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Could Satan Be the First Vampire?

Doug appears as a guest on Canary Cry Radio with Basil and Gonz – they discuss and investigate the mysterious life giving Are Demons actually vampires?properties of blood. The Bible says that the life is in the blood (Lev. 17:11). But blood is also held in high regards by the darkest harbingers of occult knowledge. Today, modern science has uncovered the mechanics of blood that seem to inadvertently confirm spiritual truths about this crimson liquid that were written thousands of years ago. So why is blood so important both literally for our biological bodies and for our spiritual lives?


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  1. It is interesting that occultists regard blood as some kind of spiritual fuel for their evil tricks. Former occultists who have been saved have exposed the fact that evil spirits need blood in order to materialize briefly during rituals. That’s why they focus so much in sacrifices.
    In candomble (African/Brazilian Voodoo), when the follower needs to climb to the status of filha-de-santo (daughter of saint), they drench the person in animal blood and leave her inside a small room for days. This results in heavy demonization and the ability for the person to receive spirits.
    It seems evil spirits get some kind of energy from blood in order to interact in our dimension.
    Stay away from blood.


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