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How the Mark of the Beast Will Rewrite the Human Genome (part one) Corrupting the Image

The mark of the Beast will not merely be the implantation of a computer chip but will be the the rewriting of the human genome! The Genesis 3:15 prophecy speaks of two seeds: the seed of the woman (her seed) and the seed of Satan (your seed). Jewish and

Mark of the Beast Genetic Transformation

The Mark of the Beast - Genetic Alteration

Christian interpreters were convinced that the reference to her seed found its culmination in Jesus the Messiah and we fully examined just how that was possible genetically. Because the fulfillment of “her seed” was the genetic mixing of the earthly (Mary) with the heavenly/divine (Holy Spirit) then it follows that the fulfillment of “your seed” will follow in like manner. Therefore, because the incarnation of the Messiah was the Mary’s seed plus the Holy Spirit (human seed + spiritual seed), the embodiment of the anti-Messiah ought to be a mingling of human seed plus Satan (who is opposed to the woman). We conclude therefore that the antichrist will genetically be the son of Satan.

How could that be possible? We recall that Adam and Eve were made in God’s image and emitted light like a garment. The image was tainted at the Fall and they lost the light garments. God promised a redeemer to restore the Image and restore the light garments. The Messiah mixed genetically with humanity to rescue us and upon resurrection we get ournew bodies with the image restored. However, only those who follow Jesus (by ‘dying to self’) will receive the restored Image.

Concurrently, Satan attempted to destroy the image genetically with the Nephilim both before the flood and after the flood (the sons of God returned). Daniel 2:43 prophesied of a mixing of the seed (distortion of the image). We have learned that the alien”(demonic) abductees report their seed being harvested and that the “aliens” (demons) are creating a hybrid race between them and us. All the while they (demons) are warning of impending cataclysms coming upon the world and are purporting that they will raise up a super human leader in our time of need. Lastly, we saw that the Transhumanist movement is seeking to improve man by way of changing his genetic code and via recombinant DNA it is possible to alter an adult individual at the most fundamental level.

The Little Horn Rising

The key to unlocking the genetic connection between the Beast (Antichrist) and Satan is found in Daniel and Revelation. We formerly considered who the ten toes (ten kings) were in Daniel 2:43 and we came to the conclusion that they are not humans but demons. We also demonstrated how the kings in Daniel 10 must necessarily be demon kings and not human kings for not even any number of human kings would be able to imprison one (good) angel as witnessed when just one angel killed 185,000 mighty Assyrians in one night (2 Kings 19:35). The ten toes of Daniel 2:43 are identical to the ten horns in Daniel 7:7 and Revelation 13:1 and from Revelation 17:12 we know that the horns are kings. Given that the horns are demons, the little horn rising up among them takes on a new significance.

I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up [silkat סִלְקָת] among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn, wereeyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words, (Daniel 7:8).

The term “coming up” (among them) is the Aramaic word silkat (סִלְקָת), which means “to ascend or come up” (cf. BDB Hebrew Lexicon). The implication is that if the ten horns are demonic, then the little horn ascends to their level; he rises up in likeness to them. In other words, the little horn becomes of a like nature to the ten horns: he is transformed from simply human to a genetic hybrid between Satan and human – he becomes the Beast. Daniel chapter eight supports this conclusion which we will consider in the next post.

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  1. There are increasing reports of the RFID tattoos, mentioned by barga_c above, and that these tattoos have potential as a transdermal delivery system. Perhaps the “Mark” is more than just proof of sale. If there is genetic monkey-business going on, maybe the tattoos themselves are part of the plan.

  2. I believe this is very plausible and very, very likely that there will be something like a computer chip that will rewrite genetic code. I came to this conclusion years ago based on Noah being perfect in his generations, on Nimrod “becoming” a mighty one and on those in Revelations who take the mark of the beast and are unredeemable. There is nothing new under the sun. I believe in a merciful and kind and long suffering God who desires all men to come to Him and therefore I concluded that there was something going on in these instances that went beyond their gross sin and God having enough of it. I am convinced that when this (the chip or whatever) happens it will be by the consent of each person who takes it – an initiation of sort and they will be aware of the choice they make. The beast CAUSES them to take the mark. It’s the instigator of the effect or result. It’s not a matter of force. It will be, I believe, a life or death choice but it WILL be a choice made either by not loving one’s life unto death or by deception. I think there is a lot of fear about some accidentally taking the chip without realizing what they’re taking is the mark. Although we can see they are demonstrating more and more the capability – we do not know for sure how it will be offered.I believe it will be a mark. There are RFID tattoos being considered or already being used on cattle. There are things that already cause genetic changes from things as seemingly benign as the sun. Who knows what the technology will be when it finally gets here. I have been struck how in the Old Testament the Law was figuratively said to be on their forehead (a frontlet) and on their right hand. I’m not sure what the significance is but I can’t get past the similarity of the mark of the beast being on the forehead and on the right hand (as in every way replacing God). There are two important messages from Revelation that I get – the absolute necessity of having a love of the Truth and loving not our lives unto death. Whatever it is that comes down the road that will be the mark, that mark will be a deliberate challenge to these things which, I believe, will require a choice.

    Thank you, Doug.

    God bless you.

    • Is it more than coincidence that the Islamic religion has these exact requirements (the mark on the forehead or the hand, so they may “buy or sell” ) for the infidels who must take the mark of Islam, or they will be beheaded … just like it describes in Revelations?

  3. Also later on could you explain why the demonic locusts of Revelations attack non believers. The demons attack their own? Why? So the Antichrist can say the Christians were unaffected because they caused the outbreak?

    • The locusts attack those who take the ‘mark of the beast’. The ones who take the mark of the beast will be non-believers. It is my understanding the locusts are a curse given by God to those who have rejected Him by accepting the ‘mark of the beast’. By the way, check out ‘the mark’ as required by Islam. The mark of the beast that is forced upon the ‘infidel’ sounds to me like the mark described in Revelation 13, and beheading for refusing the mark is an Islamic custom. Also, Islam calls itself the ‘religion of peace’, and one of the things about the beast is he ‘will destroy many in the name of peace’.

  4. Why does the Antichrist depose three demon kings?


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