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Corrupting the Image Lectures
Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed

Corrupting the Image Lectures

These lectures were given at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Costa Mesa, CA spring 2011.


According to the prophecy of Genesis 3:15, the serpent will one day mix his seed as a counterfeit of the incarnation. Yeshua told us that the last days will be like the days of Noah during which, according to Genesis, fallen angels mixed their seed with humanity. According to the Book of Daniel, we know that “they” will attempt to mingle with the seed of Men. The day of fulfillment for those prophecies is now!

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  1. http://www.douglashamp.com/corrupting-the-image-lectures/
    Why is this page still here when none of the podcasts are?

  2. Christian Gains

    Thank you Douglas! This is superlative work, and EXTREMELY significant to these days. You certainly do a fine job of bringing Matt.24:36’s pertinence to bare, and establishing the specifics of the direct link from 24:36 to Gen. 6: 1 – 13, {especially in reference to Noah’s being “…perfect in his GENERATIONS…”, (an untainted bloodline).

    I was a full time field Missionary for 40+ yrs., and still teach eschatology whenever the opportunity or need arises, but you & Mike Heiser have been used of the Lord to broaden my understanding, (“Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom, but, with all thy getting, get understanding”), and thereby, my ability to more clearly establish the MAIN significant details of the END TIMES, and, as well, the likely event sequences that will arise as we approach the final day. Thus, better enabling me to help those HE sends my way to PROPERLY, EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY PREpare!

    While, of course, we FULLY realize that we DO TRULY “see through a glass darkly”, nontheless, yours & Mike’s works are a TREMENDOUS improvement on the “stock” theologies that have ruled far too long. Not to imply that they’re BAD, but just to say, I am convinced that we are entering the days when the “…goodman of the house…” MUST FEED THE HOUSE HOLD “meat, in ‘due’ season”, which SEASON I FULLY believe we are entered into. Thank you Doug for being a “wise servant”!

  3. hola pastor  douglashamp no puedo escuchar los audois por que esta en ingles, quisiera si usted podra pasarlo el audio en castellano para yo póder escucharlo y compartirlo con mas hermanos.gracias

  4. Finally some confirmation to my line of thinking.  This is a valuable plan of study and an excellent source of information.  Not all of us are scholars but at a gut level we know the truth when we actively seek it.  I believe I was led to become aware of this source provided by Douglas Hamp.  Thank you Douglas..  

  5. I’m looking forward to spending Thanksgiving Evening with Professor Hamp!

  6. Hi Doug- I just started my CCBC Distance Online Learning and having your lectures really helps by seeing hermeneutics used correctly for these difficult issues. Praise God for your obedience and may He continue to inspire to write more books.

  7. Hi Pastor Doug,
    After listening to all of your CCBC Spring 2011 lectures, I’m wondering about something. In the last lecture, I believe, one of your students made a comment about an old testament passage  indicating that one third of the Isrealites will transition into the new Kingdom after Christs return, and live a thousand years.   He wondered whether that would indicate that a “generation” might be a thousand years long…. at least thats the best I could understand the audio quality of the conversation between the two of you.  At that time, you responded that you planned to investigate that passage.  If you have had time to investigate, I’m really curious about your thoughts on the language and meaning of that passage, especially since it would appear that the meaning of a “generation” is rather signifiant when related to the rapture event and Christs coming.
    Really REALLY interesting stuff!  Thanks!!

    • I do not believe that a generation ought to be interpreted (today) as 1000 years. I suppose we could argue that in that time a lifetime will be a thousand years and therefore a generation will equal that. However, a generation today is 70-80.

  8. Tanks for sharing these with us. I enjoy listening, it is good to have ideals that make sense.

  9. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for putting these lectures on-line, they are very confirmatory and informative. I play them in half hour segments each morning in my classroom, and lets just say that they have stimulated quite a few discussions.

    Thanks and may God continue to bless you in your work.

  10. since there is no way to darken the ligth the simple fact that we are all humans/ or partly humans means that the good seed is in us and we can save ourselves
    considering this you may be able to take a less zionistic approach on this subject


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