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How the Mark of the Beast Will Rewrite the Human Genome (part three) Corrupting the Image

The Genetics of the Deception

Technology of the mark of the beast

Restriction Enzymes

Recombinant DNA

The technology known as recombinant DNA in fact now makes it possible for a grown man or woman to be altered at the genetic level. If a non-human gene were introduced into the human genome then the person would no longer be fully human but would by definition become a hybrid. The ancient name for a creature that is composed of different kinds is known as a chimera and that is also the name given to hybrid creatures by scientists today. We considered some strange creatures in a previous chapter such as the spider goat and the green glowing pigs to name a few.

Recombinant DNA is “hybrid DNA that has been created from more than one source.”[i] The basic procedure is where a DNA strand is opened up and then a gene from another organism is inserted making a new strand of DNA. Then the RNA replicates the new strand and it is passed into the entire system. “When recombinant DNA is then further altered or changed to host additional strands of DNA, the molecule formed is referred to as “chimeric” DNA molecule, with reference to the mythological chimera that consisted as a composite of several animals.”[ii] By means of recombinant DNA, Satan may be able to convince humanity to insert demonic genes, perceived as desirable, into the human genome. The genetic composition of the person, therefore, would result in that person becoming a chimera.

Plasmids and Foreign DNAA


Using recombinant DNA, a fully mature man could inject himself with the selected gene or genes of another species. The process which is really just a matter of copying and pasting is explained by T. Wakayama et al., in the July 1998 issue of Nature:


In the late 70s, Dr. Stan Cohen (Stanford) studying antibiotic resistance plasmids in E. coli, and Dr. Herb Boyer (UCSF) studying restriction enzymes […] realized that they could use restriction enzymes to cut both plasmid DNA as well as DNA containing a gene of interest, and combine the DNAs so that the “sticky ends” of each DNA could be joined, or “spliced”, to make a recombinant DNA (i.e. bacteria human).[iii]

Therefore, we can see how a man with access to technology and to Satan’s seed could then merely inject it into his DNA; then once inserted his own RNA would copy the new strands with the foreign gene(s) and it would spread throughout his entire system. Once the process of replication was complete the man would no longer be a mere human; he would in essence be a chimera, a hybrid; he would be a chimera, a hybrid – a beast!

His Image

And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain, (Revelation 13:15).


Approximately three and a half years after coming to power, the Beast will require everyone to take his mark, the number of his name and to worship his image. Exactly how that will be realized is impossible to know. We can suggest however that the image that the false prophet gives breath to could be some transhuman or transgenic creature or some form of synthetic biology – the important thing to note is that it will truly have breath and will not simply be a clever trick. The technology already exists to make some version of the image. This image is what will then cause all to take the mark.


His Mark

Also it [the image of the beast] causes all, […] to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666, (Revelation 13:16-18).


Transhumanist and end-times researcher Tom Horn has written a great deal about the coming consequences of man changing himself at the source code level.[iv] Horn’s wife Nita has suggested that recombinant DNA (RDNA) may be the means by which the mark of the beast is introduced onto an unsuspecting world[v] through the rewriting of one’s DNA to so that the person is no longer fully human but is part beast (Antichrist).[vi] The suggestion appears valid in light of all that we have learned.

Presumably some point after the rapture, humanity, in an effort to not be removed from the planet (like those taken) and to be able to evolve to be like the Beast (the supposed leader of the “aliens”), will allow their DNA to be rewritten thus altering their image – that image that was in God’s image (though fallen) will therefore become genetically like the Beast and of course Satan and his angels. The mark then would simply be the proof (or perhaps the means by which) one has undergone the genetic transformation. This action of taking the mark will condemn them to hell forever because they will no longer be in the Image of God. How sad it is to realize that what man will trade his soul for God was willing to give for free. Man wants to augment himself with greater powers and to go on living forever – but without God. God however, has already made a way for man to have those powers and eternal life if he will simply humble himself and ask.


To whom would Satan be willing to give of his own genetic material? Crossing the line of mixing “different kinds” is against the natural law of God. The sons of God that did so in the days of Noah got themselves thrown into the pit / abyss / Tartarus as testified by Peter who says: “For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but threw them into hell and locked them up in chains in utter darkness, to be kept until the judgment,” (2 Peter 2:4). The penalty for crossing that barrier is ostensibly imprisonment until the final judgment. We know that Satan will find himself thrown into the abyss right after the Great Tribulation and perhaps “fathering” his own son is the line that he is not permitted to cross. Therefore, Satan must be very selective of this person. We can presume that this person will have all of the worldly advantages possible: the best education, all the power, riches, and technology. He will worship Lucifer and will lust for the ultimate power to have greater than human capacity.  This person will indeed be the one that Jesus spoke of who gains the whole world but loses his soul (Matthew 16:26). The kingdoms of the world that Satan offered to Jesus this person will possess, (see appendix five for a socio-economic sketch of the Antichrist).  

He will obtain Satan’s own genetic material and then insert it into his body using Recombinant DNA.  His body’s own RNA will then cause the Satanic strain to be replicated into various parts of his body and once completed, his genetic make-up (DNA) will be a new code – a code not strictly from Adam (even in Adam’s fallen state), but will be augmented code that has been mixed with the Satan just as God declared in Genesis 3:15.  Satan will have finally succeeded in imitating the incarnation.  This man will literally become the genetic son of Satan because he will have Satan’s seed mingled in with his own.  This conclusion fulfills Genesis 3:15 plus it is consistent with what other fallen angels did in Noah’s day.  It is consistent with Daniel 2:43 and also explains how the Little Horn rises up to where the other horns are and how he is able to cast them to the ground.  It is consistent with the technology of transhumanism in that dissimilar kinds can now be mingled and is also consistent with the research of John Mack and David Jacobs and the “aliens” want to create a hybrid race. Lastly, it squares with the expectation that “aliens […] will select a human person and endow him with superhuman powers and knowledge. This man will lead us to world government and world peace.”[vii]

It is reasonable and probably that the mark of the Beast will also be an imitation of what the Lord wants to do for believers – He will restore us spiritually and genetically – we will be like him, we will be in his image, we will be conformed to his glorious body we will have God’s seed in us.  By Satan giving his genetic material to the Beast (who “replaces” Jesus) and then the Beast offering (forcing) all to take of his altered genetic material – Satan will be perfectly imitating our salvation.  Probably one reason people will desire to take of his seed is because of the powers they are promised.  We have seen both in the movies and by real life personal testimony the “aliens” appear as beings of light.  Of course, believers in Jesus will actually receive true bodies of light – but the Beast will promise glorious bodies which he will ultimately not deliver.  However, those transformed with the DNA change (Mark of the Beast) will receive traits of Satan – possibly being that they will not be able to die which we see when the locusts torment mankind for five months and thought they seek death but it will flee from them (Revelation 9:6) – this could be because they possess traits from Satan (who does not die).


Some two thousand years after the true incarnation and six thousand after the fall of man in the Garden, Satan, the Serpent, will have fulfilled the prophecy that God spoke to him of the enmity between his seed and her seed.  Having his own seed mingled with a son of Adam and with today’s technology, Satan can finally try to replicate his own seed in every last person on the planet.  If he can accomplish this then perhaps his own fate can be averted; perhaps he can succeed in his war to destroy the image of God genetically contained in man.


Satan’s long war to destroy the image of God will ultimately fail. Though he will successfully deceive many and even apparently be just moments away from success, the Lord will in the end intervene. More than likely victory will appear to be just on the verge of achieving – very much like how it was in the days of Noah. Every human on the planet, except Noah and his family, were corrupted morally and perhaps also genetically as well. With only eight standing in the way, Satan must have felt that victory was his – only to watch his entire devilish work gasp for air and then perish in the flood. So too will the return of the Lord most likely be. Just at the last moment, the Lord Jesus will return to save the Jewish people and all others who trusted in Him during the Great Tribulation. He will destroy the Antichrist and the False Prophet in the Lake of Fire and Satan and his angels will be bound for one thousand years in the Pit. The Lord will also judge the nations and set up His Kingdom which will last for one thousand years initially and then forever. It is during the millennium that the conditions that were lost in the Garden of Eden will be restored to the earth, to the animals and to man himself. In the end, Jesus will crush the head of the Serpent once and for all.


[ii] Recombinant DNA. (2008, April 2). New World Encyclopedia. Retrieved October 23, 2010 from http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Recombinant_DNA?oldid=682672. Berg et al. 2007.

[iii] Plasmids, small extra-chromosomal circles of bacterial DNA, can be used to carry DNA into bacterial cells. Each plasmid contains about 5 genes, and doesn’t mind carrying around one  more. Once the bacteria has a copy of the foreign gene, it treats it as one of its own and replicates it every time it replicates the plasmid (this is called DNA cloning). Over the course of a day or two, billions of bacteria will be churning out the protein coded by the gene inserted. Restriction Enzymes are produced by bacteria in response to bacteriophage (viral) infection. The enzymes chop the invading DNA up into pieces by recognizing specific DNA sequences (called restriction sites) – usually palindromic. When these enzymes cut DNA, they often leave overhangs on the ends of the DNA called “sticky ends”. http://www.biology.iupui.edu/biocourses/N100H/ch15biotech.html. Berg et al. 2007.

[iv] Horn’s research has served as a catalyst for some of the ideas in this book.

[v] Retrieved October 25, 2010 from: http://www.newswithviews.com/Horn/thomas123.htm.

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[vii] David Lewis, UFO: End Time Delusion, p. 46.

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  1. Since when can a spirit get DNA? Absolute rubbish with the proposition Satan will create flesh, he can’t, he doesn’t have that ability. Even someone possessed could not have their genes infiltrated and modified. It can only be done in the material world. Darby was an idiot like the last looney predicting the end of the world and convincing his followers to sell up, cash in their children’s college education fees and wander about in trailers. The end didn’t come, the followers lost everything and so many people are waiting for the next prophets declaration of the end. Foolishness.

  2. In 2012 I went through something very strange. I can only call it, … “enlightenment” or “awakening”. I thought, at the time, that it was a good thing. I changed, as a person. From the inside out. I became more loving, more selfless, less materialistic.. This happened because of a heartbreaking journey I went through. To make a long story short.. basically this enlightenment, everything that was happening to me.. I would later read was something called the New Age. I experienced SO MANY CRAZY spiritual out of this world things that blew my mind. I just KNEW it had to be of GOD, but now I am wondering if it was actually the darkness (Satan) A wolf in sheeps clothing. Had I been deceived? My point of all this is.. I changed. I can never go back to who I was before all of this happened. Something INSIDE of me changed. I felt it all. Is is possible that with Enlightenment, we truly do awaken the third eye and all of the chakra’s and our DNA is morphed, changed, and this is how God will know his children as well as Satan’s children from our “seed” – DNA?

    • Jamie, interesting testimony. Did you take something, did you get a vaccine? What caused this change? If you indeed had a physical change and your DNA has been altered, then this is a big deal. If you were enlightened mentally and your third eye or pineal gland was activated, you can shut it back off by stopping the stimulus, get away from Yoga or whatever new age thing you are doing and then you will have to have a minister pray all the evil spirits away that you may have attracted by opening up your 3rd eye. Who is your alleigance to? God/Jesus or another entity? I have so many questions from your post. Please read the book Christians Leave me the Hell Alone on Amazon. It addresses this issue.

      • You Christians know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about!

        Everything you say comes directly out of the mouths of your teachers/preachers. Certainly not out of the bible. None of you actually know the one who created us all, Yehuwah. Jesus is no god, except to Christians. He never existed, at all, but was made up and your kind was told to believe in him. 2 Thessalonians ch 2 is all about him.

        Your 3rd eye is how you are connected to the eternal realm, thus to Yehuwah. Close it off and you sever yourself from the eternal.

        fyi demons and spirits are superstitious language for physical ailment and mental disorders. When you think of demons you think of little gremlins running around your feet trying to attack you. They are not. Demons are illnesses and diseases of the body brought into you by sinning or sins committed by your fathers that followed from them to you when you were conceived.

        When you think of spirits you think of ethereal beings or, sometimes, ghosts, who are sneaking around seeking to take possession of you. They are not. Spirits are mental disorders that have formed in the brain as thought patterns because of evil thinking, speaking, doing, and even various traumas you may have gone through. <<— That's why there is evidence of pre-birth trauma affecting people from before they were ever born.

        Don't forget generational curses that pass from fathers to children. As many as 3 and 4 generations (some sins can last for 10 generations) can manifest sins from the fathers. These are expressed in various mental disorders as well as physical illnesses and diseases being passed from parents to children through their DNA material that IS passed from one generation to the next.

        Y'all go get a bible, something other than the KJV one as King James filled that book up with all kinds of superstitious wording and just plain lies to further his own agendas, and sit down to read it.

        Just before you start, make the decision to read what it actually says IN IT'S CONTEXT! Then start at the beginning, instead of the middle, like you were taught to do, then ask the Mighty One of Israel to make His word come alive to you and teach you, Himself, what He says in there and forget what the false teachers and preachers of Christianity has lied to you about.

        I pray this blesses y'all as you study and learn THE truth of scripture and Yah help ya to forget, quickly, all these lies that the Christian god taught you through is false teachers and preachers in Christianity.

        Yehuwah bless y'all! Shalom

        • You pile heresy upon heresy brother. Blessed is the mind too small for doubt. A narrow view offers s better perspective. You sound like too open minded, and an open mind is like a fortress with its gates unlocked and unbarred, allowing heresy to take hold.

        • Keith Heddleston Jr.

          Sorry to say but you are wrong there is more proof of the reality of the life and Deity of Jesus than there is proof of what we call history, it’s sad when the secular world claims that faith is pointless and only simple minded people believe in a loving God. Though secular science believe in something totally moronic like evolution which by the way I’m still waiting on the fictitious missing link. When will people wake up and realize that the Bible is the only source of truth and the only way of salvation is (Yeshua) Jesus, come from Satan’s grip and stand in the light of Christ.

    • I was wondering about this as well, as the Kundalini and Chakras do have an evil feeling to them, considering the serpent images and the point about altering your DNA, but I still feel that meditating and ascending towards God (as we were born with original sin and have to earn our way back to God). Is it possible that we were intended to have all strands of our DNA activated and that meditating (like Jesus did and in John 10:43 I think, Jesus said “Ye all are Gods”, I believe still that his intention was to say we are all of one God, we are all one ), I find it hard to believe that this is the evil route as when you meditate you let go of idolizing and all wordily views, there’s a lot of similarities between the Tao Te Ching and the bible and it makes me wonder if the Tao and God are one and by letting go and allowing God to live through us which in the state of meditative prayer this will occur then is it possible that when we were fallen, because of our possible hybridization in the past, our strands were downgraded accordingly? is it possible that as we meditate on Gods word we become more like God and strands unlock? Is it possible that this is how Jesus was able to heal because he knew this and was trying to communicate it to the Greeks before his crucifiction that we are all fallen but are a manifestation of one God, the only God, “Is it not written in your book of law that I said Ye all are gods?”. is this possibly why were are held in the Beast state through TV and other sinful ways and don’t ascend to Godliness because Satan knows that if we remember who we truly are as souls, fallen and here to experience and remembrance that once we begin our ascension and unlock our way and DNA away from the adulturated downgraded level that we are at we will have abilities becoming not individual God’s but remembering and living a life hear on earth as God would, by giving and healing others..? I find it hard to believe that the meditation and unlocking of DNA and knowing that we are all one God goes against Christianity and is Evil, I think that what I mentioned above is a way to view the path to enlightenment towards the God our father, the Father of souls, whom lives and experiences through us we are him his children but also a part of him, souls lost in a temporary damn test of existence.

      Now on the contrary what if Satan’s version of this remembrance is taking advantage of the fact that we have not remembered who we truly are and where we came from and that we are truly fallen sons of God and feeds off this by creating his own path and rather than allowing us to find our path towards the one and only true God through meditative prayer and natural ascension (I feel deep within and I believe my intuition is God speaking to me I truly do), which maybe involves unlocking our locked DNA (considering the fact that we theoretically have locked DNA that may give us abilities to help and heal others, I find it hard to believe that these can’t be used for good on our righteous path to God, not to appear as replacing god and to be idolized but to use another hidden gift from god to carry out his will as he would). Maybe Satan plans to use this cloning, gnome, recombination DNA splicing or whatever to take our DNA on his path…the Bible mentions the mark of the beast being the human mark, that we are already the beasts and maybe we are beasts with the ability to ascend towards God but by accepting the splicing, whether through a vaccine that this will seal the deal and cut off all ability to ascend and hold us in beast-mode for lack of better words.

      “And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain, (Revelation 13:15).”

      This quote to me can mean a few different things. Possibly giving breath to the image of the beast meaning God formed us in his image and if we are saved by knowing Christ is the Lord our Savior, that we still have a chance on our path to Heaven, but if we accept the mark of say a vaccine that causes the gnome splicing thing to occur that our DNA would be 100 percent beast and cut off from all ascension/salvation/saving and if we refuse war shipping (taking the vaccine that gives us the mark) then the threat will be our physical lives through a virus created by satan that will threaten our lives. I.E. Take vaccine don’t die from virus but get the mark of the beast as the vaccine works but it also alters our DNA to 666 or refuse vaccine (I haven’t had one in 12 years never again will I get one) possibly die from the virus but don’t receive the mark of the beast..

      I feel deep in my heart that there are connections between meditating, acceding both spiritually and physically as I feel that the satanic system we are in has contributed to forgetting who we truly are and we we are truly capable of and I don’t believe that the meditating and ascending is completely evil I think there’s connections. Now if you are meditating to obtain power to achieve things that lead to idolization or feeling good for the self rather than for the pursuit of healing and helping others then maybe the God you talk to next is one of the inauthentic breed.

    • Jamie T, I had a similar experience (it’s like a switch being flipped at the back of your neck). Sometimes when certain people stare at you in the eyes, you may delve deeper. These people (wicked) understand and know how to manipulate your experience. It may also feel like you’re ‘watching your life’, instead of living it.

      I know it feels like it’s irreversible. But Jesus Christ can reverse it. Call on His Name, even if it means repeating this a thousand times.

  3. Satan’s Enmity: Origin & Objective
    God himself warns Adam and his progeny (us) that Iblis and his progeny are our sworn enemies and that we must beware of them. It is essential to understand the root cause of the enmity, as well as the objective, so that we realise the ferociousness of the enmity and the need to keep guard.

    Adam’s Attempt to Improve upon Allah’s Creation
    Upon eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and his wife were repentant that they had wronged themselves. Adam had tried to change creation in pursuit of Immortality and A Kingdom that Never Decays. This makes it the earliest known attempt at genetic modification!
    This study revisits the narration of Adam’s trial in the Quran to understand the lesson in it, along with with the signs in nature and the latest discoveries in genomics. It appears that, like other animals, humans also have the software to grow a coat on their skin, but that these genes have mutated and are no longer functional in humans.

  4. Especially since people believed in the rapture before America the Great Satan even existed!

  5. Wow! It finally makes sense. What about all these alien abductees who have some type of implants? These are not the mark of the beast, right?

  6. The following link contains references from the Quran which are relevant to the topic:

    • Not going there

      Our creator put goodness in all our hearts. I don’t believe anything in any biblical writings for they are written by man.. It’s not in my heart to do harm to others. Don’t let corrupt books send you to eternal flames.

      • The flames are eternal on in that there is no end to hell. Hell is a place where no life exists, i.e. the grave. The eternal flames are parabolic language to horrify you concerning the eternal death about not being in true relationship with Yah.

        hint Go study about how humans worshiped Moloch and the fiery death they put their babies through. That is the imagery these passages that speak about the eternal flames was conveying to the readers.

  7. I recently went to my Dr. During my visit, he asked if I wanted a free cancer screening and said it was free.
    He went on to explain the details. 1st you wear a mask for 3 min’s. Then the office sends the mask out to the Fire dept. They have special dogs that can accurately smell cancer on a person’s breath, so the doctor told me. So I accepted. They take your name and phone number and if they detect anything they said they would call me. I later found out that they can extract DNA from a persons breath. I don’t know why they would just take your DNA unless they plan on tricking you into taking the shot Via the Dr. Perhaps the Dr’s are in on this too. I do not plan on going back to this doctor. I’m sure he knew that it’s possible to take your dna from ones breath. So I’m trying to warn people that if you get offered this test, they are after your dna. I for one will not accept any shot or injection on my own from anyone. They will have to kill me.

  8. Hi,
    I am writing a book about the New World Order and I want to use a few excerpts and photos from this article showing how the mark of the Beast could change our DNA makeup and therefore render us nonredeemable as was the situation wit the nephilim in the days of Noah. Where do I go or who can I contact to ask permission to use this article? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  9. I only wish to know how to get the DNA of the devil/satan/666 I want it.

  10. Hi Doug,

    I would like to invite you to be my guest on Tuning in with Betsy, my online podcast airing since 2006. I am sure we are in the End Times. You’d be a great guest.
    Thank you.

  11. The theory make some sense, except for one thing. If you can alter DNA to become a hybrid, why can’t you alter it to become human again?

    It would also be very cruel on the part of God to allow a virus to rewrite your DNA without you knowing. Salvation is supposed to be a choice, which being forced to take DNA removes. likely you will either take the mark or be killed. Revelation 13 and 14 don’t support the idea of the beast forcing everyone to take it. Context indicates it is a choice.

    If you voluntarily took it, I understand why that would be condemned, but that seems to remove the option of repentance with it being a one way street.

    Also this pre-tribulation rapture is really annoying me. You really think that God, who tests everyone to see if they are faithful, will remove Christians before this horrible time? No. Everybody is staying put on earth until the end. No one will be taken up until they are all tested and Jesus is ready to return.

    • One thing I would like to point out, this is an opinion I have and that has not been touched on. The soul is what is eternal, it goes to heaven or hell. As the soul cannot be seen or touched no chip can be placed in it. Your trip upstairs or down relies on your soul being clean or dirty of sin. To avoid sin you should keep the 10 commandments and repent any sin to Jesus. Simple. Remember that the devil was once close to God and rebelled. He knew God and how God works. God knows the devil, to think God would let a computer chip rule his creation (humans) and let the devil deceive any of us in this way rather belittles the being that created the world and everything in it. Remember also that the devil runs the earth, you see this all around you as well as the beauty God created. The devil is about chaos, he has caused trouble for humans since being kicked out of heaven for wanting to be in Gods place, he hates humans.
      The chip is about total control of people, any DNA changed will effect you whilst you are alive, once dead, the chip and DNA dies. Just a thought.

  12. the bible makes reference to the anti Christ being in more than one place at a time. do you think its because he will be cloned?

  13. perhaps no one is listening any more, but my question is this: where does the DNA of Satan come from? thanks…Jim

    • ….satan.

    • In Gen, right before the flood it speaks of sons of god mating with humans, so it is possible that the DNA come from Satan himself. While Jesus said that the angles in heave do not marry he said nothing about angles who were not in heaven- IE the fallen angles. There are other theories that Cain himself was Satan’s son- there are a few bible references that allude to this. Another theory is that the DNA is inserted into a women via UFO abduction. almost all UFO abduction speak of medical testing being done specifically in the reproduction realm- this would some what mirror the virgin birth of Christ.

    • I am not 100% on this but you may wish to look at who Satan and the fallen angels were and what they did to corrupt the earth. This may answer your question.

  14. what an elaborate crock

    • isint your statement a little premature….? The book of Revelation indicates that the mark of the beast can be understood by someone with the wisdom to do so. There have already been several claims as to what it could be, and we have been commanded by God to keep watch. So even if one or none of the theories we have come up with so far are accurate, the article above states how and why Recombination could possibly be the horror that is the Mark of the Beast. And personally…i dont think its too far off.

      • I agree. What makes this article seem more logical than other theories I’ve heard is the fact that the bible says who ever receives the mark will not be forgiven. A major theme in the bible is forgiveness, and I can not think of a sin so great as to be unforgivable especially something as trivial as getting a mark or chip on your hand or forehead. Tattoo’s are not some unpardonable sin, nor is having a pacemaker (ie technology) inserted into your body which leads me to believe that by taking this mark it somehow changes you, or as the article says defiles the image of G-d by changing a person’s DNA.

  15. I just found this site and thank you for all the amazing info. I truly believe the recombinant DNA is part of the mark of the beast!

    We are so close to the Lord Jesus Christ coming back!
    Stay strong everyone!

  16. Our genes already have it…greed, vanity, pride, gluttony,etc.!

  17. Ponder this brother- RNA could be injected at the same time people get the Mark. In which case pretty much everyone ceases to be the Seed of Adam / Woman and ends up as chimeric monsters.

    Which the mainstream media will cheer on as the cure for all the illnesses people suffer.

    • Wouldn’t it be easier just to administer RNA thru chemtrails to an unsuspecting public without their consent?

      • God is not going to allow men to not have a choice in taking the mark. Or else, why would one be martyred for NOT taking it?

    • that is exactly what happens to me already took me to the hospital against my will and gave me an iv in my right wrist a few weeks later i was nauseous and this strange stun happend to me a few dots visable looks kinda like abruise

  18. douglas hamp, do you really believe in a rapture?  Any serious Bible student should have put this myth to rest by now. The only people I am aware of that still believe the “rapture” crap are the ones who believe what the false prophets teach rather than examining the scriptures on a daily basis.  Smells like dis-info to me!

    • Well, there is definitely a rapture – the Bible talks about such an event seven different times under different circumstances. I invite you to read my article on the six raptures of Scripture (I missed one when I wrote the article). One other point – that article was only based on the passages that have the word rapture (Gr: harpadzo) in it. The big question is truly when does the rapture happen. I admit there are many good brothers out there that make a good argument for mid trib and even post trib. I prefer not to argue about the timing of it too much (though I have my view). However, I don’t know how you can flat out deny that there will be a rapture (regardless of the timing).

      • Yes I believe there is multiple instances of “catching away”. The first one pre-trib. according to 1st Corinthians 15:52 – which is the faithful bride/church of Jesus Christ, which is so perfectly alluded to in Revelation 4:1.

      • Hi Everyone,

        1Jn_3:12 We must not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and killed his brother. And why did he kill him? Because Cain had been doing what was evil, and his brother had been doing what was righteous.

        Hos_6:7 But like Adam, you broke My covenant and betrayed My trust.

        Mat_24:41 Two women will be grinding flour at the mill; one will be taken, the other left.
        Luk_17:35 Two women will be grinding flour together at the mill; one will be taken, the other left. ”

        Mat_24:37 “When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day.

        Mat_5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

        In the days of Noah, the wicked were removed from the earth. When Our True Savior returns to set up His Throne, the wicked are removed, and the those that are the seed of Our Father, will help set up His Kingdom on earth. He is fair and just, and knows what we have all been through. The reward is the First and Holy Resurrection, for the millenium.
        Eventually, in the second resurrection, all wickedness will be removed from all mankind.

        2Ch_14:11 Then Asa cried out to the LORD his God, “O LORD, no one but You can help the powerless against the mighty! Help us, O LORD our God, for we trust in You alone. It is in Your name that we have come against this vast horde. O LORD, You are our God; do not let mere men prevail against You!”

        Everyone of you are precious to Him. He will make everything right. Keep praying and asking and confessing and reading.

        your grateful sister in tribulation, the narrow escape.

  19. Trans-humanism is here.  See the following link:


  20. I think this was a very good article; it also backed up a Lot of what I had presented in an article I wrote on my blog: http://veritasindagator.wordpress.com/  So I dug up my old article, linked it, and presented yours as well: Thank you for sharing this, was really a Very Good Read. Blessings and peace In Christ, novusanima

  21. The Lost are NOT NOW in the image of God, Jesus tells us they are children of the Devil.
    We won’t NEED genes of a beast to be lost, all the scripture requires is that a mark be taken and the beast worshiped.  the Beast is not the beast within, but a single individual who will will speak marvelous things, and bring a false world peace, he will manifest miracles and fool many. 
    666 in Greek is xi chi stigma. Stigma+to stick, to prick, to punch into- charagma is mark, meaning a brand, a mark of ownership. (Strong’s concordance)
    Look into the Blood Covenant and see that an exchange of animal DNA is not needed, only a token shedding of blood- it is a contract of sorts being made. I take your mark, you protect me but you own me. The mark of a Christian is the Holy Spirit seal in the forehead- in Rev 9 the demons will  recognize this and not touch us. Our submission to Christ is our cause for our seal.
    2 Tim 2:18-19, Eph 4:30, Eph 1:13,14, 1 Cor 1:21,22
    The mark of the beast is the only way Satan could mimic this.
    Our King is Christ. It is His mark we have.

    • Im not sure i agree with you on man no longer having the image of God. Since the fall image we were meant to live out has admittedly been grossly marred, but its not gone. But anyway, why would God have stressed that there was a meaning to the mark to be understood if it was only a mere mark.

    • The mark of the beast being altered DNA makes much more sense. The nephilim of the days of Noah where killed off in the Flood because they did not have pure DNA (they were no longer in God’s image and therefore un-redeemable) God said Noah and his family were the only ones found to be pure. Since we know that no human since the fall is sinless, PURE has to mean something else. Noah’s DNA was pure unlike the nephilim who were part fallen angel. We also know that people who have formerly been involved in Satanic cults have seen the light and accepted Christ as their Savior. So to worship the Beast would not be unforgivable, but to receive a mark, that alters your DNA, making you part beast and taking you out of the image of God, would make more sense and fit better with what scripture says.

  22. sorry my space got removed and my paragraph got tied into the passage. I ask forgiveness of my fat fingers LOL

  23. Another great deception of Satan is the 19th  century, American concoction the “rapture,” the seizing of Christians at a specifc time period to avoid the trials and tribulation.  Never mind the fact that throughout the entire 19 centuries of Christendom, believers from all cultures believe that Christians will go through the tribulation to test their faith.  They all were/are willing to give their ultimate sacrifice to wear the white robe of Christ. 

    As with the arrogance of their other attitubutes, Americans believe that it took an American, Christian to discover this secret “rapture” in the Scripture.  A hordes of dispensational, Zionist, Christians will be deceived by the cunning Anti-Christ, unwittingly following him during the tribulation.  They assume that they will be spared of the Anti-Christ and his two-horned false prophet’s terrible persecution.  John Nelson Darby and Cyrus I. Scofield probably having a field day right now with their fruits of labor. 

    • Hi, John. You might be interested in this article. A Christian teacher named Ephraem lived in the 3rd century AD was teaching about the rapture. Here is a link to an article on this. 


      • Thanks for the link JM,

        I’m amazed that so many Christians *continue* to believe the lie that pretrib rapture beliefs are new and weren’t acknowledged for the preceding 1900 years. Theres so much information to refute that (like what you’ve provided) that its like re-inventing the wheel to go over it again. 

        The Tribulation is God’s wrath upon an unrepentant world and is NOT meant for His Bride .. amen! Jesus even COMMANDED us to prey that we were worthy to escape “all these things” (ie, the Tribulation). And again, Jesus tells us in Rev 3.10 He “will keep up from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole world.”

        If Jesus says something I believe it.

    • I agree and will witness to that!!!

      There is only one “rapture” that is the final trumpet when the dead in Christ are raised first, then those living in Christ will follow. Tells you plain as day when its going to happen…not the day or hour, but when the final trumpet sounds.

      1 Corinthians 15:52
      It will happen in a moment, in the blink of an eye, when the last trumpet is blown. For when the trumpet sounds, those who have died will be raised to live forever. And we who are living will also be transformed.those thinking there is some pretrib  mumbo jumbo….. How many times are the dead in Christ going to be raised?????? oh thats right..only once…those whom are saved, the first resurrection, and the second resurrection….after the millenium for the damned…those whom will be judged then their second death…

      sorry folks…were in it till the bowls…the final trump….. a short time after the 2 witnesses are raised.

      Watch yourselves out there…keep listening to the “doctrine of man” and you’ll end up heating yourself up too much…  becoming  a bit “lukewarm” ..

      • Whisperingsage

         Good call, but you missed scripture reference for some of that- Rev 20:1.5 and Rev 11

    •  Darby was Irish not American.

    • Whisperingsage

       Scofeild was also a Gap theorist, invented to explain away the dinosaur bones. Instead of accepting them as part of God’s creation and called “good” like everything else.
      Before Darby there was the Jesuit,Francisco Ribera, who really was the originator of the pretrib the purpose and creation of the Jesuits was to destroy the Protestant reformation, it was the counterreformation if you will. and it continues to this day. Look up the blood oath taken by Jesuits. Gory.

  24. Isn’t it interesting the UFO’s seen around the world appear as “light”. False beings of light for sure! I think we are seeing enough evidence that points to this ability to do exactly what the article above suggests…God help us all! This will spring on the world like a trap(snare) Thats why we were told as Christians to watch and pray that that day would NOT catch us unawares! One comfort is that some day soon all this heart ache will be over and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and Christ. Soon friends .SOON!

    • ExposingTheEnemy

      Allison, I do agree that satan can appear as an angel of llight, however, most of the activity & craft people are seeing in the skies belong to US or Russia or South America and elsewhere.  The reason why they ‘light up’ is because of the type of electro-gravitic propulsion systems they use that literally light up the air around them because of the intensity of the electromagnetic energy affecting the air.

      But yes, the quicker the Lord can get here, the better, but at the same time, I am here to endure to the end, what a time of life to live in. Praise Jesus.

      • more interesting to me is the overwhelming stories of medical testing being done to UFO abductees, most notable on reproduction.

  25. Thank God its finally out, this is exactly what happened to Nimrod in biblical times ‘…and Nimrod began to be a Gibborim upon the Earth’ apparently Nephilim Genes were introduced into his genetic make-up sometime after the flood because the Bible records that prior to the flood Nimrod was descended of pure human line…Has anyone studied the Yoruba tradition of coronation? when a King is about to be ordained he must ingest or eat a part of his predecessor in order to ensure an unbroken line of succession  it is called the rite of ‘o n je Oba’ i.e he eats the king the believe is that by so doing he becomes an incarnation of the previous King the Yoruba’s say ‘Orisha L’oba’ The king is Nephilim!

    I believe that we are soon to witness a mass coronation involving the elevation of a lot of human beings into god kings and Nephilim DNA will definitely be on the menu

    • doesnt that explain the horns and heads of the beast?

    • Remember though Nimrod is a description (it means to rebel) not a name. Many scholars believe him to be Gilgamesh who was 2/3’s god. Other names he may have gone by are Baal, Orion, Adonis, Dumuzi, Dionysus, Apollo, Osiris, Tammuz. Remember Nimrod is mentioned right before the tower of babble. After the tower when the languages were confused everyone went away talking about the same person only calling the same person by different names.

  26. Perhaps Satan’s greatest temptation to humankind will be that which we feel was denied to us – immortality, the ability to improve ourselves, to live life without pain.  In science fiction, it has been:
    – Dan Simmon’s Hyperion Cantos: the “resurrection cruciforms” and the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church
    – Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn: life after death, possession, self-perfecting bodies and having supernatural powers

    But it is hard, very hard, to live as God intended us to.  It is analogous to a child born with a limb deformity who is loved by their parent but denied any prosthetic to aid the deformed or missing limb.  The parent wants the child to achieve success on their own.  Others see the denial of medical technology and rehabilitation, including futuristic gene therapy or clone replacement, as the epitome of cruelty.  This is the paradox of mankind.  God through Jesus Christ has promised us life after death in resurrected angel-like bodies, but only after we die – anathema to those who wish to achieve self-sanctification.  Their goal is, of course, power similar to Lucifer’s pride.  God and Jesus teach us that we can never attain perfection on our own, in our sin-filled lives.  But when the technology to offer us immortality comes, with strings attached, it will tempt even the saintliest among us.

    • ur right about tht haha i mean ppl (especially gamers) wanna experience having tht especially the powers of their favorite characters and speaking of characters…….this article is really starting to remind me of devil may cry now lol

  27. Who imagined the word “Beast” would be literal? amazing.

    •  The “Beast” of Rev is not us, it is a certain powerful individual who does great signs and wonders and speaks great things. He’s powered by the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, Bohemian Grove, powerful men who have been grooming him for this. He will be the ruler of the world and will make it appear to cause peace. a false peace as the power brokers will pull their funding from all the wars. The people will worship him. Seen the Avengers? Look at Loki- he is a great picture of this. Amazing they did this and no one noticed who he was a picture of. Only our beast will come from the earth and be paid for and groomed for this position all his life. He will be “healed of a mortal wound.” So we will watch for some dramatic sort of resurrection to give us a clue. He will rule the world, not just America.
      He will be introduced by another beast called the False prophet. Many believe this will be the Pope. It is he that will declare this head “Christ” an alter  christo- a catholic term for preists- and the pope- another Christ.
      Read and reread Mathew 24, 25,  Rev, Daniel 2,7,9,  Zechariah, esp 12:10, and Isaiah. There is much prophecy in these. The more you read them, the clearer they become.

      Search Google images for woman on the beast- a statue in front of the Eu parliamentary building is telling, as is the woman on the beast on the back of the Euro, Also their poster of the tower of Babel symbolizing the meaning of the euro. The G20 and G* are working to collapse our economy so we may all be subject to a one world currency and soon after a chip instead of cash. That is the foundation of the mark- it will be rooted into the ability to buy and sell. Steel Vault partner shipped with Verichip to make this possible. Rev 13, no one may buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

      • “healed of a mortal wound.”- I think it goes much deeper than that. Rev 17:11- “The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.” Listen carefully to what is being said- this beast once existed, but did not exist at the time of Revelations writing, but will exist in the future. He is the eighth king yet he is also of the seven. The only logical explanation I can make of this is that somehow this beast is resurrected from an ancient dead person. Imagine if science allowed for the DNA of a dead person to be revived. These verse would all then make sense- the beast once existed but was dead during Jesus times, but will come back in the future. Even though he is of the 7 he becomes the 8th by his resurrection. I personally believe this person to be Nimrod.

  28. Hi,
    if the 7 trumpets and the 7 bowls of Revelation are sequential how could it be that the mark of the beast is already released at the 5th trumpet (Rev. 9) or even before whereas the mark of the beast is mentioned for the first time in Rev. 13 at all? The third angel who is warning mankind (Rev. 14:9) to take the mark of the beast flies not until after the downfall of Babylon (Rev. 14:8). Hence, the mark of the beast can only be released after the downfall of Babylon. Only after the downfall of the whore of Babylon the beast gains full power. Before this event takes place the whore rides the beast and therefore the beast is not able to achieve its full power. But before the mark of the beast is released the third angel is warning mankind. I consider the 7 trumpets and the 7 bowls are in a sequential order whereas the 7 seals show roughly the whole tribulation period. This is my personal standpoint. Only if you don’t see the trumpets and bowls in a sequential order your idea of releasing the mark of the beast at the time of the 5th trumpet (or even before) suits.
    Apart from that, your idea that the mark of beast could be an altered DNS structure is really fascinating, but on the other hand its a horror vision. A further question would be, how should it be realized (in an organisational sense) to inject those molecules into billions of people?


    •  Here’s a news flash, some people have it now. FDA released it for human use in 2004. It’s not yet widely accepted, that is a problem the NWO masters have yet to convince us. We are too independent.

      For the technology to watch, subscribe to online Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. The nano chips are already here. It us suspected they introduce those with vaccines. May be why vaccines are causing such a high side effect rate. Look up polio vaccine recently given in India- thanks Bill Gates, it is causing polio like never before. Look up Bill Gates on You tube telling us vaccines will lower the population by 15%.

      • You got it. Vaccine theory is seriously flawed (plenty of info/research on that) yet it is being pushed and mandated like never before. Parents are threatened with having their children taken away or forcibly vaccinated in the face of mounting evidence that vaccines are causing sickness, disease and even death. The implications are limitless. They can (and do) put anything in the vaccines, including spermicides, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ANIMAL and other DNA (look it up). It’s blatantly obvious.

    • I don’t believe the seals, trumpets, and bowls are completely consequential. I see quite a bit of overlap in them. I briefly explain that in my article on the seals, trumpets, and bowls. I hope to expand upon that soon. 

    • Lower the world population to a manageable size

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