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New Guest Blogger: Robert Burden – Hebraic Perspectives Expert


We would like to welcome Robert Burden as a guest blogger on! Robert studied New Testament Greek for 4 years at West Coast Bible College and the Religious Center at CSU Fresno. However, he made the discovery only after the fact that the New Testament was originally written in from a Hebrew perspective something I believe as well. I ... Read More »

Do you get excited about heaven?

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Do you get excited about heaven? Most people do – the thought of living forever in a place with no more pain and sorrow is very, very attractive. Heaven! Is there anything more exciting that the reality of Heaven? It’s an anchor for our souls because no matter how bad this world may get, we have the hope of a ... Read More »

Is Your Toilet Brush Holy? Mine Is!

Holy Toilet Brush

Did you know you that your toilet brush is holy? I know mine is! I don’t use mine for anything but…well… cleaning the toilet. It is completely set aside for one and only one purpose: the toilet. I don’t use it for cleaning the floors, dishes, clothes, the dog. I don’t use it in the kitchen, the garage, or the ... Read More »

Blood Red Moons and the Second Coming: Are the Four Blood Red Moons Signs of the Rapture

Blood Red Moons and the Second Coming Are the Four Blood Red Moons Signs of the rapture? The rapture of the Church is believed by many to be very close due to a series of four lunar eclipses which fall on biblical feast days. According to Joel 2:31, the moon will be turned into “blood before the Day of the ... Read More »

Jesus Fulfilled the Law, So Can You!

Four minute mile

In 1954 the Englishman, Roger Bannister was the first to cross the barrier of running the mile in four minutes. Up until that point, experts thought it was impossible to do…but once Bannister achieved the feat, many others have done so as well. In other words, Bannister was the first to fulfill it which paved the way for others to ... Read More »


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