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In the Days of Noah (Audio)

The Days of Noah People Being MeanWhen it comes to the flood, our children most often are presented with a story that is hard to believe. They are told that the world was a place where people were being mean to each other, people were stealing, and people with crafty eyes were looking for trouble. Because of this, God decided to destroy the entire planet. It is estimated that there were between six to seventeen billion people on the earth in those days and yet only eight people escaped with their lives. How can it be that a loving God would destroy so many people for merely “being mean to each other”? Even the reason for the flood is not explained and then the ark itself is portrayed as a cute little boat with giraffes sticking their heads out and the elephants hanging their trunks over the side. Is it possible that such a lopsided teaching produces children who grow up to be skeptics? Only when the first four verses of Genesis six are taught properly does the true picture come into view – a picture that explains why such a horrific event could happen on planet earth. Click on the audio link below to hear Douglas teach about the days of Noah.

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  1. So if Jude 1:6,7 clearly say that the angels lusted after the woman to fornicate with them where do we get the story that Satan had a plot to corrupt the seed of the Messiah? Also couldn’t the lusting after strange flesh in sodom and gomorrah be the sin of homosexuality since God was already going to destroy them before the angels even came into town?

  2. Thank you for the study.  I’m so excited about the house that God builds–the dwelling from heaven, the body of Christ!  Interestingly, in the vein of this study, through today’s pesticides that are absorbed into the plants, genetically altering their seed, and today’s laboratory genetic modification of plants, animals, and viruses which are released upon or planted in the earth, Satan must be, once again, trying to corrupt the whole earth.

    Jay Yeakley, Woodland Park, CO


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