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Douglas is an internationally recognized and sought after speaker. He is an outside of the box thinker and brings a fresh and unique perspective of the Word of God based on years of research utilizing his knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic which he gained while studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has produced four books and numerous articles and Power Point presentations. His goal in all of his work is to demonstrate the literal interpretation of the Word. End times Bible prophecy is the most popular topic on which he teaches. If you would like an inspirational talk on the Bible from a literal vantage point, invite Douglas to your church or organization – you won’t be disappointed!

Featured Conference Speaker at the Following: (Partial list)

  • Decoding the End Times, Prophecy Forum Conference 2014
  • Prophecy in the News Colorado Springs Conference 2013
  • Prophecy Summit Branson Missouri 2012, 700 in attendance
  • Maranatha 5 Prophecy Conference 2010 Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA,
  • Maranatha 6 Prophecy Conference 2011 Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA,
  • Men’s Conference La Semilla Santa Ana, CA, 2011 (in Spanish)
  • Midwest Bible Conference Calvary Chapel La Fayette, Indiana
  • Calvary Chapel Ramona, CA Men’s Retreat 2009,

 Lecturer internationally in:

  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Israel
  • Norway

Guest on radio and TV on these programs:

  • Coast to Coast to George Noory, 10 million listeners
  • Prophecy in the News with Gary Stearman, 2 million viewers
  • Guest pastor on Pastors Perspective (KWVE radio) on several occasions heard on about 400 stations nationwide
  • The Update Show on (KWVE radio)
  • Southwest Radio with Noah Hutchings
  • On dozens of radio programs (FM, AM and blogtalk) nationwide


Douglas has been endorsed by   Dr. John Morris, President Institute for Creation Research, Ken Ham, Founder and President Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, Joseph Farah, Chief Executive Officer WorldNetDaily.com Inc., Carl Westerlund Th.M, Director Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa School of Ministry and Graduate School, Dr. Stan Sholar, Retired Aerospace Scientist, Dr. Bill Spear Director Mountain Ministries, Dillon, Colorado Pastor Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Albert Cerussi,Congregational Coleader of Ben David Messianic Congregation, Dr Kenton Beshore Sr, President of World Bible Society, Dr David Lehman, Bible Researcher and Lecturer.

Douglas is a committed follower of Yeshua (Jesus).  He lives with his wife and three children in Southern California.

A brief summary of doctrinal positions

I take the Bible as the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God. We can trust it in every way. I believe in aliteral six day creation which serves as an important basis for interpreting the rest of the Bible. I believe in the triune God and Jesus, the second person of the Godhead incarnated, took my sins on the cross, died and rose again. I believe that He is coming back bodily at the second coming and the rapture of true believers will proceed the second coming is what is called the rapture. After the tribulation the Lord will establish His kingdom and we shall forever be with Him in the New Jerusalem.


Invite Douglas to share one of his Power Point presentations with your church or group!


Testimonials and Endorsements

Douglas Hamp Curriculum Vitae

Doctrinal and Theological Positions

Douglas Hamp Author Speaker Pastor Info (8 1/2 x 14)

Douglas Hamp Author Speaker Pastor Info 2 page (Two sided version)

About Douglas


  1. Hello Doug

    I have been following your teaching on the rapture in your study in 1 Thessalonians at The Way Congregation on YouTube. Unfortunately, the Sep 3, 2016 message seems to be missing. Is it possible to get a copy of that message.


  2. Kristian H Sugiyarto

    Dear Doug
    In your book of “Discovering the language of Jesus..” you WROTE:
    Of the seven occurrences of shabak in the Mishnah, four are clearly couched in Hebrew prose. A passage from the Jerusalem Talmud (31:5:1), is an especially good example of the words surrounding shabak. The text contains certain grammatical structures and vocabulary which occur only in Hebrew and not Aramaic. A few examples are the use of the letter ,ה he, found at the beginning of words, which means the; Aramaic has א – aleph at the end of words. Also the word ,שׁ shay, that, (used only Hebrew) versus ,די di23 (used only in Aramaic). Thus the word shabak, which Jesus spoke on the cross, we find situated in the midst of Mishnaic Hebrew words and grammar, and therefore, we can safely conclude that while this was originally a loan word from Aramaic, by Jesus’ day, it had become commonplace in the Hebrew language. We should actually expect there to be some loan words in the language.
    I would be certainly happy if you can give me The corresponding Talmud (31:5:1), in hebrew and/or in English. I need this for EVIDENT.
    Best Wishes


  3. Doug, I’m starting a internet/radio program and would love to have you as a guest from time to time. I’ve been following your ministry for years and greatly admire your work. My family is well known and respected in the state of Arkansas and we believe that the content of the show will be a new and unique approach to the conspiratorial biblical worldview. The program will be Christ centered as we examine what I call “the angelic conflict” and how it relates to the “the last of the last days”. The program begins May 29th, Sunday morning, live from 8-10. I pray that you could help us get started with your support as a guest. Please reply as soon as possible as I’m lining up guests for the first several shows. Thank you, sincerely, Kim hanke

  4. Hi Doug 🙂
    I first heard your lecture on a youtube channel by “Gonzo Shimura”, I think his name is- I’ve followed biblical prophecy since I was around 12 years old, always reading everything I came across all through the years- a lot of years, I might add, lol- I have never been one to want to be ‘tittilated’, ala ‘The National Enquirer’ sensationionalist-type stories, I wanted to know and understand the truth -what the end times meant, what they were about, what the angel talking to Daniel meant when he told him that the message sealed up in the book would be understood in the end times, when everything was just…well, faster, more knowledge, etc. When I heard your lecture, I was, literally, stunned. Never in my life until now have I heard it put together the way you did, where it actually made some semblance of sense- especially wondering all of my life what on earth taking a mark could possibly do that would ban someone from salvation, literally, or about those who took the mark wanting to die and being unable, wondering what those during the ‘time of Noah’ could have done to make God want to utterly destroy mankind and start again, etc.- I ordered your book (Corrupting The Image), and I can’t wait to get into it. I want to thank you for your lectures, etc.- they have just been truly enlightening, even though in this day and age it’s so hard to wrap our minds around the whole ‘as in the days of Noah’ business…we are human, after all- but we serve a God who’s Mind is absolutely nothing like our own, for sure- and I appreciate the fact that He has put you out there to shine a light in these times for those (like myself) who have spent their lives wanting to understand, and now understand better~ thank you 🙂

  5. Hello Pastor Douglas,

    Could you please provide me an email address, I would like to know about your opinion, regarding an specific topic.

    Thank you so much.

    I admire an appreciate your excellent work

  6. One Question/your opinion; Pastor, how, as a Christian father, protect my family/children from the fragility of what our society is becoming? A master/slave oriented “NWO”. I consider myself a warrior, in the true nature of the word, one that protects the elderly and helpless, teaches the young and defends with my last breath if necessary. I know I cannot change any of the snowballing events happening in our world or the people committing the crimes against humanity/Christianity…I feel helpless, like a child, without direction, I feel my prayers go unanswered and could use some guidance because I may have some wisdom, knowledge and understanding, I do not know everything. Please, help me make sense of our present world situation and how I can protect my family as well as promote love!

  7. My name is tony,
    > Here is my question: What was the reason of blood sacrifices (from animals)
    > in the Old Testament , and the burns offerings, was there some kind of
    > biological and chemical reaction intended, that will create an effect on the
    > human genetic information?
    > > > I will appreciate your opinion .
    > > > Best Regards
    Anthony Taft
    > > > God almighty Jesus safeguard and bless you and your family.
    > > >

  8. Hi appreciate if you could edit out your audiences consistent running commentaries in your bible study videos .. They waste valuable teaching time with their 20cent insignificant non-relevant self opinionated misinterpretations

  9. would like a address to contact you please.

  10. Chris White did a very good video about this war and was pretty convincing that the war wouldn’t happen until after the thousand year reign of Christ. Here is the vid:


    What do you think?


  11. When a tiger and a lion are bread together they make a hybrid called a Liger or Tigon depending on the sexes of the parents. The Liger is the biggest cat ever because the genetic code that stops its growth is turned off due to its hybrid nature. These cats grow to immense size compared to its parents the tiger or lion.
    I was curious as to your thoughts on this matter…could this also have happened when the sons of God had children with the daughters of man?
    Perhaps this gene being turned off due to the hybrids nature is what causes the gigantic sizes in these ‘demi-gods’, or nephilims or even in goliath or King Og?

  12. Hello Pastor Doug!
    was wondering if I can get my $2.99 back? I didn’t watch all of it and as i am a christian and believe god created the universe and everything that lives in it, up to and including all aliens, foreign, domestic and universal.
    Love and light,

  13. Walter Pierluissi

    Pastor Doug, I have come to a conclusion after studying your views and doctrines in the past month or so…. I will follow you as much as I can in the internet… I have share with you some of my views and you have answer me back, which I do appreciate your insights always. I am a believer of the Torah and obviously the Tanach… My Grandma use to read from the Tanach when I was young, she was a Sefardi descendant… As I understand my grandmother descendants run away from Spain to Germany back in the early 15 hundreds. My grandma married an Italian back in the 30th and that’s how my last name came to be. Well, I am a believer or Yahshuah, the Jewish Messiah… And I also believe that there is a big misunderstanding inside the church about the messiah, through time the church have created a Greek Version of the Messiah that is not right!!!

    Thank you for your teachings… WE NEED THE TRUTH TO BE SPREAD OUT.

  14. Carol Remington

    i left a message and shared on facebook

  15. four years ago i was like every other uninformed christian out there. one day i started reading the bible thru, didn’t get much past genesis 6 when the questions started. now, after 2 years of solid research, i’m where you are at. many of my suppositions or what i call “jesus e-mails” seem crazy at first glance, but later i find are well supported in the bible if you just read the actual words themselves and lay aside what you’ve been told before. also, if you just look at all of revelations from inside out, meaning “how would i do this if i were satan” – then, you find many things like DNA mark or satan’s seal are perfectly logical. how and why else would god not be able to offer salvation to someone who receives the mark? they are not of satanic DNA seed – and can’t be rescued.

    ps. Pastor Hamp.  if you could – email me back regarding a project i am working on that encapsulates much of your research and more. god gave me a calling to put together a you tube video graphic novel of sci-fi from a christian perspective on end times, past, and future. sort of a theory of everything. obstensively, for young adults, but not really – more for trying to reach the church. my biggest concern is that the church is in no way prepared for this strong delusion … and perhaps a false rapture that creates the great falling away. i hope this new revelation of end times may prepare true believers and arm them to combat the great lie. your thoughts would be appreciated. i am writing now and looking for a graphic/sketch/cartoon artist to work with.

  16. Hello Pastor Doug,
    My name is Paula Knutson. my husband is a Pastor of a small congregation in the Milwaukee Wis. area, We saw you on Gary Stearman’s program the other evening. I’ve scanned your web site and the information on there. I was very pleasantly surprised with your sound work. Frankly there are so many out there that are off the deep end. Thank you so much for having the courage to deal with Calvinism. We have had to deal with that here as well. It has been one of the most destructive false doctrines that has almost ruined the church. There are a few brave souls recently that are willing to take that on, Dave Hunt for one. We appreciated his very good work and research.Well Mr. Hamp, please keep up the good work, there are many I’m sure who are grateful.

    Paula Knutson

  17. teachingyeshua@gmail.com

    Please view my latest video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e0r9Ued6kOQ

    The resurrection Torah code,
    http://www.teachingyeshua.com .

    Ken mentell

  18. Hi Pastor Dugalas.
    tank you for caming to Calvary Tustun in Sunday very interestin to explain  all the pasages in the biblia that way it make sense someny pasages that was unclear . by the way I got 3 CD but ther is one problem  for me you espeak to fast and the escripture  for to cut up with the scripture I belive is better for me to get the book I lissent the secon time and i got more, sorry i espeack spanis to. english is my secon languege  I Enjoy you masage  GOD bless you and keep you

  19. Hi Pastor Doug,
    Last night I turned to Coast to Coast a bit late, and was pleasantly pleased to hear someone talk about Jesus equals God.  I wrote to C2C about five months ago suggesting that they have guests speaking from a Biblical POV; specifically I suggested topics on Creation by God and the Resurrrection.  I am a long term volunteer at First Baptist Vallejo CA  — chief cook, where we serve lunches for the poor every day except Friday.  Our head pastor and second pastor are up at 3AM to serve barbecue chicken to around 30 to 50 people, and also a sack lunch.  I prep the chicken, etc on Friday.  I cook breakfast for the small crew who come in to prepare the sack lunches.   I’ve met some lifelong friends here, and it’s great that they are brothers and sisters in Christ!  So much so that I’ve turned down cool chef jobs; for example from owner of famous Oregan restaurant who said of a meal, at a conference here:  “This is the best I’ve tasted.  I want you to work for me.”  And a few weeks ago, an offer of executive chef for a restaurant in Napa.

    Anyway, I sure would like to have you come visit at FBV.   I will mention you to our senior pastor, Pastor Al.   He has an interesting background.  He worked at NASA in his younger years, crunching numbers in math.  And he teaches the Bible is the absolute Word of God. 

    In a few weeks we’ll go down to the BASS conference.  Maybe one day you’ll be one of the main speakers, I hope so.  Check them out.

    Many thanks for your kind attention,


    Cian Munnar
    xplocian@gmail.com           c/o  First Baptist Vallejo

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