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  1. Can you explain to me how Genesis 1:29 fits into being made into the image of God. The statement is that man is to have dominion as well as eat the fruit of the tree and the herb of the ground. Both of these are part of the pre-requisite to being made in God’s image as far as I can tell. How does plant food fit in with Light (biophotons) and what does that have to do with Light bodies. Are you familiar with coherence? When Light is coherent it is organized or in phase – when Light is not in phase it is incoherent or discordant. Foods grown in the wild, without “tampering” by man, exhibit the most coherent Light. When two forms of Light come together and are not in phase distortion is created. Interesting to note that the fall happened when Adam ate something (food that contained Light that was not in phase with his Light body thereby allowing discordance to enter his biological and spiritual system which resulted in his fall into matter as his vibration become discordant from God’s image/vibration). When Jesus said ‘I am the light of the world’ God was speaking though him with the intent to convey the fact that the Light in all living organisms is that Light. Genesis 1:29 gives us a HUGE clue that the more coherent the food is that we consume the closer our vibrational frequency lines up with the creator. These are just insights that I have received take them as you will. Peace!


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