminati is a sub-group…however, there is still enough evidence to make me believe that the Freemasons are, at their core, going in the wrong direction.

    • Masons, not having an idea of Albert Pike ect, are responsible for their organizations actions. As followers of Christ its our duty to seek the truth. The oaths of the 1st degree is enough for a follower to discern Satans hand in Masonry. Claiming ignorance isnt enough to gain immunity in my opinion.

  220. Hello pastor, I have a question please. How do you say “in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit” in Aramaic and Syriac? Is the following True?

    Father = Elah = Elooha /Elaha (Syric)
    Son = Rahman = Rahmano (Syric)
    Holy Spirit = Rahim = Rahemo (Syric)

    Thank you

    • Hi Laith – Elah just means “God” it doens’t mean “father” – “Abba” is father. “Bar” is son in Aramaic. I am not sure where you got your definitions. Blessings,

  221. Brother Douglas,

    I am writing you after watching your video “Age of Deceit.” It is also my understanding that you are creating a second video on this series. I would like to thank you for your efforts in disseminating this truth to the world.

    I am a recent graduate having completed my M.A. degree in applied social science. My master’s thesis and much of my prior research has focused on how deceptive communications change attitudes and behaviour. Over the last 6 months, my attention has turned to the deceptions taught in mainstream Christianity which have their origins from the Catholic Church. Through my research, I have done considerable work on end-time prophecy.

    The reason I am contacting you is regarding a recent finding in prophetic scriptures that I would like you to either verify or refute. Revelation 12 begins with a description of a woman clothed with the sun and the moon below her feet. Apart from the symbolic meaning of the story of Christ, I have found that the symbols could also be interpreted as a stellar alignment that be visible in the sky on September 23rd 2017. Moreover, this alignment only happens once since John penned the prophecy.

    Assuming that the stellar alignment meaning of Revelation 12 is correct, I am struggling to interpret the meaning of the date which the sign appears. I am beginning to be swayed to the interpretation that the date may have something to do with the grand delusion that will deceive the world. I would appreciate any interpretation you might offer for Revelation 12.

    Thank you for any help you could offer.
    Your brother in Christ,

    Alex M Wilson, M.A.
    Social Insights Research Analyst

    • Alex – I am not the actual creator of the movie – Facelikethesun is – and the second movie should be coming out this year. By the way, I have written an article called: The Fig Tree Has Budded – you should check that out here on the site. I think that it will answer some of your questions.

  222. Hi Pastor Hamp, I wonder if the DVDs have subtitles in Portuguese, thanks. Fabiano

  223. The Rob Douglas Show – the premise is that Rob presents intriguing theories and Douglass considers them in terms of traditional Hebrew thought and language to see if there is a mesh or blend or overlay. This is a better context than awkwardly trying to manufacture a sense of friendly disagreement. I found that dorky. The show would flow more naturally. Rob presents things that the traditional mind of Douglas hasn’t considered. Douglass examines whether or not they are plausible or even possible in terms of the language interpretation and traditional thought. See how that works better? It let’s Rob be more daring, representing the wild possibilities considered by the public, and gives Douglas a more stable position / job / responsibility. Just a suggestion…

  224. Frederic Soriano

    Pastor Hamp,

    If God created everything in the garden to be ‘good’. What therefore is the ‘good’ found in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Could God have been reserving the ‘good’ of that tree for a future date? Please explain. Thanks……Fred

    • Hi Fred, I address this in one of my appendices in Corrupting the Image – you can also search for it on my site: Free Will and the Image of God.

  225. MarianoApologeticus

    Mr. Hamp,
    I hope to find you well. As an FYI; I thought that this may be of interest to you.
    “Why did Michael and the devil dispute over Moses’ body?”

  226. When trying to install “The First Six Days” I get “unexpected end of file” box and am unable to install it to The Word. When it did install it was not in The Word anywhere but does show up in my books folder. When opening from there it wants to install again. Can you advise me on how to fix this problem? Thanks

    M D L

    • Hi Michael – I do not know what is causing that. I would contact Costas or someone on the forum. My apologies.

  227. Hi Pastor Hamp,

    I really appreciate your service in Christ Jesus, and find articles here both encouraging and reassuring. I was reading through just now, one of the articles entitled: Freemasons, the Third Temple, and the Antichrist. It is very informative and I am thankful for Christian watchmen. May God bless you. I wanted to point out to you however, what I think is a scriptural reference typo that you may feel important to correct. It is the Daniel 1:37 reference.

    Thank you so much for your service and work in the Lord. God bless you.

  228. Hello Doug

    I know that the N.T tells us that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, circumcision nor uncircumcision etc. But I can’t help but sometimes feel a little bit like a 2nd class citizen in God’s eyes because Gentiles are not historically God’s people as the Jews are. I wondered if you could please help shed some light on how God dealt with the Gentile nations (who didn’t have the law) in O.T times. Paul also talks about how ‘when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened.’ (Romans 1:21) Do you have a view on when this time ‘when they knew God but glorified Him not as God’ was?. I personally find Jesus’ sacrifice all the more amazing when I consider He died not only for those under the law, but also for those outside of it as well. Also, am I right in thinking the law was offered to the Gentile nations in O.T times but they rejected it? Thanks for taking the time to answer my last question by the way!

    • Well, before there was Abraham, there was Adam, Noah, etc. God created the human race and he has always desired to have a relationship with us. A lot of the choosing has to do with the promise of the seed of Messiah – though not exclusively. God also made promises to Abraham, etc. Essentially, God pulled a fast one on Satan who didn’t realize that God would graft in the Gentiles/nations into the common wealth of Israel through the cross of Jesus. Meditate on Eph 3:9-10 for a while. I think you will see what I mean.

  229. Immortality by 2035?
    Text Size

    Published: Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | 5:15 PM ET
    By: Bob Pisani | CNBC “On-Air Stocks” Editor


    Immortality by 2035?
    Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | 2:00 PM ET
    Dmitry Itskov, a Russian multimillionaire, wants to build lifelike copies of humans by 2035 that could eventually be uploaded with the contents of a real human brain. With CNBC’s Bob Pisani.
    How’s this for a weekend conference: Some of the smartest people in the world are gathering in New York to try to figure out how to build lifelike copies of humans … to be eventually uploaded with the contents of a real human brain.

    It’s the brainchild of a Russian multimillionaire, Dmitry Itskov. … And he says he’s perfectly serious, and that it could be accomplished by 2035.
    Crazy? The New York Times gave Itskov a front-page profile on its Sunday Business page a week and a half ago.
    Imagine this … a digital copy of your brain in a different life form that could live for hundreds of years and be replaced.
    (Read More: Russian Tycoon Aims to Make Immortality a Reality Using Robots)

    There are several stages to his proposal, including an early stage (Avatar A) where lifelike avatars (androids) are created, but without an actual brain in them. Instead, you would be able to mentally “occupy” the avatar and would have the same sensations.

    If you have ever seen the 2009 movie “Surrogates” with Bruce Willis, this is the first stage. Willis remotely moves around an android that is an optimized version of himself. He is in a darkened room and has a live telepresence of that avatar, including all senses.
    Dmitry says that we could have the first phase—that will enable people to operate a nonbiological body—in the next seven years. And he believes that the concept can be proved viable in the next three years. He is talking about an artificial body with sensations—the sensation that you would be walking in the body.
    The next phase (Avatar B) is brain transplantation. Instead of your dying, neurosurgeons isolate the brain and some of the spinal chord, put it in a life support system, and that is inserted into the android developed in Avatar A. The timetable: 2020-25.
    In the next phase (Avatar C), you make the brain non-biological by uploading it into a computer. The timetable: 2030-35.
    Sounds crazy? One of the speakers, Theodore Berger, will show how he has already replaced the hippocampus—the part of the brain most heavily associated with memory—of a rat with a computer chip. Berger has shown that rats so implanted can have a memory without the original biological component.

    Jim Wilson | The New York Times
    Dmitry Itskov
    The final phase (Avatar D) is replacement of the physical body with a nonphysical, hologram-like body. You are essentially living inside a computer, but you can physically manifest yourself as a hologram. Think Princess Leia in “Star Wars.” The goal: 2045.

    Work has already started in Avatars A, B and C. These are parallel threads of scientific research, Itskov said.

    Heady stuff indeed, but some impressive scientists from Harvard, MIT and Berkeley are attending the Global Future 2045 World Conference in New York City this weekend, a showpiece for Itskov and ideas around the concept of life extension.

    Many investors are attending, including, according to the sponsors, Allen & Co., Citigroup, Barclays, and several VCs and hedge funds. Credit Suisse, which has a heavy investment in a Swiss robotics lab along with the Swiss government, will also be there.
    Why the interest from business? The intersection of humans and machines involves many fields with huge investment potential: robotics, defense, computers, anti-aging, genetics, prosthetics.

    Uploading a human brain may be a couple of decades away, if ever, but along the way a lot of new, highly profitable technologies may be developed. Itskov will be unveiling a series of products that are immediately investable to the investors present.

    (Read More: Spying Robots & More: The Coming Robotics Revolution)

    Image source: 2045.com
    IBM, for example, scored a huge PR hit when its Watson computer defeated the reigning “Jeopardy” champion. Watson is essentially a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence; it is now being tested for use as an advisor to doctors for medical diagnoses. The potential market: every doctor in the world.

    Itskov acknowledges the importance of developing artificial intelligence, but his main interest is in allowing humans to develop their full potential—and that includes the options to occupy a new life form.

    “The avatar is a transition for human beings … a transition which will allow us to stop aging … get rid of diseases … and finally to be almost immortal,” he said.

    To show how far these technologies have come, Itskov plans to unveil a robotic model of his own head that will move and talk in tandem with his movements, built by Hanson Robotics.

    Here is the conference agenda: http://gf2045.com/program/

    —By CNBC’s Bob Pisani

    Hi, I thought that this was very interesting, what do you think?

    Thank you for all of your teachings,

  230. Hi brother Doug,

    Just happened to find you on utube “when did satan fall”
    I was amazed at how you nailed it exactly the way I have finally figured it out over the last few years. I just can’t understand how I can’t find anyone else out there who sees this. I guess we have been “brainwashed” by all the warped sunday school fables that keep getting passed on as facts. Just like evolution.
    But how ludicrous is it to believe that Satan and his gang had a war up in “heaven” before creation, and after the big battle they didn’t get hurt or killed but thrown over the “wall.” They ended up somehow on earth (maybe the gravity here was strongest) just in time to mess up God’s perfect new world by making a snake in an apple tree talk. Then the poor snake had to take the punishment for being used by satan and had his diet changed from apples to dust, had his legs (which apparently weren’t there anyway) removed so he had to crawl on his belly. I guess God didn’t know that it wasn’t really the snake’s idea to talk like that. But it wasn’t so bad a judgment for him after all, because he didn’t have legs to start with. I guess God forgot about that too. He just happened to be in the wrong tree at the wrong time, poor little fellow.
    One other scripture I think you should add is where Paul told Timothy not to appoint a novice as an elder. The reason was that it would be too easy for him to “fall into the condemnation of the devil” which I believe means to have the same thing happen as what happened to satan in the beginning. It seemed to fit with the other OT prophecies where those kings did the same thing.
    Ed Schier

    • Hi Ed, I am so glad that you stumbled into my videos. I always pray that they would be beneficial. There is a lot of “traditional” teaching out there – which I try to stay away from. Blessings!

  231. Doug What is The Great Deception? I Think I Know But it would Help to Have You and Rob Explain it.

  232. Hey Doug Please also talk You and Rob on Corrupting the Image.Waiting for the next Quest 4 Truth.Have a Blessed DayAll.

  233. Hi Pastor Hamp,
    For some reason Paypal will not process my order of DVD’s, could I pay for the DVD’s another way? I think because I am camping in NC, paypal will not accept my order since I have a different billing address. Any suggestions!
    God Bless – Don

    • Hi Don. I am not sure why it would do that. It of course ought to work. If you would like to call me then I can do it over the phone: 949.478.0120

  234. Is this Sunday coming still on?
    There is nothing on website about it

  235. Angela Williams

    Wow thanks to jesus for you and rob! Voices of thunder.I want to here Moore.Doug and Rob Please get into The Great Deception and the Strong Delusion You both Know it is part of the Endtimes Rev. Prophecy.Too Praying for you both.Angela

  236. Hi Pastor Doug. Thanks for your ‘Why God did not elect Calvinists’ lecture. As scripture clearly states God is not willing that anyone should perish but that all should repent and be saved. Your lecture also made clear to me that Israel are the ELECT, and that election is NOT salvation. However, there is one N.T passage that puzzles me. in Colossians 3:12 Paul states ‘put on therefore as the ELECT of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness,etc (KJV). Was Paul simply referring to the Jews in the Colossian church, or does it mean something else? Any help you could give me to make sense of this passage is greatly appreciated. By the way the age of deceit documentary was eye opening, keep up the good work and God bless you!

    • Great question! In the book of Acts, Paul always went to the synagogue first in any given city. Peter wrote to the elect in the Diaspora (a reference to Jews). It is to the Jew first and then also to the nations/gentiles. The challenge is that we must retrain ourselves and get our definitions back to a biblical perspective.

  237. Hi Pastor,
    I have been watching your series on the book of Revelation, can you tell me please if the timeline guide you talk about is available on your website still? if so where, would love to see this visual guide on the events.

  238. Bill Cloud makes a case that the sons of God were, men. here is the link:


    It is hard to understand, how those of you that are scholars (in my opinion thats doug and bill) who are both beleivers and being led by the Holy Spirit, come to such different conclusions on this.Can you reply to Bill Clouds points and thoughts concerning the sons of God? He is very peruasive as is Doug Hamp in his presentation. Perhaps no one really knows? I sure dont get it.

    • Hi Jim, I briefly looked at his presentation – could you tell me where in the presentation he talks about the sons of God? In any event, when it comes to defining words, we of course must let context define them. However, what happens is that we often make our definition too small. One of my pet-peeves is the word “agape” there are many sermons on it being “divine love”. The only trouble is that it is used in John 3:19 where men are said to “agape” the darknesss. The narrow definition doesn’t fit. It is better defined as a fully committed love, good or bad and it certainly does aptly describe God’s love. The term sons of God doesn’t just mean angels or men. It means anyone who is a direct creation of God. Hence Adam was, the angels were and so are believers. That is the common denominator. I hope that helps!

  239. Doug,

    I am hoping you might be able to help me with a linguistic question. I’m a pastor, and in my training I had quite a bit of Hebrew and Greek, but no where close to your level or proficiency.

    Throughout the Pentateuch, Moses uses the word “eretz” to describe “The Promised Land.” (As an aside, it’s interesting to note that word is used in the 6-day creation account as well, but that’s another issue). In the Septuagint, the word is “ges.” In Revelation 17:18, the woman is in control of the “kings of the earth” but like the Pentateuch, the word here is “ges.”

    In your opinion, could it be possible that John was talking about the woman being in control of the kings who are in “The Promised Land” and not about kings throughout the globe?

    I’m asking because it seems through some of my studies that “Babylon” could be Mecca and not Rome, which would be reinforced by the interpretation.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Mark, word Eretz is used of land/country and earth/planet. Sometimes it is slightly challenging to discern which is in view. I am not convinced that Rev 17:18 is a reference to just Israel – those kings in waiting (which are demon-kings, by the way) were in waiting in John’s day and are still waiting and will soon be commissioned. Think about the principalitiess you have in Dan 10 – the Prince of Persia, the Kings of Persia, the Prince of Greece. Those are all fallen angels/demons.


  240. Hi Douglas, Love your stuff, Hate the blog video you did with LA Marzoulli concerning the 9/11 truth stuff. Have you read the Popular Mechanics mag. response article to the truthers? Don’t you thing the collapse of the twin towers would be on par with an earthquake? Something similar to northridge that collapsed an Interstate hwy? A conspiracy that big and that wicked would surely have leaks, also there is no real physical evidence. This lack of critical thinking undermines your credibility and a lot of folks will write you off as a kook. I really do like your presentations, in love T

    • Hi Tom, I am glad you like some stuff…bummer about the other things. Hmm, 9/11 truth stuff – no evidence??? It sounds like you have never explored what really is out there. I invite you…to watch the Architects and Engineers http://www.douglashamp.com/architects-engineers-want-new-investigation-of-world-trade-center-tower-7/ – the evidence is in fact overwhelming.

      • Watched the video, I can’t explain it, bldg. 7, but Ed Asner? Yuk. No really, I wish I could explain it. As to the planes, we saw them hit, There have been many crashes that have left nothing that resembles a plane. What is the motivation of an inside job and how could it be covered up? Military industrial complex? maybe. I don’t think we will know till we see Jesus, the evidence is long gone. Tom

  241. hey pastor hamp ive been hearing alot about pre tribulation rapture and post tribulation rapture,christians who beleave in ether or, both make good points using scripture,being that i got great respect of u work i would like to know where you stand and would most likely be more inclined to follow your view

    • I have decided to not let the timing of the rapture be my focus at the moment. I am living as if it could happen today but preparing like it won’t. I want to be about my Father’s business until Jesus comes. Blessings.

  242. Hello Doug,
    First I wanted to thank you for all the work you do. In these end times we need the light of truth to shine through the overwhelming deception that surrounds us. Your rewards await you in Paradise.
    The reason I decided to write you is this. I am a believer of 2 years and my walk became warm compared to the fire that started. In the last couple months the Lord has awoken me in alarming ways it seems in preparation for something. I am unable to distract myself like I once did constantly.
    To make a long story short. I am in my college years, decided against school, but know I need an education in the only thing that matters. The Word of God. Studying on my own is amazing but in these end times I need more structure in order to take advantage of limited time. I googled best online bible colleges but soon realized google and its results didn’t have the Holy Spirit guiding them. Im hesitant to join the first school I see because mainstream Christianity could build me a foundation of sand when I badly need solid ground.
    This is not a casual question. I live for Christ alone and my learning of his ways need be pure and righteous. I know the Lord is calling me to this knowledge not for a career, but to know his word and be used to shepherd souls onto the ark before the door closes.
    So what online education of the Word would you recommend? Or possibly another route. Please seek the Lord for this one, your opinion means more than any other in this regard.
    Grace to you and Peace,
    Dylan George

  243. hi doug – my brother recommended your site to you because i’ve been studying this topic for several years now. i only take issue with you on one thing so far regarding the sons of God and the daughters of men – angels are not demons. when the flood came, it would seem that every family on earth with the exception of noah’s had been corrupted in the fashion described in Genesis 6. when these beings were destroyed in the flood, being half angel and half human, their bodies would have corrupted, but their spiritual part would have survived. we see evidence of this in the new testament as well, where they are disembodied spirits, looking for an abode. consider the story of the man (or men, depending on which gospel you read) who were “demon-possessed.” the demons asked to be sent into the swine as an option. angels, on the other hand have bodies – they can not only appear as human (this occurs on numerous occasions in scripture, both in the old and new testament), but they can have intercourse with women. demons can not. they must inhabit a body that doesn’t belong to them and often share it with other demons.

    but don’t take my word for it — look into it for yourself! i’m thrilled to read your work and look forward to reading more as time permits!

    • Hi, I wrote an article about that which I think you might want to read: http://www.douglashamp.com/are-demons-the-same-as-fallen-angels/ – I am also glad that you found my site. Blessings!

      • hey doug,
        i read your article on demons and fallen angels, and will take the time to respond with some things we’ve been looking at here in our bible study later this week – not to dispute, but to share and fellowship. i love it that iron sharpens iron – and always welcome the opportunity to be sharpened and to sharpen. typing out what you believe is an amazing way to really know if you can STATE what you believe. a lot of people think they are solid in their “beliefs” until you ask them to be specific and then they find that they can’t. been there – am still there in a number of areas – but always looking to improve.
        i just wanted to tell you that i love the way God works – this week, my studies have led me from Genesis 4-14. i got an email from my brother about your site (didn’t previously know who you were), went to look at your site, and found, essentially, many of the same passages i’ve been on this week and confirmation that at least one other person in the world is on the same page with me! (most just think i’m way off base) isn’t that just like the Lord – to give confidence and confirmation that we should press on.
        Heb. 11:6 “…He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”

        blessings to you!

  244. Hi Doug!
    Recently I came across a website that I wonder if you know of. Its called called 2045.com, and talks about an initiative to create technologies enabling the transfer of an individuals personality to more advanced nonbiological.carrier (avatar) giving immortality. They aim to phase this initiative into fruition by the year 2045. I would be interested to hear your thought on how this fits into the transhumanism concepts and prophesy. Also ive heard the chemtrail spray payload is partly about implementing the cyborg/avatar/immortality. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  245. Pastor Doug, I noticed in your credentials that you are a language major in Hebrew and koine Greek. As a new pastor how can I learn to translate the original language, do you recommend any online courses of study?

  246. Hi Pastor Hamp,

    I really appreciated your “Why God did not elect Calvinist” lecture.
    I went to a Christian high school where they taught the Calvinist doctrine
    & I can remember my other classmates being worried if they were actually
    saved or not. I personally never accepted it & have debated many
    Predestinationers including pastors & I think they have a very weak
    argument Biblically. I had 3 main arguments:

    1. I would bring up 2 Peter 3:9 & 1 Tim 2:4. Usually, they wouldn’t give me
    a straight answer & refer me to other scriptures that deal w/ God’s
    Sovereignty. I actually had one pastor tell me its a “paradox.”

    2. It limits the power of the cross. If only some of humanity is predestined
    then Christ didn’t die for the world’s sin so that “whosoever believes”
    in Him could be saved. He would of only died for the predestined &
    therefore salvation is not for “whosoever.”

    3. This is my favorite one to ask: What happens to aborted babies? They will
    not touch this one. One pastor told me, “I am sure God has a good explanation
    for that one.” In response to this question I actually had one guy try to
    use the “Jacob I loved Esau I hated” verse as justification that God
    does predestin some babies to hell.

    Usually the conversation ended with them saying its a “mystery” or a
    “paradox.” Anyway I really enjoyed the lecture & you’ve given me
    some great new insights into the predestination & election topic.


    S. Brown

    • Simon N Jackie Manning

      this makes no sense, the idea of predestination comes from God being outside time and space. He sees all things at once. Christ specifically says you did not chose me I chose you, no man comes to me unless the father draws them. My Word’s are Spirit and Truth, and it is that Spirit that must be preached in order for a man’s heart to change and follow God.

      What happen’s to aborted babies, what happens to children that die as infant’s or mentally challenged? I assume you know all this or you wouldn’t have said anything. I can say that God says the sins of the parent’s can pass to the third and fourth generation, so given that where do these people stand. I know you will tell me salvation is not inherited. I understand this. But damnation is. For our representative is Adam unless we are born of the Spirit of God.

      So did john the Baptist have a choice he was born with the Holy Spirit?

      It is not so much a mystery, but something that is hard to comprehend because we are in space-time and God is not, he knows all and sees all. I do not claim to know how it all works, but do hold to what scripture clearly says. The Spirit must work in our hearts for us to have saving faith, God knows and ordains all that happens, that we must hear or read the Word of Truth in order for our heart to Change. Salvation is completely of God, least any man should boast. He takes the foolish things to confound the wise. The father draws us to his son. We are born in a state of sin, with hearts of stone. and as God told us he will cleanse, he will give us a new heart and a new Spirit.

      as with 2 Peter 3, we must read in context, the end of that verse is not the end of the thought and you must take what is said in context. Of course God loved the world and wills that all would follow his ways, but he has given us the ability to choose and because of the “corrupting of the image” we chose evil continually. That is why we must hear the Words of Spirit and Truth and they work on our hearts and our spirits, so he can seal us with his Spirit until the day we see him again face to face.

      Same with 1 Timothy 2, this is a passage directed at church elders and teachers to remind that of the great commission. That we are to go and speak the Gospel to all Creatures. That is how God has ordained it. Salvation is belief that God’s Word is true before and after Christ, and that his Word is the only true righteousness. The bible was written to Reveal God to us, not what we want God to be, All of creation was to bring Glory to Christ and give him a kiingdom. This is a plan, all pre-ordained by God. He is not a clockmaker who just leaves things to be, but does all things to his glorious will and to bring Glory to Himself.

      I was free will baptist, but after I started really studying the scriptures and using the hebrew and greek tools availalble have come to believe that the work of the Cross of Christ and the Father pouring out his Wrath was a finished and complete work. That he died to save men, not to make men savable. That at that point in time when the eternal Son of God entered time and space in this fallen dimension, he took the wrath and redeemed all that would believe. That the cup of wrath poured out by the father contained the wrath and judgement of all who would be redeemed and for all their sin, not for the sin of the whole world. Otherwise all men are saved or it was not finished (paid in full). How this all works we will know when we see our saviour in Glory, but until then we will proclaim the message of his Gift of Redemption to every Creature for he has commanded and ordained it. Just as he ordained the farmer to til the land, plant the seed, the sun to shine and the rain to fall so that the crop might grow, he has put all of us in place with our specific gifts, in his specifc time to do his will. And I will do my best to really on him for my rest and strength and to do his will, letting him handle the details..

      For as Peter told us 1 Peter 1:11-13, 11 Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.

      12 Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.

      13 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ

      • Hi Simon,
        Thank you for taking the time to read my comments and posting a reply. I will reply to each topic in the order you addressed them.

        Concerning the scriptures that says “you did not chose me I chose you, no man comes to me unless the father draws them.” While I believe that Christ did choose me and that God drew me to Christ, I don’t believe that this somehow cancels out me freewill. I look at kind of like if I was a professional athlete and a sports team drafted me (chose me). Yes I didn’t have a choice in that but once they’ve selected me I still have a choice to play for them or not. So yes Christ chose me and God drew me to Him but once I was there I still had to make a choice to put my faith in Him.

        As far as the babies/mentally challenged children going to heaven, you are correct that I don’t know with 100% certainty (not sure though why that would prevent me from having an opinion on the matter though?) what happens to them when they die. However, I would say that I believe that they do go to heaven and that a sound Biblical case can be made for my belief. From Deuteronomy 1:39, “And the little ones
        that you said would be taken captive, your children who do not yet know
        good from bad—they will enter the land. I will give it to them and they
        will take possession of it.”

        While the parents of these children had a hard heart toward God, He did not hold it against them and allowed them to enter the land. Then from Isaiah 7:14-16 the prophet records this about Jesus: “Therefore
        the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall
        conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. He shall eat
        curds and honey when he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the
        good. For before the boy knows how to refuse the evil and choose the
        good, the land whose two kings you dread will be deserted.”
        Here again the scriptures show that at a young age children do not understand about choosing between good and evil. Then there is 2 Samuel 12:23 that says “now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” Here David is morning the death of his son but knows that he “will go to him” meaning he will see him in Heaven.
        There is a great little article on this subject if you’re interested: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/where-do-babies-go-if-they-die-do-they-go-to-heaven-or-hell/

        Not sure what you meant by the John the Baptist comment?

        I agree the topic of predestination can be complicated but I would argue that the Calvinist view of predestination makes much more difficult to understand. I personally don’t see how my belief that God allows free-will takes away from God’s work of salvation or Him getting the glory. The way I look at it is that I am a diseased riddled patient who desperately needs an operation to save my life. So I go to the one doctor who says he can cure me which he does. Now the doctor did all the work and cured me, I did nothing but lie there and chose to let him do the work on my body. So he rightfully gets all of the praise and credit for curing me. Same thing with Christ. I need to be saved from my sins and Christ is the only one who can do that. But in order for Him to do his work within me I must first choose to accept him and allow him to do the work within me.

        As for 2 Peter 3:9, your analysis sounds very contradictory to me. On the one hand you say that we don’t choose our salvation but then you say that, ” he has given us the ability to choose and because of the “corrupting of the image” we chose evil continually.” Which is it?
        Additionally, you say that, “Of course God loved the world and wills that all would follow his ways” then why would God choose to send some people to hell without any possibility of redemption? If this is not what you meant then please correct me.

        As for 1 Tim. 2:3-4, the scripture seems pretty clear to me, “This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” This sounds very clear to me that God wants everyone to come to know him. So I don’t know why He would create certain humans whose sole purpose would be to live on Earth without any possibility of knowing Him and be damned to hell. Just saying.

        While I am always open to new ways of understanding the scriptures and listening to other people’s interpretations, your arguments did nothing to change my opinion. You are certainly free to interpret the scriptures as you believe the Holy Spirit is leading you. I stand by my original statement that the Calvinist view of Predestination is a Biblical weak argument.

        Thanks again for commenting. Hope to hear from you soon.

        • Simon N Jackie Manning

          Thank you, most people with a differing viewpoint immediately jump to what you believe is heresy you aren’t saved.

          I don’t really want to change your view, you see scripture the way you do, and the reason I always reference 1 Peter 1 when this discussion comes up is that, to parapharase, Peter basically tells us that the angels study and marvel at salvation works, that they don’t even understand it.

          I would ask one thing though, please don’t call me a Calvinist, I had never even heard of the person or idea until someone said what I believe sounds alot like his concept of how salvation works. What I do know now after looking into some of his writings, I agree somewhat, but not completely and there is much that he puts forward that I do not agree with.

          The point with the babies, is that there examples both way in the bible of children dying and definitely not being in covenant. I know much can be attributed to a genetics issue, but isn’t all of our sin nature now a genetics issue. Which goes in hand in hand with the point about John the Baptist, he was born with the Holy Spirit, he was born with a converted heart, he had a role to play in God’s plan and really did not have much of a choice in that.

          While I can understand you allegory of being unsaved as being sick, it isn’t biblical. What Christ, Paul and the rest of the writers in the Bible tell us is that we are “Dead” in our trespasses, That we are Dead in sin. That All men are born sinful and if left to their own devices would choose to rebel against God and his Will. The prophets of the OT and the teachings of the NT all tell us that first God must change our heart so that we will accept his gift of eternal life, through faith in Christ. That he must replace our heart of stone and give us a new spirit, he must give us eyes to see and hears to hear, he must draw us to his son.

          I never said God condemns some to hell and not others. What I believe is that the bible clearly teaches we are all sinful and there fore all condemned to God’s wrath because of our sin and disobedience. It is not God that sends us, but we condemn ourselves through our own action. And that it is an act of His Mercy and His Grace by which he works in the hearts of those Dead to him in sin to save some. And it is all for His Glory, not ours.

          That if we can pull ourselves out of our sin nature and chose him, that then in part we are somewhat responsible for our salvation, that Christ’s actions were not a complete work to bring about salvation for men, but then it requires the WORKing of our wills, and it truly was not finished by Christ. Which brings us into the realm that our salvation now depends on our fickle will, and not the complete and sufficient working of Christ.

          I don’t claim to know how it all works, I just know that God is great, and worthy of all Glory, Honor and PRaise. That He is the author of my salvation and has created a new creature through the workiing of His Holy Spirit. And some day I will see him face to face, to bask in his Glory and Worship him eternally. All I will do is live to honor him and ask for his strength to do his will. So that prayerfully he can receive some Glory and Honor from my living sacrifice to him. That I am not in anyone or any man’s doctrine, but I am In Christ and will seek to know Him and desire to live like Him through prayer, petition and the renewing of my mind through the Holy and inerrant Word of God.

  247. please read VIP

    must watch and hear video on youtube titled, “Christ testimony of the churches around the world.” there are two identical Jesus Christ revelation 17:8. most of revelation is happening in the spirit world. that’s why Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot. the abomination of desolation is happening in the spirit realm inside all these man made buildings set up for worship. the Christians and catholics, etc are not aware of what’s happening to them and around them in these places, (churches -any four wall building representing God to gather believers of Christ). these churches around the world are all connected to “The Great City” Revelation 11, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt and Mystery of iniquity. this email is not a joke. Church leaders around the world are searching of the earthly signs. this will not happen until the very last day and hour. God will not allow man to destroy the earth with nuclear bombs. read matthew 3:12 and Revelation 20:9. God sends his son to the earth with the fire behind him consuming all his enemies which are left from the resurrection of the dead and those that are alive. the body of Christ is gathered as the son of man appears at last sound of shofar, he is coming while the wheat are gathered and the tares are left as the chaff and earth is consumed by the fire of God.

  248. Did the DVD come with Spanish subtitles to chance or other languages​​?

  249. Hello Douglas,

    i´ve watched 98% of all your videos on youtube, took me 5 days to view them all. You might asking now.. wow he really got time.., yes indeed i have plenty of time since i got the truth.

    This is my Testemony

    At age of 20 i had an accident in the German Military by a teeth doctor in 2002 where he overdoesed me with anesthetic but still was conscious after he was done, 5 min later i was calling my mom that everything was ok now, i hanged up the phone and immediately lost my consciousness and fell to the ground. I could see leaving my body, but instandly had a blueish very very bright light before me, today i know that this being was Jesus Christ, but he spoke with me and said something to me that even today i cannot remember, but i know that even i didnt know actually in my mind what was told to me, that this will take a part later in my life. After some weeks later i changed my mind that i have to leave the military at any cost and so the road begins from there on.. i got to the military psychiatrist and told them that my family is broken (that my family was broken was a lie) and that i could´nt kill anymore anyone (i never killed anyone, this is the truth). I failed at the attempt to leave the military at that time because i messed it up with going and make party at that time. But 2 month later i got finally free, i have butterfly swirls since i was born and i used that as my advantage to leave, at that time i never could left the military because i was a soldier on time. If my back gets broken (the butterfly swirls) i will be paralyzed for ever.

    So, i got out of the military and took me some time to realize what i really want now, unfortunately my mother wanted me to go to high school to get a better job later. But within me i was allready crying out that i didnt want this anymore, and so i failed for 5 years again and got nothing out of it. In that time at school i became a drug addict, smoked marijuana every day.. my state of being became more and more unstable, but while i smoked marijuana, my awarness became more and more and began to search for the truth. In that time i was searching for everything, why is this that the system has to be like it is now, why am acting the people how they act now, why iam here, is there more?…

    I was searching every day on youtube 12-16 hours before my pc, never was really good at english, but something told me, keep going! So i began to listen to each and everyone on youtube like, David Icke, Alex Collier, Alex Jones, Bill Copper, Bob Dean, Bob Lazar, Christoph Hörstel, Clifford Stone, Coast to Coast Am, Dan Burisch, David Sereda, David Wilcock, Derek Prince, Dolores Cannon, Dr Delbert Blair, Dr Judy Wood, Dr Karla Turner, Dr Sal, Dr Steven Greer, George Kavassilas, Gregg Braden, Jaime Maussan, Jim Mars, John Lamp Lash, Jordan Maxwell, Kaoru Nakamaru, Matias De Stefano, Michael Tsarion, Nassim Haramein, Phil Schneider, Project Camelot, Red Ice Radio, Richard Amoroso, Rik Clay, Roger Morneau, Ron Wyatt, John Searl , Steve Quale, Terrence McKenna, Thomas Sheridan, Wendelle Stevens and William Henry.
    That was my stumble into the new age. All of those guys where my teachers in some way, the other stronger, another just for more details, but i began to understand something in all that 8 years from studying, that something isnt right here, i was ending up with more questions and more and more.. Later in the Netherlands i had a experiance, on the way back to the train station i was thinking of all the love for each and every being of the hole universe, be it a good or bad being and that we have all peace together, suddenly a GREAT feeling came uppon me, wonderfull so overwhelming that my hole body began to shake, my knees began to shake, my heart was so extremly highlifted a hole aura of pure love and energy sorrounded me, that i began to talk… i cant handle this, please .. what ever this is that is happening to me… please stop i cant handle this much love right know… but it was not ending, even at the train station i looked at each and everyone, hopeing not to collapse in each and everyones eyes and finally the train came, i sat down and slept immediately (even the conciquence that the police that wander in the train might catch me now wasnt any of my concernes). I never had that feeling again and today iam missing it so deeply i cannot discribe to anyone, today knowing that it was from God himself.

    I had dreams that where totaly crazy, i even had a dream that was so ugly
    so perverted ( i literally was in hell) that a “guide” tought me some
    things there, i dont know still today if it was a demon or an angel, but
    i was learning things that was´nt from this realm of existance (so it
    really might be from a demon). I Also had a dream where i was in my bed,
    staning up to look in the floor where my mom and my Grand mother sleeps
    and looked at the end of the floor, everything was dark and i could
    just see a shade, my feeling told me that is was bad.. really bad for me
    because just a second later a demon wanted to came into me and posses
    me, in that very moment i cryed out for help, i cryed for my mom to save
    me, and the very next day i told her about my dream i had. Today i know i got possessed because thought at that very moment not on Jesus but on my mom, she could save me from that…

    even while i was smokeing i somehow learned to speak in tounges ( today
    i know i was posessed by a demon that gave me that gift) today iam not
    anymore able to speak like that …but today always, ALWAYS remember the way of
    Jesus Christ and scripture itself, whatever comes up that someone is
    telling, i know immediately whats the truth about is and what is not.

    Even in that time i blasphemed the holy Lord and the allmighty God because i was stupid and fell for the deceiving doctrine of Lucifer of the Devil and his new age bullshit, that iam ashamed of myself to this day that i have done that. I though i knew it all, was also able to discible all things in the hole world, to discuss every little detail in physics theorised by myself to the highest endings of all the materialistic world into the hole spiritual meanings.

    But i was wrong..maybe not in my theories, but in the very being of God and what he wants for us… the devil is so evil… totally messed up in his heart, even the bible tells us that… iam crying right now…

    But none the less it has to come to an end..

    now after i left the school and teached my mother of all the things i´ve learned, that the world is upside down and not is what it seems to be that my mother finally understood what i was talking about after such a hard way of learning and experience, i told her everthing, what the illuminati are , what they are supossed to do, how the system works, how the money works, how the schools work, how the medicine works, what poisions we eat and drink, why earthquakes suddenly appear (haarp), why chemtrails are all around us (also in Germany), what the chemtrails do to us and so on , my mom helped me out alot and also tryed to teach in the family and protected me because she knew i was right all the time, so does she… i even tryed to teach to my grand parents, but my grandmom things she know all and doesnt listending.. even if i literaly tell her what is fritten in the sciptures.. she makes it how she want it to be and not take it literaly…

    Anyway the prophet isnt wellcome at the homeland…

    in the last 1 1/² year i came back to Jesus Christ and at the end of 2011 i called to Jesus to deliver me from smoking marijuana because my mind could´nt handle it anymore and i began to get crazy, got paranoia.. in the middle of the day in 2011 of august while i was smoking a joint, suddenly a bad feeling came up.. something is wrong with my mind something wanted me to kill me from inside.. i stood up from my chair ran as fast as i could to the floor and cryed loud for help and for my grand parents… while walking down the stairs my eyes where totaly blinded and could´nt feel my body or any thought ( my soul was struggeling with the demon for the upper hand), in that time running down the demon swung me against the steel scaffolding and i was wounded on my head, in that very moment i havent seen or felt anything of that that was happening to me and my grand mom was totally
    overwhelmed in that situiation and just looked at me and didnt knew what to to, but my grand dad called the ambulance, the ambulance came and asked me what was happened, and i couldnt tell them because i didnt remember anything, i denied to go with them but they
    persuaded me and i did go with them… later my mom came to me into the hospital, and before that day, weeks before she had a dream that i was driving with her in a wheelchair out of the hospital, and i told her, mom did you remember your dream with the wheelchair? she said yes, i said, look to my left, there is the chair the doctor offered me to sit in so that i could leave the hospital, but i stayed and said that i wanted to be sure thats everything is fine with me.

    After 2 or 3 days i left the hospital, came home, into my room and saw the weed … i thought nevermore! Never again! I trough it away, so i ask Jesus Christ to free me from this addiction that caused me to get possessed by a demon and almost killed me. The next day, i never wasted a thought on drugs again, i totaly lost any addiction feelings to it, i ran to my mother and said, mom! Jesus saved me ! I asked him to take it away from me, and he DID! Thank you Jesus, thank you! She just said, see.. i told you before, you can trust you mom, i always took care about you and ever will! Thank you mom! Since that day iam praying every day to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the Father to help me.

    But still today iam struggleing with other things in my life like sexuality,sometimes the lust overcomes me and cant discipline myself in that moment … dont want to get to deep into that, no its not homosexuality, iam hetero.. fully.. i say it so… iam trying to hold chastity, so that i might see the holy place clearer and clearer. But thats hard one i can tell you… its discribed in the scriptures… its Paulus maybe? Yeah i think so..

    So yeah iam from Germany, am 28 years old, male and hopefully be accepted in your community!

    So yeah thats my testimony… you´re the very first witness Douglas and likewise the public to! Hope you liked it!

    • Hi Karl, I am amazed that you would spend 5 days watching my stuff. I am glad to hear that my teaching is helping!

  250. Dear Doug: First of all, thank you for all you do, and taking the time to answer our questions. I would like your comments re: #1) the Jesuits, via Eric Jon Phelps et.al It really makes sense & puts everything into perspective – and also #2) their “secret rapture theory”

  251. On one of your radio shows you were speculating that Armageddon would be in Jerusalem, Michael Heiser says the same based on the meaning of the word Armageddon, here is a 2 minute clip from one of his youtube videos : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnh0OlhTJcY . The clip is taken from his video on Anunnaki, Watchers, Serpentine Beings & The Netherworld in Ancient Texts.

  252. hi doug,just wanted
    to say that i really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to answer my questions as well as others,that’s pretty dang cool man,O and bye the way,I know you know who these guys are,but i was curious if you had a actual friendship with these guys,besides L.A. Marzulli,or is it more of business relationship and do you guys read each others books?Steve Quayle,Chuck Missler,Tom Horn,and Ken Johnson and others? Im just curious,anxious to here back from ya bro!

  253. Pastor Hamp,

    Just wondering if you have heard and what your thoughts are regarding the view that Prince William could be the antichrist?

    * He comes from a part of the old roman empire.

    * It’s a common view of many that Prince Charles never loved Diana and that she actually said that she was a 19 year old virgin used as nothing more than a birthing chamber for the royals.

    * Has there ever been a human being whose birth has been more heralded in the history of the world than Prince William? Obviously the Messiah’s (Jesus Christ) birth was greatly anticipated but since He was rejected as the Messiah, whose birth has been more anticipated and heralded in the history of the earth than PW?

    * Jesus Christ was brought into this world under humble conditions in a manger . . . could it not be that the “Prince of this world” would be born under completely opposite conditions, in a palace?

    * Some people believe that PW is actually the cloned image of Christ (Hence, the abomination of desolation – spirit of satan in the flesh of Christ) – this having been accomplished through the blood taken from the Shroud of Turin? No other has been more studied in the history of the world than the Shroud. In the 1970’s the Shroud used to be on display to the public, then, after testing supposedly determined that it was a relic from the middle ages they suddenly placed it under lock and key and it was no longer on display for the public? But why? If it was determined to be a fraud, why was it suddenly placed under lock and key?

    * Many cultures from around the world believe that their serpent god would descend to earth in 2012. Were the Olympics, unbeknownest to the masses, a worldwide celebration of the secret anointing of the AC? PW turned 30 (on a summer solstice) on the day the celebrations began for the XXX (30th) Olympics which were held in London. Remember that the true Messiah was baptized and anointed for His ministry when He was 30 and a dove descended from the heavens.

    * Ironically, PW, Prince Charl, and the queen were all mysteriously absent from the closing ceremonies???? How could this be? their ONLY job is to represent their country and yet all three are absent from the closing ceremonies? It was said that PW was off on RAF duty while the queen was on holiday? Again, why? Did they not have enough time to plan to be present? Could PW not get a pardon for such a huge event? What was really going on during closing ceremonies behind closed doors when the Phoenix was rising from the ashes?

    Look, there’s much, much more but I know I’m just beginning to babble now. Just curious of what your thoughts are on this?

  254. Doug, I am watching your video, aliens or Angels? The Prophecy Forum from Mar 6, 2013.

    Short of all of us Christians and Jewish People packing up and actually ascending upon Israel and taking arms to defend her borders (and I mean this literally) – how else can we help defend and protect Israel?

    Sounds crazy, but someone here has got to start thinking outside the box.

    You have 1-2 hundred million Christians and Jewish People actually descend upon Israel (and take back the Gaza Strip as well) could work.

    Obama is useless, he’s a puppet for lucifer’s NWO.

    I have never wanted to go over to the Middle East because war scares me (I’m 60) but it is time we put aside our fears and like the song Onward Christian Soldiers says:

    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle see His banners go!

    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus going on before.

    At the sign of triumph Satan’s host doth flee;
    On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
    Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
    Brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

    Like a mighty army moves the church of God;
    Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod.
    We are not divided, all one body we,
    One in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

    Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane,
    But the church of Jesus constant will remain.
    Gates of hell can never ’gainst that church prevail;
    We have Christ’s own promise, and that cannot fail.

    Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng,
    Blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.
    Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King,
    This through countless ages men and angels sing.
    Maybe The Almighty is waiting on his true followers to walk the walk.
    I do not fear death.
    I fear not at least defending God’s Holy Land – He has decreed for Himself and His People.
    We are His People.
    Obama isn’t going to do anything major to help Israel, he is (in my opinion) a closet Muslim.
    Praying daily for Israel.
    Israel seems to be the center crown that lucifer is after.
    Abba, Our Almighty creator Father, declared this to be His Land.
    I am Christian and have worked in nursing so I know first hand what a gunshot wound and burn victim looks like. Have never came across a bomb victim.
    Muslims are chanting “It’s time to march”.
    Maybe Jewish and Christians should be not only praying but also marching to Israel?
    Your thoughts?
    PS: Your book, “Corrupting The Image” was a excellent book, worth every penny and a very enlightening read.

    • That would be pretty amazing to see that. Maybe you can use Facebook to pull it together! That would be fun.

  255. Hello Pastor Doug!

    First off I just wanted to commend you for your research and for getting out the TRUTH of the end time deception that is fastly approaching! In my mind that is very crucial since I strongly believe the demonic “alien” disclosure will be the cause of the “great falling away” foretold by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. My interest in aliens started when I was 15 years old and it wasn’t until I was 19 years old (I’m 35 now) when I had an attempted “abduction” experience that opened my eyes to the true nature of these so-called “aliens.” I was over-come with paralyzing fear and couldn’t even form words, but when I attempted to cry out the name of JESUS the experience abruptly stopped! Thanks you, Jesus! Since that point I found Chuck Missler’s “Return of the Nephilim” and recently found out about your research, LA Marzulli, Tom Horn and Pastor Doug Riggs. But there has been one question that has always stumped me. According to 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 6 the sons of God from the days of Noah are bound in chains awaiting judgment. If that is the case what segment of fallen angels are continuing the nephilim hybridization process?
    Looking foward to your answer.
    Thank you for your time!

    God Bless and keep up the good work! (I’m about halfway through “Corrupting the Image”–Great job!)

    • What is so interesting is that Satan and the demons get thrown into the Abyss after the Trib for 1000 years – sounds like they are penalized for doing the same thing!

  256. Dear Doug: First of all, thank you for all you do, and taking the time to answer our questions. I would like your comments re: the Jesuits. Eric Jon Phelps et.al It really makes sense & puts everything into perspective.

  257. Pastor: Re: the comment from Jamin… I could have written that also. I know that I’m born-again, but have those same feelings. Plus I’ve been trying to get into the Word again and just can’t open the Bible & read, so I did start listening to an audio Bible. I have no church or fellowship either. It would be great to have an interactive study or coffee-clutch! Thanks

    • Why don’t you join us on Thursdays via Youtube. I am finishing up the book of Revelation.

      • I started watching, & it was awesome. I stopped because I was waiting for Ch. 3 & 4. I can’t find them & didn’t want to jump ahead. What would be great is to be able to skype a bible study (like they do classes, for interaction) for us that don’t have any “fellowship”. God bless & thanks.

  258. hi pastor hamp your the only pastor i know that marries the bible with science like i always beleaved it should be..i learned alot from your youtube videos,i dont go to churches and are not a big fan of them cause i beleave that almost every church are blind lost and fake..which is hypocritical of me being that im a sinner an do things that are wrong, i dont want to be a hypocrite any more but i refuse to go to churches that i feel im not gonna get fed from,their are alot of street peaple like me that want god but are smart enough to no that what these pastors are preaching is wrong and dont make sence so they just get more lost and run to false things that make more sence to them,i really want to learn from you or at least some1 that teaches like you,,i need a guide i got so many questions i feel that you can answer if theirs any way that i can attend or hear your bible studys where i can ask queastions that will mean alot to me..im a sinner that knows what he does is wrong like drink smoke but ends up feeling the convictions of my way,i start getting more hungry for god but end up not doing anything about it.i deffenetly dont want to start going to these lost churches espesialy when im lost myself..please help me im willing to learn..thank you god bless

    • Thanks Jamin. I am so glad to hear that my research is a blessing to you. The Lord keep you.

      • thank you for taking the time to respond,i really appriciate it,,,is their any way that i can learn more from you or ask you questions?,is their any way that i can attend your bible studys?god bless

    • Jamin, you have such a wonderful, teachable and humble spirit about you!

      I agree with you that the Churches–for the most part–are as you say–blind and lost. They have lost their way, and I myself have stopped attending because they have become so very compromised by the world. I believe that it is due to their 501c3, unholy Corporate alliance with the State. They now have a non”prophet” status. They have chosen to become unevenly-yoked to “unbelievers” and now their “State” creator‘s are controlling their “talking points”. Christ stands “outside” of the Church and knocks–seeking to come back into the Church (Rev 2:14-22), but he is a Gentleman. The Church must first sever themselves away from the adulterous relationship they have with man’s government (Rev 18:4-6). But they won’t–they will continue to bend to the will of their State-owner. This is where we are right now in the USA.

      But God…..

      My Friend in Christ, you do not need any man to teach you, God will teach you all things–if you go to Him in prayer, and ask!( John 6:45, 1 Thes 4:9, John 16:13, John 14:25) He is our “Abba Father”, and He LONGS for you to bring that hunger for God that you speak of having–confess your sins, and seek forgiveness through the blood of His Son Christ Jesus! If you are sincere Dear Friend–He will absolutely forgive you and draw you to His Son for your redemption. He will gift you the Holy Spirit and FAITH to believe upon Christ Jesus as your ONLY Lord and Savior! Commit your life to the ONLY Truth there is, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life–and HE will guide you–live inside of you and your life will never be the same!

      Jesus didn’t die to give us a religion! He died to give us new life in Him and THROUGH Him! It is just that easy–and just that hard. The conviction you feel is God’s Holy Spirit beginning to work within your heart. LISTEN to that, pray when conviction comes! Ask God–“My Father–I seek your face–please, show me clearly what you want me to do, draw me to do it and don’t let me go!”

      I am a former Jehovah’s Witness, who was drawn out of a Kingdom Hall during their annual “Memorial” on April 9th, 2009. God came and got me, I left crying and praying–within a week, of constant seeking to KNOW the TRUTH, God opened my eyes and drew me to Christ Jesus. He told me to go and buy a Bible. I had a Bible from the JW Organization; never the less–I obeyed. I went and bought a new Bible at the Book store and I told Him that I never wanted to be deceived again, that I would rely ONLY on Him to teach me, just as He promises in the Bible.

      No one brought me to Christ Jesus–and I had never known him as my Savior as a Witness. God came and got me–drew me to Himself–and to His Son–I became born again 7 days after that Memorial.

      Seek God My Friend! He is waiting for YOU!

      “For it is by grace you have been saved, through FAITH–and THIS not from yourselves, IT is the gift of God–not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Eph 2:8,9,10, Act 18:27

      By God’s grace (unmerited kindness, mercy, love) we are saved. He grants us FAITH and draws us to His Son.(John 6:44-45,63,65) It is God’s Gift to us–so that we CAN believe upon Him for our redemption and salvation. We are not saved BY good works, no! We are SAVED, then we can go out and perform good works, which God has prepared for us to do in our lives toward others–not for our salvationNO! We can’t “earn” our salvation. “Not by works that no one can boast”. Salvation is God’s Work. It is God who reaches down to US! He takes us as we are–and then makes us into a new creation–in Christ. You don’t have to figure it out! Just CALL out to Him–HE will do the rest!

      Don’t doubt–just TRUST in God’s LOVE for you! He is calling you through these pangs of conviction–LISTEN and PRAY to Him for His Guidance–He will provide it to you! The end of all things is fast approaching–so if not now–my Friend–then when?

      God Bless you! =) Laurie

      • Laurie: I hope you’re still reading this post so you can see the comments. I am HAPPY that you came out of the Jehovah’s Witness organization. The Watchtower Society is not a church, You now know that those people “cannot” work their way into heaven, it’s a free gift from GOD. He gives it to them. You are saved first, then you work, not to work your way into heaven but to “Obey” the LORD and show him you are serious. JESUS said, “If you love me, keep my commandments”. Sabbath worship is good, honoring his feast days is good, and not celebrating the holidays of man, Easter, Halloween, Christmas.
        I had neighbors that were witnesses a few years ago, and I could not get through to them. They had been programmed, and brainwashed in their doctrine and they wouldn’t listen to the “truth” that would have set them free. I am certainly glad that GOD came and got you out of there. Now you’re free to learn, read, study and pass on the truth to others. Bless you. I was never a witness but I did visit their building one day and it was all together different than anything I was used to and I did not feel the presence of GOD there at all.
        Keep trusting, praying and learning the word.

  259. Just listened to your “Angels, aliens, and the Antichrist” audio file again and a question I had when I first listened to it came back to my mind. If Adam’s fall is transferred through the Y chromosome, how is the fallenness of females is subsequent generations explained?
    Thanks for your reply, and love, love your book “Corrupting the Image”.

  260. Okay, how do I get a copy of The Word software? Do you have a special this month – like, if I buy a book I can get the software as a bonus?

    • Every purchase of books and DVDs will go out with a copy of theword software. Blessings

  261. Doug, I have spent a year and a half studying Calvinism. I have also come to the conclusion that it is extremely unbiblical, and, in fact, blasphemous and an affront to the character and nature of God. I have been listening to your video “God did not elect Calvinists”, and I was wondering…, could some of the doctrinal confusion come from much of the church believing that “the Church”, is the spiritual Israel (replacement theology)? I would appreciate your comments. Thank you for teaching the Word!!

    • You have hit the nail on the head! It starts from replacement theology and then just goes on and on. Israel is the elect. Once you replace Israel with the Church, then the Church “those saved” must be the elect. It is really sad how this came about.

  262. doug it looks like you will soon need a question answerer here! i have been thinking about how the nephilim seem to have dropped out and returned after the flood, apparently then producing the “giants in the land” which the israelites confronted.

    i have heard of a mideast pagan legend which states that the “masters” simply took off at the time of the flood and then returned afterward. others have said that naoh’s sons wives had modified dna. and more importantly that the nephilim were locked up at the time of the flood.

    but whatever happened, is there any dna trace the anakim might have left in homo sapiens today? or did israel wipe out every trace of the nephilim’s influence? along these lines, i have read something about a “starchild” skeleton which showed traces of a non-natural(?) dna. also, what can explain the diminished appearance of these offspring of nephilim since the time of david? is it because the fallen angels were locked up? but then which fallen angels remained to conduct affairs since the flood and why did they not create more offspring?

    • sorry this post was pretty mixed up! will gather my thoughts and repost…!

    • it is a tricky question – did Nephilim DNA get into the human race? Well, my friend Rob Skiba thinks so. I am still chewing on his evidence. As of yet, I am not persuaded. It is also possible that some of the Nephilim escaped from the Middle East and went elsewhere – such as South America and other destinations.

  263. Hi Doug,
    You are finally getting it. The dollar will collapse soon. The major banks are buying derivatives to the point that they are trillions in debt. They will re form and bring about a new currency. This will cause the US to become a 3rd world country. The UN will probably leave and move to Babylon, which is on UNESCO’s favorites list, and become a prominent city again. Contact Tom Fyler, a former Wall Street trader that quit out of disgust for the system. He is a christian and he has the low down on financial things. You can find him online.
    Phil H.

  264. Hi Douglas Hamp, I was watching your session from the 2012 Branson Prophecy Summit, Genetics of the Incarnation. Well i don’t know if you’ve heard of Ron Wyatt, but I thought you might find this intriguing. It’s about the possible blood of Jesus. Here are the links, check it out. I hope you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pqa-Jd5bkQ. You’ll find the part about Jesus’s blood at 44:10. Here’s a shorter version as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2sPKkhSWms

  265. Douglas, hi, I’m the one who translated your video to portuguese.

    Just posting this to notify you that I’m changing my channel, so, your video will be in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vm4xMxiRY0 (actually, it is there already).

    After you see it, I’ll close this old account.

    Thanks, and be with the Lord.

    K. Yogi

  266. Doug, can you verify if the info at http://www.torahcalendar.com/ is legit?

    It states we are in the creation year 5,999. If that’s true, that is very encouraging!

  267. Thanx for all the work you do to get the modules prepared. One question-Is there a reason you do not list the author’s name on most modules and never give a description? Many Modules (books) have the same title. Eg: Commentary on Hebrews. It is not until after downloading a module that one knows if he/she already has it.

  268. Hi Doug. Being that you’re a “language guy” I was wondering if you are familiar with the AENT, the Aramaic-English translation of the NT. I have a friend in Israel who insists it is superior and more accurate that the Greek-English translations. The one I have is published by Netzari Press. Do you have an opinion on this translation?
    Thank you, love your work.

  269. The Prophetic Duality of the Holy Days (The Unity of Male & Female)! Pentecost/Shavuot is all about the Restoration of the Image of God, the manifestation of His Shekinah Glory and His utterance upon the restored Image of God. The Apostles typified this imagery at the first Pentecost/Shavuot after Yeshua’s ascension. Why then? Why on Pentecost? Why in the middle?
    You’ll be surprised to learn that the Spring Holy Days focus on the Male and Seeds…the Fall Holy Days focus on the Female and Fruit…but what about the Middle? Pentecost/Shavuot? The only way to fix a duality is to make a unity!


  270. Just saw your piece on the economic collapse of America and thought I should inform you of something. China is not the biggest creditor of U.S. debt. It is the Federal Reserve. Globalists want us to think that so they can hols us hostage about being forced to buy Chinese or they will cash in our debt. China holds less than 8% (just over 1 trillion) of U.S debt and that number is still decreasing as they are slowly getting out of the dollar. Do not take my word for it, do the research yourself.

  271. Hi Doug…. I have heard you lecture before in person. You are very informative. I remember you mentioning your views on the new Jerusalem either at the thousand year reign and then into eternity. I am looking for more info on that. Do you have any articles or videos on the subject? I do own Corrupting the Image and Age of Deception.

    • Hi Phil,
      I am finishing up book one of two right now – it should be out in July. Book two I hope to finish by December. I will have accompanying video presentations to go with the books and then I will follow those up with an Insider’s Guide to the books. If all goes well, with God’s blessing, then we will hopefully see the books turned into movies some day.

      • I am looking forward to those. Do you have any speaking engagements soon in the SoCal area?

  272. I should probably do a more thorough search to find this answer, but can someone tell me why Doug Hamp does not believe that the Antichrist is Apollo/Nimrod? I am curious as to what his thoughts are on Tom Horn and Rob Skiba’s research and proof on the identity of the antichrist being Nimrod of the Bible.

    • Hi May, I am familiar with their research and it is persuasive, but not absolute in my opinion. The basis of the argument rests on the gibborim. It is true that in Genesis 6:4 the Nephilim were called the gibborim (mighty men) – thus, there is a connection. However, not all Nephilim were gibborim. Even God was referred to as a gibor. David’s men were gibborim. Thus, the argument breaks down on the linguistic level – though I do find some basis for it on other levels – but again, it is not a hole-in-one in my opinion.

  273. Abram Hiebert in Christ

    Greeting Douglas

    I commend you, praise GOD

    I do however have a problem with your Alien concept in that it is mandatory that you make a
    distinction between The BAD ( malevolent) and the GOOD (benevolent) aliens. For just as there are good and bad people so it is with them. If you have not already done so PLEASE visit the Andromedacouncil.com web site. I strongly believe that GOD has sent us a vast amount of help from other galaxies, and they are here now in great numbers to help us transition into a new age as our planet goes through a massive shift entering into the galactic equatorial plane zone of the Milky Way galaxy. This is verified by our own scientists. They have already freed our planet of the Reptilian and Draco race of EVIL aliens that where keeping us dumb and enslaved for over 2000 years along with the illuminate and the one world government. Thanks to them and their highly advanced technology we have been spared from what would have been cataclysmic events on this planet. I hope I am not wrong, but I believe them to be GOOD GUYS.
    Thanks and GOD BLESS

    • with all do respect sir,your study’s have been either misguided or inconclusive or just not enough research,the aliens of today,”all Aliens”are the fallen angels and demons of yesterday of Genesis 6. Even Non-christian leading scientist such as Dr J Allen Hinek and Dr.Jaques Vallee as well as many others have validated that ”all” of these beings portrait themselves as something they are not which is deceptive and demonic.Also ”all”of these beings are focused on one main thing and that is to breed with human women.But dont take my word for it,i just suggest to look for better research material and one must understand,The Devil is so clever about this!Instead of them being fallen angels he has re-packaged it with sci-fi glitter.I recommend Steve Quayles =ALIENS and Fallen ANGELS,and with with better and in more in-def research and with prayer,you will come to your own conclusion,that is way better than the one you have now,god bless

    • I don’t believe that God sent us ANY amount of help from any other planets or galaxies and I firmly believe that the Reptilians and Draconian race are all versions of the fallen angels and giants who are still with us. They are all from Satan and won’t be done away with until the very end when God himself destroys them all!! God is in charge and nothing will happen to our planet until God brings us the end & we’re still being kept dumb by everyone on the planet who are being influenced by Satan and his demons until God himself puts a stop to it. God is and always has been the one in control. He created EVERYTHING & he runs EVERYTHING!!!!

    • Thanks Abram. I disagree that there are any “good” aliens out there. There are angels good and bad and the bad ones are posing as aliens to deceive the world.

      Take care,


  274. Sandy Bloomfield

    Hi Douglas, enjoy your presentaions immensely (even though I stopped being a pre-tribber when I left the Baptist church and searched on my own for the rapture as presented in pre-trib circles unsuccessfully – but I’m willing to look one more time :))…but my question actually has more to do with your shipping costs – I hate to complain and always want to support cutting edge teachers like yourself, but was very disappointed to see $20 shipping for 2 DVDs which can’t be more than $5 total, especially since you probably ship via media mail – is this an error in calculation or are you seriously charging this much for 2 DVDs?
    -Sandy B.

  275. FYI: The link for the Stan Deyo interview doesn’t work, it just goes to the article not the show.

  276. Mr.Hamp.I just finished you book Corrupting the image,Fascinating is all i have to say,also ive just finished your friends books as well,steve quayle=angel wars and genesis 6 giants,dr.ken johnson= book of enoch and ancient paganism,dr.missler and marzulli ill be reading on next,but my real purpose is to send you corrupting the image and have you sign/autograph it,that would be a blessing my man,ill pay for the shipping and ect.how would i go about this?

    • I am happy to help. Perhaps you would just like to get another (which I will sign). Shipping here and back might not be any cheaper.

      • that would be so awesome!,i get paid here soon and will do that,when i do get paid how do i go about it?And I really study all my books”yours”,Holy cannon,and others as well,thought i came up with a fascinating question for you,on page 178-179 an so on,who do you think the Ten Demonic Kings are that have been alive still after 2000 years an so”that would most definitely be fallen angels”And what kingdoms of the world do you think they are behind?”I personally believe definitely these are the real shot collars behind the curtains,Not presidents,dictators,or human kings who run the show,Its these ”guys” that one has no idea about unless the Lord has revealed this to one through continues seeking of knowledge,wisdom,and understanding,But yes Doug,who do you think they are?And what kingdoms do you think there behind?”thanks bro”anxious to here back from ya

        • I think the ten kings are fallen angels who have been in waiting. The King of Persia essentially had his day in the sun. However, there are ten power bases, regions, that are either here already, or will come soon, which will have ten kings over each one of them. I suspect that America is one of those. When the time is right, the AC will decide that three of the regions (and their kings) are no longer a necessary part of his plan.

    • Yes, Corrupting The Image is a super-special book, a total masterpiece!! I plan on reading it over and over again.

    • Hi Adam, I would like to accommodate. It might just be easier to purchase a new book and I will sign it. Let me know.

  277. I ordered Corrupting The Image on April 19… have not yet received it and I don’t see any
    place on the website to track orders. I’d like to have you contact me with shipment information… Dale Guthrie… Thanks!

  278. if you felt the lord directing you to prepare for the millennium age, how would you do that? can you direct us to the best teaching on the millennium age? how long will we live? will our present possessions continue? marriages? will we work, eat, trade? sin? will the holy spirit be on earth? thanks

  279. I am deeply grieved to see Christians falling into false doctrines such as Universal Atonement (The doctrine that Christ died for everyone and man’s will initiates salvation) and The Pre Tribulation rapture. If people would study their Bibles they would see clearly that Jesus laid His life down for HIS SHEEP, and that The Day of the LORD comes AFTER the signs in the sun and moon (Acts 2:20) (Matthew 24:29) and the glorious return of Christ will initiate our gathering unto Him in the clouds with the WHOLE church at the 2nd coming (Matthew 24:30-31). Thank GOD for His CLARITY!

  280. I meant to say (elect) for Israel. 🙂

  281. With regards to your 4/25/2013 Bible study. I made some comments on your Youtube video for Revelation 17 & 18 discussion. Too many things discussed point to the US as Babylon. The US is the greatest ally to Israel (the elite). But, the US when completely controlled by the beast will be consumed by the beast. Israel will be practically defenseless with the US taken over if the powers are against them. Gods people are not just the Jews but Christians and Jews because Christians have been grafted onto the same tree as Paul discusses in Romans 11. Many other things but I think there is some validity here. There are other things that separate the US. We are, I believe the only country who can print its own money. Hey, just some thoughts here.

    • The identification of Babylon is challenging. I understand the reasons for the US – and there are times when I am quite compelled to agree. I just see too many things in Scripture that make me question the sole identity of America. I suggest that it is broader and may include the US, in fact, I am quite sure that it does – just not exclusively. Blessings,


    • I’ve always felt that Babylon the Great is organized religion.

  282. Hi Douglas,
    I was listening to one of gospels the other day where Jesus talks about binding the “strong man” and plundering his goods in the context of casting out an evil spirit. I have read that Enoch and others give the origin of demons and evil spirits as the spirits of the nephilim who Genesis 6 say became “mighty men” or “might ones” (strong men?). I understand that as neither fully angel or fully human, there was no place to send their spirits, they were left to roam the earth. I am interested to know your views on these passages in Mark and Mathew? Does Jesus here confirm this teaching on the origin of earthbound evil spirits? I understand it’s a bit harder due to the NT being in Greek. I heard Matthew was originally in Hebrew- does a manuscript survive and can you access it for a comparison?

    Cheers Lionel

    • Hey Lionel,

      I believe that demons and fallen angels are one and the same thing. Biblically, we see them looking the same and the daemonia just means mighty ones which is what “elohim” means. I suspect that the early church fathers didn’t get it because they, for the most part, did not understand Hebrew. The book of Enoch is another question and not easily answered, at least not if we are going to assume Enoch actually wrote the book. I think that he might have written large segments of it, but whether or not he wrote all of it is another matter. The book of Matthew was originally written in Hebrew according to Papias and Jerome. I wrote a book, Discovering the Language of Jesus which you might want to check out. Blessings,


  283. Just finished watching your video, “Corrupting the Image of God- aliens, Nephilim & the Mark of the Beast. Very well done & researched. I feel like God has been revealing the same things to me that you presented. A couple of questions:
    1. Are you familiar with the work of Tom Horn & Cris Putnam & their research into the Catholic church studying UFOs. They were both recently on Sid Roth’s show & they were saying how the Catholic church is researching UFOs on Mount Gram in AZ w/ an inferred telescope. They were saying that the Vatican has been sitting on information about extraterrestials & how the Jesuits are talking about releasing this information & how it is going to force them to reinterpret the scriptures & view Jesus as an alien “star child” & how soon the people of the earth are going to look to the Aliens for their salvation. Your thoughts on this?
    2. A few years ago I attended a Bible study on Daniel & Revelations. The teacher interpreted the Antichrist as being the Pope. At the time I didn’t accept it. But now in light of what the Catholic Church is researching & how transhuman ideology is creeping in, I am rethinking that interpretation. Have you ever studied the interpretation of the Antichrist being the Pope? If so what are your thoughts on that.
    S. Brown

  284. Good work on your testimony and your study, this will help many. I want to give you a link to a 500 page pdf. If you have heard of Ron Wyatt specifically the Blood on the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem and the results. His genetic results were 24 Chromosomes total, twenty three from Mary and one from the Spirit making him male. Here is a detailed book of which the first half is Ron’s work and the second half is the pagan Catholic church. May we all be strong and endure to the end. http://www.thirdangelsmessage.com/confrontation/ free download from this hard to find site.

    • I remain skeptical of his findings. I used to work at the Garden Tomb of Jerusalem where he supposedly found the Ark. I am not convinced he found it. Blessings to you!

  285. Why is no one teaching this truth 90% of the world is decieved

    Romans 11:24 After all, if you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature, and (CONTRARY TO NATURE ) were grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree!

    Daniel 2:43

    New International Version (©2011)
    And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.
    New Living Translation (©2007)
    This mixture of iron and clay also shows that these kingdoms will try to strengthen themselves by forming alliances with each other through intermarriage. But they will not hold together, just as iron and clay do not mix.

    English Standard Version (©2001)
    As you saw the iron mixed with soft clay, so they will mix with one another in marriage, but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay.

    New American Standard Bible (©1995)
    “And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery.

    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    Holman Christian Standard Bible (©2009)
    You saw the iron mixed with clay–the peoples will mix with one another but will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with fired clay.”

    International Standard Version (©2012)
    Just as you saw iron mixed with clay, so they will mix themselves with human offspring. Furthermore, they won’t remain together, just as iron doesn’t mix with clay.

    NET Bible (©2006)
    And in that you saw iron mixed with wet clay, so people will be mixed with one another without adhering to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.

    GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
    As you saw, iron was mixed with clay. So the two parts of the kingdom will mix by intermarrying, but they will not hold together any more than iron can mix with clay.

    King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
    And as you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the descendants of men: but they shall not hold one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    American King James Version
    And whereas you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not join one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    American Standard Version
    And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall be mingled indeed together with the seed of man, but they shall not stick fast one to another, as iron cannot be mixed with clay.

    Darby Bible Translation
    And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.

    English Revised Version
    And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.

    Webster’s Bible Translation
    And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    World English Bible
    Whereas you saw the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cling to one another, even as iron does not mingle with clay.

    Young’s Literal Translation
    Because thou hast seen iron mixed with miry clay, they are mixing themselves with the seed of men: and they are not adhering one with another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    2 Kings 5 (King James Version)

    Hebrews 11:38 (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.

    1 Samuel 24:3 And he came to the sheepcotes by the way, where was a cave; and Saul went in to cover his feet: and David and his men remained in the sides of the cave.

    1 Samuel 22:1 David therefore departed thence, and escaped to the cave Adullam: and when his brethren and all his father’s house heard it, they went down thither to him.

    1 Samuel 13:6 When the men of Israel saw that they were in a strait, (for the people were distressed,) then the people did hide themselves in caves, and in thickets, and in rocks, and in high places, and in pits.

    1 Samuel 14:11 And both of them discovered themselves unto the garrison of the Philistines: and the Philistines said, Behold, the Hebrews come forth out of the holes where they had hid themselves.

    The Truth finally revealed! Who are the children of the fallen angels? Throughout time the fallen Angels have been disguised as Zeus, Apollos, Prometheus, and other Greek and Romans gods. We as a people have witnessed the destructive, demonic carnage that the children of the fallen can do! However, the question must be raised, Is there salvation for the children of the fallen angels?

    children of the fallen part 1 of 11

    1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABOAnPjjz0E

    2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6rfbpYrEJc

    3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlTwsbuQMm0

    4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXAbXHEOpsU

    5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeZWQXy-3hY

    6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax1U2FwncxA

    7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK_TgEZu8AM

    8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA0tcRAOdNo

    9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEWHLggSJRA

    10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5cWtzFSQ3Q

    11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OA8w6QX6Xk

    This film will shed TRUTH on the LIES that have been taught by the fallen ones themselves through the sorcery of science, the distortion of history, and the false doctrines of religion. These LIES have been promoted through wars, justified by rulers, and maintained by theft!


    This film will shed TRUTH on the LIES that have been taught by the fallen ones themselves through the sorcery of science, the distortion of history, and the false doctrines of religion. These LIES have been promoted through wars, justified by rulers, and maintained by theft!

    My film crew and I have traveled throughout North America, Asia, Europe and throughout the so-called Middle East to tell you that your FATHERS have taught you LIES! Those who have enslaved colonized, and stolen people, lands, and treasure, have systematically corrupted the whole world into embracing the doctrines of devils. This documentary will reveal the hidden, expose the evil, and unearth the LIES that have been embraced for over Two Thousand years from King Nebuchadnezzar to President George Walker Bush.

    These World leaders have fulfilled prophecy and have ushered in the conclusion of the gentile rule upon the earth. The spirit of the fallen one himself has chosen his vessel to sit in the World seat of Power, and has inhabited a vessel of Iron and Clay, thus revealing the mystery of Iniquity.


    “The ONE after the TEN” Satan and the Little Horn
    “The ONE after the TEN” This film will be the most important Prophetic film you will ever see! The film will show with all evidence that the anti-messiah is here on the earth and ruling the world today! The Abomination of Desolation has already began and the man of sin will soon enter into the promise land of Ysrayl and further defile the land and proclaim the land to a people who are not the True Children of Ysrayl but the Synagogue of Satan!

    “The ONE after the TEN” reveals how Satan will use the Kings of America (The Presidents) to elevate a certain people who claim to be the children of Israel and are not, but do LIE, to enslave the whole world,

    This film will unveil a mystery hidden to the world for thousands of years but revealed through his minister. Let the world see for themselves the mystery unveiled and YHWH’s power revealed through THE WORD! Check out the “ONE after the TEN”


    Yahya Bandele will reveal the truth through scientific, historic, and ancient scriptural evidence which clearly identify the European Cauc-Asian peoples of the earth as the children of fallen Angels A.K.A. (Neanderthals) This film will prove with all certainty that the earth is out of Yah’s divine order and controlled by Neanderthals, fallen angels whom Yah never formed, nor breathed the breathe of life into!


    The DESTROYER is coming! “The White LIE”


    Joel 3:2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

  286. Doug
    I have enjoyed your videos and much of your teaching. On one thing we will agree to disagree. I don’t believe in the “american Jesus” that magically wisks us all out of harms way before the arrival of the antichrist. I am sure that your theology is sound but I believe mine is too. We will see the “abomination and desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel” sitting in the high place and I find nothing in the word that says we get taken out before the trouble starts. I guess I’m what some label as a “mid-trib” believer. All that aside I think your work is MAGNIFICENT. Keep up the great work for God… He’s all we need.

    • Hi Dr D,

      I do not believe the timing of the rapture is the most important thing in our theology. I am hoping it comes sooner than later as I am sure you are too. Honestly, I don’t like to discuss it too much because it seems to divide people like nothing else can. Here is something to consider, though; if the “great tribulation” is the last 3 1/2 years, then being taken out any time before that would still technically be a “pre-trib rapture”. Then again, maybe you are right. Perhaps we will see the abomination of desolation. The passages that speak of the Rapture (1Thes 4; Isa 26:19-21) are not clear as to the timing. Then there is that sticky passage in Matt 24:29-31 which speaks of Jesus sending the angels to gather the elect (Jews) immediately after the tribulation. It is a bit fuzzy if you ask me. Blessings.

  287. Just listened to your radio show (excellent radio show by the way). I was very intrigued by your discussion of the millennium and the plan for the Jews. Do you know of any quick references where I can learn more about these topics that I don’t know much about?

    • Hi Lincoln, I am writing a book on that topic right now as well as preparing a series of Power Point Video presentations. I hope to have everything ready by July – so sit tight! 🙂 In the meantime, I do have a 26-hour class lecture series called the Messianic Age and Beyond which is the basis of my research for my book. I go through the millennium in great detail if you want to get that. You can either listen to the lectures on my site or buy the resource in my store. Blessings.

  288. Hi Doug,

    You have put together a great website, I appreciate it very much! I was wondering about the Barclay daily study bible from theWord modules. I downloaded it several times and it seems to be corrupt, Maybe it is just me. Do you know if it downloads correctly on your end? Thanks a bunch!


    • Hi, I have the Barclay dictionary. I can’t remember anything besides that. FYI, it is in Spanish.

  289. Doug, have you heard of the HalleluYah Scriptures translation of the Bible and what do you think? I value your opinion in this matter and respect your input as someone who has studied the original languages. If you have commented on this before, sorry to repeat the question, but I haven’t seen or heard anyone speak of this translation yet (at least of the normal people I listen to like you and Gary Stearman and LA Marzulli, etc). It is a direct translation from the original Hebrew into English. It seems fascinating and exciting…would appreciate any input you might have. Thanks!

  290. Hello Mr. Hamp, I recently watched your video on the fall of Satan and read your article. Its really GREAT! It opened up my eyes a lot. As I was pondering on this and reading my bible. I read the part where God placed angels and a fiery sword to protect the entrance of eden. Why did he need all of that just so man would not go back in? Maybe he put it so Satan and the demons would not go in? Its right after the fall so it makes sense to me. Well that’s what came to me when i read that agian. Let me know what you think. God bless you Sir.

    • Well, God did say specifically that it was so that Adam would not take from it. However, Satan’s scheming was almost certainly in view – he might have tried to help Adam acquire it if possible to royally mess things up. Blessings.

  291. Thank you for your article as it reconfirmed what I have been teaching in my church’s ABF’s. Sadly another sign that we are most definitely living in the “end” times is found in Tim. 4:1–the apostasy that is overtaking so many of this country’s mainline Christian churches. It also appears that the Isaiah 17 (the oracle of Damascus) and Isaiah 19 (the oracle of Egypt) are beginning their fulfillment’s as well as several others. The only question I have is … there is no mention of the United States or any other western or European country in prophecy. I can only assume the United States will suffer a rapid decline (probably economic/financial) so that only God can come to the aid of Israel. Thank you for all the research that you put into this article.

    • The collapse of America appears to be coming – the question is just the timing. I wish I knew. I have a feeling that America is some how related to Babylon. Blessings

  292. This is in response to the video called “Age of Deceit – fallen angels and the New World Order.” This documentary makes a compelling argument for the string of lies that started in the Garden of Eden and continues to this day in the New Age Movement in its various facets. The most disturbing revelation about this exposé, however, is that it perpetuates the cruelest lie invented by Satan, and that is that Christ died to “offer” salvation to mankind. This is un-Scriptural and demonic. Christ deid to save the entire Universe and He accomplished it! Col 1:19-20

  293. Hello, I just read The Fig Tree Has Budded where you say a generation is 60 – 80 years. That is wrong. From Abraham to David is 14 generations. From David to Babylon is 14 generations. And from Babylon to Jesus is 14 generations. That adds up to 42 generations. Which is 2,160 years. 2160/14=51.4 years. 51.4 years is a generation. OR we could go with Luke…77 generations are mentioned in a period of 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus. 4,000/77=51.9 years. So basically a generation is 52 years. Now the countdown doesn’t start when Israel become a nation, it starts when Jerusalem is back which is 1967. 1967+52=2019.

    • Hi Eric,
      Your date is only a year different than mine. I am happy if you are right.
      However, I would argue that generation is the lifetime of a person (regardless of how many years that is). Yet, we have the statement from Moses that it is 70-80 years and he himself lived to be 120. Did you read the entirety of my paper on my site or on rapture Ready? I explain the other issues in there. Blessings,

  294. Hi Doug. I found your position on “the elect” most interesting and overall very defendable. I did however recently come across Romans 16:13, where Rufus is described as “chosen in the Lord”; the same word for elect is used in the original Greek as in other passages you have referenced as pertaining to the Jewish people, and Rufus most likely was a Gentile. What are your thoughts on this?

  295. Hi Doug,
    I have translated all your speech about The Image Of God into Portuguese. A downloaded the audio file and put it on Portuguese text. I can send the word docx file if you want so you can share with people.
    After hear your comments on the image of God I have already changed a lot of “little sins” in my life so I can get a better “celestial suit”, because there are a LOT of fire coming with our Lord.
    God Bless you and your family.

  296. Hello,

    I have a question regarding the Date 1967. On Pator’s Perspective it was
    mentioned that the date 1967 could be one of the dates used for describing
    Israel becoming a complete nation because of the addition of the temple &
    the city of Jerusalem. Is this true? The bible sates that “This generation
    will not pass away” referring to Israel becoming a Nation, which date should we
    be considering? God Bless You, Alina

    • I invite you to read my article on the topic here. http://www.douglashamp.com/the-fig-tree-has-budded/ I don’t believe 1967 fits the date because Jesus said when the nations comes back. I believe that is 1948. The bottom line is that we can’t know until it happens, I think that a much better case can be made for 1948 as I detail in my paper. Blessings,

  297. Hello Dough,
    Thanks and God bless your ministry, a question? I heard that the DNA has a unique way of healing damaged dna. The damaged DNA is being replaced by a good DNA. The Good DNA attaches it self to the damaged DNA and this contact forms a cross. The good DNA takes part of its DNA to replace the damaged DNA. I haven’t found anything clear enough with pictures that helps me understand whether this phenomena occours. My interest is the DNA forming a cross. can you help me please find some information on this.
    God Bless


  298. Hi Doug,
    I have been reading various non canon books such as Jasher, Enoch and others for several months now to enhance my understanding of the biblical context and ancient world. I was surprised to find so much of new testament doctrine and context is based on ideas found in such material. I am now wanting to be able to cross reference between the bible and such books (of which there seem to be a multitude) in the same way as we can with OT material found in the new testament.
    Do you know of any study bibles or online software which will tell me if a bible verse is a quote or paraphrase of a non canon scripture or book? It seems like all study bibles I have found ignore the existence of other ancient material. Do I have to read it all to find the bits that Paul etc quote?

    Help Appreciated

    • Hmm, I have heard of some one that did that but now I can’t remember who it was. The good news is that those extra-biblical resources are not that long so you could just read them. I find them to be fun reading.

  299. Greetings Doug, I was hoping to get your opinion on:

    The Source New Testament With Extensive Notes On Greek Word Meaning [Paperback]

    A. Nyland

    (Author). Since reading your bio I see that you are a Greek language scholar so felt that you were a good one to ask before I bought it! I By the way I am glad to know that you spoke at the conference held by Russ Dizdar. It was due to his link on his FB page that I found your website. I am listening to your latest recording now as I get ready for church. May God continue to bless you~ Amy

    • Hi Amy, that looks like a really interesting version of the NT! I think you should check it out. I have not read it so I don’t know personally. I like that fact that the translator is a linguist and not a translator – that is how it ought to be. Let me know what you discover.

  300. Dear Doug:

    I always believed in the pre-trib rapture, however, the following was brought to my attention (to prove otherwise), and it makes sense.

    “It’s replacement theology to say that the Church is the bride of Christ, when it states that the bride is a city.”

    Rev 21:2

    I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

    Rev 21:9-10

    Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and spoke with me, saying, “Come here, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God

    Help me understand this please

    Thank you &
    God bless, Patti

    • To Patti from Brian: Patti; please use a little common sense. Do you really think that Jesus is going to marry a CITY???? Did He shed His blood for a City? He is currently preparing the New Jerusalem (“I go now to prepare a place for you….”) for us–His beloved; His Bride–the ones He calls “spotless and clean.” (Or do you think that refers to the walls and streets??) The New Jerusalem will be our eternal home. “Prepared AS a bride.” (She looks as beautiful AS a rose.) Is the person being compared to a rose an actual rose? Read again Rev. 21:9-10: Jesus’ wife is a City??? That defies Scripture, logic, reasoning, and common sense–and makes Jesus look like a fool. The only “Replacement Theology” is the one that tries to replace Israel with the Church. It’s an unholy, despicable doctrine that twists and denies the clear teaching of the whole Word of God.

      One last point. Exactly who will be the seated in the banquet hall at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb and His Bride?? A City?? Patti–please wake up, and stop being so easily led astray. Please forgive me for using sarcasm. I only used it to show the absurdity of what you have swallowed..

      See you at the Wedding.

      Blessings, and Maranatha.

    • Hi Patti,

      I think that the New Jerusalem is the bride and yet so are we and here is how. When we talk about any city, we need three elements for it to be a city: we need a geographical location, we need infrastructure (buildings, roads) and people. If anyone of those is missing you can’t really say that you have a city. Take NY City. I visited there many years ago and I looked at all of the buildings and such and was amazed by the “city”. Yet, it is also a place on the map and of course, it is the people that make NY what it really is. So, I think the Bride is not exclusively the church, as many would have it, but it is the combination of the three elements. Of course, we also cannot leave out Israel of the equation, which many are quick to do. Blessings,

  301. Hi Doug I enjoy your theories a lot . Been a Christian awhile and want to know how or why God allowes satan to do the things he does and how can Angels rebel when God created them and they don’t have original sin? Why does God allow the GAMES if you will? If u have a video on this can u email it beam.ricky8@gmail.com thank u

    • Hi Rick, I invite you to watch my video “The Angelic Domain, and the Fall of Satan” available on Youtube. Blessings,

  302. Just read your articles on RaptureReady.com concerning what a generation is and lo-and-behold today Roger Ebert died at …70! It may just be coincidence, but I have learned over the years that there are no coincidences! God bless.

  303. Concerning the “generation”: The Bible states, “…when ye shall see ALL these things…This generation shall not pass…” Seeing just ONE thing, the leafing of the fig tree, just doesn’t cut it.

  304. I could be wrong, but I believe the Hebrew which was translated “face to face” does not match your English translation. Your Hebrew says: face to face face. Your work has been very useful. Your efforts help us to get closer to the goal of worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth. Blessings!

    • The Hebrew is “pe el pe” mouth to mouth. I am not sure what you are referencing. It could be a I have a typo.

  305. GOD bless read your article in Raptureready about a generation in the Bible I also arrived at and around the same years as you 2018 + and in that neighborhood & ballpark great research keep it up ! -mario romano student of Bible Prophecy


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