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New Heavens and New Earth Audio Lectures

Lectures from my class The Messsianic Age: Millennium and Beyond

082211 Messianic Age 1 Intro Literal Interpretation & Centrality of Jews_Douglas Hamp

082911 Messianic Age 2 The Fall Feasts Prophectically Fulfilled_Douglas Hamp

091211 Messianic Age 3 Image of God and Literal Creation_Douglas Hamp

091911 Messianic Age 4 2nd Coming & The Shaking of the Heavens and Earth_Douglas Hamp

092611 Messianic Age 5 New Heavens and New Earth_Douglas Hamp

100311 Messianic Age 6 New Jerusalem_ Douglas Hamp

101011 Messianic Age 7 God Himself Will Be In the City_Douglas Hamp

101711 Messianic Age 8 The River and Tree of Life_Douglas Hamp

102411 Messianic Age 9 Measurements of the New Jerusalem_Douglas Hamp

103111 Messianic Age 10 God Will Illuminate the City_Douglas Hamp

110711 Messianic Age 11 Marriage Supper of the Lamb_ Douglas Hamp

111411 Messianic Age 12 The Judgments_Douglas Hamp

112811 Messianic Age 13 Origin and Fall of Satan_Douglas Hamp

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  1. Hi Doug, I am enjoying your millennium study, I have an idea for the form of the New Jerusalem maybe it is two equilateral pyramids perfectly intersecting each other–both equilateral pyramids have a total of four faces made up of  equilateral triangles. I have an autocad 3-d drawing of this if you would like to see it.   

  2. Hey Doug- Thank you again for posting your lectures.  I was re-listening to your radio interview with LA Marzulli and you mentioned Tom Horn. I looked him up on youtube and found his presentation on the Lost Symbol, as well as his interview with Prophecy in the News. Just amazing how you guys connect the dots! As Tom explained his research about the year 2012, I remembered your explanation of a generation being 70-80 years. You mentioned you had kids. You’d appreciate this. My 3-yr old son said during dinner today: “Daddy, want to go to Heaven and punch the bad guys.”  He then acted it out with great boxing form. LoL.


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