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From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (Video)

This presentation by Sofia Smallstorm is one of the best that I have seen on the topic of chem-trails and the dangers that it presents. Most people are not aware of the strange looking clouds up in the sky because of the busy lives that we lead. However, the long criss-crossed clouds are not normal and they present a real and present danger. This presentation brings together the effects of the heavy metals and how that ties in with synthetic biology, which I have pointed out is going to be part of the mark of the beast.

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  1. I believed everything up until the artificial intelligence… down load a virus into your brain you could end up being toast. The guy that was talking about the wondrous possibilities isnt going to mention about that either, or how the gov’t can know exactly what youve downloaded and uploaded to your brain or even what your thinking….. Well either way God wins at the end of my book!!!! Im familiar with most of the other things she talked about and I liked how she put them all together. I can also honestly say that its been a long time since Ive seen a really pretty blue sky with the big fluffy clouds, the sky is a lot more pale and the clouds are feathery. She is right on about that. Overall I liked what she had to say.

  2. I would just like to ask if you are saying that the earthquake that is in Rev 6 happens at end of the Tribulation and the four horses are at the beginning of the 7 years?

    • HI I just saw your question. Sorry that I missed it. I am still considering where the four horsemen go. They are slightly trickier. They could be longer periods of time – some see them as beginning right after the ascension of Jesus – some suggest that they are just in the tribulation itself. Others suggest that they could be slightly before the trib. I am still working on it. I hope to have an answer for you soon!

  3. I have been asking myself for a couple of years what is going on with the clouds now a days. and if there is so many jets flying now a days, but now this makes sense. Been following for many months and I’ve read a lot and yes this smells like the new world order agenda. How ignorant can you be and say we need machines to be prefect. Specially when we are already perfect machines created by the one and only Jehovah… ridiculous.

  4. In response to what “Paul” wrote, at least this video didn’t start with ominous music and proceed to assault the viewer with a Ken Burns-like slide show. If it had, I would have turned it off right away.
    In Smallstorm’s defense, she herself admits she’s connecting dots that are seemingly removed from each other. Nobody seems to know what causes Morgellon’s disease. I know someone who suffers from a skin rash (whether Morgellon’s I don’t know) and has gone from doctor to doctor, biopsy to biopsy without any relief in sight. At least Smallwood is trying to examine the theory that there may be an environmental etiology. To sufferers that constitutes a ray of hope.

    I don’t think anyone disputes the fact there are man-made particles in the air we breath. The book of Revelation makes it clear God’s going to hit us hard with environmental shocks eventually. Moon turning red and sun turning black suggests particulate invasions.

    So I say, congrats to Smallwood for putting forth a theory with a degree of level-headedness.

  5. I wasted the best part of my postgraduate youth researching computational biomolecular physics, and worked with artificial intelligence for years. The field is infested with a Promethean ideology which denies a spiritual realm and says that man can better what God has created.

    Ray Kurzweil is a high profile snake-oil merchant, beloved of technocrats and futurists the world over. The idea of “strong A.I.” producing a “conscious machine” is part of materialist dogma — the same dogma peddled by the likes of Richard Dawkins. The entire field of futurism is just a bunch of atheistic scientists masturbating intellectually about how clever they are, and how they will one day play God. Don’t believe it. It’s science fiction — machines can emulate intelligence, but consciousness is not something which can be built from integrated circuits by a bunch of puffed up atheists.

    What is presented in this film is misleading — it presupposes that Kurzweil is some sort of prophet. You only have to look at his track record in predicting progress in his own field of expertise (computer speech recognition) and see how hopeless he is at that. The idea that this “singularity” will take place in 2045 or whatever has no real scientific value at all. But the media love him, because they want a prophet, but they don’t want the Bible. Transhumanists (and futurists in general) are people who use the veneer of science to indulge their imaginations and sell books to the godless masses.

    I saw a video about “chemtrails” years ago, and was underwhelmed by it even then. It’s a cherished notion of those people for whom every strange-looking cloud is deadly and for whom every red light in the sky is an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

    The main problem is that the woman giving the talk, “Sofia Smallstorm” (a pseudonym) is not a scientist, and as she says, “just pulled stuff together”. She’s in fact a seasoned conspiracy theorist with whom even fellow Truthers have issues. There are indeed very disturbing things which scientists are doing (working to create chimeras, etc.), and which they will document openly for all to see in scientific journals (rather than Morgellons.org or whatever) — it’s not necessary to root around for “something new” in the half-baked fringe.

    She’s got a nice soothing American voice, and there’s a nice bit of Philip Glass on the clips she shows, but that’s about it. I really wish Doug would stick to the Bible rather than trawling the net for tinfoil…

  6. Greetings from W.Australia! The ‘Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life’ video was fascinating. I am no biologist or scientist, however, the information presented was able to be comprehended. And, if true, it is very alarming! “Dried red blood cells falling out of the sky” – that is disturbing, to say the least. It makes no wonder why the Book of Revelation refers to the individual as ‘The Beast’, given the genetic modifications of DNA of most things from humans to crops. Another concept of the chemtrails is to create a type of screen in the atmosphere (according to some), somewhat like the silver screen at the cinema, to provide a surface to display images/holograms (bluebeam). Also, not just confined to altering biology/genetic modifications etc – think weather warfare/aliens/mind control and so on. I don’t think people have to wait another 30 years for A.I. (watch youtube video re robot/computer competing against humans on ‘jeopardy’). Even in Hitler’s day they were seeking to create a super-human race – that was 60-70 years ago, and wasn’t long after that test-tube babies were being born, then Dolly the sheep clones! Also, up till now (and still) a lot of technology and scientific discoveries would also have been suppressed (at least from the general public citizen). So who knows (except for some in the know, and God the Father) what capabilities have been reached? The final comment in the video from Kursell proudly stating (re A.I. expanding out into the universe) “that then there may be a god”… is disgusting. Perilous times, we are living in.

    God Bless!

  7. Wow! My eyes have been opened wider once more. I am completely facinated and intrigued by this subject matter. Lord help us as man continues to play god and be deceived by his own flesh. Looking to Jesus!

  8. Jesus cannot come soon enough!! Mankind has gone past it’s self already and I am wondering what is the point of protesting about food labeling or protecting our access to natural health products or chemtrails when we cannot stop this unless man gets in touch with his spirtual self. I do not have faith in man it is only with God. I hope I am alive to see Jesus return.

  9. May God help and protect us as we await the rapture.

  10. What makes this a “refreshing” albeit disturbing presentation is that Smallstorm seems very level-headed. She doesn’t seem to have an agenda she’s pushing either. As she admits, she’s trying to connect dots that are all over the place.

    I’ve not considered this subject of chemtrails seriously before hearing this. The dangers of exposure to magnetic frequencies, yes. Nanotechnology dangers, yes.

    Frank Tipler, author of “The Physics of Christianity,” says that when artificial intelligence (AI) gets to the point of being able to download personality, Jesus will HAVE to come back by then. He estimates that to be (like Kursweil in this video) to be about 30 years from now.


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