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Donate to Young Mother w/ Metastatic Cancer

My wife’s dear friend, Tünde, a loving wife and mother of three young children, who successfully battled cancer before, is now plagued with stage four metastatic cancer in her liver. She has been in the hospital for weeks and her doctors offer little hope.

Please partner with me to: 1) pray for her recovery, and strength for her family, 2) donate to the family’s mounting financial deficit due to loss of income and the costs associated with her hospital stay.

100% of the money that is received will go to Tünde’s family. This campaign will end the first week of December.

Your prayers and generosity to help my wife’s best friend means the world to me because it will be a tremendous testimony to her and her family of God‘slove.

I would like to thank you for generously giving to Tünde and her family.

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