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NWO Coded Message in the Olympics Closing Ceremony?

I could not help but notice how at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games there was a phoenix rising out of the Olympic fire while the band sang a song ‘we will rule the world’ while the All Seeing Eyes Watching over Olympic Games13 all-seeing-eyes carefully oversaw the event. I wonder if this was a
harbinger of something yet to come. I can’t help but think about the INWO playing cards with Big Ben falling down with the Olympic colors in the foreground. I am glad that nothing 9-11ish happened at the games, however, I can only wonder if the NWO was just sending the world a coded message and in light of the WTC and Pentagon cards, in particular, and many other of the cards. Only time will tell if it was nothing or…


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  1. Also at the Olympics closing ceremony, there were actors portraying the Ronald McDonald Aurora, CO shooter, Batman and Robin, and a set of people portraying Sikh’s regarding the Wisconsin Temple Shooting – all globalist false flag black opps. See the photos at this link http://www.pakalertpress.com/2012/08/19/olympic-closing-ceremony-photos-the-msm-doesnt-want-to-show-you/

  2. “Playing the game” means the freemasons/illuminati are creating the ultimate deception intended to create ‘disaster watch fatigue’ and desensitize the prophetic Truth; thus, those who are ‘keeping watch’ (Matt. 24:42) must not loose their ability to persevere (thus becoming complacent Amos 6:1) that Paul encourages in Hebrew 12:1. Much Love in Yahushua, Amen. KNOW His TRUE NAME Joel 2:32, John 5:43, 10:30, Prov. 30:4, Rev. 2:3, 14:1, 22:4.

  3. I hardly saw any of the Olympics but I’ll bet much of the ceremony is on youtube. I’ll look for the things you mentioned.

  4. Oddly enough, as a Brit, I wasn’t that horrified about the bomb-threat: I found this much more stomach-churning.  🙁 

    …I knew there was a reason I always hated sports.  😉 

  5. I noticed this in the opening and ending. The light fixtures of the stadium are like the pyramid on the American $1 bill and the symbol for the prince of the air (Satan), demon like creatures snatching kids and openly doing a mock sacfifice similar to Bohemian Grovers. The gree hill made to look exactly like the Tower of Babel with the flags running up around it to a counterfeit tree of life on top. The Couldren which was centre stadium lite for all the time the Olympics were opened, The rising Phoenix out of the mock Couldren which lowered into a counterfeit like burning bush, and then the lady taking over the essence of the Phoenix in the dance. talk about NWO and Pagan symbolism defient to God. 

  6. He is coming for those who are waiting Him and not holding the Holy Bible in their hands with a fake god in their pockets.Be sure of that.


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