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Zeitgeist Response

A Response to the Movie Zeitgeist Movie Part One What is Zeitgeist? Part one of Zeitgeist the movie asserts that Jesus Christ is just one of numerous solar messiahs who all share similar characteristics such as born on December 25, to a virgin, had 12 disciples, was crucified, buried and resurrected. A study of primary source documents proves otherwise which is ... Read More »

Darwin was Wrong

Darwin vs. Design DNA Dr. Stephen C. Meyer discusses DNA and how it relates to Intelligent Design. Firefly Spotted Comb Jellyfish Caveat: If God can make such creatures that light up, then certainly He could make Leviathan, a creature that breathed fire. Bacterial Flagellum – Evolution’s Nightmare & Demise Darwin vs. Design Molecular Machines The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution: The ... Read More »

Discovering the Language of Jesus

Introduction A Brief History of Hebrew Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachtani Mammon Appendix: Sign on the Cross of Jesus Request a Presentation Descubriendo El Lenguaje de Jesús ¿Hebreo o Arameo? (Spanish) Discovering the Language of Jesus Complete Package (Book, DVD, MP3, e-book) 20% off $24.77 For the last 150 years, both popular and academic views have asserted that Jesus spoke Aramaic ... Read More »

The First Six Days

The First Six Days – Related Articles Chapter 1 – The Importance of Genesis Chapter 2 – Evolution Plus God Chapter 3 – The “Fact” of Evolution Chapter 4 – Interpreting Genesis (How Then Should We Read?) Chapter 5 – The Question of Days Chapter 6 – Days According to the Ancient Jewish Commentators Chapter 7 – Days According to ... Read More »

Morbi in sem quis dui placerat

Diam wisi quam lorem vestibulum nec nibh, sollicitudin volutpat at libero litora, non adipiscing. Nulla nunc porta lorem, nascetur pede massa mauris lectus lectus, in magnis, praesent turpis. Ut wisi luctus ullamcorper. Et ullamcorper sollicitudin elit odio consequat mauris, wisi velit tortor semper vel feugiat dui, ultricies lacus. Congue mattis luctus, quam orci mi semper ligula eu dui, purus etiam ... Read More »


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