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Knowing the Creator

Knowing the creator Perhaps you have seen from reading posts on my site that there is no need to compromise the Bible with the theory of evolution. I think that even Darwin would be happy that the two are no longer confused in your mind! Let me now encourage you that God’s Word, the Bible, is accurate, true, and trustworthy ... Read More »

The Day Men Saw Dinosaurs

The co-occurrence of men and dinosaur would dispel an Earth with vast antiquity. The entire history of creation, including the day of rest, could be accommodated in the seven biblical days of the Genesis myth. Evolution would be vanquished.  (Louis Jacobs, 1993: 261, Former President of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) There are carvings and figurines from around the world ... Read More »

Evidence of Men and Dinosaurs Living Together

The First Six Days Video (Requires VLC Player to view) Compare the evidence of the Acambaro Figurines and the Ta Prahm Monestary with the latest in dinosaur research and decide for yourself if you believe that men and dinosaurs lived together. The following pictures are from courtesy of Dr Patton. Ta Prahm Monestary, Cambodia Two of thousands of dinosaur clay-figurines ... Read More »

theWord Bible Software

Bibles Books The Word Training Videos Download Mac installer of theWord Download theWord theWord Software is a free Bible software available on both the PC & Mac. The Word (TW) is a free Bible program created by Costas Stergiou (an Evangelical Greek believer) His Vision: “Provide top quality software to aid fellow believers in the teaching and proclamation of God’s ... Read More »

Zeitgeist Response

A Response to the Movie Zeitgeist Movie Part One What is Zeitgeist? Part one of Zeitgeist the movie asserts that Jesus Christ is just one of numerous solar messiahs who all share similar characteristics such as born on December 25, to a virgin, had 12 disciples, was crucified, buried and resurrected. A study of primary source documents proves otherwise which is ... Read More »


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